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Instant Gaming — PC, Mac & Console Games

Instant Gaming provides you with a brand new and simple way to buy games at amazing prices. You can get the best PC, Mac, and console games with up to 70% off. Instant Gaming makes it very easy to save while purchasing games within a single app. Just choose the game and let the app do its job for you. Now with Instant Gaming, you can start playing games easily and call yourself a diehard gamer again.

As gamers, we know how hard it is to buy your favourite games at the cheapest price with no hassle. That is why Instant Gaming brings a brand new experience for our gaming community, where you can buy lots of games at a discounted price. Get your favourite games at the best price and get instant delivery with no additional charges. Discover new games every day! Instant access to over 6000+ games and PC gaming deals only at Instant Gaming.

How to Register?

Download the app to get started. You can access the Instant Gaming app for various discounts on games. Log in and register with your credentials for the mobile application and browse through thousands of search results. Find your selected game and explore the prices. Get notified instantly when your preorders are delivered or when your game is back in stock. Monitor the best deals, instant offers, and prices every time. Once you’ve downloaded the app, access over 6000+ games on the go! (Steam, Origin,, Ubisoft Connect…).

Why this app?

Always just a tap away, Instant Gaming lets you purchase games in a single click. Just look for new and popular games and buy them before everyone. Over the years, Instant Gaming has become a trusted and excellently rated shop in the gaming area for casual and advanced gamers alike. Instant Gaming stands out as the best gaming app that lets you browse and explore thousands of new games in a private, innovative way. Let your gaming journey begin.


Instant Gaming is now every gamers’ new stop to buy steam games. Instant Gaming is the best and well-known app for many people who want to buy PC games digitally. Download up to 6000+ PC, MAC & console games 24/7 with human support at all times. Some more features of the Instant Gaming app are:

– Steam Games: Download and pay for games at a cheap price in the comfort of your home.
– Cheap Games: Buy affordable games at discounted prices just for you.
– Instant Games Online: Purchase games online and instantly without any hassle.
– PC Gamer: Become the best gamer in your circle of friends with the help of our Instant Gaming app.
– Instant Play: Play purchased games spontaneously and anywhere.
– Offers Games: Purchase games instantly and get notified when your preorder arrives.
– Best Gaming App: Instant Gaming brings a new revolution in buying games at a discounted price.
– PC Games Deals: Browse many gaming deals and buy the games to get them delivered directly.
– Buy PC Digital Games: Our gaming shop gives you the liberty to buy cheap games at discounted prices.
– Online Games Sales: Explore thousands of gaming categories and buy many games at sale prices.


- Performance improvements and bug fixes.


40 comentarios en "Instant Gaming MODDED 2022"

  1. This app has been pretty unstable for as long as I can remember. It resets anytime I minimize it and now it’s glitching out anytime I try to participate in giveaways. From that moment, every time I attempt to open the app it’ll launch with a black screen.

  2. Found alot of the items there sell i find it cheaper some where else. I know there will say it will depend when you look but most of the time its cheaper at a differnt discout website. App works completely fine tho.

  3. Generally a really good app for purchasing, but the navigation is poor. You press back and it exits rather than navigates back through the app. It took me to a live video and the page crashed or wasn’t found, now that is all I see. No idea how to get it back… when I press back it just exits… poor design as if it’s a webpage!

  4. Unable to purchase. Seems like doing anything puts you right back to home page. Everytime I try to fill out payment details I get routed to home page. Tabbing to another application on your phone also resets anything you were doing and goes to home page. Really frustrating. I wanted to buy but I give up after a dozen times being kicked to start.

  5. So many reviews about the app going back to the homescreen whenever something puts it out of focus (PayPal, Google Pay, when minimised, or anything for that matter) making any purchase IMPOSSIBLE. That is NOT a small bug, that renders this app absolutely USELESS. Why bother using the app when I literally CANNOT buy anything. It’s very frustrating finding out that with each new update that bug still exists while they fix other bugs like the Facebook login. It honestly doesn’t make any sense.

  6. Used to be my 1st stop to get deals but yesterday they decided to ask for a copy of my ID to verify my identity right after the payment was done and verified via the same PayPal I’ve always used. There is no reason in the world for which you need to see my ID. The order was cancelled, time was lost and I will definitely not return as customer.

  7. I noticed that my payment method was saved without my consent. When I asked customer service, I was asked to send my cell phone number and ID. This makes no sense at all, since I have not saved a single personal info on this website, which one could compare this to. When I said that, I was asked to do so again. My account was deleted after I refused again. They just want your data.

  8. Can’t complete a transaction The app has too many glitches to complete a transaction. I answer the phone for the 4 digit number. When I hang up, the transaction resets to beginning and I can’t enter the code I just got.

  9. The app is completely impossible to use with PayPal. You need a verification code, which you get via phone call. When you’re called the app exits the verification screen. This causes the code to reset and making this payment method completely impossible. Please fix this.

  10. A+++++ I have had several great purchasing experiences so far!! All game codes have been received instantly , and, they worked great! Would recommend!! I’ve bought about 5 games so far..DLC also.. No issues, at all.. Except it wouldn’t take my boyfriends bank card, that’s a Visa .. Strange 🤷

  11. Where I can buy through steam why would I buy on thus app. The app has also risk of credit card number being stolen so avoid it.

  12. Hi guys, hope you’ll read my review! I really like your awesome service, and I use it every time I buy a game. But you should implement the payment via Google play, so I can use my google play credits. I know that there are high commissions in in-app purchases, but it would be great to be able to pay with my google play credits

  13. This app never allows me to login. Not even on a mobile web browser. I always have to use a desktop browser to login. When you login it makes you login with Google then you tap the Google option and it just refreshes the app like nothing happens…. please fix this!!!

  14. Josh B dice:

    Tried 3 times to make a purchase using PayPal. I was required to phone verify my account. After submitting my number I received a call giving me a 4 digit code. When returning to the app it backed out of the screen where I needed to enter the verification code. It did this all 3 times and then said to wait for 24 hours to try again. But honestly what would that solve. I’ll go elsewhere.

  15. I’m trying to verify my account so that I can buy more than just one game but it’s not letting me upload anything. It would be very helpful if this was fixed so that I can get in on these great deals. Also yes I have already bought one game, works great definitely not a scam, but this needs to be fixed.

  16. Niru dice:

    The new UI sucks everything is hidden. all you get is a screen full of spam.

  17. Amazing app, cheap everything! No hassle and instant download/redemption! Thank you.

  18. App worked great, good deals on games. Has games that I don’t see on steam.

  19. Scam!!! They cancelled my orders and Deactivated My 2 accounts. Customer service ask me your payment has been refunded in 7 days but i does not received my payment yet. Also Save and ask for your personal data Totally scam!! Sorry for poor English!

  20. Instant Gaming. I consider it the best game buying app, the fees aren t that big, and it s extremely fast! better than g2a with such good experience i am sure i will never have to contact the support <3 tries to buy today arma 3 from g2a, i had 25€ and it wasn t enough, used this app, bought the game and i had money for 2 dlcs as well, good job guys !

  21. Impossible to pay with PayPal via the app, verification code is via a call & the app resets while answering the call. Seriously who calls in a verification code! PayPal drama aside, I’ve made one purchase & recieved a working code in seconds.

  22. How stupid can this company be? Allow me to tell you A tale of how I try to buy a game on PayPal. Whenever you try to and you’re a new gamer Twitter site you have to put in a 4-Digit password. But heres where the fun comes. When you get the phone call and get the password and hang up the phone. The stupid app deletes and won’t allow you to put in the passcode and you have to start again!! And God help you if you use American Express because they don’t want. Use fanatical instead

  23. The service is good and alot of games but good luck finding them cause 75% of the games I want are not in stock and won’t be in stock sure they say you can get notified when it does become available but this is broken and never notifies you at all I have been waiting for 5 games to become available and they are never available so why even have it listed for sale if it’s never available but other then this the site is a trusted good game buying app ..

  24. The best app (website) for purchasing games with big discounts!

  25. Junior dice:

    Works a charm But.. “not in stock, grt notified when in stock” -_- I have more stock in my shed

  26. The app crashes at launch, and if it doesn’t it won’t let you log in. It’s a pretty recent problem but it really makes it unusable

  27. App is a scam. If you try to pay through paypal it will tell you you need verification phone call which will never come forcing you to enter card details if you want to try to proceed. Also if you try to login using your account details it will try to force you to use facebook. Also after you cant proceed with a purchase through the app and go to the website you will find the price way higher. Stay away

  28. Every time I want to make a purchase using Paypal I receive a phone call with the verification code, when I hang up to fill in this code the screen where I can enter it disappears. Unable to buy any game because of it.

  29. Recon J dice:

    This app is really good for buying cheap dlc’s and stuff but I have one issue that really annoys me. Why are there over 13 pages of games for pc, xbox and other platforms but not playstation, it’s so annoying because I play on ps4 but there’s barely anything to buy. Please add more stuff for playstation.

  30. This company has treated me wonderfully so far. I’ve bought around 10 games and saved around 240 or so dollars. I just hope that their customer service is as good as the rest of the features, should the need to use it ever arise.

  31. Instant gaming is amazing, but the app keeps having me log in every time and it’s very annoying. Also, I wish there were more games for all platforms.

  32. Scammers. Bought from them Assassin’s Creed 3: Deluxe Edition. They gave me wrong code. After contact to support, they gave me another one which was totally invalid. After that was 30 min silence and i was banned. They stole from me 18 euros. Thanks for nothing

  33. The best place to get cheap games. I recommend this to every PC and Console gamer that wants to get cheap games while still supporting the developers.

  34. Horrible service. They ask you to send pics of your ID and they say your account is verified. If you buy a second game then they ask you why are you buying another game. In the end they make you resend everything one more time and refuse your purchase. Never again.

  35. I dont get why it’s not having 5 stars. Good prices, i bought five games (keys) and they all worked and as one time I had a problem the support got the problem fixed in the matter of minutes.

  36. I’ve been buying games in this app for months. Recently, I had had an issue with a code, but their staff resolved it really quickly. I really recommend this app if you wanna saven money! 💯💯

  37. Perfektní aplikace i obchod. Trvale téměř nejlepší ceny na internetu. Jsem již dlouhodobě spokojen. Perfect app and a perfect shop. Their prices have always been the lowest on the internet. Fast delivery, good support, crazy sales. I m very satisfied.

  38. Poorly maintained app, this is the 4th time it’s updated and now crashes when opening. Been over a week with no fix.

  39. was super excited and disappointed. my card was declined despite having many time over the amount needed. faulty servers or something because the website said the same. dont recommend

  40. Don’t buy anything from these ppl, imagine I made an ingame payment and after they deducted the amount they hassled me by asking me to send an ID to verify that am not unauthorized 3rd party? Seriously?? If you are that restrict then why you took my money before you verify everything?? Never encountered such a thing before anywhere!! Very dishonorable mess around with ppl’s money

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