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A trivia game where knowledge will lead you to the top. Solve brain teasers!
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Knowledge is once again the key to victory. Answer correctly to get more dice rolls, advance faster and reach the crown.

• Answer questions to win
• Enjoy tons of content
• Claim the daily reward
• Reach the top of each league and earn awesome rewards

Milly wants to reach the crown before Willy, you have to do everything you can to stop him. All kinds of traps are laid out to slow you down and you have to rescue the trivies by answering questions. Use powerups to your advantage and answer correctly to reach the goal.

Put your explorer spirit to the test with leagues and compete against other users. Earn badges by answering correctly and winning matches, reach the podium to earn the best rewards. Will you be among the very best?

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4 comentarios en "Trivia Crack Adventure MOD"

  1. McKenzie Wells dice:

    I enjoy the game a lot, that being said, I see more ads on this app than I do collectively in a day… It’s a component of every aspect of the game. While I like that I can watch an ad to refill an extra power up, I don’t want it to be required for the more necessary aspects of the game. I have also encountered many times where I watch an ad and then am not given the reward or the app shuts down after playing the ad. Many times has this app closed on me un-warranted and it’s frustrating.

  2. Nichole Everett dice:

    Love this game. Its my favorite!! All good until I played today.. its freezing/blackscreen during the ads and the “toad kingdom” mode is glitching and freezing! If you don’t have enough mushrooms, it asks questions to make up for the shrooms you’re missing, but then freezes when you do answer the question. I have several games now that it’s “my turn” but I can’t play them!! Please fix it 🙏

  3. Andrew Patterson dice:

    The base game has a lot of good things and the trivia is a lot of fun. That being said, unless you don’t mind watching a LOT of ads, the game is unbearable. This review is more about the “No Ads Unlimited” purchase. If you are a user that purchases thinking that you don’t have to watch ads all the time, think again. I understand the need for ads as a source of revenue… but if you pay $10 to remove ads and you still see them more than you see the game it’s a purchase you should make understanding that “No Ads Unlimited” is only a partial removal to the ads. There are so many ads I couldn’t tell the difference. They consider some things to be voluntary but the game isn’t complete without those other actions. It’s a terrible purchase in my opinion and it’s really unfortunate that you can’t play the game with “no ads unlimited” even after paying for it. The wording of that purchase is truly misleading.

  4. Darien Wright dice:

    “Want to watch an add to double reward” Me: No “Plays an add anyway without doubling the reward” What’s the point in asking if your going to forcibly play the ad after I said no. Other than that and the fact that there are overpowered powerups that allow people to win with no skill it’s not a bad game. EDIT: Nah changed my mind the ads are unbearable and I always land on the spots with the holes and have to watch ads how convenient. This is more like an ad simulator rather than a trivia game.

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