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Letgo is now part of OfferUp! Shop local items, find deals or sell in seconds
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Buy. Sell. Letgo. – OfferUp and Letgo are now one big mobile marketplace.

Buy, sell and shop deals on thousands of unique items nearby! So whether you want to make some extra money by selling your used furniture or want to do some clothes shopping the choice is yours with OfferUp.

OfferUp makes it easy to find great deals on the things you want and make money on the things you want to sell. Ditch the Classified Ads and garage sales — this is the best way to buy and sell in your community or neighborhood with a mobile marketplace you can trust.

Cars, clothes, shoes, vintage fashion, and more! Here’s how shopping and selling with OfferUp works:

• Buy or sell anything; easily offer up your items for sale in 30 seconds.
• Find great deals and discounts on clothes, shoes, furniture, vintage fashion, cell phones, electronics, baby & kids items, sports equipment, used cars, home goods and more.
• Use reputation features like ratings and profiles to see who you’re dealing with and build trust.
• Shop local items for sale with thousands of new postings daily.
• Message buyers and sellers securely from within the app.
• Build your reputation with your unique seller profile page.
• Browse and shop items by image and sort by category or location.
• Join millions of people using OfferUp across the country.
• Skip the garage sale! OfferUp is the simplest way to buy and sell locally.

Fun facts about shopping and selling with OfferUp:

1. With OfferUp you can easily sell anything like clothes and shoes, used cars, electronics, vintage fashion, and furniture.
2. OfferUp shows you what’s selling nearby in your local community.
3. Communication between buyers & sellers happens through the app via secure messaging.
4. OfferUp is better than a garage sale; you can do your shopping right on your phone or tablet.

Be part of the community:

We’re making local shopping and selling an experience that everyone can try and trust. The community at the heart of our marketplace is what makes that possible. When you join OfferUp, you’re joining millions of people helping each other make money and save money around the nation — and right in the neighborhood.

From shoes to cars, vintage fashion to furniture – unearth unique items that you can’t find anywhere else with OfferUp. Download OfferUp today and enjoy the mobile marketplace with plenty of hidden gems just waiting to be discovered.

The two leading mobile marketplaces in the U.S., OfferUp and Letgo, are joining forces to create a new powerhouse. OfferUp acquired Letgo on July 1, 2020.


Thanks for using OfferUp! We've made updates to many of our existing features to make the app faster and more fun to use than ever before.


40 comentarios en "OfferUp: Buy. Sell. Letgo. MODDED"

  1. Skyler dice:

    The app is generally pretty good, and I’ve had good experiences buying and selling items on here! But it gives me random notifications all the time even though I turned off all notifications in my settings. I don’t want to block them entirely because of course I want to be notified when I get messages from people. But it gives me notifications like “new items matching your search” even though I specifically turned that setting off. Other than that the app is fine!

  2. For the past few weeks, I have been trying to list items. I’d say I’m over Offer Up, the most difficult part about using the app is it suddenly freezing while just trying to write a description. I shouldn’t have to write my description 5-6 times after every time it crashes. Selling things online is hard enough as is! I really want to like Offer Up, but if I can’t make it thru the listing process, there’s no point sticking around! How did listing the item become the most frustrating part?!

  3. Edit: They now have auto paying music in their adds. Also, you have to manually adjust your search parameters every time you open the app. Search and browse formats are obnoxious and clunky. Have to search through drop down menus to find a specific sub category that you want to browse. No more free section either (that I can find). It didn’t work great before, but at least it was simple to navigate.

  4. Liz Lang dice:

    I’ve been using this app for years. It’s been overall good and I can sell/buy, but lately there are so many bugs and changes. The categories section has been changed or moved multiple times in the last few months and now, I’ve downloaded both the recent updates and neither times have I been able to get passed the initial app logo.

  5. Frank Zen dice:

    Broken app. Over time, and not a very long time, it stops showing the full texts of the ads. So you won’t see name and description after the title and price. This just started happening so I assume it’s something in the latest update. You know the saying “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. It applies here. Or at least TEST your stuff before you release it! Not ONE STAR but heading there!

  6. Fix your app! It’s not just me having the issue it’s multiple people I know. Whenever we try to put up a listing and write more than a couple words the typing starts to lag and just ends up freezing. I end up having to type it all over again or write it all down somewhere else, copy and paste it in order to post details of the listing. Another thing issue. Add a delete listing. I’m tired of archiving things I no longer want on my account. Let me delete and not just archive!!!

  7. Generally my interactions have been amiable, if occasionally frustrating, anything from inaccurately posted items to confusing directions. My biggest issue is that neither the app nor the website seem able to save my preferred settings. I only want items I can pick up locally, yet every time I go online or on the app it reverts to 30 miles + shipping. Why is such a simple thing so impossible to set!?!?

  8. Honestly? App crashes semi-rarely when scrolling too fast, sometimes my hold-to-magnify bugs and creates a dead spot from the previous screen, and I still find myself using this every day. Lovely updated design, used to dislike it until I got used to it (no surprise) and often find several decent deals I just don’t have the space for. Many thanks to the hardworking devs, this is a splendid app and will have me for its whole life, hopefully!

  9. Dat Mai dice:

    Feb 2023: about 7 yrs on this app, it’s getting worse. I gave this 2 stars last yr. Now reduced to 1 star. The Ads that occupy about 1/3 of the app just got ultra annoying. Now VIDEO ads are forced on you. When it appears on your screen, you’ve got NO OPTION! The audio blasts ON if you don’t have phone on mute. There’s a PAUSE & MUTE icon that does not work at all. I’m experiencing massive app freezes into the middle writing or responding to messages. This app is declining instead of improving!!

  10. I have been using this app for many years and used to always recommend it, but it has really gone downhill, especially if you’re trying to do more than just browse. The site freezes when trying to send messages to sellers to communicate about an item. Often, if you’re not going to be able to send more than the auto populated/suggested comments because of keyboard freezing. The same is true if you’re getting to list an item, you can’t add description without feezing.

  11. Trying to use this app to sell items has become such a horrible experience. Freezes and crashes constantly while just trying to create a posting. I have to save a new post and try to get out of it before finishing because it begins to freeze up. Then when I try to edit the post to add more details, it crashes before I can a full line of text. Annoying to say the least!

  12. The offer up concept and website are great. The app constantly crashes, runs slowly, takes forever to do anything. It used to run very well… But it has been a year with a terrible product. I’ve waited for improvements that just aren’t arriving. I want to continue using this, but I’m about to uninstall entirely

  13. It would be great if it wasn’t for the annoying details they program. Why would the popular searches be on top? Recent searches are WAY more useful. If I wanted to find a trailer I would just search it, I don’t need offer up to pitch it to me on top every time. Not only are the popular searches on top inconvenient, your recent searches show up for a split second and when you click on one of your recent searches it quickly switches to the popular searches and you click on something not intended.

  14. L Z dice:

    I don’t know if it has to do with the area, but the majority of sellers are FURNITURE STORES! and they post the same items over and over and over again. Maybe offerUp can create a filter for “second-hand sellers only.” I’m tired of searching for an item, only to be flooded with 80-90% store products. If I wanted brand new cardboard furniture, I’d go to Ikea.

  15. some items are listed for years and have potential to be still available. if they are not available I would like a feature that asked the seller if the item is in fact available, like a reminder. it would also help to weed out the people that are no longer using the app. Also the payment side for shipping seems excessive. other payment options would be great as a well.

  16. Edit: 01/21/23 App still is useless in notifications. I don’t see why I have these options for notifications in the settings, yet I still get these annoying and useless “check out these popular______!” Or ” based on your search” notifications constantly. All I want is to know when someone messages me, that’s it. And on the topic of search, it’s be nice to be able to clear mine, so I don’t see the same items I may have searched weeks ago. If it’s an option to do so, it isn’t very streamlined…

  17. So offer up was a good app. Now it just freezes after typing for 10 seconds. Then it crashes. I’m a patient person I tried to let it catch up but I just completely crashes. It’s litterally not usable in the current state I reached out to support no answer. As is seen by other reviews many people have reached out to them so apparently they don’t care not sure I will use the app again if they don’t care enough to respond.

  18. It’s been terrible since the last few updates. It’s like the updates are making it worse. Can’t delete text in search by hitting X, keyboard doesn’t show predictive text, search results are inaccurate, items are on there from 3 years ago that. Update 12/14/22 – new update seems to have fixed most of the issues. It would be nice to see items expire so you’re not wasting your time looking at items that are more than likely not going to bear fruit.

  19. I have been using OfferUp since before it merged with Letgo. I have never had any issues with posting listings, buying items, or selling items. The user interface is actually very user friendly in my opinion. There are alot of ads though, which is a nuisance. Only way around the ads to subscribe to their premium service, which will be ad free. Only thing I don’t like is the inability to delete a listing. You can only archive it at this time. However, these few issues aren’t deal killers for me.

  20. Alec dice:

    12/8 edit: Keyboard suddenly stopped working?? I don’t have autocorrect anymore. I uninstalled and reinstalled the app. There was NO reason to overhaul this app. It did not need it. It was simple, quick, and easy to use for everyone before. Even a grandma could use it. And although they tried to clean it up, it somehow looks so much worse. You guys should be able to tell by the feedback, this update has had the opposite effect and is very negative.

  21. Normal zoom function using thumb and index finger barely ever works so can’t enlarge photos like I can in every other app with same functionality and without issue. I’d expect double-tapping to enlarge a photo would be a reasonable workaround, but that functionality doesn’t exist in this OfferUp app. Samsung S9+. Anyone else experience this issue?

  22. The lag on the app as of lately has been crazy. App is solid over-all, just lacking on the user interface and performance. Maybe there is a better way to set up the layout of the app to improve work flow! I would love to see something like this!!! *******UPDATE******** Has gotten progressively worse. Just waited about a minute for the messages to stop bugging out. Every other app on my phone experiences no issues. UI needs a serious rework!! U Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Please fix thanks 🙏🏻

  23. Overall my experience with OfferUp has been very good. I do wish that our items for sale would run through the feed at least three times before we are charged to promote the item. The only other issue I have is when I make a sale the $ amount of the sale is automatically entered as items listed price. Rarely do I sell an item at listed price. It is usually 10-20% less than the listed amount. this can make quite a difference regarding income taxes.

  24. despite having changed my location I keep getting listings from my prior location. I have tried contacting offer up to see if they can take it out of the system as I cannot find my previous location anywhere on the app or by signing into the computer. these are now nuisance emails I’m getting notifying me of the things I want but that are halfway across the country

  25. After update when setting search distance and local vs ship, the settings don’t stay. Either the distance or ship (or both) will go back to default. Sure would be nice to set a default that I choose (perhaps In App settings) and always use that. Also, when you search for a specific item, popular items show up above the items that you actually use. Recent searches should always be on top instead of items that are useless to the user.

  26. UNREPENTANT SPAMMERS! They keep sending me notifications, even though I’ve turned off notifications. I contacted tech support and they just gave me the runaround, pretending they didn’t understand my complaint, trying to blame third parties, etc. I even sent them a screen shot showing that I’d turned off notifications and another showing their notifications. I do not like dealing with a company which shows such contempt for their customers.

  27. Great app. Easy to post and you can pretty much sell anything. I do recommend for everyone to read the guidelines on What you can post prior to posting. The only downfall is it does freez up alot when changing from any search options they have, like from post to selling etc. 1 thing I think would be great if when your looking at someone’s postings you can just swipe left or right to the next picture also for the browse page that has everyone’s postings. Also if it had to sound notification

  28. Used to love this app. The last few updates have basically broken it and now it’s basically a waste of time to try and use. I know messages go undelivered because I have tested this by messaging friends who never receive them. I used to pay for promoted listings but can’t justify that anymore. On top of all this I’ve been experiencing the same keyboard, lagging, crashing, and terrible search function issues everyone else has. I’ll come back when the app is fixed.

  29. J Smi dice:

    A lesson in how to ruin an app and use experience!! Once was a great app. Horrible since it merged with LetGo. Searching is way too inconsistent. Way to many fake listing. Somehow it’s gotten even worse!!! Everything thing is so slow and there are constant notifications even though I opted out of all notifications.

  30. It’s a very good app, but whenever I log off and look myself up, no items I am selling show up! Rather than that, it’s pretty good. I hope this problem is not because of a corrupt account because that means it can happen to more people. Rather than that, it is perfect! It offers more options like analytics than the computer web version.

  31. Have used this since before the Let go merge and it does work fairly well and there are enough people now that you can reasonably expect to sell an item quickly. One major issue I have with it is the posts need and expiration date. Whenever I search for something, I find posts sometimes dating years back. There should be a time limit (30, 60 days, etc.) and if exceeded then have to repost or renew.

  32. Worthless app, worthless desktop site – PLEASE ADD THE ABILITY TO EDIT LISTINGS ON THE DESKTOP SITE. The app constantly crashes, which you can always foresee coming once you slowly lose your ability to type without it freezing. Oh, but of course you can’t just hop on the desktop site on your laptop to edit posts with a full keyboard, that would be too easy. The site doesn’t allow editing of listings, doesn’t even allow you to create a new listing. What is even the point of the desktop site?

  33. B Garrett dice:

    Great for finding odds n ends at a doable price. Annoying that ancient, forgotten listings can’t be filtered. Malfunctions but doesn’t notify when it needs all too frequent updates. The algorithm doesn’t show what you’re searching for but you may find it a month later and see it was listed three months ago.

  34. Cannot +pics that are stored on my device. Hard to add details due to cannot post from PC. Cannot edit posts once they are listed. The phone app does not show the price unless you click on the item. That is different from the PC web browser. Should include the price on the phone app to make searching quicker. 2021-12-04 update. Still two stars. I don’t get offer updates on my phone or email when someone asks me a question. 1/13/23 need to turn off VPN to use. Not secure! Even though I’m Tru U.

  35. Freezes and crashes when trying to list items to sell! Ever since the update a couple months back, app constantly freezes and crashes when you try to TYPE ur description for the item ur trying to sell, and it’s so incredibly FRUSTRATING! I used to really like this app and used it all the time to sell my stuff, but now it’s virtually unusable. So sad. Hopefully, they can fix this issue soon…

  36. Josh dice:

    For some reason the app has been VERY laggy (with frequent crashes) the past few weeks. It makes the app nearly unusable. A couple bugs I’ve noticed: 1) keyboard takes several seconds to initiate after clicking on the search box 2) when clicking on a message notification, it takes 10 full seconds for the app to open and the message thread to fully load. 3) the app will crash after entering a search and the results come up. This makes the app unusable.

  37. Lags way too much. I can’t be on it for more than 2 minutes before it freezes or kicks me off. Would be nice to be able to post something, and it does not freeze, then kick me off, causing me to have to redo the entire post. It’s exhausting trying to have to remember everything that I’d already written down. I miss the old offer up. This new update really does suck.

  38. Have used it many times to buy and sell stuff without any issues. I like how you can just keep contact within the app and not have to give out your phone number. My only suggestions at the moment are to have posts expire so that ones from years ago do not continue to show in search results…also, the ability to delete a post instead of just archiving.

  39. The app is great, but it has one annoying attribute. Some search results will show items that are months old, even a year or two old. There should be an expiration date on the posts. The app should also have a HISTORY tab. Sometimes I’ll find an item of interest. Do some research about it on my browser. When I come back to the OfferUp app, it takes me to the home page and I have to try to find the item again. Half the time it won’t show up in the search.

  40. The company claims to be “focused on the app” every time I complain about lack of basic functionality on their browser interface. So how can the app still be so awful? It doesn’t remember basic preferences, clogged with so many ads, hard to navigate, and missing basic and obvious functionality. I find myself using this app less and less. They are so focused on ad revenue that they have forgotten their customers. They are going to ad-blast their way to non-existence.

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