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The best way to stay updated on the latest Galaxy, shop the curated deals, get personalized recommendations, and unlock exclusive offers on Shop Samsung App.

Fourth of July Summer Sale
Enjoy the freedom to connect this Fourth of July, from the sand to the sofa. Find deals on appliances, entertainment and more.

Stay updated on the best deals of the latest Samsung products
Receive notifications in your Inbox to get the best deals of the new devices including Galaxy S22 Ultra, Galaxy Tab S8, Bespoke Jet Cordless Stick Vacuums, Bespoke French Door, Neo QLED 8K TV, The Freestyle, and more.

Flex your watch with Samsung Design Studio
Over 50 styles to personalize your unique Galaxy Watch4. Choose your case and band and explore your combination in Samsung Design Studio.

Design your space with BESPOKE Design Studio
Start customizing your BESPOKE 4-Door Flex ᵀᴹ refrigerators with eight available colors and two finishes. Plus, get 100 days to buy and try and 90 days to exchange front door panels. χ

Earn Samsung Rewards and redeem points
Log in with your Samsung account and earn reward points with the purchase of select products. Check and redeem your Samsung Rewards points with one click.

Pay over-time with Samsung Financing**
– Choose Samsung Financing during checkout for any order of $49 or more.
– Get approved in seconds and receive monthly detailed billing statements.
– A revolving line of credit will be loaded to your account so you can keep using it on any future purchase on Shop Samsung App or

Flexible payment options
Quick checkout and pay with flexible options including Samsung Pay***, PayPal, or Amazon Pay.

Spread the Samsung love and earn rewards
– Create your Samsung rewards account after making a purchase.
– Share your unique referral code with your friends and family.
– You friends and family will get 5% off their purchase, and you’ll earn up to $1000 in rewards.

Free shipping, free return. Safe, contact-free delivery to your door.

Start Shopping!
Learn more:

*Compatible devices only.
** Subject to credit approval. Terms apply. Open the app for details.
***Samsung Pay is available with select cards from participating
banks on Samsung devices.

*Terms and conditions apply.


Fourth of July Summer Sale
Get $100 instant Samsung Credit with Galaxy S22+ or Ultra
Get up to $1100 off on Washers and Dryer sets
Get up to $700 off Samsung Neo QLED 4K TVs (2022)


40 comentarios en "Shop Samsung 2022"

  1. SteelBump dice:

    Pretty satisfied. Just got some galaxy buds and traded in my old ones quick and easy. Checkout took less than 10 minutes. The only inconvenience I have is that the app is a bit slow on occasion and things will take longer to load, but I am on a slower phone, so it might be that too. Overall great shopping experience and I can’t wait to get my buds when they arrive!

  2. One tv quit picking up wifi have to use google chrome. Another after 3 years all of a sudden just started turning off comes on by itself and just repeats. Went through customer service nothing worked no help getting it fixed. Zfold3 freezes when I hook it up to android auto. Headphones stopped working(they did replace those because they were still under warranty) Bottom line products fail outside of warranty date there’s little to no help. Not a customer fault they fail within 3 yrs.

  3. App is fairly easy to use, but pricing is misleading and, in some cases, incorrect. Prices for most items reflect the cost after maximum trade-in, but few customers qualify. Also, in my experience, you cannot even trust the prices in the app until you have gotten to the final payment page. I ordered 2 items today, and it wasn’t until I got to the absolute final screen that the prices on both items increased by a combined total of $30. Very misleading.

  4. If you want to be spamed with endless ads and promotions on the daily basis with no guarantee any order you place will go through, then app is for you. I’ve been trying to place an order all week and it keeps getting canceled and customer service is completely clueless on how to actually resolve any problems. Samsung’s whole buying process is set up to where if anything is wrong or off with your order they just cancel it instead of reaching out to you to resolve it. Complete waste of time.

  5. Heidi Eby dice:

    I just spent the last hour chatting and didn’t get one question answered. However. I did find many resources and folks more than happy to help during business hours. They are open EST so call accordingly. I am more frustrated with my text-to-Speech disappearing and having to type with one finger. Samsung is SUPER and finds ways to make any bad situation a win-win situation. Good for all!

  6. I was pleased to learn that there is a Trade-In policy. My S4 phone & Galaxy Note 8 tablet are ready to be replaced. I downloaded the Shop app onto the tablet to find out the trade-in values. However, the app isn’t working. When I select a phone, the tablet freezes on a blank screen and that’s the end of it. So far, the app has done nothing. I would love to rate it higher if it would work as it should.

  7. this app is normally good, but recently it keeps glitching and giving the wrong price for items. I’ve been shopping for TVs and looking at the Frame and its showing me the 65″ is $999, which is not the case once I add it to my cart. Then I looked at watch straps, and they’re showing me $1,099 for a silicone band. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app, same thing. Might have been an error in the last update?

  8. The app contains no ads, and it is also the one point of reference for easily ordering smart devices from Samsung as well as being a part of their trade-in program. The fault in this app lies in the ordering system – its so vague it’s painful compared to how other services have modernized and adapted. It takes forever to update, so much so there have been instances I have received my device and the app/site still says its in transit for a day or two. Very strange.

  9. Vivian K dice:

    I have been with Samsung for a long time. This was the first purchase through this app. Found what I needed easily. No opinion on customer service as of yet, but I would imagine it’s like everywhere else with customer service progressing downward. Not thrilled with shipping times, but overall, I had a good experience. Will revisit this review, if needed.

  10. G. Pinske dice:

    Shopping for big-ticket items always makes me anxious, but not with this app! The prices, facts, and data are all there and reviews are straightforward. It was easy to explore and use the trade-in and financing options too. FILTERS: Once I got the knack of not “overfiltering” it was very helpful. Information to make a decision was all there but I needed to read carefully.

  11. easy to maneuver through the app and shop with ease. if you are new, customer service is friendly and walks you through step by step with whatever you need to do and explains the the whole site and where everything is if requested, and what to do if you have a specific problem. they are very personable. i have never had any issues with it thus far as far as glitches or bugs. if there IS ever an issue, i will be sure to edit my review. other than that, still an avid lover of all things SAMSUNG!!!

  12. It took me three days to place a pre-order. I was very disappointed with the fact that my app kept freezing up and I also received multiple error messages! In order for the app to unfreeze, I would have to completely exit out of the app and close it. I would then have to re-open the app, login again, and re-create my order once more. The chat / help features are useless. It never gives you a real person that can assist you with any issues.

  13. App is great BUT If you window shop, the price will increase and/or the promo items or credit will decrease. The price of the device you select will increase every time you place it in your cart. I suggest that you select your items and purchase them right away. If you try it a few days later, you will notice a significant $$ increase. Also, not sure why the price changes when you go to checkout, so keep an eye on it.

  14. Found out that it was cheaper to purchase the S20 unlocked directly from Samsung. Ordering couldn’t be easier, everything is explained and offered, bypass what you don’t want. Financing was unbeatable on top of that, not to mention 4 free months of YouTube Premium and 6 months of Spotify for free! Almost forgot the trade in value was the real kicker, enough of holding onto my old phone that I never had to use in the past ( there are plenty of those laying around here).

  15. Jeff _ dice:

    The chat app is horrible. Whenever I use it on my Note 20 ultra, if my screen goes dim, I lose connection with the representative, and have to start over with a new representative, wasting my time. Also, sometimes I’m typing and the keyboard hides the textbox, so I can’t see what I’m typing.. furthermore, you can’t back out and come back in or you will lose your chat session. Frustrating.

  16. All around a good app. It can have issues at time. Occasionally it may offer something for free and it tries to charge you for the item. It doesn’t want to automatically give me the option to use my points at times. As I said earlier, it’s a little glitchy. Samsung needs to double-check the app when putting promotions in.

  17. Rediculous UI Design! I am using a Samsung Tab A with a keyboard so it is in landscape mode. This app will NOT allow you to use it in landscape mode. Ever try typing your name, address, etc sideways. Really dumb design!! 🙁 FYI – The cart in their web sight is the same rediculous way!! What is Samsung thinking?? I was contacted by Samsung fairly quickly and I appreciate that. It shows that they do care. Now let’s see if they actually correct the issue. I’m hoping that they do.

  18. Giving it 2 stars because of the huge headache of trying to make an order for the Galaxy S10+. After filling it all out on the app and after it almost being complete, there ended up being an error and was told the app doesn’t always work right with ordering things. Why have an app for ordering stuff if it doesn’t actually work? Ended up not doing the order because I got tired of being on the phone. I lost out on a great deal and you guys lost out on my order.

  19. This app is so good to find new products and easy way to get what Samsung offers on each product. But there is some problem displaying product prices accurately. For example I am trying to order new S10, on the selection page the prices shown for the model before I select the variant and carrier are different from after. Yes that’s true the prices change based on selections. But after making several selections when I come back to initial variant and carrier I selected now I see price changed.

  20. My order keeps getting canceled. I got 100$ credit and can’t even use it. It keeps telling me that they couldn’t verify my payment, but I’ve checked multiple times with my bank and everything is correct. Samsung Support is worthless and can’t seems to help me. I’ve been working on this for over a week and done everything I can and nothing seems to work. I’m just done with this for now and if this problem gets fixed, I will update.

  21. It kept dropping my order every single time when I got interrupted in just trying to go through the ordering system!! The order save history does not exist. You have to start back at ground zero. Please, fire the higher-up or ups and not their subordinates that said yes to being a told dick on not saving ones order history. It will save you a lot of money. It will save you athe long run. Also, if you have higher-ups with constantly rotating/new subordinates that is a red flag that the boss is the problem.

  22. I’d never buy a Samsung product anywhere else. Transactions are smooth, clear, precise, and customer service is guaranteed though I’ve rarely ever had to make use of it over the years. I also find their deals to be more competitive than other stores and sites selling their products. That includes t-mobile and the like. Thank god no more of that! Lol. Anyway, if you own a Samsung product, use this app and thank me later! 😉

  23. Very helpful when dealing with customer service. Reliable service and great trade in credit. Very pleased. One exception though …when I had to return a damaged phone that I received CS couldn’t reorder a new one they could only process the return. It would have bern more convenient if they could do both at the same time. Instead I had to go through the ordering process again.

  24. I have always had a good experience when using the shop Samsung app. My favorite feature, which surprised me, is: When you add something to your wishlist, and periodically check your notifications, you may find that Samsung has put the item on sale, just for you.. Lastly; I’vee only ever had to call customer service once & to my surprise I didn’t end up on an endless holding loop of “Elevator Music.” The Service Rep. Seemed quite knowledgeable & was extraordinary helpful.

  25. It wants access to my contacts in order to sign in or make an account…seems fishy! I declined….weren’t very many options to choose from to purchase either. The ear phones i purchased from Amazon were less than half the price than they are offering for a cyber week “sale” price on this app. I only downloaded it for the Rewards offered thru Samsung Pay but I wasn’t able to reap the rewards cuz the prices are ridiculous and choices too limited. Just go to the website.

  26. Clunky. Hard to use. Not really helpful. Not made for mobile use…yet it’s an app. It was much easier looking things up on my laptop then searching for the item title in the app. Filter is not helpful as it gives EVERYTHING in just the category you filter. No way to reduce the filter to NOT show phone cases for instance. Btw…do you know how MANY phone cases you have to wade through… when you are not looking for phone cases?

  27. Every time I try and order a smartwatch, my order is cancelled because they can’t verify some or all of my payment information. Their solution is to try again with a different card. I have done that and still can’t place my order. Edit*** I tried calling that number and they said the problem was on the bank’s end. Seems very unlikely that 2 different banks would be having the same issue, especially since I’ve never had an issue ordering off of any other website.

  28. App requires access to your phone’s contact list to allow you to log in or register. It will not let you through without it. There is no reason I need to give my contact list to you just to sign up. The only reason you’d need my contact list is for marketing reasons, which is unacceptable for this type of app. — Edit after response: There is no user experience that requires access to my contact list just to log into the app. This is not justifiable with a “Don’t worry about it” rationale.

  29. The return process is a nightmare. If you need to talk to customer service it takes 20+ minutes, I’ve even waited as long an an hour and a half. You can’t use 2 promo codes on 1 transaction. Finally, i don’t suggest buying any large items like a tv through here. They ship it through a company that doesn’t honor shipping dates. Mine was almost 2 weeks late. I had to go pick it up at the shipping warehouse where it was sitting on a pallet in a puddle of water and open door getting moisture damage.

  30. The crashing issue has been fixed, kudos! The issue now is that there’s no dark mode option even when you switch the phone into dark mode. The app should be integrated to better interact with the phone’s settings since it’s all coming from Samsung. Again, why does the app need to access my “contacts” in order for me to access my account???

  31. the only thing I would like for them to add is to give us in option to receive a notification for when items that we want are restocked so it saves us the trouble of constantly going back to the app to see if an item is available because it took me almost a week to get the galaxy buds (yellow color) because they were always out of stock. A simple notification could help resolve this issue

  32. Gina Z. dice:

    Last week I did manage to pre-order the watch 4 classic and the order went through with samsung financing. I’ve been trying for days to order a few bands and it keeps encountering an error. The only payment method that seems like it will go through is Google pay which I don’t want to use. I ordered over $200 in accessories so what is the issue with the app??? I’ve deleted and reinstalled it several times with no luck. I would gladly update my review upon the issue getting fixed.

  33. Always a great experience. The only thing that can be improved upon is delivery options. You can’t opt to have your package held at UPS/FEDEX. It will be delivered to the address on file. I’m hapy that a signature is required but I wish you could have it held at the receiving facility versus having to go back and forth rescheduling deliveries if you were unavailable at the time of initial delivery.

  34. The app is great. Clean, fast, very user-friendly. But that’s only if I access it on my phone. Trying to use the website from my PC, omg! I spent hours on my PC trying to fix my address to no avail. It has my purchase shipping to my 2 year ago previous address. I gave up on the computer after almost 2 hours of trying to order a new phone, and in less than 10 minutes, had it ordered and being delivered to my current address via my cell phone. Keep the app, trash the website.

  35. The trouble is the fake prices. It says in small letters from then it gives a price and the full price is in very light type at least on mobile. The highlighted price is usually only if you have a higher-end trade-in. It all varies with the price of the thing you’re buying but it’s hard not to find it deceptive

  36. Trash, app advertising has false prices with information missing and checkout continues without prompt for conditions that supposedly apply to get the advertised price. Samsung doesn’t honor their advertised prices that has info missing making it appear discounted just for a deal , even details in fine print exclude any additional requirements to get the price listed. customer service has been a nightmare! I was hung up on by 3 people one of which was a supervisor and so far treated horrible.

  37. This is the only place i can think of to review. Great deals and products however you have to sign into your account to take advantage of them and samsung has somehow connected a random phone no. To my account that i cannot verify and ruined my account so i cannot login or change it now i have to create a whole new account. This is ridiculous.

  38. Easy to use app and customer support was actually helpful. Didn’t ask me irrelevant questions or try navigate me to an upgrade. Kept the focus and that my friends is how it should be done. I’m sure sticking to the desired topic shaved minutes off of my experience. Call me the minute man… wait what?! No don’t!

  39. Overall, i like the app for the convenience of shopping for Samsung products and the exclusive deals. Though there are times when I’m unable to complete a purchase because the app or their system glitches. I’ve spent a good 2-3 hours trying to buy a galaxy book and finally gave up. 4☆

  40. False Advertising. The app stated a specific date my order would be delivered if I paid extra for expedited shipping. It has now been a week beyond the original delivery date and I still haven’t received my order. I recommend you order from somewhere else.

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