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Download the app for the full DSW shopping experience – plus all your VIP perks – with fast, easy checkout.

The DSW Designer Shoe Warehouse app delivers a full shopping experience with fast, easy checkout. DSW VIP members can easily access account information, including available Rewards.

DSW has thousands of shoes, handbags and accessories for women, men and kids – all at your fingertips! Download the free DSW Designer Shoe Warehouse app for:

• Easy shopping: Find the latest shoes for women, men and kids from all your favorite brands. Shop and purchase your new favorite shoes with our easy, streamlined checkout process.
• VIP access: Track your Rewards and points all in one place. Scan your VIP member card and other offers right from the app when in store (or use them directly in the app or online)
• Curbside and in-store pick-up: See if the shoes you want are available before visiting your DSW store. Buy on the app and pick up in store or curbside.
• Self-checkout: Scan shoes in store, add to bag and buy through the app.
• Store locations: Check out the DSW store locator for instant directions and store hours.
• Clearance Calculator: Use the Clearance Calculator in store to see the exact price you’ll pay (and how much you’ll save!)
• Product scanning: Can’t find your size or color in a DSW store? Scan the barcode to find it on dsw.com, read reviews and see product information.


Putting our best foot forward with this release aimed to kick those bugs aside and improve performance!


40 comentarios en "DSW Designer Shoe Warehouse FULL"

  1. I always struggle to check out in the app. I have tried using Google pay, a credit and debit card and PayPal. It always takes several attempts to get the order to actually go through. I do like how it keeps up with all of your rewards and makes it easy to find shoes/sizes that may not be available in a local stores. Also, when I have needed to return something I purchased in the app, it is super easy at the store. I hope DSW will improve the actual checkout process in the app.

  2. App is mostly good, check out is easy. Rewards tracking and history page layout is a little cumbersome to find and follow. The most annoying thing is the sorting function. After sorting to anything other than by featured, then scrolling through the first ten to fifteen items, or if you click on an item and go back to the list, the list goes back to sorting by featured items. This is consistent behavior and super annoying!

  3. Itzel T dice:

    It was soo difficult to place an order. Inventory count is wrong. Shoe shows as available and when I want to pay, I can’t. App isn’t up to date. Realized shoe was no longer available after having to go through website. Please update it, if I have the same issue next time I’ll be uninstalling and recommending to family and friends to do the same.

  4. Sherika B dice:

    Always awesome, convenient, helpful, readily affordable, available, great customer service, and reliable. What you guys do with the whole Afterpay thing is incredible. Especially for the people who is living on a tight budget, yet are still able to get what they need or want with ease. Thank you, DSW, staffs, customer service support agents, and Afterpay.

  5. Needs work. I entered my new credit card (no option to update a credit card) and checked the box for billing the same as shipping, then had to enter my shipping address, then had to enter my billing address. I have used this app for years but it acted like it’s never been used by me before. Very cumbersome.

  6. Jackie P dice:

    **Update – I’ve tried calling for 30 minutes now, you don’t answer. Phone rings, someone picks up, then you hang up on me. 5x!!! I tried my local store – and the cust svc option just rings – then hangs up on you. So frustrating for a NEW customer. Probably will not shop here anymore due to lack of ease. Just wanted to track an order and the app does not provide that service. Mixed feelings. App was fine. Your BS payment app sucked.

  7. Easy to shop. Log in with your account to save favorites, save items in a cart, use rewards, etc. It immediately syncs with updates from a browser. It does NOT let you zoom in on pictures, though. It shows shipping/pickup options for each item, which is a lot to see. It should show you a list for shipping and a list for pickup.

  8. This app is awesome! The selection of shoes for the whole family is outrageous! The prices are cheap, and if you sign up for vip membership all orders are eligible for free standard delivery! And the rewards are very easy to aquire, and apply to your order without a catch (which I was initially expecting to run into) unlike most others! I definitely recommend this app! And if there is a few store near your location, you can order online and pick up in store, (depending on availability) 5stars!

  9. App is great until it’s time to checkout. Every single time I go to check out there are problems with the app. Last time it switched my shipping to “standard” which I, of course, didn’t notice. Thankfully they came right before I left for the vacation I wanted to wear them on. Unthankfully, the shoes ended up hurting really bad. But I can’t take them back because I wore them. I wish I had had time to try them on before I had to pack them.

  10. J Cisnero dice:

    It is a nice app but I don’t like having to put things in my cart to see the price on some items. Also I had a gift card and it let me apply it but when I tried to add my AMEX to pay the balance it would kick me out. I had to use Paypal instead. Just little things about the app bother me. Other than that everything else was great.

  11. really easy to look through everything, I like getting emails with offers and seeing what coupons are available to me. I’m a member, and the points system is totally screwed up even though I called in. be careful with the back button. Also the pick up in 4 hours in store feature does not work, don’t try it. I like that you can put items in your favorites, for something you’re not sure about or waiting to get a discount. I wish there was a way to get notified if your favorites go on discount.

  12. I love the ease of the app, for the most part, but there are glitches that need to be fixed. 1. when choosing shoe color it doesn’t update to show the shoe in new color, I have to go back and try again in the hopes that it refreshes, which most of the time it doesn’t. 2. there is serious lag time when choosing the style or other filters, once filters applied, the screen jumps and I end up pressing something I didn’t mean to press. 3. give an option to cancel an order.

  13. Phyl G dice:

    Overall, this is a decent shopping app. Plenty of retailers neglect to update or even just create a user-friendly interface and I think DSW does a decent job maintaining both of those things; however, there is one crucial aspect missing here and that’s the ability to ZOOM! Please, I’m begging the next feature to come along will be a zoom feature. Or at bare minimum, just the ability to open a larger version of the product image. If we could see the full size review photos, that’d be even better.

  14. Sarah 12 dice:

    Could be better. Love DSW and downloaded app to get points. However, I don’t understand why you can’t select images (to zoom in) in the app like you can on the website. Find myself toggling between the two when I’m shopping, which defeats the purpose of the app. Also, don’t have the option to move to the top of the page after scrolling through reviews, so have to scroll up manually. Make these minor changes and the app will replace the website for me.

  15. Ever since the most recent update in- early October, this app doesn’t work at all! The Welcome screen appears and then it just spins, trying to load, but nothing happens. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the DSW app several times over the past week and it doesn’t help. I’ve also emailed the developer a few times with a screen shot and other info. Hopefully they’ll be able to fix this soon. The app used to work almost perfectly before this update. Now, the app is completely useless and does not work at all. It’s a huge disappointment!

  16. Ok interface, but buggy. Often need to log out and back in to see favorites, etc. When attempting to place an order, an error comes up saying that my address doesn’t contain a country; this happened both times I tried to order something. Fortunately, I found a workaround: go to the address section of the order and simply select my default address again, then tap Place Order and voila! Suddenly it knows which country it’s in (I don’t think there is even a way to specify anything besides US in the first place).

  17. Great app with a few minor snags. It rarely freezes, but sometimes with big search results, the pages blink or jump. The biggest drawback is that you can’t enlarge pics to look at details the way you can on the web, at least not on my LG ThinQ. It keeps track of discounts well, has decent search features, but it can be hard to get back to the home screen to see what the specials are or to get the discount code. In a filtered search, the home button disappears. Overall, I like the app.

  18. Very bad design choices, it makes it quite a frustrating shopping experience. You can NOT see a larger image of the shoes when you try to click on the image, all you get is a still unclickable, unexpanding tiny image, I kept having to take a screenshot then proceed to expanding the image in my screenshot gallery to see what I was about to purchase. Also the back arrow at the top in the app should take you back to you search page, instead it takes you all the way back, to start all over again.

  19. The app is very clunky. For example, you can’t click to a product you have purchased through your order summary if you want to purchase it again. The checkout process is cumbersome and requires too many clicks. I ended up ordering the same shoe thrice but none were the right size because when you change one selection on a product, it resets everything. Very poor app compared to other shopping apps.

  20. I placed my first order using the app and it was a nightmare. Items from the bag would appear then disappear. Sometimes it said it was out of stock, then the next refresh it said it was in stock. When I tried to complete my order, I had to try to get past an error message to the checkout page dozens of times. The layout is good but there seems to no zoom for product images. The frustration to actually place an order is a deal breaker.

  21. Pretty decent coupons and offers. Great shipping time and free shipping if your a member. Some of my favorite brands are excluded from deals sometimes so I don’t always use this platform. Yet when I do, I always find lots of styles I love and can stay within my budget. I’d say the app is an 8 out of 10. Even whille filling my cart for my latest order, I saw technical errors like wrong prices on several different shoes. But other than having to maneuver around that, the ease of use is there.

  22. The preferred method of delivery selected (e.g., pick up at store) carrying over when checking out make the process much faster and easier. I was prompted multiple times to enter a shipping address after already selecting to do contactless curbside at a particular store. That function isn’t user friendly and difficult to navigate. This resulted in the process taking much longer than needed and nearly had me ready to say “forget it”. Otherwise, app works well.

  23. C S dice:

    Great shopping app. Easy to browse especially if you’re looking to browse by category (style, size, color, etc). Great photo angles of the shoes. Wish it allowed customers to post photos in reviews or had pictures of the shoes being worn. Your coupons show up on the app and you can easily click ‘apply’ to any applicable coupons at checkout and you can easily view your reward points and progress. Also, you can choose your store and shop based on that store’s availability and pick up in store.

  24. The app is so convenient and helps me looks for styles or sizes that are otherwise not in store. I can apply coupons easily as well. The only issue I’ve had is when I exit out the app to use a different app for a bit and come back to it, there would be a notice error so I have to restart the DSW app. It’s not a big deal but can get annoying. Other than that I really like it!

  25. Great way to purchase shoes from wherever I am and have them delivered to my front door. Returns are easy if I don’t like the shoe or the fit isn’t correct. Only drawback for me is my odd shaped feet make fit difficult so a trip to a storefront location to return items that don’t fit well is sometimes necessary. Also I don’t get to feel textures before ordering. Using the app allows me to view more shoes than what are available in the store.

  26. Love this app. Makes shopping so easy. Sometimes lately, when I’m looking at an item, and hit the “back” arrow, it takes me to the main page, and not my filtered results, so i have to search all over again to keep browsing. And every once in a while, the PayPal payment option is unavailable. but overall, i think this app works well.

  27. Best app ever. They really put some thought into creating this app. I have an android phone and It is so easy to use. It easily shows you your account and if you have any coupons available or rewards. You can modify your account to specific brands or styles so that the options are tailored to you. It’s easy to search and filter. Overall great app and I’ve had nothing but great experience. I wish all shopping apps were this easy.

  28. The app is OK. I am a VIP member and my local store is set. I find it incredibly frustrating that it doesn’t default to my chosen store when I am searching for in-stock merchandise. Every time I search an item, I have to re-enter my zip code, wait for the stores to load, then choose mine, save it, and proceed. It would be a much more pleasant experience if my saved store was the default. This streamlining may lead to more purchases, and less frustration and closing of the app and moving on.

  29. The app is convenient as everything is there including your codes. So if you dont have to look through emails or mail. It’ll automatically be on your account. However sometimes it takes a few tries to go to the offer when clicked through email. I’ll sometimes click on a promotion though email and when going through the app it will just show what I was looking at last. Have to go back from that so the promotion will go through to the app so I can see the deals.

  30. Intuitive, easy to use app. My only concern is when you exit out of the single product review of an item, it takes you all the way back to the homepage, not back to your search results. That means that you have to go back into the search bar and re-type the exact brand/exact type of item that you were looking for and scroll all the way back to where you were in the search list before continuing to look at new products. Not really a deal-breaker when using the app, but still annoying for the user

  31. I love DSW but not this app. I have experienced many crashes, freezes and just flat out errors while using this app. For instance, when writing a review, the pic upload feature does not work and actually prompts you to start all over again. Also, when trying to write a review, none of my reviews have posted. I have missed out on promotions because of this as well as due to freezing in the middle of what I’m doing.

  32. Love DSW but this app has got to get fixed. It will tell me a shoe is available at a certain location, I’ll pick that location and try to add to my cart for pick-up and it gives me an error, every single time. Also, the pictures won’t show up for other colors for most of the shoes. After 5 minutes of trying, I gave up. It would be so convenient and awesome *if it worked*

  33. Easy to use and very detailed with the products. You can checkout as a guest or create an account. If you create an account, it will keep your info for secure checkout with Pay Pal, Venmo or your personal banking info. Easy to apply the discounts and get the total payment. If you make an error, easy to go back. Can remove an item to your favorite list or put it in your cart from the favorite list easily too. Love the app!

  34. When I first installed the app it was very convenient and kept all of my things saved. After a few months I began to have issues with the app saying my combination of username and password is incorrect. I reset and it says the same thing about speaking multiple times with customer service they say they don’t know why it’s doing that. The issue is not resolved. I am able to login on a web browser but not using the app is frustrating.

  35. Normally, I love the app and use it frequently, even just to browse. However, it needs an update, particularly for filters for a search. For 1.5 weeks, the filtered results are MUCH different than the website. For example, I select women’s shoes by size 8.5. From there, I can filter different results like width, toe shape, heel height, etc. Today, I selected wide width, the app showed 12 results. I do the same search on the website and received 902 results, a difference of 890 shoes! Please fix.

  36. Really love this app makes it easy to order and it has a section for favorites. The only problem I have with this is that it doesn’t load properly all the time which is annoying. I have to close it and reopen it for correct info or sometimes it doesn’t load at all it just spins. I love DSW and have been a member for 9 years now and love the perks and discounts.

  37. It’s a good app, not great. It freezes a lot. And at times you can’t add things to favorites by clicking on the heart. I also had trouble adding things to cart. It also did not let me add a coupon that was specific to my account, had to get on the browser and apply it through there. I finished the order through the app and everything else worked fine. It is good to update the app when you do things on the website

  38. A good option for shipping on mobile device. Easy to shop by brand or category. Minor bug in checkout, where my name wasn’t saved in the shipping address, which prevented checkout. I was able to figure it out, but the error message didn’t give me any clue as to why it wasn’t working the first time around. That could use a fix, especially since my name and address are linked to my VIP account.

  39. The app allows me to search with ease. I’ve had a few issues…one is that app closes randomly and I can’t reopen. 2nd the order to store option changes back to a default location after selecting another location. This has caused me to have to drive to another location that isn’t convenient to pick up shoes.

  40. Mz Tass dice:

    I’ve been a DSW member since 2008. During the pandemic I decided to utilize the app. It doesn’t always allow you to zoom in to see the product. In addition, when you select a color you have to slide back to the beginning to view it & it doesn’t stay in your preferred selection which makes it difficult to buy. Very few promo discounts offered also especially for longtime members

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