Pet Shelter Trivia Crack MOD 2022


Answer trivia and rescue pets in a new adventure by Trivia Crack’s creators.
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Prove you can save them by answering trivia questions! They are waiting for you!

Do you love fun games? Don’t miss this new adventure by Trivia Crack’s creators!

Rescue: be the one the pets need.
The escaped pets are in trouble and it’s up to you to find them.
Team up with Jack, a street wise dog. Find out together the future of the Pet Shelter and recover your neighbor’s support..

Answer trivia: lots of trivia.
A new trivia adventure with over two million questions! Tease your wits with new quizzes proposed by users and curated by the team behind Trivia Crack. If you enjoy fun games and trivia games, don’t miss Pet Shelter.

Cute pets: each one specially crafted.
Restore the local pet shelter using your wits and knowledge. No one in town is as ready as you are. Are you ready for the trivia challenge? Beat the questions and win to improve your home.

Meet: dozens of neighbors to challenge.
Talk to neighbors and overcome their quizzes, receive clues and have fun. Experience a unique narrative meeting special characters.

Explore: different neighborhoods and locations.
Engaging single player mode where you use your intelligence to overcome thousands of questions. Choose your favorite categories and be prepared for random dares. Scientists, journalists, teachers, medics and detectives… Can you beat all their quizzes?

Chill: enjoy the art and the trivia.
Have a peaceful moment and relax while playing while keeping your brain exercised.

So if you are looking for fun games, what are you waiting for? Download Pet Shelter now and rescue puppies and kittens while becoming a trivia expert!


A whole new take on trivia! Save pets while you test your brain with thousands of questions. Challenge neighbours with classic categories and new topics. Improve your Pet Shelter and make your pets happy!


40 comentarios en "Pet Shelter Trivia Crack MOD 2022"

  1. I love this game but it has a few problems. It’s has a lot of spelling errors which is fine but it makes some parts unreadable. At some point you can’t collect anymore pets and I only have 2 rare ones. And at some point you run out of tasks. If there was a reset with added benefits that would give the game some replayability. Other than those complaints I love this game.

  2. I’m 50 levels in, and the game is great so far! The pets are cute, you get to decorate the shelter, and the trivia aspect is fun (even though there are spelling/punctuation errors in the questions) There are ads that are frequent, but to me, they’re not a big bother. Overall, a cozy feel good game I would recommend trying out.

  3. Cute and simple, though there are spelling/punctuation errors and incorrect answers occasionally. Ads are frequent but most can be shortened. I’m currently on Day 10 and the tasks have been nothing but pick yellow, pink, or purple flowers over and over and over! So boring! No choices! What am I working for here? Also would like a “collection catalog” or something so I can see what pets I’ve collected so far. Also we can’t change their names like we can change the furniture?? They’re permanent??

  4. The game plays as it is advertised, which I have found to be rare. The trivia is fun, and helping the pets is very satisfying. My only complaint is the ad after every single level. Thank heavens you can shorten them, but I have a feeling I will delete it before long because of that.

  5. I hyperfixated on this game for like 10 hours, something about answering fun trivia questions, decorating and cats is just perfect. The ads can be a bit annoying but they only last like 5-10 seconds before you can skip. I’m on level 220, which seems to be the end of the levels for now but I’m excited to beat even more!!

  6. Goat dice:

    Its a fun game and all but not all of the correct answers are correct, for some questions the answer is too obvious, and not all questions in a category make sense for that category. The ads are also insane. You can watch an ad to double your rewards and get another ad 5 seconds later when the reward screen closes out. Many of the ads are also hypersexual for a cutely animated trivia game.

  7. The game is fun, i could deal with the adds after each level and the spelling errors. The questions for specific sections tend to be the same. At day 8 the game froze for me. I had to delete it sadly. Its a well playing game and fun i would give it 4-5stars if it would have kept going.

  8. Good game so far. The only issues I have seen are: 1. When you leave the game and come back, the levels seem to drop down, like if I was on level 270 when I left the game, I’d be on level 255 when I came back. 2. I collected the seven days worth of prizes but didn’t get it. 3. There seems to be no more pets to rescue once you get to a certain point in the game. 4. Why have a lucky wheel if there aren’t any ads to watch to even spin the wheel? Other than that, this game does have potential.

  9. The game is great, but too many ads, but I am giving it a 2 star because there is a bug. AFTER DAY 15, TASKS ARE NOT BEING PROVIDED, but there are a lot of tasks to be done. So please fix the bug, after that I’ll rate it a 4 STAR

  10. Sorry, I didn’t have enough time to actually review the game as I watched non-optional adds more than I actually got to play. Also, no I don’t want to pay nearly ten dollars, so I can stop your incessant monetization strategy from popping up after every five second level. My review will change when the ads do.

  11. Okay game, okay graphics, questions can vary, does seem suitable for younger children although older adults might get enjoyment, adding or fixing areas views can be obstructed by walls making harder to choose best option for house. Still might be a good game for parents and kids to participate together in a team effort or bonding moments.

  12. Jodi Beck dice:

    Seemed like a fun game but there are so many ads. Ads before a game and ads after the same game. Then it freezes up on you. Thought it would be fun but not with that many ads. Not worth my time.

  13. John M. dice:

    Fun trivia game… but WAAAAAAAAY too many ads. I get they want you to pay for ad removal, but having an overly ridiculous amount of ads in games isn’t the way to to make money. More ads than game at this point.

  14. Very addictive however I know longer receive any tasks after day 15. Don’t want to uninstall and reinstall as I paid to remove ads. I can still answer the questions and receive stars and other prizes, I just can’t progress the tasks.

  15. Although this game can be cute and all, it is EXTREMELY LAGGY! For example: “Answer 5-6 questions in 60 seconds” _________________ While I was SPAMMING the CORRECT answer, the timer was going by PERFECTLY NORMAL!!! But for SOME REASON the game was taking SO LONG TO CONTINUE on to the next question! And then I somehow LOSE cause I “took too long” 🙄😒😡 __________________ If this game wasn’t laggy, I would’ve gave it 5 stars… FIX YOUR GAME!!!

  16. way too many adds even if i click no. answers are wrong alot of the time. Example: It asked what suit makes mario fly. the answer was racoon. there is no racoon suit. its called tanoki suit and its a glide jump. not flying. to fly mario needs the cape.

  17. I was cracking the levels easily..but suddenly i got stuck in level 258..i have even completed level 300 ..but when I’m leaving the app and reopening after some time the lvl is again showing 258.. can’t understand what’s the matter..

  18. Really amazing game I just wish the animals would move around and interact with the environment more. I would if there was like a book showing all the cats you have and what you named them or go back and chnage it

  19. This is the BEST Trivia Crack game of all! I don’t have to find friends to play against, which is great! I would rather play games solo or against the computer, this game allows me to test my trivia skills against ME! ITS GREAT!!!

  20. Liz dice:

    It was fun at first but there are way too many ads and I keep getting the same trivia questions over and over and some of the questions are too easy to figure out based on the other multiple choice answers.

  21. Game is fantastic. But it stops in places and goes to my home screen. After I start it up again it starts where it stops but it’s such a pain.

  22. Lexxi Lee dice:

    I think this game is very cute and I love all the trivia crack games, my only negative thought is theres alot of repetitive questions on this one. but I’m sure it’ll slowly gain more! so far I really enjoy it

  23. it could be better. it’s a really fun game but when I exit out of it for only a second my progress was gone I just had a new window and it’s gone and I’m afraid if I can’t get a new one I’m very disappointed

  24. Game is fun but will probably delete due to too many ads. After every single round is kind of annoying.

  25. Pretty fun, love it. But the question where you ask what kind of big cat this is, you say Jaguar, but it is a leopard. I can tell bc leopards have rosettes, spots within spots. The image you showed is of a leopard, which doesn’t have spots within spots.

  26. You know I was surprisingly pleased I like the trivia crack games and I love the designer games too and this brings best of both worlds, might actually spend money on this!

  27. I am absolutely adoring this game but it’s come to a halt. Think may be a glitch. Will email with my problem.

  28. I love the game a lot I got to level 256 and there’s a glitch in the task I really would like this to be fixed so I can continue on with the game I appreciate it thank you

  29. dog lover dice:

    It’s a good game I didn’t finish the shelter and it wont allow me to do more tasks. But I love the game 🙂

  30. Legitly like the ad, entertaining and just like the match 3 house repair/customize games, except with trivia crack play style

  31. Great game concept but the amount of ads you’re forced to watch is ridiculous to the extent that it deters me from playing

  32. The number of ads are too much. It’s so pissing off. After every quize session a ad pops up.

  33. Mia Mia dice:

    I love this game. I learn new things everyday. I even get new pets to rescue!

  34. Game is good but there is no option to save my progress with Google. If I uninstall the game then all my progress will be gone.

  35. Cute concept but lame. Made for kids, questions don’t fit for age group games design for.

  36. I love any game rescuing pets. This game is fun and emotionally rewarding.

  37. Anna Pick dice:

    Its always freezing and is really slow. Please fix this!!

  38. I love this game it is very addictive and I would give it five stars but it is very glichy

  39. AP S dice:

    White screen upon opening, doesn’t open, uninstall!

  40. Suzette dice:

    Fun game, great graphics, like the triva aspect.

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