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Wish is home to millions of items from around the world. Find everything from everyday basics to the wonderfully unexpected, at prices likely to make you smile!

Here are a couple of reasons why Wish is the internet’s best-kept secret for online shopping:

• Swipe through Wish Clip videos for endless shopping inspiration.
• Order from trusted Premier Merchants.
• Scroll the infinite product feed that features items chosen just for you.
• Find authentic products from your favorite brands.
• Save items you fancy to your Wishlist.

• Spin the Blitz Buy wheel to unlock limited-time deals on up to 100 items.
• Earn a daily login stamp for every day you open the Wish app. 7 visits gets you up to 50% off!
• Celebrate holidays with a gift from us to you. You get a discount! And you get a discount! Coupon codes for everyone!

• Every order is backed by our Money Back Guarantee.
• Receive notifications about your order status every step of the way.
• Check out securely with your credit/debit card, PayPal, Klarna, and more.
• Problem with your order? Wish assistant support is at your service 24/7.

• Get better, personalized recommendations the more you browse.
• Shop for whatever you’re into: clothing, electronics, gardening tools, sports equipment, anime figurines, bags, decor, makeup, toys, drones, smartwatches, or designer perfume.
• Find one-of-a-kind gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, graduation, and more without going over budget.

• We ship to 60+ countries worldwide.
• Save on shipping when you pick up your order from a Wish Local location.
• Browse Wish in over 32 languages, including English, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Mandarin, and more!

Download the Wish app today to go on a treasure hunt from your pocket!

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For assistance, visit www.wish.com/help


40 comentarios en "Wish: Shop And Save MODDED 2022"

  1. It’s sometimes a bit of a gamble, when it comes to ordering something, and having the product you receive, match in terms of quality, size, ect. But, that’s simply something that goes along with the fact that you can find just about anything, and for a price far lower than you’ll ever find it anywhere else, guaranteed. The shipping often takes a bit, as well. But it’s not ridiculously terrible, either. I would definitely recommend though, for sure.

  2. Prices are great but shipping is too expensive. Without flat rate shipping, you might as well use Amazon. You get your packages quicker. It will cost you about the same. Added: Checking in on the app and lowered my rating because it really is ridiculous the way they charge shipping. If you buy two of the same item they will charge you shipping for both items as if they were purchased individually. I will never use this app again unless they bring back flat rate shipping.

  3. Total rip off!!!! You place an order, get an expected delivery date, but your items don’t arrive until a month after they were supposed to arrive if they even arrive at all. I had to have half of the items I purchased refunded because they never arrived and then I had to jump through hoops just to get my money back. And to top it all off shipping on each individual item is more than the item itself so you actually end up not saving anything. NEVER AGAIN!!!!!!!

  4. A year ago, I used to love this app. If you had Wish Access, you could get free shipping on the cheapest items and save a bunch of money. At some point in 2022, that got changed for the more expensive items of over $20 to have Wish Access free shipping. Wish Access also says you get free regular and express shipping on tons of items. That’s a lie. I can’t find any! I wasted $6 by resubscribing to it for nothing to find that out. I pay more for shipping than the actual product.

  5. Mariya S. dice:

    Impossible to cancel. Alter or change. You have to wait for it to be sent to you.. a month later.. you can ask for refund and return the items… Not user friendly. By the time I get any response it’s always “too late for the order to be canceled bc it’s about to ship”.. but it actually ships 2 weeks later…. sometimes 3 or 4 depending on the item… I came back on this app after leaving it for this same reason a few years ago… nothing has changed… now I remember why I am never going back..

  6. At one time never had any issues but now since my last order did not arrive even though tracking says it was delivered. I have been trying to get the issue resolved. They don’t take phone calls. And through the app they only deal with one item at a time not multiple items or entire orders. The experience of customer service and trying to resolve the issue has been horrible.

  7. Not s bad app but you need to be very careful about what you order, there’s lots of deceptive ads showing 1 item then buried way derp in just the last picture they show what you will actually get. Sometimes not even showing the actual item at all. But once you order it and get it, you go back to that ad to see what’s up, you will see a new ad posted. I take a screen shot of the ad now to provide me with proof of what shown. Everything has a catch, nothing is automatically applied to sales

  8. Too many reviews are complaints with the store. These reviews are supposed to be for the functionality of the app. The dev team did a great job with this app. Any issues over not getting swindled is because you looked at the pictures and hit ADD TO CART, but didn’t bother to read the description, which are usually accurate. If you’re upset over long shipping times, select items with the yellow truck logo which means it ships from your country of origin.

  9. I’m surprised how much I enjoy this app. I use it constantly to try and find unique items. I’ve placed several orders through this app and have had no issues. If I can’t find something I’m looking for on another shopping app, I immediately open this one and usually find what I’m looking for. The only problem I have with the app itself is sometimes I tap on a product I want to view and a different product will appear. Seems sketchy, almost like bait-and-switch, but not a big deal overall.

  10. UpDaTeD ReViEw: 🤦 I was wrong on my past review! I had a very difficult time getting them to realize I never received my order! Once they did, they agreed to refund, but never did!. I was a customer for a few years, and allowed mistakes, but can’t anymore!! Below was my past review..👇 Wish products are great! I’ve ordered several times, loved everything! Occasionally had issues, but they resolve them quickly, and make sure the customer is satisfied. I would certainly recommend them!!

  11. I like you Wish. I gave you only four stars because,I don’t like paying a separate shipping charge for every item I purchased when I buy multiple items. sometimes the shipping charge is much higher than the actual purchase. Also, I don’t like the poor packaging quality because, a lot of the items I buy arrive broken.

  12. So far I have placed several orders and only one item was not as described. Wish immediately processed a refund. My only issue is that once I accepted the refund, I was no longer able to leave a rating on the store or the product. I believe this skews the review results and leaves less incentive for the shops to improve. Aside from that, it’s nearly addictive and I have to budget my Wish shopping to keep from spending too much money on such fun and accessible products.

  13. Their products quality has came a long way. When I first started using this the quality of the product was really subpar. But here in the last year the quality of the products have jumped leaps and bounds. The only thing I think that would make it better would be if they started using a flat shipping rate and that would get them that fifth store because their shipping rates are vary from products to products some are a couple since summer two to three times more expensive than the actual product

  14. Huge variety of products. If you don’t find your color/size or price/shipping, there’s usually another seller. I keep learning to be more suspicious of the representations. “Michael Jordan” sweats are actually a Dragon Ball Z guy… if it’s only a dollar, it’s probably not even worth that. But the deals are too good to stop looking and buying!

  15. Looking at stuff on the app is actually more fun than dealing with them in any capacity..shipping costs and “bugs” in the app are generally more expensive than the actual items which may never even show up,or show up broken, miniature,used,or just be a replica. They’re shiesty. But there’s some good deals if u have the extra money to risk. Wish there was a way to put my payments in escrow lol

  16. Love this app!! The only thing I hate is the shipping prices. The products cost less than the shipping I could buy a lot more if the shipping prices were not so high. Plus some items will say they are one price but when you hit the buy button, the price jumps up. Then I can’t or won’t buy.

  17. Good deals on alot of stuff. Just the shipping is kinda expensive. But other than that they have some very cute clothes and basically anything you wish for is on here. My package was beat up but wrapped so good that only one piece broke. It could have been worse. But they did an excellent job shipping. I definitely will be ordering again in the future.

  18. Fun. Lots of products for a great price. But you get what you pay for. Be sure to read the description of the product. Wish has started to charge more for shipping and yet the time is the same. Order 1 or more of the same item and they double the shipping. I bought a mini tablet cooling fan for $3 & cost $6 for shipping. Plus the tax it came $12. Wish was much better 2 years ago.

  19. Wish is nearly perfect. Every store I’ve used is excellent and professional with great products at great prices! I did rate Wish low on “wish lists”. I haven’t found anyway to make a wish list. Have to put what I want to save in the cart…then if I want to buy something, and don’t want a saved item at that time I have to delete the saved item to place my order. Then look it up again to put back in the cart. That’s a pain. Needs at least a way to save an item in the cart for later.

  20. Love the large selection! I just made my purchases so I have to wait and see how long it takes for all of them to arrive. I’ve heard both good and bad things about buying from Wish, but I figure it’s a deal shoot…Sometimes you can get everything you asked for or you can get exactly what you paid for. If you’d paid retail then I would completely understand complaining about it taking a month for your purchases to arrive, but if you’re paying pennies compared to dollars then patience is key.

  21. Great selection of products for less. Shipping costs are on the high side, much higher than the product you are buying most of the time. I have a membership, so some items are shipped for free. I think having to pay $5.99 a month for membership should get you free shipping on EVERYTHING but it doesn’t. Items arrive quicker than they used to, which is always a plus. If you don’t get the exact product you order, color, design etc, you get a refund on it which I love. It has only happened 1 time.

  22. most of the time product is what they tote it as… but sometimes it’s a little lame. also cheap prices, but shipping costs seam exagerated some. Still most things are still a good value. Have to be careful to make sure the cost listed is what goes with what i’m interested in. Sometimes there seems to be a mentality of bait and switch. But once aware of this, easy enough not to get taken.

  23. I’ve had both good and bad experiences with wish, but I keep coming back. Shipping cost are bogus, even when they combine orders they charge you individually for shipping . A lot of misleading advertising so it is definitely buyer beware and I don’t care how carefully you are eventually you will get got on the plus side all you have to fo is contact wish and they usually will make you whole. That’s why I keep coming back I guess.

  24. Great prices, delivery time is a bit slow but that’s fine. So far items are great, items in great condition. Only negative review I have is about the shipping costs, some items have reasonable shipping cost but in my opinion most of the items shipping prices are to high and that prevents me from shopping with wish because I can’t afford the cost of shipping.

  25. It’s a lot of fun searching around the app as they have things available that are just impossible to find locally. The prices seem great until you see what the shipping will end up costing you. It’s usually about equal to the purchase price. So spending around $50 ends up costing about $100. So I usually just use it for Xmas time. Thanks Wish 😁✌️

  26. Cece dice:

    I used to order items all the time when I could pick up items already at local stores. I avoided shipping charges and 9/10 the items were great. Now we can no longer pick up from those stores unless you order it pay shipping and wait over a month. Then I never get notices that my item arrived at the store and they refuse to give you a credit. I lost over $100 because of this. Now I refuse to order from them. You lost a customer who spent $2-300 a month. Hope your happy with your changes.

  27. Excellent for shopping an endless array of fun items and very low prices. Great quality of items, much better than expected for such low prices. But also, don’t have your expectations too high. Delivery usually quick during non-holiday periods. The skull rings I’ve purchased are exceptional and always get very appreciative comments from strangers!

  28. I love the products and stuff most of the time, the app works pretty well, that’s why I gave 2 stars. However, wish is kind of deceitful because it will say things like $1 on an item when really all the items except one are listed at $4 instead of $1 for example and their shipping costs are a little too much. These issues should be changed.

  29. I have ordered from Wish many, many different items and just as many times and the only problems I have encountered are not necessarily the app. There are several different improvements that can be made. Also, the ease of returns, it is just not there. Such as when I ordered six different sets of LED string lights. One of them was broken upon receipt. At that time, approximately three years ago, it cost more to return and receive a new one than it was worth.

  30. I love Wish, but I really hate the new app! I can still shop easily online, but the app doesn’t come up any more! It’s constantly loading. It’s so frustrating! I have uninstalled and reinstalled, to no avail. Please fix it. I’ll continue to shop online, but prefer the convenience of (for example) clicking on an ad image on Facebook, and having my Wish app immediately come up.

  31. I was happy my products, the only thing is how long it takes to get the things in the mail, but it was worth the wait! Although the price for certain products are not that expensive, the sucky part is paying for every single shipping and handling on each item, the price on the shipping cost is sometimes more than the items!! But yes I’d still order from wish again

  32. I can’t get the app version on my phone to sync with the Wish website on my computer, so I had to create two different wishlists, which is annoying. I tried logging out & uninstall/reinstall app on my phone but didn’t work. Also the bait & switch with the prices of the items changing when you click on them is sneaky & bad business. Also they need to stop charging people separate shipping costs for items that are combined into one pkg.

  33. I enjoy the simplicity of ordering from WISH and it is a secure app. I have never had any problem with someone stealing my information! Items are usually just as described and my granddaughter and I really are pleased with the items we order. Delivery is much quicker than expected, which is really nice! Prices are low enough, I am able to order several items at a time for gifts or personal use. I am very satisfied with WISH overall! Thank you WISH for making life so convenient and easy!

  34. I’ve used Wish for 7 yrs. I get lost in the pages upon pages to look through. If you are carfull many really good deals can be found. On the other hand many items leave you feeling ripped off. If you didnt get the run around on returns or told you something was delivered to you and it wasnt and they wont refund you at full price. The shipping is out ragious. Some of the products are displayed so they look nice but when you get a garment and you can see through it or is falling nothing is done.

  35. Jasmin dice:

    I never bought and I’ll never buy anything from wish, actually I’m deleting the app. The difference between the photos of the items advertised on the app and the photos of the same items submitted by customers after they bought them, the difference is staggering, it’s like you’re not even looking at the same item but something that looks like it… something reducted a million times.. wow the nerve!

  36. The app went from taking forever to load to not loading AT ALL I’ve waited over 20 mins without hitting buttons patiently hoping for it to load since I have items in my cart to purchase but now I cannot. The shipping costs more than the items and I went from living this app to hating it. Try TEMU it’s not as large a selection but the app actually runs all of the time and offers better deals. If I could give it negative stars I would!!!!!

  37. In Fo dice:

    Wish is a great place to buy weird stuff from. If you can handle waiting ages for your order to turn up, if it turns up at all that is! But for some reason they’ve changed the lay out so when it comes to selecting the colour or the size or type you want it’s a little annoying having to swipe right through all the options, the old way one week ago was much easier. I’m waiting to see if my latests order shows up in the next few days if so I’ll try out the new menu if not, no point trying it.

  38. M Nikolai dice:

    I’ve ordered a few things off wish now. I’ve found exact same products on Amazon for substantially more in price. Only thing to really improve would be search criteria and filtering. Sometimes I’ve got to sort through a bunch of non relevant items. Arrival of products is usually 2-3 weeks from order date. It’s great if you’re not in a rush. Pricing on products is very low and extremely competitive. I haven’t been disappointed with anything I’ve ordered yet. Overall I’d reccomended.

  39. Lub Hal dice:

    An absolute time wasting retarded system. Orderer an item, told me it’s going to arrive in 7 days. My card paid the full price. On the 4th day I found the transaction was reverted, and the app says that seller didn’t ship the item because there was a problem with my bank transaction! Despite it was fully charged! I tried to order it again and now the first purchase discount was already used! this was supposed to be a birthday gift arriving on time. Shame on you! Imbecile website!

  40. The app is good. The automated section for returns has gotten better. Once you figure it out, it goes quick. You recieve refunds quickly too. However, some shops still don’t advertise properly. Wish needs to get on top of this with the shops. I’ve gotten jewellery that was fake, but was advertised as stamped and genuine solid gold or silver. Wasn’t the case. So be alert. Check ppl’s ratings before ordering. Overall, my experience has gone well. Products arrive much quicker than what they use to.

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