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The Nespresso app allows you to buy coffee capsules, machines, and accessories on-the-go or at home on your Android device.
Enjoy the Nespresso shopping experience anytime, anywhere:
• Refill your stock of capsules and explore new coffees
• Find the right machine for you, and exclusive accessories to complete your coffee corner at home
• Stay up to date with the latest Nespresso Limited Edition coffees
• Discover the nearest Nespresso points of interest on the store locator (Nespresso Boutiques, retail stores selling Nespresso coffee machines, and coffee capsule recycling points)
Do even more with the app with one of our ‘connected’ machines:
• Get notified when your capsule stock is running low to ensure you never run out
• Navigate through recipes to nurture your inner barista
• Ensure the best coffee experience cup after cup through regular notifications from your machine on when descaling is needed, or the water tank is nearly empty
• Get direct access to machine “How-to” videos

Take advantage of our extensive delivery services*, such as:
• Free Standard or Pick Up Point delivery on purchases of coffee capsules and machines
• Nespresso Boutique Pick-Up
• Nespresso Express delivery
• Nespresso Saturday & Sunday delivery
• Nespresso Your Time (choose the most convenient date and time of your delivery)
*Availability and conditions of each service depend on your geographical area


Bug fixes and enhancements to improve the stability and performance of the application.


40 comentarios en "Nespresso MOD 2022"

  1. App is easy enough to use; however, here are my suggestions: 1) when you pull up a blend to look more into it, when you hit the back button, have it be where you left off. It always jumps to the top again. 2) I had to cancel my recurring orders (which stinks because you get free sleeves) because I can’t add the recycling bags to recurring orders. Please fix that, and I’ll happily set a recurring order back up.

  2. The app works fine but it seems the only use for it is to order pods. It would be very nice to be able to control the machine through the app. Maybe to set it to make coffee at a certain time, to set it to double brew rather than having to hit the button twice, and especially to set it to descale rather than the insane combination of button pushes it takes.

  3. Doesn’t load when on WiFi and doesn’t work with Google Pay. Also, when you click to go back, it takes you all the way back to the top. Also, many of the selections for coffee don’t display the size or if it’s good with milk or not. Also, just found out that you can’t track your order from the app. I have to login to the website. Pretty poor app considering how awesome the coffee machine is.

  4. I installed this app thinking it would give error messages and allow you to start cleaning processes and descaling with the app. We’ve had a very difficult time getting cleaning processes to start with the button pushing sequences. The app is worthless as far as the machine goes, why even bother have it connected? When you go to machine help it only gives you YouTube video. Ridiculous. The app literally is more of a shopping app.

  5. The app is very good fairly easy to navigate except one problem….the cart. After making selections, then signing in..the cart doubles my order. Not sure is memory doesnt get flush upon order refreshing. It has happened a couple times within the last couple weeks. Machine information and quick look up is good too.

  6. S Bee dice:

    It’s just coffee, it shouldn’t be this complicated, especially at this outrageous boutique price point. Not accessible. Tough to navigate; slow and page always refreshing; crashes and errors constantly; no details about products without loading a new page specifically for each item; no gender neutral prefix on address; confusing setup and use for Vertuo Next. It’s not my device, I tried two different ones.

  7. Needs work. App is SO SLOW. The functionality is hyper sensitive to using the back arrow on your phone and will close the app if you’re not careful. Applying promo codes only works half the time. The rest of the experience is clunky. Any time you try to go back you get kicked all the way out or back to the home screen. It has potential but they badly need a new UX designer. For a brand that hits well at a premium experience and product, the mobile technology is absolute trash.

  8. Annie F. dice:

    Adding to my earlier comment: App just feels like it’s getting worse. Not up to par with the marketing of the product. Really don’t like using app but we have to. 🙁 As others have commented, it’s a very basic app and it doesn’t always work smoothly, though my last transaction went fine. Honestly, it’s fine but it lacks creativity. It really hasn’t changed in the 7-8 years I’ve used it which says a lot.

  9. App could easily be more pleasant to use w/ a couple simple fixes. 1) Allow users to fave/save items they like—or want to remember to try, etc—to a list(s). 2) Save scroll position on the shop list, so that when you select to view the details of an item and then go back, you’re where you left off on the list rather than suddenly at the top again. — Of course, also feel free to make it load more quickly or give a better incentive to use an app.

  10. Checkout is broken at Step 3 (Payment). At the bottom of this window you can choose either gift card or credit card. No matter what you choose, nothing happens. There is no field to enter any payment information. Clicking “Next” just reloads the same page. I have to make all purchases on the web version of their store. App is now useless.

  11. This app is basically useless. It offers less functionality than the website and very frequently fails to load, loses what I’ve added to my cart, and does other random strange things. Do not trust this buggy app to make a purchase. I’ve tried the app multiple times on different devices and it’s not getting better. I honestly can’t figure out why they are even bothering with it.

  12. Please fix the website. I don’t like the app at all, but am forced to use it. I haven’t had problems for the last 5 years ordering online, but in the last year it is almost more hassle than it’s worth. Checking out online continually bombs out. Also, still can’t order free samples on the app. Can’t order free samples as in website. Also can’t see shipping method on order status page. Wouldn’t use, but website seems to be down for the past two days.

  13. App is very good. I like the way you can see the basket qty as you scroll through the available capsules. Only recommendation is, when I drill down to read about a coffee and then press the back arrow, I end up at the beginning and have to scroll down and find where I left off. Would be a time saver if the back arrow returned to the place I left off in the scrolling/browsing process.

  14. The application is easy to navigate and easy to use, but I rarely have a smooth check out experience. When it comes time to purchase pods, once I get to the checkout section and attempt to input my card information, the app fails and I have to restart it. I’ve attempted to uninstall and reinstall the app several times, which never resolves the issue. It makes the entire process a total turn off. Please fix these application bugs! I’ve sent feedback for this particular issue several times now!

  15. The app is user friendly, but… I’m not finding where you put in for free samples of coffee, like it says to on the website (via email). When checking out on the website, my app immediately opens, but my order doesn’t transfer. It would be nice to see the special offers that are sent via email on the app as well. Maybe a “special offers” tab on the bottom of the app page would be awesome!

  16. What does this app do? It’s basically just the same as their online ordering, plus theoretically it connects to your machine. But most Nespresso automatically turn off after a few seconds. So you’re physically putting a capsule in the machine, and instead of pushing the button, you can log onto your phone which takes 10 seconds and maybe push the button before the machine turns off? It’s a joke. Pretty app, almost no features.

  17. Always Room for Improvement, but Great App. I wish that when I clicked into a coffee to read about it, that when I go back it takes me back to the section I was at. I have to scroll all the way back down. It would also be really cool to see a comparison of 3 coffees authentic same time. Add some more statistics to the descriptions. Maybe call out the roast level (from mild to bold) along with intensity like you already have. Lots of things you can do, keep it up!

  18. Cannot connect with the internet. This app pairs your phone with the coffeemaker. The app then stated that the machine “is connected to the wifi network, but cannot connect to the internet”. None of my other devices is having difficulty connecting, so this app is pretty useless. Adjusting the water levels, either through the app or manually on the machine, does not work.

  19. In the past, the app was a bit convoluted. Tracking an order can be still be difficult, depending on the shipper. However, overall updates over the last couple of years have made it intuitive and quick to use for ordering – and who can argue with free delivery! I continue to be happy with the products offered, appreciate the consistency of pricing, and the commitment to sustainability!

  20. This app needs a serious overhaul. It always loses my order the first time I try to check out, and the buttons to select the pods I want is so small that even a slight tap in the wrong spot will instead take me to the details. Then, if I hit the back button, it takes me all the way up to the top again. Also, scrolling will sometimes accidentally “select” something, too. It’s a great premise for an app, but it needs a proper designer to make it live up to its full potential.

  21. I have been trying to order for days. I have been a customer for over a year and this app has had glitches before but never like this. It says I have something in my cart that is no longer available but the listed item that is unavailable is not in my cart. I’ve removed all items and started over and still the same thing. Very frustrating. There are no updates available and log out, uninstall, reinstall and log back in is not helping either! I would like to place my order, please fix this issue!

  22. It does the job in terms of ordering what you need and paying for it. The interface, however, is not user friendly. For example, finding an area to track an order is not intuitive. I would also like to see a recommendation screen where I can list the flavors or types of coffees I’d like to see Nespresso develop in the future.

  23. Vas Vas dice:

    Trying to locate boutiques/retailers/recycling points on the map, it keeps saying there are 0 locations. It keeps zooming in to my current location, that obviously has none of these nearby, but it won’t allow me to zoom in to different areas of Athens and locate these places wherever they exist! It keeps going back to my current location! Horribly designed/non functioning part of the app. Haven’t tried anything else yet, and I doubt I would based on this experience!

  24. Sue Yang dice:

    I was rather intimidated by the different light signals of my machine, but this app helps inform me of issues and how to resolve. For example, the lid not being locked properly. It is also convenient to order capsules and having a variety to choose from instead of having limited flavors available at the grocery store.

  25. The app won’t let me place my order. There is a “warning” message stating certain capsules are no longer available. I cannot delete the message. I empty my cart and try again but cannot order anything at all. I have tried deleting and reinstalling the app and the warning message remains. It won’t let me proceed to place my order. This error message has been ongoing since January. My daughter’s app and different account has the same problem.

  26. Issues from beginning, downloaded App, w/ several attempts to log in with email and password after setting up my account, failed every time. Tried logging in via Nespresso’s website with still no success. Did a password reset. I was finally able to log in successfully after resetting password. Strange part of it all is that It showed I had items in my cart when it wouldn’t even let me sign in. Definitely bugs to be fixed plus not able to have residential billing address separate from shipping.

  27. The dumbest app ever. If by mistake you chose at registration a machine with Bluetooth, there’s no way to delete it unless it’s connected to Bluetooth. Guess what, I don’t have that machine, therefore I can’t delete it. Who designed this app? Also, I every other app when you click back button takes you to the previous screen. This genius, closes the app. So frustrating. Hate this app.

  28. The app continually produces errors that won’t allow me to complete an order. The “continue” with your order is dithered out and the app tells me that a random flavor of coffee is out of stock even though I don’t have it in my basket. I have had to call to personally order the last 2 times. I enjoy the free samples but with the hassle it is easier to just order from Amazon.

  29. David Cyr dice:

    I was constantly going on line to the website to place/view my orders until I discovered this app. It’s easy to use and quite convenient, as it signs in automatically when you open it up and it will retain your info if you want it to without having to sign in every time. My only beef is that after viewing a specific item in detail, when I go back, it takes me to the beginning and not where I left off. Overall, I’d give this app an B++.

  30. No longer slow and buggy! Was annoying to use before recent update but now works much better. Only thing I’d fix now is to make adding the recycling bags easier – it seems to dissappear rather quickly and so you have to click back to the home screen and then back into the bag to get it to pop up if you were too slow to add it the first time you went to the bag before checkout.

  31. I like the app. It makes ordering easy. However, it seems that I always have to call customer service because of a small glitch. For instance: this morning I was unable to find where to order the recycling bags to be included with my purchase. Dealing with customer service is very easy I just don’t want to have to call them every time I use to app.

  32. Bob Hyman dice:

    App looks good, but not well integrated with Android design. 1) if I fill out a shipping address, but then switch over to contacts app to check postal code before saving, then switch back to Nespresso, it clears the form and I have to start over. 2) easy to get stuck on wrong page if I don’t notice which tab I’m on. Frustrating!

  33. A decent app. Nothing bad but less functionality than the website. I dont know why the free samples are not offered on the app but they are available on the website. Also, can you please make recycle bags easy to add to each order? such as, like a promo cade, add a box for recycling bags and samples to the checkout process for every order. Also, consider a favoriting option so I can sort and find preferred items easily. I dont always remember exactly what others in the household like!

  34. it wouldnt let me register my machine… and I feel like some of it could be more explained… I was looking for the Welcome kit… theres a free gift if you get 10 sleeves… but the quantity per sleeve wasnt apparent… especially when you can order the pods individually. I eventually figured it out.. ordered the 10 sleeves.. but I think it could have been just a pinch more clear. overall… it was a good experience though

  35. I did not experience any significant problems running this app. The only issue I had was when I wanted to complete/pay for my order. I couldn’t find a cart to check out. After clicking around the icon appeared and the order was completed. Otherwise, the app was intuitive and easy to use.

  36. Terrible, laggy, cart takes a long time to actually show whats in there, I accidently mistyped my credit card security code and the only way to fix it was to force quit the app, and restart the process. If the app can tell me there is an error and the order can’t be completed, it should be able to allow me to fix the error right there.

  37. New to Nespresso. I registered my Creatista Plus, and I choose original pods, but it keeps telling me that I’m getting the wrong pods. I could just ignore that, but all of my free samples are verturo pods – useless and you can’t change that. Customer service had no idea how to fix except uninstall/reinstall, which I did several times. No change. I’m really disappointed, because I don’t want to have to call in every time I want to place an order.

  38. the app is okay but it could use some much-needed improvement. Tried adding a new credit card at the point of checkout and when I did after entering the information, it made me restart the whole order all over again. A few of the capsules it doesn’t show the size in the description so you can’t really tell if you’re getting a larger or small

  39. Good. since you have to purchase the nespresso vertuo capsules from nespresso this app is the way to do it. You can set up an account that’s linked to your machine in case it needs to be updated. You also set up reoccurring orders and it remembers previous orders and has promo codes available. It has been slow at times if I’m on it for while and switching between other apps but I just restart it and it keeps my items in my basket. Good app for a great machine!

  40. My orders always get here on time but when I started buying my vertuo capsules it said free samples with your orders, I’ve yet to receive any. It would be nice to get to sample some of the new ones or specialty ones. I always order 40 to 60$ worth. Or it would be nice to have samples packs to purchase so you dont waste money on something you don’t like.

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