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The Official Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? Trivia Game!

Do you love game show trivia? Have you always dreamed of taking home the win from a game show? Now you can, with the Official Who Wants to Be a Millionaire Trivia Game. Based on the hit game show, now you can show off your game show trivia knowledge and win big!

TV’s top trending game show is now on your phone and tablet! Test your trivia knowledge, call on the audience, collect your team of experts and win! Download now to scale the Money Tree to the top to become a MILLIONAIRE for FREE today!

Do you have vast trivia knowledge? Love playing against others? Play games against family, friends and other trivia players to win! Show you know the most trivia by answering questions in different game show trivia categories like music, cinema, sports, science, math and geography. Become the star of game show trivia by learning fun and interesting facts!

Can you win the Official Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? Game Show Trivia Game?

Stumped on a big trivia question? You can unlock and collect famous experts who can be your lifeline! Ask Shakespeare about English. Let Caesar cover history. Da Vinci, Napoleon, Beethoven and Newton – all here to help you win trivia glory!

Some of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire: Trivia’s AWESOME Features:
+ Unlock new cities and travel the world for new Millionaire trivia experiences!
+ Use classic trivia boosts such as 50:50, ask the audience, & the all new ask an expert!
+ Unlock a team of Trivia experts to help you win in every trivia challenge!
+ Scale to the top of the daily leaderboard and win against friends and family!
+ Always new trivia and Who Wants to be a Millionaire Game Show content!
+ Play & win Millionaire trivia on the go with our offline mode!

Join the thrill in becoming a MILLIONAIRE! Win in cities around the world from Rome to Rio! Start playing The Official Who Wants to Be a Millionaire Trivia Game for free and show your Trivia knowledge!

Now you can play Who Wants to Be a Millionaire offline. With our offline mode, you can play at home or on the road. Win anytime, anywhere

Collect and train your experts, each with their own attributes and expertise! Don’t let any trivia stump you. From history to English to music to math, we have a trivia expert who can help you win and become a millionaire!

Know any interesting trivia facts? Well it may just come in handy when you find yourself faced off against a million-dollar question! Rank up against the scores of hundreds of thousands of trivia players around the world as you target the top of the Leaderboards! Show off your clever wits with the most fun trivia show in the world!

Download The Official Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? Trivia Game today!


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Welcome Back, Millionaires! Question: What will you find in the newest version? A: New Experts B: New Events C: Bug Fixes D: All of The Above!
If you said D, you are correct! Thank you for playing!


40 comentarios en "Millionaire Trivia: TV Game 2022"

  1. John C dice:

    It’s a pretty fun way to spend time. I don’t have social media so not sure how it plays in those aspects. I do enjoy challenging my knowledge and experience both victory and defeat. The call an expert, switch questions, and 50/50 aides are easy to accumulate (just as easy to spend if your not careful). Ensuring you won’t have to wait a week to get your next bonus. One of the better games as I haven’t had to fork over any cash to play (can if you want to) so major win right there.

  2. Ever since I purchased the 9.99 package my adds in the media center went from 5 options to 2, so the reward was cut way down. Also i do not get the option to reduce time to open boxes and I never get the free bonus card, always have to use gems now. This does not make sense to me. I feel like I paid to have things removed from game. I don’t get it. 🤔

  3. Zero stars for its current state. The app stopped functioning 2 days ago. Everything on my phone is up to date. I tried a restart as well, still no joy! Its a fun game when it works, except for way too many questions about English soccer & British TV shows that nobody has really seen or heard of stateside. 3.5 stars for the functioning version.

  4. Great Game, love playing it. Have been playing a few years now. The only three things I do not care about, are 1.The Win Steak! 2.Can’t get all the Experts for every City! 3.The Event “Get…….(such&such, different Expert every week)! It is miscounting the points you get from playing all the time! The Total Rewards starting 0/12 getting messed up throughout the week, for example from having 8/12 back to 4/12. Pay close attention! Reported it many times within last 7 months/NO FIX! Frustrating!

  5. Update: since my original review, after hundreds, probably over a thousand hours of playing with a long-term strategy in mind, they make a significant change to the game that literally would be the equivalent of the NBA eliminating the three point line, because some people can’t shoot that far. For casual players, the change is irrelevant. For competitive players, it penalizes players who’ve played well, and played a lot. It’s not like I can get those hundreds (at least) of hours back.

  6. Has potential but too many 30 second ads. I understand this is how you make the app free and still generate income, but a 30 second ads after every match is a little out of hand. How about regular pop up ads. I’d rather buy the app. Apps that I really enjoy I always support the developer either by paying to get rid of ads or through iap’s. I don’t enjoy this game enough to do this. The main reason is the ads. I like to play a few matches when on my break. ( 10 min ) that’s about 3 or 4 matches including all the ads.

  7. I like the challenge that this game presents. I have two major complaints:. 1) I would enjoy it much more if I could play the game in a solo mode. Most of the time , I personally DO NOT WANT TO PLAY AGAINST ANOTHER PLAYER. Unfortunately , there is not a way to turn off head to head play. And i should be able to play by myself, if i so desire 2) It gets VERY expensive having to constantly buy gems all the time to get lifeline clues I hope the developer can fix the first item soo

  8. Over all I think the game is fun HOWEVER I have lost games repeatedly because the game has incorrect answers as the correct answer. So expect to lose games coins and gems because you know the correct answer but the game is incorrectly set up. Further, there seems to be large issues with the game randomly dying after a game ends and you lose your rewards. I have submitted bug reports and I either get a generic answer or no answer at all. If you can get by all that, you will enjoy the game.

  9. UPDATE. Uninstalling. Nice game but impossible to wade through all the ads. Would be a fun game but I had a hard time figuring out how to play, navigating the screens, etc. Hard to get enough coins to play. But would still great game except you spend 3 or 4 times as much time watching the constant lengthy ads than playing the game. Can’t do anything without watching a long ad.

  10. I enjoy this game, but like many other enjoyable games, it can be quite expensive. Very realistic to the TV show except that you cannot stop (walk away and collect winnings) and the timer is faster. Hence, if I run out of life lines and it’s a tough subject, I have to play on…and I only win at the point where I beat my opponent. Cheap rewards.

  11. You get to a point, perhaps in a month of beginning the game, after which “advancing” (leveling up and unlocking experts, moving up ranks etc) becomes nearly impossible without playing a billion times. That part was quite fun at the beginning. I would say that for long-term enjoyment with this, you had really better enjoy answering trivia questions.

  12. The game is fun, good trivia with a ton of content. They give you plenty of ways to get coins and advance without paying money, but like all games what you get in-game for what you could spend (I’ve never spent any money) is not even close to worth it. The “special events” like the recent target blaster are hit-and-miss, but the ones that happen in the background while you’re playing normally are great. The ads walk a tightrope, just light enough to be bearable.

  13. The game as a whole is fun but the fact it’s so hard to earn coins makes it nearly unplayable except in extremely short bursts. I’d suggest if you win the challenge you get your opponents entry fee in addition to whatever you win from answering questions. This would make it playable for more than 2-3 games at a time and a much better game imo. Aside from the shortage of coins great game. Would definitely be a 4 or 5 star game.

  14. Game is fun to play. Definitely one of the best trivia games on the store. It has great art and a clean UI. However, the sheer amount of ads constantly playing after every stage is infinitely more than any other game that you will download. It’s unclear how to remove them permanently. The ads are constant and intrusive to the point that im now uninstalling.

  15. Played this game over a year. For the first six months, had to make micro purchases on a regular basis to stay in competition. Then they changed the game to make it too easy to earn coins and gems. The balance was off. However, what was very frustrating was the last change. Over the time I played, I collected many experts to help me. Experts could be used every 8 hours. With the last change, using experts became a reward, which shifted the game dramatically. I don’t recommend

  16. T Mil-79 dice:

    I would give it 5 stars but over the last few days or so the game continously crashes and I lose coins over it. I like the game because it gives me another way to exercise my brain and store useless knowledge in it. I’ve Uninstalled it and reinstalled it in hopes of correcting the issue but no luck, it still crashes. As of right now don’t waste your time downloading it until they fix this bug/issue.

  17. I love this game. It makes me use my brain and it’s relatively easy to get the coins and helps you need. you do have to plan a bit which is a good thing. Update: 4/9/21, The game is constantly losing internet connection which makes me have to restart the app. This is only happening in Millionaire, not any of my other apps. I wouldn’t care if not for the fact that I regularly have boxes waiting in queue which I lose after restarting.

  18. i like the game a lot! I’m not very good at trivia but i learn a lot from playing. one complaint is that at times when the option to receive double jewels from completing a round is an option through watching a video, the video doesn’t always play and i can’t get the double prize option. it’s happened a few times. not a huge deal. hasn’t stopped me from playing.

  19. Extremely time consuming, and competitive! I would enjoy it more if you could stay at the level you have achieved without being penalized and dropped to a lower level of you don’t have the time to play. Also once you have played a while you can manage to play without buying more gems, but it takes more time to climb the ladder. Also your answers are not always correct after doing research on them. However when trying to report them to you you ask for time, version I’m playing and other question

  20. It is crashing everytime the game starts and I’m losing coins. I think they are doing it on purpose to make you buy coins.. after crashing several times, all of a sudden it starts working right again. One star.. its sucks. And I really liked the game. Fix this and I’ll upgrade my rating. I would buy coins but not as long as its crashing.

  21. Why is it that ads unfailingly play after every game, but 90% of the time, when you get a bonus card, they either fail to play, forcing you to discard it, or they DO play then the game throws an error and denies you the bonus card even though you watched the stupid ad! I’m on wifi and 4g LTE with Verizon on an unlimited data plan. There is no problem with my connection! If the ad service fails, the game should default to giving you the card, not denying it. I’ve missed out on so many cards!

  22. TL;DR: Bottom line, if you don’t mind endorphin-inducing gimmicks and tactics like loot boxes and upgrades, it can be a fun little game. However if you’re looking for a simple, authentic Millionaire experience, this is far from it. My full opinion: 70% of your time playing this game is spent waiting for worthless loot-box animations and tapping through dozens of popups for in-game purchases/promos. Assuming you have the patience for that, the actual quiz itself is okay, but it comes with its own flaws. The first is that, unlike the actual Millionaire game show, they don’t ask you to confirm if your answer is final. This means that if your thumb slips and you accidentally tap on the wrong answer, you’re done (unless you want to spend in-game currency to get another chance). The question difficulty doesn’t really scale properly as you progress, and it even varies wildly at times. I’ve been asked 3rd-grade-level questions nearing the end of the game, and masters-level questions towards the beginning. The “vs opponent” feature is cute, but feels a little gimmicky. You aren’t playing against a “live” person, as evident by the fact that there’s virtually never any waiting period for them to answer the question. Maybe it’s an AI or randomized system, or it uses that person’s past answers, but it certainly isn’t someone you’re actually playing against. I’d be lying if I said I’ve never had fun with it, but I’ll be uninstalling the moment I find a better quiz game.

  23. its a fun game. BUT its not worth the prices. for $6 you play about 5 times AND you still have to watch ads every time you do. you get free games but have to wait hours. if you want almost full access with no ads you have to pay $70. by then theres way better games to spend your money on. playing once in a while and maybe buying a deal might be worth it though. pretty entertaining.

  24. Great game but frustrating at times. I have found that getting diamonds is difficult and getting points to get diamonds is difficult. It is seemingly impossible to get the baseball expert as you have to collect 10000 ?credits? in 7 days and I have played the first day and have collected less than 400 so far! However, the game is fun but I may have to stop playing as I am getting frustrated. My recent game was in the Halloween special. I was able to advance all the way up to the last question, the million dollar question, however, my opponent also advanced to that question and unfortunately I got the answer wrong and got basically absolutely nothing for that game, very frustrating. Thus, the reason I may have to quit as I can’t be getting frustrated and aggravated over a game due to health reasons.

  25. This is one of the more fun games I’ve found through Mistplay. The graphics are beautiful and I really enjoy the accumulation of boxes and how they figure into the main game. Crystals and extra lifelines can be earned quickly by sitting through a few ads. Questions are slightly less challenging than on TV (so far, for me) but still tricky in the upper tier and nicely varied topic-wise. Awesome game!

  26. I just installed and I enjoyed watching the show and it is challanging to play against other players at the same level to keep the game fair. Also it tests your knowledge on a wide or diverse range of subjects and topics. I rate it 5 stars. The only draw back are the advertisments. You have to pay for ad removal. As far as that goes, it is the only draw back.

  27. Frustrating. I would absolutely give this game 5 stars, easily, save for the fact it takes way, way, way too long to make it through the levels. Would probably take 2 decades to make it to the top. The play is great, questions and answer selections near flawless, and fun as all get out except for the fact it takes way too long to make it to next levels. Ridiculous.

  28. In times of a mandatory quarantine when you have to stay home, an app like this one is a very nice option to trivia’s lovers. Graphics and animations are fantastic. Questions sometimes are impossible, but if you wanna be a MILLIONAIRE, you have to get your brain as sharp as you can. You get fun while learning. Even for people who doesn’t know how to play, it’s very accessible, easy and fun. I have recommended it to everyone I could. Absolutely stunning!!!

  29. This is a neat game and a fun way to do trivia with minimal ad interruption. There’s a lot of money grabbing elements but they’re not necessary to game play so it’s really not that big of a deal to ignore them. I would’ve given it 5 stars but I just wish you could tap to speed up the rewards you get after the rounds. It takes so long to go through all the things you get.

  30. #1. You can’t play for very long without running out of coins that are required to play. #2. You can watch ads to get more coins and gems but the ads often crash the game and are marked as used up so you can’t restart and try again. #3. The number of ads is limited, which means if you want to continue playing, you have to eventually pay real money or just wait for a day or two.

  31. missyo408 dice:

    The 2-minute wait for a video ad to load to obtain “energy” toward a power up has been fixed. Only occasionally do I have to force stop the program, clear the cache & then reopen to continue. My only question now is, when the player goes to the next screen for more free coins for watching 3 additional ads, it only works every other day. Is this intentional? Or is it supposed to work every day? Thank you.

  32. I was on the TV game twice in its early days, but back then you had to answer the “fastest finger” question quicker than the other contestants to get your turn in the “hot seat”. I lost my chance by 4/10 of a second, but I had a good time playing. There hasn’t been an official online version of Millionaire on the market for a while, and this new versiion is really good. I’ve played over a hundred games so far and I am just now starting to see questions I’ve had before. If I could suggest some improvements, they would be: (1) allow the player to see his lifeline status before beginning a game, (2) limit the number of lifelines you can use in a game (in the real TV game players only get three, or sometimes four lifelines; in this game there is potentially no limit), and (3) allow for purchase of something other than games with the coins, like lifelines (it takes too long to earn the gems). I have spent a grand total of about $4 on extra purchases for this free game, so it is possible, with a little planning, to play vritually expense-free without having to buy more gems etc. – if you don’t mind the ads too much.

  33. Beware! It looks like fun. and it is. unlike the TV show. with only a few lifelines per game, you can buy more lifelines – and when wrong, you can buy another chance. Your opponent has the same option. to beat your opponent, you can add up quickly. If the game actually tracked your wins & targets correctly, you could live with ths. But it doesn’t. so you don’t get points you have earned,don’t move up in rank,don’t earn rewards. Yes, I reached out. No resolution. ignored > 10 days

  34. Want a simple trivia game that simulates Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? Well then this game is certainly not for you. It is for some reason a pvp game, and the only benchmark for keeping winnings is when you beat your opponent. So if they were to get the first one wrong and you go all the way to the million dollar round and lose. you lose everything, but the first round, rather than higher amounts like the real game. also has basic functionality issues like freezing when signing up w/ Google.

  35. It’s a fun game but some easy questions are at high levels while some hard questions are low on the ladder. I like it better without the ads but once I paid; free films were reduced from 5 to 2. I used to use it to earn a couple extra lifelines and 35 crystals. Now that I am ad-free, only 15 crystals and 1 life-line are available. And I have to watch ads to get them. Should I go home first? Sometimes want to learn first, then play. Now I will just hit play and forget strategy.

  36. I really enjoyed this app over the last year and played it at least once a day. The last few days I noticed I no longer had access to my 40 plus earned experts. I emailed support in my settings twice with no response. In reading the developers inadequate response to others complaining about my same issue, I’m all done. I love trivia but I’ll find another app. Uninstalling.

  37. This game has some serious game play issues. Time speeds, repeat questions, clickable errors, coin balance inconsistencies, tab sensitivity, selectable options and force close errors, just to name a few. One serious issue with game play is the lack of a “final answer” option. Accidentally clicking the screen will cost you. Finally, playing for free is tedious, if you expect to progress much at all, you should expect to spend some real money! This game could be much better.. don’t waste your time

  38. Going to uninstall. It’s a fun game but first this is not a game with an opponent. Second it costs too much. Every game played should automatically come with one of each life line. You could award extras as prize but you should always have 1 each. Lastly waaaaay to long to collect boxes. It should be around 5 minutes not hours. LOL also quite a lot of your answers are incorrect.

  39. The game is good. However, as with many games, in order to compete with others at the higher levels you have to buy “diamonds” in order to gain enough “life lines” to advance. This makes for an unlevel playing field for those of us who want to play, but not spend a lot (or any) money. If you don’t score enough “coins” during each round you are penalized and your level is reduced, again pressuring you to but diamonds (which others are probably doing) in order to compete and move up the rating ladder. But it’s a trivia game and who doesn’t enjoy playing those types of games?

  40. Overall the app is nice, only problem I have with it, is it is a little to pay to play. You can get coins from free game play but at a slow rate. Basically you can play 1 match every 4 hours. So doesn’t really keep you interested to play. Who wants to open the app once every 4 hours to play 1 match that you might only get 4 or so questions in and lose, and maybe you win enough for second match but might strike out and now you have to wait 4 more hours. You can pay $2 for 6k coins , which is 6 matches at lowest level , 3 on next level and if you play 3rd level its 1 match. Takes 10 mins to lose it all and there goes $2 for nothing. They need to make matches a little cheaper to keep people hooked on the game. I don’t want to spend money if I know I’ll lose all the coins I purchased in 10 mins. Cut the match cost of coins in half and maybe people will be more tempted to purchase coins.

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