Dingbats – Between the lines MODDED


Can you guess the famous idioms from the drawings ? Solve hundreds of dingbats
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One puzzle, one phrase: can you guess the meaning hidden behind each drawing? In this word game, you have to solve dingbats where pictures and words are clues to the answers.

Train your brain by solving the dingbats. And if you have some difficulties to solve a dingbat, you can ask for clues or help from your friends to solve those wacky wordies.

Have fun recognising or learning new idioms through the levels of the game.

New dingbats are regularly added to the game. If you have a puzzle in mind and would like it to be featured in a next release of the app, you can also send it.

A lot of the puzzles are based on British sayings so it might be more challenging and difficult if you are not British.


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40 comentarios en "Dingbats – Between the lines MODDED"

  1. I’m playing mainly in English as a free-time hobby, or in French to really challenge myself and learn something new. As others have said, it’s clear there are dialectical differences between US English and the phrases used in this app. Perhaps some things are more common in British English or another form? Although we can rate the puzzles we especially enjoyed, I think it would be helpful to be able to give feedback on specific puzzles where we might suggest a different phrasing for our preferred dialect. And if the whole game could be toggled for regional differences, it would be nice, since language is so local and this is a language game. That said, I already paid for the lifetime ad-removal, and am happy.

  2. I liked this game well enough to finish it. I loved that I could play on my own schedule without being rushed or timed. There were plenty of coins for when I got stuck and I loved getting to choose whether I was given a hint or the solution! I’m probably going to clear the answers and see if I can find them all again without help. There were ads at the completion of each level as expected and I didn’t get interrupted every 30 seconds with extra. Great game!

  3. This went bad very quickly. At first it wasn’t too hard. Levels were fun and easy, and the phrases were very well known. Then by level 3, phrases turned into entire sentences. Some of the levels were too hard or didn’t give enough to let the player to know. Even ones that were easy didn’t make sense compared to the puzzle, like “Thinking outside the box” didn’t have any indication of the word “think”, but just the word “king”, which threw me off. It quickly stopped being fun and was too hard.

  4. A couple of really great puzzles which can be a lot of fun to think about. However, I’m not sure if it’s a translation problem or if it was made to be intentionally difficult, but the “common phrases” just end up being complicated. Instead of “eyes bigger than your stomach” it’s “have eyes bigger than ones stomach” which I’ve never heard used once and strays far enough away from the common phrase to make it too frustrating to continue if this is what easy looks like.

  5. Overall an enjoyable game. Some of the puzzles are VERY clever & challenging, while some are almost nonsensical (but only a very few). I previously commented that a puzzle that I had submitted may have been changed & used in an alternative manner. This was not the case. A developer and I had the same idea for a puzzle at the same time 😁👍. No harm. No foul.

  6. Overall a great time killer, but some of the puzzles are big leaps in logic. You will have mostly very clever ones that are satisfying to figure out, sometimes you will get stuck. Usually you’re not stuck due the the puzzle being hard, but because no rational normal person would be able to solve it with the picture given. You are going to have to resort to unscrambling the letters to solve those ones.

  7. Some of the puzzles are very easy, some too difficult, and a few phrases I’ve never heard of. Most annoying right now is that my shuffle option isn’t working, and even when it did work it (as others have written) it pulled letters you’d already placed back into the mix. About four days after download I’m on level 10 and can feel myself losing interest — app will probably be deleted within a few days.

  8. This is a fun game. Though, it is a tad more challenging for a speaker of American English because a number of the terms and phrases are unfamiliar, being British or European expressions. It’s not too hard, so as to be discouraging; I downloaded the game and completed the available puzzles within 24 hours. I especially enjoyed some of the player submitted puzzles. Hoping more levels are to come!

  9. The challenges are very fun to solve. A feature that could be nice to have is the ability to share a puzzle in the format seen when trying to solve it the first time (with the blank letter spots and the letter bank). One issue is that the app tends to crash when I try to upload a picture for puzzles I want to submit. Fixing that alone would lead to me giving a 5 star rating.

  10. Keeps me thinking! Some puzzles really tickle my brain to solve, and others tick away pieces of it completely. It seems like after 5 or so really tough ones, theyll give you a break with some that are easier. If you do get stuck tho, there are different levels of hints for purchase. You also have tbe ability to move through levels that you have unlocked, making it easy to skip around through the game for a bit of relief from the toughest of their brain busters. A favorite for sure!!

  11. The dark souls of puzzle games. Brutal, and at times unfair. Already, the concept in and of itself provides a challenge, but when you throw in oddly phrased idioms, or phrases that are hardly ever in use any more, it can make the entire play grind to a halt. It is essentially required to spend coins to pass, unless you want to lose your sanity. While the concept is good, I would not reccomend.

  12. Love this game! I’ve loved these kinds of puzzles since I was a teenager, and this did not disappoint! A few of the puzzles did’t quite make sense withbthe clue to me, but otherwise, amazing app! Love that I can play offline and that you don’t have to pay to unlock the levels, you just have to be able to solve enough of the puzzles in one level to unlock the next! My only complaint is that there aren’t more levels 😔 Great job guys!

  13. Best game of this type I’ve found – EVER, ANYWHERE !!! In my opinion, being able to try letters at random in the phrase is awesome (& logical) – as oppossed to having to place letters “1st, 2nd, etc”. Also, coins required for “hints” are very reasonable. I also like that some; but, not all, puzzles don’t reveal the quantity of each letter used. (Please don’t change that where all are one way, or, the other). The ONLY “downside”, I guess, is not enough puzzles – could work them endlessly. LOL Thx!

  14. I used to love this app and gave it 5 stars previously, would have given it 6 if I could have. BUT … since they started giving unknown numbers of letters and some ghost letters on puzzles with 10 or fewer blanks because they’re supposedly too easy, some of those have become nearly impossible! Take this one, for example … “N S”. That is not “easy” because it has fewer letters – if anything, it’s harder! You took something that wasn’t broken and you “fixed” it. Bad move. 3 stars.

  15. The game is fun, but like any game based on “common” phrases, there are some that are more familiar in different dialects or regions than others. For example, “Can’t spell for toffee” is obviously more common in Britain than in southern American states. Overall, the feeling of stepping away for a day or two, then coming back and seeing the answer immediately is very satisfying, and much cheaper than paying for coins.

  16. Some really great puzzles. A few of them are a bit of a stretch, but I managed to solve all of them (even if I had never heard the term/phrase before). And for once, one of these games isn’t completely riddled with ads. They’re there, but they’re not after every single level like some other games. Hopefully even more puzzles are coming soon.

  17. I remember growing up and getting a page of these puzzles in school like on the last day before break. We could work on them in small groups to see who could solve the most. So this game has a lot of nostalgia for me. Some of these are a far stretch, but still totally addicting! Def an all time fav 🤗 I like the puzzles that have extra misc letters thrown in to throw you off. I changed the settings so all puzzles have more letters than needed for the answer.

  18. Mark dice:

    For some puzzles the answers jump out at you, for some you have to think a minute and some are real head scratches. Overall, a very good puzzle game, keeps me coming back for more. Each level has 21 puzzles, but you don’t have to complete a level to open the next one. Recommended.

  19. Enjoyable challenge for someone who likes puns. Some are simple, some take quite a bit of puzzling over. (Pun intended.) Rating again after a couple of weeks: Tons of fun! and raised up to 5 stars. The clues to the puzzles are limited–just a few letters and cost a lot of coins–so don’t count on them too much. I find that coming back to a puzzle after a day makes it easier. Just enjoy the word play!

  20. I loved the game, still playing it… it keeps popping up to rate (Like crazy), so here it is: Great Brain Workout, not many ads BUT you ONLY get 1 coin for working a “puzzle” and it cost 3, 5, or 10 (your choice on amount of letters to reveal) to get a hint… though I appreciate them not making it easy for us, some are just hard!!! But, I am still playing because I love a challenge! I’ll update later in game, as it goes from solving more and more to pass a level… I say more coins please!!!

  21. Love this! Exactly the kind of puzzles I have been searching for. The wordplay makes for lots of giggles, while maintaining an ideal amount of challenge throughout. Additionally, I think this app has the most reasonable proportion of ads I have ever encountered! I could easily tolerate more in order to keep this rad game going. Great work—I am eagerly anticipating more levels!

  22. I enjoy rebus puzzles and 2020 isolation is a great time to for it. 3 stars because even though there are two options to remove ads, there seems to be an ad after every single puzzle. Also, the options to remove ads do not specify if it’s a one-time charge or not. One more thing – it does mention somewhere that it is British based. This does make it difficult to solve some of the puzzles because they don’t make sense or are backwards.

  23. For once there is a game worth playing! Intelligent. Creative. Ranges from easy to mind-boggling yet offers the player new levels without having to complete the current level’s more difficult challenges. Yet, you are drawn back to continue working on those pesky ‘brats’ that taunt you from past levels. Great game. Kudos to the developers who opted NOT to dwarf a winner with oversized and overdone ads! Thanks for respecting the public. Great game!

  24. Maybe I’m just bad but the puzzles seem a bit hard and hints are tedious to obtain. The UI is wonderful and the gameplay is smooth. Like any other puzzle game of this type, it can be challenging, but I feel the challenging time heavily outweigh the easy times. Overall great puzzle game just wish there was better ways to get hints.

  25. This game is made by someone whose first language isn’t US English, so a few of the puzzles are written differently than how we know them. But once you figure that out, it’s a great game. Some puzzles are very clever; others a little too easy, but there are a ton of them. I find myself checking the game often to see what new puzzles they add. It would be nice if they had push notifications or maybe change the color of the icon everytime they added new puzzles.

  26. I always loved these visual word puzzles. This game has a LOT of them and they are continually adding more. And, to top it off, getting coins for some extra help doesn’t cost an arm and leg (some are provided daily.. but are cheap if you can’t wait like me). This is one game I definitely recommend!

  27. a good idea with mediocre execution. it’s almost entirely word based, thus half the time it gives you one of the two words and it’s really obvious, & doesn’t make sense as a riddle bc the design is bad. i guessed answers from the blank words instead of using the actual puzzle. many of the puzzles don’t make sense even after solving. once i guess one right it makes the repeat tricks with new puzzles obvious despite not making sense. and they butcher the phrases & that’s all that makes it “hard”.

  28. I paid for no ads and it worked for a while but then they came back. There needs to be a disclaimer that it only works for a while. Some of the puzzles are super easy then hard and there is no order. It was definitely fun and kept my attention – getting coins was very helpful.

  29. I think this is a very good game, some puzzles could use a little bit better of a hint for the solution, meaningful some of the pictures/clues didn’t really give the saying/phrase, or what have you a good context clue. Other than that, I found this to be thoroughly enjoyable and would highly recommend it as well. It really makes you use your brain and I absolutely love that!

  30. One of my favorite apps. Just a bunch of rebus puzzles–no timer, play on your own time. The ads are not invasive. Some of them will be a little easy since you have to fill in the boxes, but I thought plenty were clever. A couple of the “Your Puzzles” ones were meh because they don’t always add up or are not really related to a saying or word, but I appreciated them nonetheless.

  31. I’ve had this app for a while and I love that more puzzles are available quite regularly. I just finished the newest puzzles and I can’t wait for more!!! I have one issue. In level 19 there’s a phrase. “You only live once” now I don’t know how they could’ve gotten the phrase wrong but it took me forever to figure out that for some reason the puzzle answer is “You live only once” the phrase is “YOLO” not “YLOO” there are a handful of other puzzles that have similar issues too.

  32. I love this game. Solving the “puzzles” can be everything from amazingly simple to maddening. I give a huge well done to the designer for having a feature where you can choose where you want to place a letter. This allows you to do “what if” guesses based on your knowledge of syntax. I.E., that must be an A, that is probably THE or AND. Try it! And dont get frustrated. Once you get the feel for it, youll 💞it

  33. Enjoying Between the Lines very much. It’s a peaceful and nice style of reason and language puzzling. There’s a full range of difficulty – not increasingly – and the pace is your own to set with the ability to return to unsolved puzzles later. The few ads are very reasonably p(l)aced within the app and your play and the next level unlocks soon after you open the last one and solve a few puzzles. Thanks to the Developers!

  34. The puzzles are pretty fun. Some of them are pretty hard. Some are pretty easy. I’m really ticked though, because on one puzzle I had several words that I’m positive were correct, and I selected hint because I couldn’t get any further in the puzzle, and it erased everything I had put in there and put in a letter that I already had in the correct space. So how do you solve a puzzle without wasting hints if you get stuck? There’s got to be a better way to do that. This is why I rated a 3.

  35. Corny and fun. 😊 Minimalist UI. No frills. (Which is fine by me.) You’ll need to be very familiar with the English language to know most of the puns/sayings. You’ll also need to have decent spelling skills. I like that the app will explain the phrase if needed. The British-English spelling is used often (“favourite” vs “favorite”) instead of the American spelling. That might be worth mentioning somewhere. Overall I think it’s a good app.

  36. Love these type of puzzles and there’s a really decent amount of category/themes although wish there were more and the layouts okay but not very interesting. The game speaks loudly and we’ll for itself it’s just slightly to simplistic so it’s underwhelming. A touch of interaction or more excitement via competition or challenges would elevate a great game up a bit and mark it among the legendary or the most memorable. But regardless even without it’s at heart a solid game which most suck

  37. This is one of the most fun games I’ve played in ages. Ads are mild and inobtrusive (even peaceful in some cases), coins for hints easy enough to earn, and a good mix of easier and more challenging puzzles. ESL and younger players may not be familiar with less common or older English phrases, so YMMV. I do find myself smiling more when playing, so it’s definitely working well for me!

  38. As mentioned in the description, British vs. American slang is the downfall of this game. Example: “keep your fingers crossed” is American; we do not say “crossed fingers” here. If I have placed some letters which I am certain are correct, why do they get thrown back in the mix when I want to shuffle the remaining letters? A lot of reviews seem a bit fake, too.

  39. A perfect word puzzle game. It’s challenging without being impossible; you can skip puzzles that you can’t solve; it doesn’t have a lot of crazy graphics that get annoying after awhile; and no constant flood of ads for games I’ll never play. Well done!

  40. T L dice:

    Game is average. I’m a pretty smart guy and was doing rather well. But when you complete an almost impossible puzzle of several lines (requiring you to buy enough letters to have just an INKLING of the answer they pulled from their butts), and you only get ONE coin, then it’s time to realize it’s “P2W”. You can earn 12 coins by watching a 30 sec ad, if/when it loads, but not consecutively. And why have regular in-game ads, when you get nothing for watching those? I’m quitting while I’m ahead.

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