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亚米 - Best of Asia, delivered.
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Launched in California and inspired by all of Asia, Yami (also known as Yamibuy) makes it easy to explore exciting flavors and popular items from all over the region. We are the largest online retailer for authentic Asian snacks, beverages, groceries, cosmetics, apparel, electronics, kitchen and home goods in North America.

Our wide selection is curated from Japan, South Korea, Thailand, China, Singapore, Malaysia, and many other Asian countries. Discover delicious treats, latest beauty trends, unique electronic gadgets, and more through our app which is designed to let you conveniently shop anytime and anywhere.

Yami was named Inc. Magazine’s fastest growing start-up on the ”Inc. 500 List,” and has also been praised by Eater, TechCrunch, Yahoo, CNBC, Bloomberg Businessweek, as well as many others.

Download our app now to get a discount off your first order! Plus enjoy free shipping on every Yami fulfilled order over $49.

Contact Us:
Phone: 1-800-407-9710
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.yamibuy.com


With this update, we have some performance improvements. Thanks for using Yami. Happy Shopping!


4 comentarios en "Yamibuy: Asian Grocery & Goods MODDED"

  1. FiveFour1 dice:

    This app was good enough that I had to take the time to leave the first review I’ve made for an app. Obviously there are no ads, so that’s nice. The UI is easy to understand and gives you a multitude of options to choose from. The selection of products is fairly large and varied. The process of buying and ordering things is easy. (Part of the UI I guess) Most impressive of all was the customer service, though. I emailed them on the weekend and got a response by eight o’clock Monday. Great team!

  2. Mitchell Aki dice:

    App is mediocre. Their shipping speeds on the app are wrong. “Local express” is not really express. The search function kind of works. It’s hard to find specific brands. The app is always out of stock of a lot of things. The restock alerts don’t always work. Some parts of the app are Chinese language only, like the reviews, the community page, and some product listings.

  3. Life Blumberg dice:

    The app is really easy to use, a bit more convenient than just searching the website. I only wish you went back to the page you left from when you “go back.” The products are great though, clean, well packaged so nothing breaks in transit, reasonably priced, and well within their sell by date.

  4. Beriadan Gigas dice:

    Works well. Its easy to find an item or a similar items. Lots of filtering options. Plenty of options from food to dish soap. Offers many items at an affordable price that are not super accessible here in the United States. Shipping is reasonable price and is not super slow. Overall, good app, lots of options, good deals, good service. I have already told my friends about it because they have issues getting things here too, so we can get many things we miss.

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