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Picking the right product is challenging today with so many products to choose from. Peekage is your solution to that problem. We’re offering an easier way for you to find products you’re actually interested in. With Peekage, you can try them for free before spending anything on them.

Did you test a product? Share your feedback with us and earn free gift cards from your favorite brands.

Whether it’s the best thing that you ever tried, a great package with all the required information, or a product that didn’t meet your expectations, we reward you for your honest feedback because it helps make the products you use and love that much better.

And the best part? You get rewarded EVERY TIME you share feedback.

It’s super simple too. Just answer your daily packs before they disappear from the app, get coins for each answer, and use your coins to claim new offers. You can even convert your coins into gift cards at major retailers like Amazon, Walmart, Sephora, Best Buy, and more!

Are you ready to get rewarded for your opinions? Here’s how you can get started:

1. Download the Peekage app for free.
2. Answer a few questions, so we can customize your experience and offer you relevant products that you’ll love.
3. Start claiming FREE offers for your favorite products.
4. Receive daily packs on the Peekage app that ask you about yourself, your past experiences, and for product feedback. Packs are typically 3-6 questions long.
5. Get rewarded for sharing additional feedback about your experience.

Claim free products and get rewarded for your feedback.
Download Peekage Today and make your opinion count!

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We update the Peekage app as often as possible to help make it faster and more reliable for you.

In this version:

- Minor improvements and bug fixes
- More intuitive UX
- Feedback pack and mystery reward changes

Love the app? Rate us! Your feedback helps us to improve the Peekage app.


40 comentarios en "Peekage MOD 2022"

  1. Dee Son dice:

    This app is really hit or miss. When I first downloaded it, it loaded quickly and was able to smoothly navigate to different pages. However, for the past few days it won’t load or say there’s an error & try again. I’ve restarted the app my phone, uninstalled/reinstalled and nothing helps. It’s so aggravating, especially when you’ve used points to buy something to pay shipping for & you would like to access your rewards page. I’ll give it until the weekend & will delete if it’s still acting up.

  2. Definitely getting better with the offers and samples. I love that I get random items in the mail to try out and provide feedback on. It also seems to be unique finds that aren’t the same as offers through other similar sites. I’ve found a couple of products that I absolutely love through Peekage, that I otherwise would not have had exposure to for a long time, that I now use & purchase regularly. I’ll keep taking your surveys if you keep sending great products and offers.

  3. Really great and legit! I’ve been using this for only 1-2 months and already have enough for a $10 gift card. They send you offers sometimes for physical samples so I also have a $10 additional card from filling out a survey about that! So in total I am at $20 for couple months of very small easy tasks. 4* because there are some technical issues like the app crashing or not loading a lot. But I’m sure they will fix it eventually

  4. Love peekage!!! The best survey site period. If you wanna call it that. They are few questions, nothing like all the other survey sites. Completely different in every way. You accumulate tokens so quick. To trade for great prizes. Ive gotten babe lash serum and mascera for free, sephora gift card, etc. Plus very short and easy questions. Site or app is very easy to navigate. Enjoy

  5. R R dice:

    After completing a mission, the app freezes on “getting your rewards” screen. This happens all the time, even after several attempts. Please fix. UPDATE: 11 days later, the packs are still not working. Support is non-existent, hot streak lost with no fix given, the app hasn’t been updated since March. In short: the app doesn’t work. Developers: wake up and read the reviews of your users. What happened to the gift cards for Google Play and Whole Foods? This app is getting worse by the minute.

  6. I can’t even log in to the app. I’ve tried to uninstall and reinstall and it keeps stopping right after I put the correct password in. Sounds like a cool app, but if you can’t even log in it’s useless unfortunately. I have since been able to download it to my tablet, and it’s easy to use. There aren’t the type of samples I’m interested in available though. Maybe later there will be.

  7. The notifications of when new packs are available don’t seem to work so I constantly lose my streak. Sometimes the answers to questions are poorly worded or don’t give you an option to say “none of the above” if asking about something you already said no to in previous questions. Otherwise, love the premise of the app and enjoy getting to try new products!

  8. I signed up and actually received a free full size sample of Royal Harissa (Seasoned Basmati Rice & Lentils) net wt 8.5 oz + $2 off coupon in the mail in under a week. It’s easy & free to sign up, coins are easy to get. You have to save them if you want something really good. Great coupons & discounts. I love this app, can’t wait to apply for more free samples. ❤ Thank you for the opportunity.

  9. Ave Rose dice:

    App goes blank after a survey. I have to close it then open it back up to get to the home page. Besides that, Peekage is easy to use and has some offers that are good. It would be nice to have access to discounts that aren’t already available on a company’s website. Great sample programs!

  10. KT dice:

    Don’t waste your time – I can’t even get past the splash screen – I keep getting “an error occurred” message and hitting “try again” to reload it does nothing. Force quit, cleared cache, restarted, and still doesn’t work. Apparently this company just put a bunch of monkeys at keyboards hoping an app would come out of it.

  11. You don’t exactly get to test free products. You fill out little surveys for tokens and then you pick an item you’d like to try. However you mainly get discounts for items versus actually getting them for free. I haven’t received any daily missions in almost a month. Not exactly a try free product app. Would love to recommend and give more stars but I am unable to because of the experience I had.

  12. Peekage is an awesome app. I absolutely love it. Not only are the surveys super quick but they give you the opportunity to try products before you buy them through samples or a big percentage off thru a coupon. Yes you might still have to buy the product but you can’t get the coupons that Peekage offers. And if you don’t want either of those options then you can save up for gift cards.

  13. I’ve had only one minor problem with the app, which is that I sometimes can’t get the app to open the Offers page by clicking on the Offers tab. I can get there via the Wallet tab, so it is a pretty un-problematic problem. Today I accepted my 2nd reward/offer. Looking forward to trying the product. It is frustrating that missing one day’s Pack returns me to zero, but that is also something I knew going in. Chronic migraines make me miss regularly, but that’s not Peekage’s issue.

  14. So far, I’ll give it 4 stars, really 3.5 if I could, with ability to move up or down once I itder5⅘) Also, when I first started, I had quite a few packs in a row (5 or 6, IIRC) and I was on a nice little streak. However, I accidentally closed my app and when I opened it just a few seconds later, the packs were no longer available and I only get 1 every 24 hours. Not sure if this is how it’s supposed to work or not, just seemed a little strange.

  15. I haven’t really gotten to experience my first sample, but the app is super easy to use and the surveys are super straightforward and quick. Also they’re are others options that allow you get additional coins for better rewards or more sample choices if that is something you would want to take part of. I’m excited for my first sample and I feel like this will be a in this for the long haul!

  16. I really like the app so far. The surveys are fairly quick and have a nice interface. It notified me I didn’t qualify for a 3rd party survey immediately after completing the basic demographic info instead of wasting my time with more questions. It then offered me a survey I did qualify for that was a reasonable length for the payout. There aren’t a lot of offers, but the ones available are things I would use and their “price” is on par with other survey sites that exchange tokens for rewards.

  17. Erin D dice:

    So far the app is responsive, it works well and has a clean material design. I’ve filled out my profile and taken a few of the in-app surveys, which are short (which I like) and multiple choice. Some open-ended Q’s have a Search box that doesn’t work well because you can’t actually input text—just choose from approx 8 choices that don’t pop-up right away. You can earn + points with daily surveys. I haven’t used points or ordered a gift card yet, so I’ll update my review when I see how it goes.

  18. I have had the app for a little over 2 months now, and it worked perfectly fine. However for the last few weeks I have had it the surveys have just stopped and that is what gets you the points. I have contacted the people who run the app like last week and got no response. Also I have kept the app downloaded just incase it was a problem with an update or something but more then two weeks is plenty of time to fix it and it still is not fixed

  19. [Update 3] After finally getting enough to redeem a gift card, I consistently get an error and cannot use my points. Plus, I never get responses from support beyond an initial request for additional information. I enjoyed this app at first, and doing the packs (surveys) was enjoyable, but be aware of the high probability of getting close to redemption of a gift card only to be met with a screen that says there’s no more packs or to not be able to redeem your points at all.

  20. I do a lot of survey apps. This is the ONLY one to never pay out. I had surveys every single day for months, and even with the low pay out and high cost of a gift card (11000 points is the lowest cost of a card) I still stuck it out for months. I got to 10254 points, and… everything stopped. Three weeks now and I have had not a single survey. I’ve never wasted so long on an app before only to have it completely scam me. Ridiculous! Edited to add that I had a 55 day streak before stalling!

  21. Just started but so far so good. Earning points is easy. Even got a coupon for $3 off a razor club kit, not that I’ll use it because honestly I don’t have $20 or rather $17 to spend @ the moment to order a shaving kit. But some might be able to use the coupon. Will update more about the app as I learn more. But as of now I have nothing negative to say about Peekage.

  22. It’s ok, the surveys are quick but often takes 1 to 2 days before you at given or allowed to take another one. For quick easy surveys go check out Dabble instead, they have more regular ones also. I also really dislike the write out an option but only for the very limited choices given to pick from. Just don’t give me the option to type things out if they never were to be accepted. But the easy of use is what keeps rated as a 4, maybe give more options.

  23. Love this super awesome app! Surveys are quick and easy to answer and coin payout is decent once completed. Coins earned, redeem various samples/ deals (promo codes for sites or in store coupons) . “Cost” of samples and deals aren’t crazy expensive either, so you can redeem them pretty often if you like. I really do enjoy the concept of this app. I actually recieve the samples promised and a lot of the time some good coupons or promo codes with it.

  24. I like how the surveys are wicked short and sweet. Although I wish there were more opportunities to earn points for the gift cards. I’m not very good at remembering to open and use the app daily so I wind up loosing out on the streak multipliers as well. I have my notifications for the app enabled so beats me as to why I don’t have a reminder from peekage that alerts me to complete the new pack that gets unlocked. Other than those small gripes I like the app very much.

  25. Kayla R dice:

    Would not recommend. I did get a few small samples. There are gift cards you can claim once you get enough points. You start out with a ton of surveys every day. When you get close to the gift cards, you suddenly completely stop getting surveys. I wonder if they have an algorithm to stop users from actually claiming the gift cards. Also there were some surveys you would spend time doing and at the very end of it, it would say you are disqualified for no reason. Huge waste of time!

  26. April dice:

    So far it has been a complete waste of time. I spent some of my points to get trial sized item to test out and I have never received it, I contacted peekage multiple times, they have said they would get back to me in a day and they have never gotten back to me. It would be a good app if you actually received the items you waste your point on

  27. I like the quick “packs” that are 2-4 questions and the ability to eat more coins by checking in everyday to keep the streak going. I just recently got an offer to sample products, which took a while but it’s still a good app with great products. My only complaint is how long it takes to get enough coins to redeem for gift cards

  28. Surveys are inconsistent, having options that are not comprehensive or reflective of answers you already put. Besides a technical error that wouldn’t allow me to do a survey and broke my streak (which was fixed after contacting customer service), I just got to 11000 points and have not had a new survey in days, so I redeemed the only gift card for that exact value. Prize options are not great. Streak is 52 days, but with no new surveys I’m uninstalling.

  29. UPDATE: I really enjoyed this app when I first started using it. It was simple to earn coins and receive coupons or products from using those coins. I claimed 3 free products and was really impressed and excited, but I still haven’t received any of them and the offers are always the same ones so I have nothing to use my coins on. I still complete the surveys & earn coins but they are just sitting there because I’ve already claimed what was available & I also can’t find a way to get giftcards.

  30. Lisa Nord dice:

    I love the simple surveys that are offered. They make it easy to earn points that you can “spend” on samples or discounted offers. I haven’t received any samples yet, but I’m looking forward to trying some, soon. The Peekage app is easy to use and I’ve had no issues so far.

  31. So far I printed out a coupon for a free energy drink and redeemed coins for free eyelash serum and endurance mix packets that are supposed to be mailed to me. It’s been awhile so I don’t know if I will get them. Most of the things available are for a percentage off a purchase or $10 off a $25 purchase and most of it is health food. Whole Foods is the only gift card I have seen and it costs a lot. They say they have hundreds of items but all I see are same 16 all the time and I’m not interested.

  32. Not a bad app, but I haven’t rec’d samples that I signed up over a month ago. STREAK rate is easy to attain. Surveys typically disqualify me after 2-3 questions. When I do get through a full survey, the screen goes white, forcing me to exit the app or hit back-losing the points I earned. Daily Pak is guaranteed great points, just wish there were more reward options, like (I still want the kettle cooked chips I was selected to try-said up to 21day delivery 😫 its way longer)

  33. Malkea H dice:

    I like the app but it does have glitches. After finishing a sponsored pack, the screen freezes on an all white image. I have to close app and reopen it. Also, the sponsored packs disappear mid mission if your phone screen goes black. Therefore I am inable to finish it and miss out on those points.

  34. Lila B dice:

    I got a coupon for $3 off some ice cream bars, but there are very few offers available. Currently 16 on my page, and none of them are actually free. It’s just a discount or “just pay shipping” type of deal. Feels like they’re just harvesting my data and not giving anything in return 🤷

  35. Love this app, however, It’s been 2 months since I’ve had new packs to answer. Just when I had enough to answer one more pack for a $20 sephora gift card..not only was the gift card taken down, but I have no more packs to answer for 2 months. Just disappointing, plus I lost my streak. But I’m staying hopeful and still check every day.

  36. Can’t add address or update profile. Error message keeps popping up on the address bar as if it can’t find anything, including zip code and state.

  37. Last Update I hope. Going from 1 star to 3 only because I did everything you stated below trying to get all my lost points back. I never did hear back. That being said I got my points growing again and earning great things again. Even losing all my points. EVERYONE this app is still so worth it. I love it.

  38. The app is cool , you buy free samples with coins you earn but there needs to be more opportunities to earn coins. I’ve been using this app for a few months now, the offers are pretty neat but needs to be more free items

  39. csatoday dice:

    The offers aren’t good, you barely get any surveys if any at all. The packages that they want you to do are only once a day or 2 or 4 days apart. Bottom line if you’re wanting rewards or offers from this app look somewhere else.

  40. I am only giving 3 stars because I haven’t been able to open the app for at least 3 days. That means my daily steak(which was well over 25) (if I ever get app to open) will start over at zero. I have ordered 5 different products with my point tokens & have received 2. There are never any pollfish surveys for me. If I get chance to try a poll, it gets all my info & don’t want my opinion. Poll=my info, me=nothing. Update: 5 days, no response & can’t open! 8 days-still can’t open app

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