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Plan, shop and save with the Target App, now with Target Circle.
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Now the Target app can help you have a more rewarding Target run! Introducing Target Circle, which gives you access to hundreds of deals, a birthday gift and the chance to support your community.

Plan your next Target run by checking out Target Circle offers, the Weekly Ad and item availability all in one place. Then streamline your run with store maps and aisle locations, and scan item barcodes for prices, reviews and available deals.

Wallet is the fastest, easiest way to pay and save in store. With one scan, you can pay with your credit or debit RedCard and redeem Target Circle offers, gift cards and Target Circle earnings.


We're constantly fixing bugs and making changes to improve your experience. Turn on your updates to stay on top of our latest and greatest.


40 comentarios en "Target MODDED 2022"

  1. Unable to get past “store locator” screen. Briefly when opening my app, I see I am logged in and the full menu of the app is available. Then within about 1 second a “store locator” page appears, which does not successful “accept [my] input”. The screen has no override to proceed without giving a location, and since it is unable to pull a location it renders the app inaccessible. Please fix this!

  2. App no longer works. It used to be great, but now I can only go so far as the login prompt. When I’m ready to check out, I enter my password, click the button, and nothing happens. No errors, no change in the screen, nothing. How can this app have so many pages of poor reviews, yet Target doesn’t fix it? At this point, with this many issues, you may just want to start from scratch.

  3. Jessica H dice:

    This update ruined it! It lost the ability to search by category. (It also is annoying hard on website). Sometimes I like to see everything by category and browse to choose my option. Search sucks, always has, so category was my way to find. And now that’s nowhere to be seen. I’m giving the app two stars because it used to be useful and I am hoping maybe it can be again, but right now I’d actually give it negative stars because it not only doesn’t work, it ruined my favorite shopping experience

  4. I’m frustrated with the search function. When I search for items, all available items are not coming up. I choose one item then look at similar items and eventually after clicking around I’m able to find the item I’m looking for, but not as easy as it used to be!! Data is not pulling like it should. So annoying! I love Target and the drive up function, but dang it!!

  5. Dess K dice:

    Seriously regret getting the app updated. I can no longer see the available items on target circle deals making it incredibly difficult to shop online and no longer worth my time. As a disabled person it’s hard to go in store and walk around so being able to easily find what I need online is crucial to my shopping experience. Hope it’s fixed soon 🙁

  6. G Payton dice:

    It’s trying to be a good app, but it has several areas where the UI could be improved by considering the basic function users are attempting. 1. When adding items to the cart, it’s annoying to have to select the delivery/pickup option on every item. Then I have to go back and edit the number of items after adding 1 to the cart. 2. When driving to pick up, you have to select that you’re on the way. Apparently after picking the “I’m on my way” CTA, you have to confirm. I always miss this step.

  7. Page not loading, typically. It use to run quite smoothly, but recently in the last month or so, it pretends to load the page items, but doesn’t, or can’t. Same on browser. Definitely needs to be fixed, please. The deals are quite great, so it’s frustrating that this happens, because it’s so easy to shop both online, & in your local store, given that it’ll tell you where products are in their specific aisles.

  8. J.D. dice:

    The app is great, except the manage Red Card section is broken, and keeps locking up. It’s disappointing that they don’t fix this so people can reliable check their balance for their store card. Besides that, it’s the best app I’ve used for shopping at stores. You can scan items, find what’s in stock, and it makes checking out effortless, you just scan your in-app barcode, and select pay with wallet, and you get a receipt. A perfect example of the ideal store app.

  9. The app auto removes items from my favorites list every time they they become available. So I have to constantly re-addd the same item as a favorite. The trouble, Target puts their collectibles on sale several times a day in the very early morning hours, but only leaves them for sale for literally less than 5 seconds. They are nearly impossible to purchase. Update: almost a year and no improvement.

  10. Can’t use app because wants me to choose a store but can’t find the store I have been using for 2 years. Epic fail. Maybe the best retail app out there. Easily handles online, in store and pickup, has a shopping list and a store map. Favorites , sales, Target Circle deals. Lots of good. Only thing that could be improved is to sort the shopping list by aisle.

  11. App has become completely unusable. Anytime I try to open the app, I am asked to input my location to find nearby stores, which is met by an error screen when trying to input my ZIP. There’s no way to bypass this screen, making the app completely inaccessible. I tried uninstalling/reinstalling the app and was met with the exact same issue.

  12. M D dice:

    Please allow us to stretch and zoom in the pages, especially the pictures of the products. It’s important for your customers with poor eyesight. The Walmart app let’s me zoom in the product photos with a click on the magnifying glass, AND I can stretch and zoom even more, if I want! You don’t want us using their superior app, do you….?

  13. App hasn’t worked in a while and now is completely useless. Circle wont load, adding offers that wouldn’t save. Now they save for a second then show not added suddenly, and cant get access to circle at all. My wallet isn’t applying offers I try to save as though they were never there, but summary says I have a certain number of offers in there. Also told me to update, but it gets all the way to 99% then says update available all over again. Then it will say available on other devices.

  14. Ash R dice:

    I can search but if I try to navigate the app by sections offered on the home page it stays on the loading screen. Sometimes if I leave the app open in the background and come back later it loads then. Almost had the same issue with it asking to set my store again all the sudden, nothing would load for nearby/zip code or gave an error. It doesn’t let you move past that page unless you pick one. Left the app for a couple minutes and came back and it loaded luckily

  15. Very poor search results for products/difficult to order what you need via the app due to not being able to find the product. Example: Search for orange flavored jello. Its there, but can you find it? How many key words did you have to attempt before it came up in the results? Why doesn’t it appear with the most obvious keyword used in the search? This is true with MANY items on the app and makes shopping via the app extremely time consuming and frustrating.

  16. Jacob H. dice:

    The app has become unusable and downright frustrating to use. It forces you to choose a location, however the search by address, city or zip doesn’t work. It errors out as soon as you start typing. If by chance you get past the the location ordeal, search won’t work and errors out as well.

  17. Broken app. Been broken for awhile. Won’t let you use app as a guest because it fails to load any stores. Fails loading stores near you using GPS positioning and an error occurs when trying to search manually. When i eventually get tonsearch products, you cant view an item or sort the list. You receive an endless loading icon. Really disliked Target as a store and company anyway, now thanks to continued poor performance I now have one less app on my phone. Thanks, at least for that, Target

  18. Gender inequality bias – search result showed a “boys” item yet “gender” filter only showed “gender neutral”, “girls”, and “women”. Bug! If you click add to cart, click the item to modify the quantity, go back to search, the cart status button goes back to add to cart. Also, changing the order quantity requires way too many taps. Should be able to edit that once it’s in your cart or at least without tapping again when changing between drive up and pick up in store. Not user friendly.

  19. I used to be able to pull up a map from my shopping list that showed the location of all the items in my list at once. I can no longer find the feature, so it appears to be removed or is difficult to navigate to. Really kills the usability of the app to remove such a useful feature

  20. I won’t be using it for online shopping any more, it’s a waste of time. In-store shopping isn’t convenient for me and their ship-to-home is trash. I’ve received the wrong items multiple times, packages that could have easily been combined arrive in 4-5 different packages (never on the same day), and I’m in currently filing a claim for a package that’s 9 days late. For this much hassle I could just use prime.. at least I’ll get my products in less time.

  21. This app doesn’t work for me and customer service has been very unhelpful. After 20 minutes on the phone with my second person, she revealed that the app is having issues. It’s been 3 days since I couldn’t use my wallet at the store 🙃 and now I can’t order anything. If I get passed the sign in screen, I’ll get an error trying to do anything soon after. Update: it’s been weeks… still not working!

  22. This was my favorite shopping app for awhile, but it told me I needed to update so I did and now I regret it. Ever since, it kept freezing or just refused to load, and now I can’t even open the app. It keeps telling me that I have to set my go-to store up when I already have mine connected, but I can’t even type or search or use my location to find the store, it gives me error everytime and I can’t go further or skip so I have no access to my account. I hope they fix this 😕

  23. Pros: I love being able to do Target Pick-up. It’s a lifesaver when you have multiple littles! Cons: It is beyond frustrating when it says the item is in stock and two hours later you get the message that your order is ready, but the main item you needed and did the entire order for, is actually out of stock. It happens WAY too often. I wish they would get it together on having accurate information on stocked items.

  24. I’ve been using the app for almost a year with no problems but now suddenly I can’t get past a screen asking to find store locations, which should have already been saved to my account. Every time I try to enter a couple of characters for City or zip, I receive a failure notification and the app does nothing. It is now useless. Target fix this issue.

  25. While I have been using this for years, by necessity, it has always had issues. Occasionally the issues are major. The worst is that, when you tell it to remember your device, it NEVER actually does (not on Android, at least), thus forcing you to get a security email passcode everytime you want to look at your Red card account. Worse still, every once in a while, the passcode email just will not send. It claims it does, but it never actually arrives.

  26. NEGATIVE 5 stars. My purchase history disappeared. The app is saying I have never purchased anything. This is a recent issue. I thought if I updated the app, it would self correct. Nope. Gone. Everything is gone. On top of that, annoyingly, almost every time I open the app, it requires a password. Even if I had the app open, was actively using it, and the screen timed out.

  27. Incredibly frustrating app. Search does not work – just hangs. I ordered an item, and need a different size, but when I enter the style, or any other code from the tag, nothing happens – search just hangs. Scrolling through pages and pages of options is just frustrating and making me look elsewhere for the same product. Addendum – it’s the same on the website. I had to use Google to find the item on the Target website.

  28. Whatever you are doing to “fix” your app, please stop. It seems every update recently to fix bugs creates even more issues, particularly with Target Circle. It won’t always save selections, and even when I can get it to save the selection, it then subsequently deletes them all. If you are trying to get people to stop using Circle by frustrating them to no end, then you’re doing a great job. I love Target, and used to love this app, but beyond frustrated with it lately.

  29. Laura dice:

    Rarely any issues with this app. If I try to use it late at night, sometimes it will slow down but I’m assuming that like a lot of businesses, Target systems are doing maintenance since that’s the most logical time to do it instead of at noon when everybody is awake. Usually force closing the app and clearing cache/cookies will fix the issue. Very appreciative of the improvements that have been made over the years. 😊

  30. A genuinely well thought out and executed app. I love being able to make a list AND have the locations of items on hand. It’s especially helpful when I’m traveling/shopping an unfamiliar store. I don’t have to waste time being lost. Another feature that saves me a lot heartache is the barcode scanner. I use it for the items that aren’t in my budget or in my size and I can save them to my favorites for later. Overall, a genuinely useful shopping app that makes it entirely too easy to spend it all

  31. Horrible. App was great up until a couple months ago. Everything I try to purchase and pick up curbside isn’t available. Is only giving me the option to ship home. I also have problems viewing items keeps coming up an error has occurred during search and has a refresh button but save thing keeps coming up. It’s very irritating and I’m frustrated. This app sucks.

  32. M P dice:

    This morning I tried to go to My List to add toothpaste, a feature which is very helpful, and I keep being prompted to set my store. However, when I enter my zip code or city, it’s pops up an error message that says “Failed to Recognize.” I have tried clearing the cache and then uninstalling and reinstalling altogether and it is still not working right.

  33. Anna Full dice:

    I’m super frustrated by the app it’s been on my phone for almost 3 years with no issue and now I can’t get past a screen that can’t find any stores anywhere. It’s a super fun app. I’m over the app, nothing is fixing it. It’s also worth noting a couple months ago I did a drive up order the store couldn’t find but they still took my money even though my order wasn’t in their system.

  34. My Target Circle offers are not saving to My List. I’ve been through the list twice, added well over 25 offers and when I check my list they aren’t there. This needs to be addressed ASAP. I’ve been using this app for quite awhile without any problems, but something must’ve changed recently to cause this issue as I see there are others that have reported the same issue as well. Sounds like a bad update recently went out. Please fix this issue ASAP!

  35. Target has started hijacking your searches in the app. It is literally impossible to search for a lot of things because it will redirect you to a page of promoted items for a certain category when you search for certain words. Don’t even have an option to say, this is not what I want and to show the right search results.Absolutely unacceptable. Also sorting circle offers by discount is completely broken. If these two issues weren’t present it might be 5 stars, but these are two major problems.

  36. I have used this app since it was Circle. It’s been fantastic until this last update. I will try to add the coupons, and either I get a message that it wasn’t able to add (not because I reached the max) or the green check will indicate it was successfully added, but when I look at the “saved” tab, only a couple were saved or none at all.

  37. I enabled the option in the app to get cash back, but the cashier did not give me any. I added two gift cards to the app and scanned it at the self-checkout. My Target Red Card was charged for the full amount. Customer service was unable to fix it. They couldn’t even get a return to work. There is no way to share a receipt from the app. When viewing in-store receipts in the app, sometimes items will just show as “Missing Item Info”, not even showing an amount paid.

  38. It used to work great but since a few weeks ago it doesn’t let me search for items and says “An error occurred during search” I have contacted customer service several times and have been put on hold for several minutes with no help or resolution. It’s Target’s loss because I used to shop with the app several times a week and I’m not doing it anymore!

  39. Great app, easy to use, and user-friendly. One area of improvement: Please add the ability to choose backup items. It is always frustrating when you wait 20+ minutes for an order to process only for multiple items to be out of stock. Definitely wastes a lot of time. Other than that, great app. 👍

  40. Shars S dice:

    I honestly love the app overall and its ease of use and the interface. It is apparent there was a lot of UX research and QA done. My only issue which happens intermittently for the last few years… is when you use the pickup option and want to choose another in stock store, I would get Network Error Tap here to try again (which does nothing) I have deleted cache , cleared data, Uninstalled and reinstalled to no avail (did this as well for an Google services). Otherwise great app

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