Karma: Your Shopping Assistant 2022


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Save products from other websites and get notified when they go on sale
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It’s time to say goodbye to mindless shopping and hello to your new shopping assistant!

By using clever technology, the Karma app can help you shop smarter and save you both time and money!

Easily save your favorite items for later from thousands of stores, so you can purchase it when you’re ready.

It keeps an eye on all your saved items for you in one place so that you can stay organized.

It sends you real-time price and inventory updates on products you’ve saved, so you can make sure to purchase at the right time.

Karma gives you full access to automatic cashback on hundreds of retailers. No points. No gimmicks. Real cash.


We get it. Having to switch back and forth between shopping apps is a real pain in the cart! That’s why we’ve gathered all the important deets all in one place: the Karma app.

Ready to get up close? Simply tap any item to get started.

This new version makes it easier to manage item specifics, edit notifications, add items to lists, and more – Just tap the edit button at the top of the page. Plus, scroll down to see price trends for that item and what like-minded shoppers are shopping for!


4 comentarios en "Karma: Your Shopping Assistant 2022"

  1. johnny watson dice:

    So far, so good. The app ui is easy to navigate, and my overall experience has been positive. I did have an issue attempting to cancel and item. They ended up sending it and charging me, and it costs to send it back so.. I’m stuck with it.

  2. Conner Lai dice:

    I’ve been using karma even before it changed names from shoptagr. I love being able to compile items in lists but the app doesn’t seem to accurately display prices or in-stock status. It doesn’t notify me when sales on any of my items occur either. Overall it’s great to make wishlists but for me personally it doesn’t seem to function properly otherwise. Hope there’s a way this can be fixed.

  3. Becky Rowe dice:

    This app is definitely useful, and i will continue to use it, but it is kind of frustrating to use. Like i have a pixel 4 and the only way to go back a page is by swiping the screen, but if I’m on a website through Karma and want to go back a page, it’ll just disconnect me from the site i was browsing. Also, most of the times they’ve said an item was back in stock, it actually wasn’t.

  4. Tyler N. dice:

    Great app with a great concept. There is, however, some room for improvement. Many of the images (Neiman Marcus, All Saints) were unable to load. Not all of the prices (All Saints) wouldn’t sync either. Lastly, I was unable to click-through to the recommended similar items. These are some issues that end up taking away from the app, but I’m hopeful they’ll be resolved soon. I can picture this app becoming a helpful addition to online shopping.

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