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Become a trivia star with the updated version of our classic brain game!
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🧠 Sharpen your mind with Trivia Crack 2, the brain game now FULL OF TOPICS!
Test your knowledge on your favorite TV shows, movies, books, artists and more! And the brain test continues: answer fun general questions in classic categories: Art, Science, History, Entertainment, Sport and Geography. Ready to become a trivia star?

Challenge your friends and family to a trivia competition and prove how smart you are! What are you waiting for? Show off your smarts in this brain test.

– Mystery Doors will blow your mind! Can you answer challenging questions correctly and be the last player standing? Lots of CROWNS await!
– Tower Duel is full of adrenaline! Snatch categories from your opponent and stack them! Whoever builds the highest tower wins… will that be you? Let’s go!

🎁 PLAY AND PICK A PRIZE. How lucky are you?
Time to get a lot of prizes with this brain game! Unlock hidden rewards and take all the accumulated prizes. Be careful! If you pick the wrong token you’ll lose everything you got.

👑 RANK AND FAST. Prove you are a trivia star and reach the top!
Collect as many crowns as you can during the week to achieve the best possible position on theranking. The league will offer incredible prizes for the top 20 players!

Are you a true collector? Get them all! All you have to do is play to get chests. They will provide you with different pieces you’ll need to unlock new wheels. And best of all: you can set them as an avatar frame to show off to your fellow players!

You are not alone during this brain test. Teams can have up to 50 members. You can create your own too! What’s the point? Send or request lives to other members and play Tower Duel together against other teams!

➤Tic-Tac-5: answer questions in classic mode and get crowns and gold bars.
➤Rescue Rush: show you are a trivia star who can save our game’s characters!
➤Pirate Battle: answer questions, bring down your opponent’s ships and win gold bars.
➤Lucky Spin: get different prizes randomly such as PowerUps, lives, gold bars or a chest with amazing rewards!
➤Missions: complete them and claim your special prizes.
➤Collections: obtain crowns in the different game modes and win characters to collect.
➤Chat: communicate with other members of the same team through the chat.
➤Trivia Pass: do you want better prizes? You can get the VIP Membership and acquire the Trivia Pass.

What are you waiting for? Download the game now and become the smartest in town!


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Phew! Good thing we fixed those bugs in time. We also implemented some visual improvements.


40 comentarios en "Trivia Crack 2 MOD 2022"

  1. The game itself isn’t too bad. I like the game play, and the characters overall (I kin Hector by the way). Anyways, it keeps saying error, although I have given it over a day and it keeps saying the same thing. It isn’t the network, since I can play Trivial Crack Adventure without any issues. If it didn’t happen, then i I would give it 5 stars

  2. only writing this review so the stupid thing stops asking me to every 10 seconds. this game is littered with ads, including its own. you litterly have to close out 5 ads when you first open the game and then you get punished with an ad every time you get a question wrong. it’s slow and unresponsive at times. freezes completely a few times. it is fun to play with my GF though, but can do with a ton of improvements.

  3. Great trivia game. My only complaint is that when you use the most valuable tool, the “Magic Answer”, it conceals the correct answer; therefore, you can’t learn which answer is correct for the next time you get that same question. Minor inconvenience, and don’t let that stop you trivia buffs, like me, from trying out the game. Truly so much fun!! Highly recommend!!

  4. Ended up deleting the game due to ads. Seems like most games now are free but are so riddled with ads they are almost unplayable. It’s a real shame bc the game itself is really fun but ruined by the sheer volume of unskippable ads. We all know they have to have ads to make money but there’s a fine line between being profitable and being greedy. If they ever get the ad count to a reasonable amount I’ll definitely return and give 5 stars.

  5. Fun game, but the ads are too frequent, and the amount of pop ups to try a different aspect of the game upon initial opening is ridiculous. I just want to play the normal mode, I don’t need excessive popups telling me to try something. They make the game load slower, and totally unnecessary. Wish there was a way to opt out of them. Update: Deleted the app. Six pop ups, all mentioning something different, before even getting the option to play. Just let the players PLAY without distractions.

  6. The game is fun, but there are way too many pop-ups. Not ads, but the pop-ups that constantly get in my way reminding me of other things in the app -the piggy bank, adventures, teams- I get it. Please stop. I can clearly see them on the home screen and will explore them in my own time. Stop trying to trick me into clicking on them. Also, there’s no option to stop random challenges. It’s very annoying to see them constantly appear without my consent.

  7. Very fun, but with some major flaws. First, when you pay for no ads, that should include ads that you’re forced to watch if you want a “second chance”. Either exclude second chances completely, or dont make us watch ads for them when we already paid you. Second, the original Trivia Crack has events that the second one doesn’t have, which doesn’t make sense. Third, sometimes you’ll get the wrong questions in different categories, like a question about Watergate in the art section.

  8. Chat for team never loads. There are a lot of ads. And I mean, A lot. It freezes constantly and doesnt allow you to click anything on the screen making it to where you have to exit the app completely and open it back up. I hope for improvements because it is fun.

  9. I like this app, learned a fair amount with the game and I like that ads are kind of optional now. Only thing is, I’ve accumulated so many of the extra time power ups, through leveling up and spinning the wheel of fortune, but I don’t have the option to use them in any of my games. Also, as of recently if keeps on crashing with this one ad in the Tower Duel… I have to restart the app, making me lose a lot of time, and lose the duel. The update didn’t fix it.

  10. It’s really fun, though the first trivia crack was definitely better. They removed some components of the game that made the original game interesting, such as the ability to steal your opponent’s “trophies”. I understand why games have ads, but a monthly subscription for an ad-free experience is ridiculous – just have a one time purchase like every other app

  11. Trivia Crack 2 is a decent sequel to the original, but has fatal flaws. First, the lack of ability to challenge questions in the game is flat out wrong. There are questions in the game that are for other countries besides the US that have been given to me, wrong answers as right, wrong categories (eg. art questions in geography), too specific (or only known if you are from or know a certain part of the country well), or are just flat out rotten questions. Second, it seems like there is a peak level that you can get to. The triviathon, stacker game, and other parts of the game now cost lives (not good). That and every one of the extras is way too expensive. All in all good, but I hope this doesn’t replace the original.

  12. This is generally an improvement on the original. However it has 2 glaring issues that make it almost unplayable. 1. The questions are in desperate need of curation. There are a lot of very similar repeats. A lot with answers practically given to you or just plain basic knowledge. And a lot of questions that don’t fit their categories. 2. Tower mode is an interesting concept, but it doesn’t work well because it requires getting questions wrong in order to switch catagories. Additionally, ads in this sections of the game take away from the time you need to actually win. The time limit is incredibly aggravating considering these problems.

  13. I recently decided to start playing Trivia Crack again. whem I saw there was another version I got super excited. It took about 20 minutes to download despite having a fast internet connection. There are way too many ads to make this enjoyable. Seriously, having to watch an ad after almost every question is ridiculous! ‘Free spin’ is great but once again, another ad! Some questions have wrong answers! Do you not have anyone checking? I’m going back to the original.

  14. This is the same Trivia Crack that we all remember, but with way too many ads and terrible microtransactions. The ads aren’t too much of a problem (for me at least, since I have a Samsung with a back button), but they’re definitely too plentiful. Gold Bars are needed to continue a game and purchase items, but what is offered is way too expensive with the game never giving you enough.

  15. The game has better questions than the original, however, there are just too many things to click after you win a crown. If you miss a question it immediately takes you to an ad then after you click off the ad you still need to click continue again to make the game move on. There are just too many buttons to click and use making the game sloppy and slow running on your phone. It has caused my phone to lock up three times since I installed it.

  16. Never get the same question twice. Almost all questions are good quality and difficulty. The ads make getting an answer wrong especially frustrating and irritating and on top of that one time the ads made the game crash while I was playing a timed game mode. The ads are skippable but they are still the worst thing about the game because they stop you from doing anything else but watching the ad. If the ads would appear or play while I could navigate the main menu or while i could spin the wheel.

  17. way too many ads. played the first one years ago and really enjoyed it. thought I would give this one a ahot. played for 10 minutes and was able to answer a handful of questions in between ads and other access requests that I denied. I understand free games have ads but too many really defeats the purpose of playing. It is more like an app for commercials with a game mixed in.

  18. Eammeny dice:

    Play a round and get an ad, get the question right too many times? Get an ad. Get it wrong? Get an ad. Want to use the once per round redo? Yep, another ad. I have seen more ads on this ap than I’ve seen questions! I tried to just tough it out but it’s becoming too much. I’m not going to be bullied into a subscription just to be able to make the game function. Yes, the ads are so often it completely disrupts the flow of the game and ruins the basic function. Had promise but fell short.

  19. It’s fun, but WAY too littered with ads. I realize that the company needs ads to get money, but having video ads every single time after I answer a question gets incredibly annoying. Especially if the ad lags and therefore forces me to tap it when I did not want to. Banner ads are also not consistant as to where they appear. Sometimes they are at the top, and other times they are at the bottom. This enrages me as I do not know whether to avoid the top or the bottom upon loading a screen.

  20. I love this game, but the ads are Unbelieveable. I’d say for every 10 minutes I am playing this game, a solid 6 of those minutes are consumed by ads. in the tower challenges, where your goal is to answer as many questions as possible in a short amount of time, you literally have to watch at minimum one ad between every single question. for that reason I gave 1 star. it’s very frustrating when your trying to play the game and get interrupted every 30 seconds to watch a 30+ second ad. unreal.

  21. This game is super fun but there are a few things that just don’t make it better. There are FAR too many ads, every game I can’t play without having 2-3 ads. You’d think if you got a question wrong you could try again but first how about a 15 second ad? Thats the only major problem, otherwise this game is very fun. However some questions have typos and are so random that I have to guess on all of them. Sort of a pay to win. If you pay for premium you get no ads and bonus items. Why so many ads?

  22. For the most part, I enjoy the little bits of the game. Yes, the ads can get a little annoying, but it’s fine for the most part. One thing that I find would have been a bit useful though was the pack I would have recieved when I pre registered for the game. I got the notification saying it was available to download, and the game never prompted a screen for preregistration.

  23. So many ads. I know it’s a free game but dang every 5 seconds there is a ad. When you’re wrong ad, when you want to play again ad, when you finish your turn ad. And only a few are skippable. You also have to mute everyone of them and it always stops my music. I find myself pressing the back button repeatedly trying to not watch the ad. It’s a fun game other than that huge setback.

  24. Trivia Crack 2 is an amazing app that really gets you thinking and i play it almost every day! However, there are two main problems with it: One is that the app stops working a lot and doesn’t respond. Two is that if you want to play with someone online, they automatically become friended, and that’s fine. But i can’t find a way to unfriend them and that really bothers me, but that could just be a personal problem. Because of these inconveniences i give the app 3 stars. But it’s a wonderful app

  25. Ad’s, Ad’s, Ad’s across the board!! This is a very good looking game, a little better LOOKING than the original; however, nearly every move you make there is an ad! At first it’s not a big deal b/c we have been desensitized to it by now, but it’s ad’s (not ones you willing click on to get rewards) in the middle of playing a game, like every turn or answering questions in mini games. Then they have the audacity to offer a membership to get rid of ads at 4.99 a month ($84 a year)!! Greed! Delete!

  26. I love the game, but it crashes all of the time. I’ll be playing a round and then all of the sudden an ad will pop up in the middle of my question. I then cannot exit the ad even after it’s finished OR the screen freezes after I exit the ad. The music will still play, the timer still counts down, but then I just lose because I cannot do anything but exit out once I miss the question.

  27. I only have one problem and one problem only with this game; the ads. It is saturated in ads. Every time you press a button, an ad comes up. I love the game itself and i know i can pay for the ads to go away, yet why SO MANY? After every question, after the lose, sometimes even before the round. Its overbearing and if it doesn’t get under control I’m deleting this app.

  28. Keeping this app for my parents’ sake–we have fun playing it together, so there’s that. But EVERYTHING you do triggers an ad. “Oh, you want to continue playing? Watch an ad. You don’t? Well, you lose your turn, so you still have to watch an ad. And, just for good measure, here’s a little bonus ad at the bottom of your screen. 😘” (extra frustrating because the ads often cause the app to crash 😑) Highly annoying but highly addictive. If you start, you won’t be able to stop. Do not recommend.

  29. The game principle is great!! Fun and addicting with new game types that differ from the original game. Unfortunately though, this game has many bug issues that cause it to close out often times before a turn can be completed. Between that and the overload of ads, this game becomes a serious source of frustration instead of a fun trivia filled game.

  30. Playing this after many years. The game itself is awesome. Many opportunities to earn goodies and second chances at questions. HOWEVER, the ads are just too much for me. Getting an add if you want a second chance or spins is reasonable. But the adds appear constantly even when you finish your turn and all of the adds I encountered were over 30 seconds each. I spent more time watching adds than playing the actual game.

  31. I like the way the first Trivia Crack played. You used a life once per game, not every round. Also, paid to remove ads only to have to pay for it again in the next iteration of the game. I even got a question in a language I didn’t even understand, which caused me to lose a life because I couldn’t even fathom a logical guess to the answer. Not a big fan of the second edition of this game. Took a star for each of these. If they are addressed, I’ll add them back.

  32. Good start on bringing back a dead game, However a challenge to take an opponent’s character should be brought back. Also when you get a question wrong the “try again” button that makes you spend gold is in a spot that will always be clicked on and should be moved somewhere where you won’t press if you’re in a hurry. I’ve spent nearly 500 gold bars accidentally because of this

  33. This version is not ad free (nor is there an option to purchase one). Enermax finally figured out that ad revenue is more important than gameplay. You lose a life for each incorrect turn now and an ad plays after you answer a question incorrectly. It’s still a fun trivia game, but it’s a disappointment over the first game.

  34. Too many ads. You get 10 lives, basically to use for a turn, and once you run out you have to wait to get more. Weird business model to make your players wait to play your game. To top it off, you can watch ads to get lives, but they are never the actual posted time limit of 30 seconds, and when the video is done you don’t get the reward. Highly disappointing. It’s turned into a pay to play game.

  35. Pretty good game but the design of the app is frustrating, it cuts off your music even if you have the app sounds turned off and that’s a deal breaker for me. Listening to music while i play games is important to me and a lot of times in this app you just check in for a quick session to play people back and i don’t like it to mess up my music while i do that.

  36. Honestly, the UI is pretty solid. The questions are all over the place, though, and I’m extremely disappointed with their new business model. The first game let you buy the ad-free version for I think four bucks, meanwhile it’s five dollars A MONTH here. Sure, you also get other “perks,” but those are pretty inconsequential. You spend more time watching ads than actually playing the game. Tack on that all the microtransactions laden throughout, and you have a shameless money grab.

  37. Too Many Glitches With the Bonus Wheel! I actually pay the $5 per month fee to play unlimited games. I enjoy this game. But what’s the point in having a wheel you can spin every 10 minutes with 2 tries for a prize (AFTER you watch an ad video) just to click on it and be told there are no videos available to watch. WTH? This has been happening for a week now. Often times when this happens, the game freezes up and when I go back in, I have to wait another 10 minutes to try again. VERY annoying.

  38. The first one was better. I remember being able to play multiple games at a time and finish them in one sitting. Now there are hearts that you wait and accumulate every 30 minutes for each turn. So you end up playing a few rounds on one game and have to wait every 30 minutes to answer another question until you finish the one game. Plus there are endless ads now.

  39. Normally I wouldn’t go out of my way to post a review but honestly I can’t STAND this game. I like playing it, but there ARE SO MANY ADS! Literally almost after every question. Like they don’t make enough money on the perks they try and force you to buy (sarcasm). Like I said, I love playing the game, but the ads need to go, or at least ease up. Also, this game needs an update. Its incredibly laggy and freezes all the time.

  40. Everytime you even click on something there is an ad, whether it be 30 seconds without a skip or a simple pop up. Also, there can be a question as simple as “What color do the leaves turn in fall?” (this is an actual question) and then the next question is asking you to solve a large math equation in 15 seconds. Besides these two points, the game isn’t actually THAT bad, it just has some quirks to fix.

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