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Play music trivia with friends and family!
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From the creators of SongPop comes a brand new way for you to compete with Music Lovers from All Around the World.
Challenge your friends with more than 100,000 real music clips from your favorite artists and much, much more.

Listen to real music clips from artists such as the award-winning Billie Eilish, the renowned Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber, Cardi B, classic tunes from Queen, and more!
Guess the correct artist and song title faster than everyone else to win!

Compete with players from around the world in both classic async mode and real-time games.

Guess songs to win XP to unlock numerous features and rewards.

Build your playlists and challenge your friends on your favorite playlists to see who is skilled at guessing in this song game.

Level up a large variety of playlists and collect unique items of your favorite music categories to express your musical personality.

Customize Avatars with unlockable Frames, Stickers, and Vinyl.

Progress through the monthly Music Pass and earn exclusive rewards as you go.

Challenge your friends and family to a private game.

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Contact us in-game vias Player Profile > Setting > Report an Issue

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Freshplanet, Inc.


MAJOR UPDATE! SongPop 3 becomes SongPop, and we are unifying our subscriptions into one subscription only: get ready to discover SongPop Plus, for more SongPop than ever before, and still no ads! Try it out, the first week is free!


40 comentarios en "SongPop® – Guess The Song 2022"

  1. Noot Noot dice:

    Fun and engaging. To the apps credit, I played for about an hour before I got tired of the ad system. You play for less than 45 seconds, then you get a 30 second advertisement, unless you’re willing to stick with the beginning album you receive for the duration of your playtime. The devs expect you to pay about $10 a month to avoid spending as much time watching ads as you do actually playing. Even a one time cost of five dollars would have been pushing it, but an actual subscription service?

  2. Been a VIP member since songpop 2 and I love the game – however, there’s a lot of bugs lately. XP doesn’t show on tournament playlists sometimes and if I try to upgrade them outside of the tournament results screen, the app crashes. I also have to reboot the app a lot to see several of my opponents because while I get notified with numbers, the actual game itself doesn’t show up until I restart.

  3. I love the original song pop. This one has a lot of problems it keeps freezing if you push for the extra time the One x or whatever and then it won’t let you change playlist. I’ve contacted them twice and it’s still sticks. Also there’s a lot of predators on there be careful.

  4. Long time player of SongPop Original Recipe and SongPop 2. Was looking to see what the new version has to offer. Unfortunately, it was disappointing. The new interface is attractive and fun. However, the fact that you cannot bring your profile/subscription from prior versions of the game is disappointing. The ads are so frequent it’s not worth the time. I pay subscription for one, not going to pay a second.

  5. I’m really frustrated with where this game has gone. I loved this game back in the day to the point where I purchased the premium edition. So much for that since I can’t play it anymore. I tried this out, and the amount of ads I had to sit through infuriated me. This game has become another staple of the worst monetized mobile games out there. The fact that I feel required to pay a monthly fee to enjoy basic features like utilizing more than one Playlist is a huge red flag. This isn’t okay.

  6. After reading the reviews here and my personal experience with song pop customer service I WILL NOT be downloading this and I will more than likely cancel my song pop 2 subscription in September when the discount expires. I’m still waiting for a response and refund from customer service because they overcharged me for a year (they’re ignoring 30+ emails) . I can’t wait until this company crashes. It looks like it’s gonna happen. 🙂 5 stars to make sure it’s seen. Still want my refund. 🤷‍♀️

  7. kaity dice:

    This game would be great if it weren’t so laggy and unresponsive. The layout and format of this app looks amazing. There’s a good variety of playlists. You unlock rewards everytime you level up. Sadly, this game is extremely slow, laggy, and tends to not respond when I tap on something. Plus, the amount of ads is unbelievable. Song pop 2 is a lot nicer, as of now. Hopefully this lag will be reduced soon. If so, my review will be higher. 🙂

  8. I love SongPop 2, and I’ve played it for years, so I was really looking forward to this game. What a waste.. the amount of progress you can make on playlists, and the amount of coins you can earn, is on a timer- of course, you can PAY MONEY to skip said timers. As well as that, the Premium and VIP subscription prices are outrageous, not to mention how confusing the UI is. The worst part of all, though, is that you have to watch ads when you play new playlists. Just play SongPop 2 instead.

  9. The concept, great. The product, horrible. First, you can’t back out of a match, even if you accidentally clicked on it, so you have to close and reopen it to do a different one. Second, your going to make me watch an ad just to play a specific Playlist? Hell no! Third, there’s only about a hundred songs on there to begin with, so after a day you’d be hard pressed to find something new to quiz yourself. Once again, great concept, terrible app. ☆

  10. The game downgraded. Ads have doubled if not tripled. Every time you want to change a playlist, you have to watch an ad or upgrade to premium for a monthly subscription to the game to select whatever playlist you want. Also every time you get rewards you have pop-ups trying to bribe you into upgrading to premium. Do not waste your time downloading this game.

  11. Lol. It’s all ads and anti-user obstacles. The game infinitely spams the same 5 sets of songs at you til you “level up” the genre—then any new genre starts you over. Money-grubbing developer doesn’t care about you having fun, only about railroading you into recurring monthly fees, frequent 30 second ads, and barely any control over how you pace play. This app is so worthless it’s not worth the time I took to type this, but if it saves one of you the pain of downloading it, it was worth it

  12. Meh. Having played SongPop2 for years, there’s nothing readily new or impressive in this version. You can’t transfer progress from 2 to 3, the endless ads are a turnoff, and the expiring stars or whatever they are is just confusing. I’m not going to pay more for premium with 3 when I already have VIP in 2. Disappointing. I’ll happily stick with 2.

  13. Unless you watch ads or pay a subscription, you can never do any playlist besides the 1 you start with. Older versions gave you coins you could buy playlists, plus it unlocked a certain amount for free. This one is nothing special, just a new cash grab with lots of fake achievements and gimmicks to make it seem shiny and new, but it’s just the same turd polished.

  14. 1. Not at all what was in the ad. 2. “tutorial” is super annoying, excessive handholding and forcing you into doing things you don’t want to do, like challenging your friends (you can only pretend doing it by not sending the message at the end, but still) As a game, other than seemingly limited song choice, seems ok.

  15. SongPop 2 is WAY better!!! Been playing for years and was super excited for SongPop 3… Don’t even bother with this one. It’s a step backwards from SongPop 2. The game itself is laggy and I’m constantly having issues. Issues with clicking things and I’ll save a playlist and it won’t be there even though it says saved. The whole idea with pick one playlist to play against everyone and only earning so much xp per hour is dumb. Stick to SongPop 2. Not sure how there are any 5 stars on this app.

  16. This is really a one and a half star review, but I can’t give it half a star. It is a fun game. The glitches ruin it. Every day, without fail, I open the app, click on an opponent to either claim or play against, have the counter go from 3, 2, 1…then exits the app, and I’m left staring at my screen saver. Only after leaving the game alone for a few hours, will it actually allow me to play. Also, it gets stuck on ads when it’s my turn. Song will play, but I cant exit the ad. Fix this, please.

  17. It’s not great. I kinda enjoyed the original Songpop, I was disappointed with the sequel and this one followed the trend. A lot of ads. Everytime you want to play a different playlist you get an ad, unlocking a playlist you get an ad, increasing songs in a playlist you already have you get an ad, or you could pay 9.99 a month (which I think is pretty silly) just to remove them

  18. After playing the game for a month and having the ability to try out the premium membership for free . I don’t see the advantage of playing this game with the bugs it still has. Its still very slow. And your not able to delete people if you choose , and they have added ads to unlock more songs in that genre. Before it was you were able to use coins and open the album more . They need to fix the app more . Its way to slow for my liking. I still play songpop 2 .

  19. EggBoi dice:

    Where do I start? The actual gameplay is good. And the song selection is wide. The game is riddled with ads unless you pay to turn them off. And has an extremely unnecessary energy system as well as a time limit for how long you can gain coins. It’s a cash grab and that’s frustrating for a game that is actually good. I most likely won’t play again.

  20. Spudsy D dice:

    Visually nicer than Songpop 2 but twice as expensive. Don’t expect to enjoy this game for free. I don’t know how they plan to entice their existing playerbase to move from 2 to 3. This is designed for new players without the ability to transfer games, masteries, or badges from the previous and expect you to pay 9.99 a month over the 4.99 a month you pay in Songpop 2. It’s going to need a lot of work. Gating your big draw (Songpop Live!) to level 30 is also a huge mistake.

  21. Alex dice:

    Unfathomable amount of ads. Ads after every round. Ads just to play a different playlist, and if you switch and go back to one you’ve already watched an ad for, you’ll need to watch a full 30 second ad again. Premium constantly pushed down your throat, rewards locked behind premium pay walls, ads for everything imaginable and constantly. Absolutely horrid app, nothing more than a cash grab and practically just watching ads the whole time.

  22. It’s a great idea I’m pretty sure i played this a long time ago and coming back to it, the single player was very fun but i only got to play it once before being repeatedly forced to play against real people which i didn’t care for at all. I am not entirely sure if they were real people or just AI but still being forced to participate in an activity that someone may not be interested in is incredibly misplaced, if it was a tutorial i think the first bit was enough for me to skip the rest.

  23. What a DOWNGRADE from song pop 3. I am a VIP on 2 so I am NOT paying again at a higher rate for 3. When the songs play they play over each other. And what’s up with the vibrating when you choose a song. No way to turn that off. HATE that I have to watch an ad to play every single time. Had the app for 10 minutes and I’m deleting it.

  24. Needs to be renamed ‘Ad-Pop’, or ‘Ad-Pop-Extreme’. An unbelievable number of advertisements required to be watched in order to play while the paid version costs more than a premium Spotify subscription. The concept is excellent and the game fun to play, but with so much of my time wasted watching garbage adds to install more advertising based games, it is ultimately not worth installing.

  25. I rated this pretty hard a week or ago, but actually it’s pretty good now. Once a few things get unlocked after a few games it gets way better. Quite clever. Yes, a total ton of ads but it does appear as if that’s because they do pay royalties to the artists, at least they better.

  26. can be fun but the aggressive monetization with the ads after every round makes the experience less than pleasant. Would give a higher rating but the ads are just too intrusive for enjoyment.

  27. Sandy dice:

    Is there a way to change “favourite music”? I’m 23 and it says my favourite music is 2010s and a lot of modern music (like 2018) are my only choices but I don’t actually know a lot of them at all. I know and prefer more 1980s-early 2000s

  28. Have to watch ads just to exchange Playlist is very annoying, having to use coins earned to upgrade Playlist is annoying, and ads every other game is extremely annoying. I understand that ads “make the game free” but there are still WAY too many.

  29. I played the original one a long time ago and loved it! This one is absolutely horrible. $20/mo subscription? Insanely expensive. Functionality? The worst. It crashes/freezes every time I try to use it

  30. Ads Ads Ads. There is an add free option but subscription based. I’d rather a one off payment but then they wouldn’t have you on the hook. It’s a shame because I object to subscriptions and the ads are wearing thin. It doesn’t have much life left for me before I quit

  31. The Spy dice:

    Nice and Fun game but the ads are too aggressive, intrusive and annoying, please turn it down a bit with the ads because it’s ruining gameplay experience no one wants to wait 30 seconds just to play a round which lasts less than 30 seconds

  32. It’s a fun idea, but the game is over 50% ads and turning the ads off is $20/month. Not really worth it and as much as the competition is fun, you’ll definitely tire of the ads pretty quickly.

  33. spolik dice:

    So far so good. Ads are not too bad. But when ever the ad for me to change my preference for ads or not. The game crashes and have to restart.

  34. This would be far better if there was not so many ads, the premium version is way too expensive though for a game of this calibre so I suggest sticking with the free version, it’s quite a good perk it links the songs to spotify

  35. K M dice:

    Meh. Kind of fun when you start but gets redundant, and the nagging to spend on a subscription gets tiresome. I would just quit and restart instead of watching the annoying ads. It takes about the same amount of time and much more satisfying than watching so many stupid ads.

  36. One word: Ads…so many ads. I believe something is about to happen with both games., and I really hope the experieence is vastly improved. I love this game.

  37. JDM dice:

    Not the same as adds. You can’t change the song choice, once you’ve picked one. It is a good game, but because of the above reasons it’s now uninstalled. Also lots of adds too

  38. Agnetha dice:

    keeps freezing, doesn’t save my progress and has way too many ads to the point this game has become unplayable. this game is a big no for me.

  39. Glitchy and full of obnoxious video ads. App kept freezing and I had to restart it three times within the first five minutes of using it. Uninstalled.

  40. the idea and execution are great, but the ads are just too much. and i ain’t paying 10€/month for a mobile game. what a shame to ruin such a good game. i know developers need their money, but have some sense.

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