Scattergories Blitz MODDED 2022


The newest, rapid-fire, word game based on a family classic you know and love.
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THINK FAST! Quickly list the Wonders of the World before your best friend! Will they beat you to the punch? Be the life of the party, challenge your friends & family, or dare anyone to test your wits!

– Speedy playing rounds: 45 seconds
– Power-ups & Prizes
– Topic Strength Feedback


SCATTERGORIES is a trademark of Hasbro and is used with permission. ©2018 Hasbro. All Rights Reserved.


Scattergories Fans! We’ve listened to your feedback and made some changes:

● Now playable in French and Spanish!

We hope you enjoy the latest update to the classic family favorite!

Let us know what you think! We love hearing your feedback so please get in touch.


40 comentarios en "Scattergories Blitz MODDED 2022"

  1. I love this game so much I even got multiple people to download and play it. However there are so many ads. I do understand that it’s free so there needs to be ads but there are soooooooo many. The game freezes up alot too. Gives me an option to watch an ad for more time and but freezes. I’m finding myself having to shut the game down and open it back up ALOT. luckily I don’t mind cause it’s so fun. But I’ll eventually get tired of it. I also keep getting the same categories over and over.

  2. The game is fun in itself. As some of the others have stated categories are repeated but that doesn’t bother me as much. The Ads are excessive so I purchased the ad free (which I never do on games), now the time trial portion of the game has a blank screen and I can’t play it. I have reached out via the website 6 days ago but have yet to hear back. I feel like I wasted my money and should have kept using the free version.

  3. The ONLY reason it doesn’t get 5 stars is because the app has froze on me in the middle of several matches. This is annoying because I’m very competitive and this effects my score. Also there are too many ads and the ads are long sometimes a whole minute. U can pay $3.99 to remove ads but I’m too cheap the ads don’t bother me that bad. Other than that I LOVE this game. Can’t get enough of it.

  4. Fun but there are too many ads. It’s not worth playing if after every round (takes about 60 seconds), there is a 15 second ad. The categories are also getting repetitive would like to see something new. It also does not always count your answer when you’re close but it seems to accept others. Like in one round asking for kinds of engineers I typed “industrial” and that was counted as wrong. But when I typed “manufacturing” it counted that as “industrial engineering” and gave me a point?

  5. For starters I would like to point out the fact that you don’t start out playing the game like the classic Scattergories, where you have a specific letter to use for different topics. That’s not even the bad part. This game has a RIDICULOUS amount of ads. The first day I played it wasn’t bad. But now it is awful. Even when I click the continue without ad and miss out on extra points it still plays an ad. Shoving an ad down our throat every 2 seconds ruins the experience.

  6. Lots of bugs that need to be ironed out. The ads at the bottom block you from typing (and you’re being timed, mind you). You have to hit selections multiple times before it registers, and sometimes it won’t register at all. And you also have to spell something perfectly correct and without typos or it will read your answer as wrong. Just not a fun experience.

  7. 1.It was fun at first, but now it’s freezing up. Reinstalled and it’s still frozen. 2. Can’t claim coins for winning. 3. Too many ads that run long. 4. Unlike Word Blitz, you can’t nudge your opponent if they’re taking too long to play, and if you end the game you forfeit. 5. I’ve been playing less than a week and already had categories repeated.

  8. Was great at first. But now it won’t let me play all the matches where it’s my turn. I click on the name and it takes me to a screen with the red background and the back button. I can click on the screen, and somehow the cheat sheet comes up, but that’s it. Restarting my phone helped with some matches, not all. Also, I wish matches that have been around for a while (the other player isn’t playing) would expire after like a week. The only way to get rid of them is to forfeit the match.

  9. The most recent update sucks. All of the categories are about actors and the movies or shows they’ve played in. There is hardly any variety and they keep repeating in every 3 to 4 games I’ve played. I appreciate the diversity of actors and actresses they have included in those categories, though. I won’t be playing much if they don’t vary the categories better.

  10. Good game and nice design but some improvements needed. Namely, there should be a time limit on how long a player has to play between levels. Some opponents fail to ever play their turn and after about a week I resign to get the game over with and take a defeat. Most games like this give a 72 hour period or they automatically forfeit.

  11. This game is a lot of fun BUT there are MANY MANY MANY ads. After everything you do you have to watch TWO ads. After every single turn. It’s quite irritating. It pretty much forces you to pay for the ad free version and I don’t much care for that. Even one ad after every turn would be a lot, but two?? Geez….come on!!

  12. The game itself is fun and straightforward, but there are a few bugs. Commonly, the game won’t let me type my answers. It glitches the keyboard to the top of the screen and then back down so I have no time to answer the questions. I have also watched ads for more time and that also didn’t work, although I watched the full ad.

  13. Some of the cattergories don’t have the best answers but most good! It’s been super fun and challenging! EDITED: I’m actually going to leave this at 4☆s however I wanted to add sometimes randomly the game will freeze when you tap done or go to submit an answer. By the time it submits so you can continue guessing answers, your timer which has kept going now all the sudden only has like 7 seconds left and you normally lose that round! It’s super frustrating! Be warned! Still love the game!

  14. Amy Huff dice:

    Game is fun…when it works. After a game there’s an ad, which is fine…if it’s just an ad, but sometimes it’s just a black screen or the ad tries to boot-up, can’t and freezes the app to the point that I have to back out. Also, I am not able to “Claim” some of the rewards from my games.

  15. I love the game. It is very addicting but when I’m doing the time trial. When I’m on a roll and finish the game freezes. It just stay on the red loading scream forever until I close the game and go back in. Once this is fixed it will be a 5 star game. I love the categories. It’s awesome!!!

  16. This game is fun, but… Some of the topics are very out there, where I can’t even think of one thing that comes close to being in the category. There are way too many ads. The system often glitches where the screen won’t let you click on the coins to collect or will just switch out of a game to the main screen.

  17. Fun game. It automatically starts you off with 3 categories: Food, Fashion, & Movies. You have the option to “follow” or “unfollow” different categories if you get bored with some. It does cost you coins to follow other categories though. There are different questions in each topic and of course you race against the clock to list as many answers as you can. I think the setup & acceptable answers is way better than the original scattegories app. Too many cheaters in the original app.

  18. It’s a super fun game. I can’t stop playing it since I got it. It uses a bit of data every now and then an add pops up, but that’s not my problem. Sometimes when I click to continue on my turn for a round, and it just freezes. I have to restart the app like 40 times before I can continue to play my round. It gets really annoying. But that may just be my old phone. I highly recommend.

  19. Love this game, but it’s hard to type when the ad pops up over the top of my space bar. Also need to expand what’s in the categories. I’ve bowhunted for years and most of the parts (broadheads to the release) not on the list. Can’t wait for the game to be fleshed out more over time.

  20. This is completely unplayable on my device. First the keyboard covers up the entire lower half of the screen, so I couldn’t see the text bar or the category. I set my keyboard to float, and still couldn’t play because nothing was being typed into the text bar. When I tried to enter something nothing showed up and I couldn’t submit. Not compatible I guess.

  21. If you like ads after every play this is the game for you. Every turn finished with an ad. There are also ads between rounds. There are also ads after the game is completed. All around, Scattergories Blitz is not about enjoying the game. It’s all about advertising other games and products. It’s sad. The game itself is really fun, if it would allow you to play.

  22. Enjoy the game very much!! I even reached out to the company with the app crashing and they responded right away and helped resolve the issue! Super happy with it so far and great game to play with friends or random people! Challenging at times and easy at times makes it more enjoyable to have all didn’t kinds of levels!

  23. I like how this game makes the brain work to get the answers. It’s entertaining, but I hate how it has so many glitches: I got kicked out of the game when I’m in the middle of a game, frozes a lot and then goes blank, how my opponent has more points than me for the same answer, and how my opponent wins all the time because it keeps freezing on me. Let alone it doesn’t have a way of contact when issues like these arises. I have screenshots of my last game before writing this damn review 😠

  24. Gena dice:

    Definitely needs more categories. It was fun for the first week, but quickly noticed after a short time that the same 20 or so categories were being asked over and over and over. There are so many possible questions & fun categories, it just seems crazy to not have more. There’s also a serious lag problem. The app randomly freezes/lags which eats up all the time you have to answer questions. Disappointing as this was always one of my favorite board games. Please come up with more categories .

  25. I submitted “Wyoming” as an answer for a landlocked state. It didn’t accept it. I checked the acceptable answers after and they had spelled it “Wynoming”….come on, you guys. Also, way too many ads. And glitches where I can’t tap on certain buttons. It just doesn’t respond. Fun game but also frustrating.

  26. I liked this game until the recent update. Now I get categories that it will only accept answers that start with a specific letter, but not tell me what that letter is before the game starts! For example: months of the year and it only liked January June and July but not April, May or December. It did not tell me all answers had to start with a “J” It also lost all of the games I was playing and now it takes longer to end or begin a game, so much that I think it crashed or froze. Fix It

  27. This is actually a really cool game. Played it alot, but can’t give it a good rating. The ads are way too long, and too many. The ads are also repetitive, don’t keep showing the same ad every time. I’m uninstalling after writing this.

  28. Rachel dice:

    I paid to remove ads (since it forced an ad even after selecting no) about a week ago but now it’s randomly freezing on every other match. I have to force close and then can’t finish the match with that person. So basically I paid for an upgrade and now the game isn’t even working.

  29. Great game. Every time I play the time trial, I get a placement of 101. I played the game for 22 min and got a really high score…and yet my placement remained the same. Considering uninstalling.

  30. The game is fun, probably one of my favorites, but in that trial mode thing (idk what its called), when i run out of time i could watch an add to get more time, when i click no i have to watch a ad anyways, and its always 30 second ads and its so annoying, but other then that its a great game.

  31. Great game but impossible to play some rounds unless you’re American ie one round was chat show hosts and my answers were rejected as they were British.

  32. Guys, I have 12 active games right now! Stop giving me more games to play. Calm down or let me set a limit! I feel like it used to cut off at 5 or 6, now I have 12!

  33. Can’t use an ANY answers that might sound like a dirty/bad word but how is vacume a bad word That has to be ******* out? And not an appliance? So many answers not excepted. Update your answers maybe? Or how about red is a natural eye color but white or Grey is not? If spelling is a little wrong could go either way but will occasionally except spelling that makes no sense whatsoever eg. (Chiwowa) But answers that are so close swaray or soiree a big Nope. Andsometimes won’t show what your writing

  34. Fun game, not too much repetition of topics. Ads not terribly long

  35. It’s fun. Could be better though. Too many ads. Playing for about a week now and im already getting a lot of repeat questions. It would be nice to have more categories. And its annoying to scroll all the way down your list of people who you’re waiting for to take their turn, in order to tap on the games that are completed so you can collect your coins. You should automatically get the coins when the match is complete. Or have a separate spot to tap for that. Way too much scrolling/tapping.

  36. Nick J dice:

    At first this game was super enjoyable and addictive. There were almost no video ads which made gameplay smooth and enjoyable. Now you get an ad that you must watch for 5 to 30 seconds between EVERY ROUND you play. This woumd be fine if there were an option to pay to go ad free (a single payment, none of this monthly subscription stuff), but there isn’t. I can only play the game for a few minutes now before I get too frustrated with all the advertising.

  37. I love the game but it has some major bugs that need to be worked out to make it more playable. It has closed on me at least twice while in the middle of a game. When I go back in I have to redo the previous game, the next game’s topic is changed plus then the syncing of games with my opponent are all screwed up. Very frustrating. Please fix ASAP!!

  38. The concept is interesting enough, but the app crashes quite frequently, often in the middle of a round, causing it to be cut short. There are also a lot of topics where the answers are either quite obvious and few in number (ex, natural eye colours), or quite niche (ex, Amy Adams movies), or that seem to be quite objective (for example a category was things that smart phones replaced and “dictionary” nor “telephone” were accepted but “surfing the web” was).

  39. Edit: I’m changing my rate to 2 stars and uninstalling the app. Too many glitches, app crashed more than two times, and it’s dishonest to the point to not show too many ads for you in the first hours but then proceed to show it all the time afterwards. After a 30 seconds match you have the option to click in “watch ad” for more 15 seconds bonus or “never mind” to skip it. But you don’t have a choice, the app displays the ad anyways. Also +50% answers are U.S specific.

  40. A. W. dice:

    Good game, but you do not get much time to answer questions that require a lot of answers [whoever gets the most answers is usually the person who can type fastest, or has bigger keys on their keyboard(easier not to press the wrong key), not always the one who knows more answers]. Some of the categories are also very “United States oriented” (American airlines, restaurants, etc.) which makes it impossible for people from other countries to be able to get answers. But, overall, fun game.

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