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Try the latest word game! Find the 5 answers people are thinking of.
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Are you a word game fan? Nothing scares you? So come and discover People Say!
The concept is simple: a sentence with blanks and you have to find the 5 most given answers by other players to fill those blanks. For sure the funniest word game out there!
Discover lots of levels all different and stimulating.
If you enjoy Top 7, you will love People Say!

Develop your imagination, your vocabulary, your spelling, all while having fun for hours on end.

The bravest among you will face daily challenges and win lots of rewards.

➤ Hundreds of levels to improve your memory and your focus
➤ A simple and relaxing game
➤ Soothing and charming graphics
➤ Improve your vocabulary and keep a young brain
➤ Meet the challenge: start with easy levels but careful they will get harder with time!

Relax and play a few levels every day to keep your brain sharp

People Say is the latest game by the creators of Top 7, Relaxing Words and Jingle Quizz. Now it’s your turn to try this new game for free!”


◉ Bug fixes
◉ Minor improvements


51 comentarios en "People Say FULL"

  1. Don H dice:

    I left a review earlier today. While the game was five stars, the ads that were crashing the game made me give it three stars. The dev quickly replied to my comment, and the game update fixed the crashing. So I feel obligated to change my rating. I appreciate the hard work that goes into developing apps and games, and also appreciate the devs quickly replying to my issues. Five stars.

  2. The game has a really beautiful design, but is way too difficult for what it is. Hints, which cost 100 coins, only give you a single letter. Completing a round gives you 25 coins. It doesn’t say when words have to be plural or not, counting as wrong if you don’t add the nessecary ‘s’. Some answers only kind of make sense: what do cars really have to do with celebrity perks? Why is lipstick an essential in a bag? Almost every question includes the answer ‘money’.

  3. The ads sometimes require 4 different buttons to get out of, and the sheer quantity of them make it hard to enjoy, as the game is broken up by ads that ruin the play-streak. Some of the answers are also oddly specific, to the point where I think it may only be fun for people from certain countries.

  4. The game was nice at first, but after some time (I am uninstalling at level 37), there is an ad between every level 🙄 Plus, when you do the daily challenges, if you’re stuck and want to go back and try another day, there is no button to take you to the daily menu, you have to return to the main menu and then to daily challenges… It’s not very practical but, all in all, would not be such a big deal… If you didn’t have to wait through yet another ad!

  5. Some puzzles are far easier than others and vice versa, sometimes based on unnecessary knowledge lol Edit: not really an edit but some topics r 1 tht asked bout music thats hard to dance to n I feel like country n slow are bad answers…all music is hard to dance to w/o practice but country literally tells u the steps and slow dance speak for itself..there are a few out there like this tho..if u can get pass this n like a lil challenge to think outside the box then DOWNLOAD

  6. C H dice:

    Really liking this game! Like that the letters disappear when no longer needed to help with remaining words. It’s one of those games that’s challenging enough to keep interest but not too hard that you lose interest

  7. Really like the game but after 1 got to level 8 the game kept freezing up. Had to close the app to get to next level. Then at level 13 totally froze up after putting in a answer. Had to close out again this time game stayed frozen.

  8. Watch an ad to gain coins only to be forced to watch an additional ad for having watched the first ad!?! Yeah, I’m out! I do not care how good your game is or gets to be. “Ads are placed by developers.” GREEDY much. I know you are a start up, but ease up a bit, pal. You are going to lose more players than you keep. Bye!

  9. Cool idea. Good answers. Some are challenging. Darn ads after every level is annoying! There is room for so much to be added to this game but so far so good!

  10. Fun game that is teaching me I’m not as smart as I thought I was. Seriously, this is just challenging enough not to be boring but not so easy that you can just sail through without thinking. I recommend this game for someone looking for a game that’s a little bit different yet Fun.

  11. Kinda fun and it kept me busy. But after the 2nd level, you get a clue but it makes you give the first one up and makes you pay 100 coins for the rest.

  12. I really like the game, would go higher star rating but ads. We are taught no means no. Say no to ad, comes back are you sure, no. Are you really sure, no. 3x saying no. Very freaking annoying. No means no. Get rid of that would give higher rating.

  13. I like the different categories that makes you really think. I would like more ways to earn points but otherwise it’s a great game. Not as many ads as I thought it would be which is even better…

  14. Kristina dice:

    This is a very fun and creatively challenging game in certain ways. I like that it makes you think outside the box and helps me pass the time when I have too much free time. thank you for making this game so much fun!

  15. Good game way way to many ads after looking at the ads it takes you to the play store and then you have to exit out of the play store to go back to game to much of an hassle to keep playing the game. Had to uninstall to much work to play

  16. So very limited number of rounds you can play but you don’t know that so DO NOT SPEND CASH ON THIS GAME! I only spent a few dollars but if I’d had known how few rounds that was available, I wouldn’t have spent a dime!

  17. it’s a fine fun game but I have to keep re entering the game after each round. almost as annoying as pop ups in other games.

  18. Hints cost to much for one letter and the game crashes a lot. If these issues were fixed it would be awesome game.

  19. Tokin Bud dice:

    extremely fun and somewhat hard but not too bad. just like the show but with levels instead and it’s actually more fun this way.

  20. very fun and the challenges are too hard that it’s impossible while also not being so easy it’s dumb. good challenge. great game.

  21. I thought I was going to really like this game. How am I supposed to like the game when it doesn’t tell me how to play it. How frustrating. Also if you can’t think of the answer there’s no way to find out what the answer is there’s no way to skip it and go to the next one you’re just stuck sitting there trying to figure out what the answer is . What a fuss trading game

  22. It WAS fun then it bugged out, lost my progress and wouldn’t load even after cleaning cache, checking tablet settings and reboot.

  23. I gave it a 1 star because it’s not much of a challenge when they take letters away because they practically give u the answers. Please fix it, don’t take away letters I want it to be challenging

  24. so far so good. it’s fun to guess, and they also let you contribute your own answers to new categories, or even suggest your own questions for people to answer! plenty of ads but probably worth it

  25. I loved this game but it doesn’t give many coins, and when you need to use them, all it takes is one stupid question to knock out your bank. So I have no choice but to uninstall this app

  26. very intriguing and interesting to play. some answers are ultra hard to guess. but I love the challenge. good for the mind

  27. People Say is a relaxing game that is most fun when played with othere. When we play we feel like we’re on a game show. Also enjoyable when played alone.

  28. Averyahna dice:

    Love this game, but like everyone else i hate the ads. It comes every couple levels so ig that’s not as bad.

  29. UPDATE: game lags big time after a few minutes of playing. Discouraging 😞 I love the GSN game America Says and this is just like it! my favorite game of 2022!

  30. This is a really fun game BUT a lot of ads, which I get. But almost $6 50 to remove them? Ouch. Never.

  31. K Holder dice:

    Can I give it a zero? First level, first puzzle, can”t type any answer. Nothing is happeming! Frozen solid. Bye bye.

  32. Kate Nash dice:

    Can’t get past the first level. No hints, no way to change your answers, and the available letters don’t seem to be the right ones. No explanation of how to play or anything. I wanted to play this but I’m uninstalling instead.

  33. This game does irritat me but it’s fine lmao but I always get irritated so it’s fine. It is really fun to play though makes me want to play it more snd I love it!! 😀 😍

  34. Fun filled so far. Made it to level 10 until the first ad! Makes you think BUT not too hard. 10/10!

  35. The game was great till I advanced a few levels. Now there are ads after every game.

  36. The game locks up after three levels with me. I just got it yesterday but I’m about to delete it. Before I do, is there a way to look into why it does this? Thank you.

  37. OMG what a fun and different word game than anything else out there… You love word games & puzzles? Trust me your collection is totally lacking if this is not in your library! Download today! Sit, play, relax, and vaccinate !

  38. Brin ღ dice:

    It’s a fun game but sometimes it just closes for no reason so if you can fix that I’ll give it 5 stars again.

  39. Very fun game but it freezes quite a bit and causes my phone to freeze and I have to keep rebooting

  40. This is actually a very good game! The ad to game ratio is very reasonable and not in your face.

  41. Jennifer dice:

    This game is fun to play, but has some bugs. Sometimes it will freeze during ads and it could be the ad that just played fine 5 minutes ago. The freezing isn’t consistent with anything in particular. Also, the buttons for helps should not be right over letters in the keyboard. It makes it way to easy to accidentally hit them and now you lost coins. I would rather use the coins when I actually need help. Maybe if you could put them along the side or something it would be better.

  42. I thought this was going to be a “try it then toss it” game…. That was a couple of hours ago. LOL. I can’t put it down. It id interesting and one of the VERY FEW that actually is the same as the ad for it- unlike so many bait & switch games that show you an ad of an interesting game then, once you download it, you discover that it is NOTHING like the ad. This game IS what you see in the ad. I am enjoying it!

  43. Kyle dice:

    Basically “America Says” for mobile. The fact that the keyboard shows only which letters are actually part of the answers makes this way too easy and I got bored quickly. I’d like to be able to turn that “feature” off. Also the ads are some of the worst in terms of being able to click out of them.

  44. Great concept somewhat bad execution. You have to pass multiple levels to get a gift of coins. Once you get the gift it’s only 25 coins. It takes 100 coins to reviel only 1 letter. I think you should get a small reward after every level or a larger reward for the gift. Also instead of 1 letter reveil it should be a word so atleast it’s worth it to use.

  45. This game is cute and fun. But no one wants this many ads and to get rid of the ads you have to pay almost $7. No thanks. About to uninstall. I get ads is where the money is. But make the ad removal $1 or something easier like that.

  46. I dnt understnd how developers are allowed to do these shady things to us. Some advertise games that are nothing like the actual game. Some make it impossible to play without spending money. This game has ads, which you have to click 4 times to get out of. It’s wrong. They say it’s to keep the game free. Then we don’t want your free game. We would rather install & play games that show ads you aren’t forced to watch. We just uninstll the rest. These people should be forced to play their own game

  47. really fun so far,wish hints costed less coins but it’s a really fun game and the music don’t make u want to tear ur ears off,it’s pleasant,game reminds me of family fued and I like that there is no timer,they give u all the time u need,and if u don’t know how to spell something as long as u get as close to the spelling of the word that u can it accepts it and puts it in there, definitely ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ game

  48. Marie C dice:

    so far so good. not too bad on adds. like 7 seconds and 3 clicks buh bye for maybe 2 rounds. easy levels but challenging enough to keep you going

  49. Awol Gina dice:

    Immediately after 5 levels, within 3 minutes, out of coins & harassing ads. Can’t move forward without buying coins for random words that make no sense when you figure out what the game wants people to say.

  50. I love this game and im waiting on more levels to come out but, i downlowed it on my new phone but it started me back at the begining. Please make it where i can sign in and pick up where i stopped at.

  51. Revan dice:

    It’s fun but I really really don’t like that it shows the letters you need, makes the game way too easy.

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