Receipt Hog: Cash for Receipts MODDED 2022


Get rewarded for every purchase you make, online or in-store!
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Get real-money rewards for every purchase you make with the Receipt Hog app! Whether you shop online or in-store, just upload receipts and start earning. It’s as easy as that!

So what are you waiting for? Turn everyday shopping into rewards and savings. Any purchase, any store, any time with Receipt Hog!


1. First thing’s first – download Receipt Hog!
2. Check out the new Welcome Bonus for easy ways to start earning.
3. Recently shopped in-store? Snap and submit a photo of any receipt from the last two weeks.
4. If you prefer shopping online, simply connect your email account for easy receipt uploads. Share only the receipts you want to.
5. Track all your receipt uploads in one place for easy budgeting or returns. No more paper receipt wads in wallets and purses!
6. Link your Amazon or other loyalty accounts like Walmart, Target, and Costco to earn automatically!
7. Share feedback with your favorite brands and retailers through surveys and questionnaires catered to you.
8. Enter monthly sweepstakes for a chance to WIN BIG!
9. Redeem your earnings for real-money rewards from PayPal, Visa, or Amazon.

Receipt Hog takes your privacy very seriously. You’re in charge of what receipts you upload, what accounts you connect, and what surveys you take. Receipt Hog shoppers, like you, earn billions of coins every year – on your terms.

Download Receipt Hog and immediately start earning on your next grocery store run, restaurant visit, gas station or convenience store stop – even on your next online order!

With Receipt Hog, you earn rewards every time you shop – any store, any brand, online or in-person – no coupons, deals, or offers needed. Just share your paper or digital receipts and earn rewards!

BONUS – Each receipt earns you slot spins and sweepstakes entries for huge prizes. Answer surveys about the places you shop and products you buy for even more rewards.

Using the Receipt Hog app earns you real money. Accumulate rewards and coins, then redeem coins for cash with PayPal, Visa, or Amazon.

It’s never been easier to use a shopper panel rewards app. No more clipping coupons, chasing down expiring deals, or missing out on savings. Simply shop, share your receipts, and automatically earn rewards for all your purchases.

Turn all your receipts into cash with Receipt Hog – any receipt, any store, any item. It’s free, fast, and fun to use Receipt Hog!


1. Upload all paper receipts, no matter how big or small.
2. Connect your email account and check-in regularly to approve online receipt uploads.
3. Link all your loyalty accounts from your favorite shopping apps.
4. Upload weekly to max out your earning limit, level up, and earn frequency bonuses. The higher your level, the higher your rewards.
5. Earn slot spins with each receipt upload. Add to your bankroll by spinning daily, with a chance to win the Instant Win Spins jackpot.
6. Each receipt upload enters you into Receipt Hog’s monthly sweepstakes. The more you upload, the more entries you have for the Grand Prize.
7. Complete surveys and questionnaires.

Receipt Hog values your opinion and wants to make your experience the best it can be. Leave feedback in the ratings and reviews section and we’ll be sure to read and respond.


- This update fixes an issue where some users couldn't sign in with certain email addresses.


40 comentarios en "Receipt Hog: Cash for Receipts MODDED 2022"

  1. Love it, but has some issues. It won’t connect to my petco account at all and I shop there alot… all my reciept uploads in the notifications tab are out of order which is weird. So if I wanna check reciepts I just uploaded I have to scroll through a ton of others and maybe find it in the top, middle, or end. Didn’t used to do that before, and it’s up to date but it’s annoying and frustrating 😒

  2. UPDATE… Okay…for some reason the photo of the receipt is upside down after I take the picture of my receipt. I’m not sure if this purposely done, but I find it bothersome. Still.. I like it and and it is one of the better apps like this. I have cashed out a few times now at Amazon and PayPal. They have a VISA gift card too. But I don’t think you will be disappointed. They give you short surveys for extra coins. And extra coins for moving up levels.

  3. I do really like the app,however, it’s insane how many receipts it takes to earn anything. The slots “reward ” is not really a reward either if you think about it- a reward shouldn’t be the unlikely chance that you MIGHT win a game and then for the reward to be 2 coins more often than not. As much data as the app collects from the receipts they are given, it should really offer a lot more. Apps like this one used to be so much more beneficial, but they take more than they give now.

  4. I would like the downloaded receipts to be calculated much quicker. Also, I don’t like having to wait and click on “who bought the merchandise and whether I brought someone with me”, etc. It just takes too much time. You should just have one click to take a picture and immediately get to see if it was accepted. I have to wait days and sometimes a week, so I have to keep my old receipts around and it’s confusing. If you worked out those bugs, it would be an awesome app.

  5. I give Receipt Hog 4 stars for the fact that the app seems to work pretty well. It doesn’t freeze up and glitch. When I started using it I didn’t notice an increase in scam calls and emails. I’ve noticed that problem with other apps, but not Receipt Hog. I might not be using efficiently but it’s taken me a few months to get the 1000 points required for a $5 redemption, so it’s good as a 2nd or 3rd receipt redemption app if you have time for redundancy. Honest, clean app but low earner. Good job!

  6. I am loving this app. I had issues in the beginning but not any more. they make this easy and fun. I enjoy this so much. The app is doing so much better, but still having issues with it connecting my Amazon account. A update after using this app for a long time now. I am very frustrated with it appears it’s not recognizing my Amazon account even when I’m signed in. It was working in the beginning but as time goes just won’t give me the points…a little disappointed

  7. Stacy_dm dice:

    Been using it for over a year. This has gone way down hill. I have receipts that still show pending from 6+ days prior. Other apps don’t have this “pending period”. It is now taking almost a full minute just to upload a signal receipt. It’s very hard to stay on top of your points, due to the fact that they all go to pending. This has never been my go to app for receipts, but it was the second best. Now I’m contemplating uninstalling.

  8. Be warned. If you have receipts over the Holidays don’t bother uploading them. They won’t clear and you don’t get the credit. I haven’t been able to do the Behavior Purchase questionnaire for the last 3 months, I click on it and it says error portal can’t be found! And yes I have the most recent update! Also the last 2 weeks I have not been able to upload any receipts, it keeps spinning then asks if I want to cancel or reload, which is all I get now for any receipt. Uninstalling!

  9. Collecting points is a slow process but it’s super easy! You don’t have to buy any certain items like most apps. You just scan every receipt from your normal shopping and collect points each time. No gift cards really. They just pay PayPal, Visa, Amazon. Easy to understand. Anyone can do this and make a few bucks. I use this for my grandkids to buy stuff on the little online games they play.

  10. Always error messages. Never connects to any other accounts. I end up missing out on Bonuses. Way too often says my recipts are being reviewed, then says submitted past timeframes. So they are no longer valid. I have disputed, but it’s just becoming annoying. I’ve contacted customer service, but their response everytime is uninstall then reinstall the app. Not very helpful.

  11. It seems to take awhile to build up points but you really don’t need that many to get to a $5 reward. After a year I noticed it started asking questions for every receipt I uploaded. Not a big deal though. Maybe 2 per receipt on average. Thank you Receipt Hog! P.S. lately it’s been a little frustrating because the app takes forever to load between snapping receipts and then I keep getting error messages. Receipts will not upload. Not sure why. Samsung galaxy s22 ultra.

  12. This app is horrible, can’t even get signed up. I have gotten a loop of run around just trying to get started so I can’t imagine how it works after signing up..I setup my email and password and went to my email to verify, received a code which I immediately entered and get an error message. I tried setting up with another email and encountered similar issues. So I’m done with this, ridiculous!!

  13. This app was great when I did my first review but unfortunately editing it now in May 2022 because there’s so many bugs with the app now. It’ll constantly be in the “submitting” screen after choosing one of the options from the normal Who Went On This Trip section, the Hog Slots constantly spin and never stop, making you lose spins and no compensation for it and it has all kinds of trouble even connecting to other accounts. I’m wondering if it’s even worth having this app anymore.

  14. Used to be a great app. I got so many people to sign up (and didn’t even use the referral system) Now.. after I redeem my coins this last time, I’ll be deleting my account. It has become pointless. I literally upload every receipt and have so many issues with the computer reading the correct info. I’ve lost over 1000+ coins due to their system. It was cool while it lasted but I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone anymore.

  15. V. T.G. dice:

    Still having issues with connecting Amazon to the app. I’m losing out on points because of this. ___________ Why is it that there are so many negative things about this app? I connected Amazon to the app, and now it says I can’t connect it. I’m missing points because of these issues. It’s also not recognizing receipts it used to recognize. Still not working.

  16. Disappointed! It can take several minutes to several days to process receipts. Then get denied for various reasons days and days later. For example “receipt was too blurry” & to resubmit the receipt. By then they’ve expired & I no longer have the receipts & wouldn’t have any idea which receipt needs to be resubmitted. I double check them carefully before submitting to make sure they’re clear and complete. Been using the app for 7 mos, still haven’t been offered any surveys to complete.

  17. Takes a lot of reciepts to get to 1,000 points, which is $5. I’ve been scanning almost every single receipts since April 2022 and still have reached 1,000 points. Including linking my Amazon, which I’ve got no points from at all. Notifications are messed up, most recent notifications are tucked in the middle of notifications from last year when I tried this app to notifications from 2 weeks ago. Not worth your time.

  18. very difficult to get the exactly perfect photo they want. many of my uploads say it isn’t a full receipt and it is. and it’s in a flat surface with good lighting. some that I upload the day of getting say it’s expired and it is not. and then the points are VERY low to earn. 5 points here. 5 points there. they start you out well when you sign up at first. then it starts to be kind of pointless to use. Fetch rewards is a lot better in my opinion.

  19. Lost all of my points from years of work (Apple iPhone 8+) Receipt Hog had an update back in Dec 2021 and was forced to not be able to use the app at all. Fast forward to updating my obsolete phone, I log into my account only to find that my points have been reset to zero. I had enough for a $40 reward redemption. Stick to Fetch rewards as even when an update is required, they still allow for app usage

  20. It is ok, but they need to fix the fact that you scanned in a whole day of receipts and none of them were approved. I seriously doubt that is correct. Especially since they weren’t old, they were legible etc. So fix that and I will decide from there. Also there time to get a reward takes forever. And then it is only a 5 Amazon card for 1000 coins/points. Seems a little discouraging to me. But we shall see how it goes once they fix the issues.

  21. Looks like I’m not the only one having problems with this app. Started out great, but now it’s hard to upload receipts with a majority of the time it says cancel or retry. Once I try to submit it, I just get a circle that spins round and round going nowhere. I should also add that my notifications haven’t been updated since 10/13/2021…. I think I might have to just cash out then uninstall unless this is fixed.

  22. This use to be a great app, I never had any problems with it. Now I have problems everytime I use it. If you have any store accounts connected and scan an in store receipt you won’t get rewards because it shows up as an online purchase. And if you try to disconnect those accounts, so you can get your coins, the next time you open the app they’re all connected again. And customer service isn’t very great at helping besides “we’re updating the app again thanks for your patience”. It’s a joke.

  23. Impossible to link Gmail account. This is ridiculous. I’ve been trying fior a year. But it ALWAYS tells me it’s linked. Then as soon as I open the app back up seconds later, It’s unlinked. Now the Impossible app password and 2 factor authentication does the SAME THING!! I am a big online shopper and I miss out on a lot of points. You need to make it easier!! Other apps just have you sign in and bam you’re done. Get with it!

  24. This app is very inconsistent. I shop at the same places regularly. Sometimes I scan my receipt and the app accepts it. Other times it says it isn’t eligible for credit. Additionally, it won’t take receipts on occasion stating they are duplicates or blurry when in fact they are crystal clear and not duplicates. Finally, I’ve been using Receipt Hog since before Thanksgiving 2021 and have only accumulated $5 in credit. That is PATHETIC and a complete waste of my time. Don’t waste your time by using this app.

  25. Uploaded reciepts going back to 2019, currently level 22. There has never been any redemptions after all the receipts, slot spins and surveys over that time. I opened the app in April, shocked to see all of my coins were gone. I reached out through the app and emailed them. They (Justin) finally emailed me back on May 1 saying they are working on it. The ticket was then closed on the app with no explanation. Then closed second ticket on this. Contact you? I did 4 times! That’s why I did a review

  26. Takes a looong time to add up points, only able to spin the slot on certain purchases and rarely win more than 2 or 3 coins (which is nothing really). Easy to do and upload receipts, and even though it may take me years to even get to a $15 reward, it’s free I guess-has the potential to be a great app, just not quite there yet…..BUT there are better receipt rewards apps out there where you will be able to get cash back or gift cards MUCH quicker! We will see if they improve it-time will tell!

  27. Best app the earn easy rewards, it just takes a few months unless you shop regularly. I also love their surveys that help me gain easy coins. Update: After 3 years of using this app, I actually won $100 from their slot spins. I always thought that was just an ad, but I finally did it! Thanks Reciept Hog, helps me get through the week a little better.

  28. For now 2 stars. I tried signing up for an account an it took an entire day to get a verification code. When I clicked on it, it was expired at that point. Tried again to request a new code and nothing. So tried to start over but my email is already in use. So started with a different email. It’s been half an hour and no verification code sent. And yes I’ve checked all email folders like spam.

  29. Receipt Hog has been the most frustrating of the few receipts for cash apps I use. It won’t accept receipts that other apps have no issue with. Over the last few months, it takes a long time to receive notice your receipt was submitted so you’re never sure then another week to be accepted. I just downloaded the newest update tonight hoping it would improve and the app is just hanging and I’m stuck staring at a spinning orb until I shut it down. I tried to submit a receipt and it hung again so no idea if it went through. I’m just done with this time waster.

  30. This app used to be decent, but since they added online receipts I’ve had nothing but problems. Receipts won’t load, they load wrong, the app opens incorrectly and times out constantly. I can’t even get in today after uninstalling in the hopes that would help. Seriously annoying. Especially when it takes forever to earn coins. Fetch is far better and I’m about done with this one

  31. L inda dice:

    THE TRICK IS., when u get stuck on the 2nd question and it looks like its processing, but never leaves the page, you have to close the app and re-open it then scan your next receipt. … They will and DO show up in your list of uploaded receipts in just a few min. You have to do it for every receipt your uploading. Its a pain in the wazoo but it works to get your receipt uploaded.

  32. Seems that a significant number of my receipts show up as unreadable. Since you keep a copy of the image, I view it and they look fine. I use a couple of other receipt rewards programs and I never have a problem with the same receipts. The other issue is the question on every receipt asking who went…who cares? Anyway I’ll keep using this program, but you make it difficult to like you and difficult to earn points.

  33. Although the app itself Is decent and the rewards are good. I have tried for 3 days to connect to my Amazon account and am unable to do so. When you click “contact support” every time it states -error, unable to fetch page” As long as you don’t have any issues, it’s ok. Just don’t need any help and watch for the points you miss bc your unable to contact support

  34. The app was working just fine until recently all receipts are reading not eligible for rewards or duplicate receipt even after uninstalling and reinstalling the app just to make sure it’s not on my end. There’s no current updates for the app, I’ve even logged out and logged back in and same thing. Plus how can one be submitting receipts for the past four years and have yet to win any monthly drawings, wish I could give ZERO stars, unfortunately I can not.

  35. c b dice:

    This app has been going down hill with every upgrade. The customer service is even worse. The app randomly disconnects my Amazon account. I do not receive any of the proper incentives for having the accounts attached. Having receipts uploaded for the month of June was a complete joke because coins were involved. When large $ receipts were involved they never finished processing or conviently didn’t qualify, but they qualified before. Customer service doesn’t get back to you at all. Don’t bother

  36. Josh John dice:

    Edit: the app takes 2-5 minutes to load and then will not actually load my account or allow me to submit receipts. It is a very basic app and I have a Pixel 5a with 200mbps Wi-Fi. Update: the recent update seems to have fixed the app! All is working now. I give it 4 stars because it’s easy and you can make money off receipts, but it is a VERY small amount. Original: The app is great but recently it has been freezing completely when I try to open it and will not open at all.

  37. Used to love it … only previous issue was that it didnt connect to my amazon account properly nor did it pick up the amazon purchases through my email … NOW however, its not giving me the correct rewards for 10 (yes 10!) purchases just in the past week (yes, I know I shop a lot 😆) and have others “uploading ” until they time out for coins and claim they are too old even though they went same day upload and the time its on their end, or they simply list it as an error.

  38. After using the app for quite a awhile I noticed that e-receipts hasn’t been uploading and I do see it loading but after that I dont see it part of the list for the scanned receipts only the physical receipts. But it would be nice to up my chances or having more methods with getting more coins. Hopefully this won’t be a problem.

  39. love it, just wish you’d get more points for the receipts then what you do. would help boost our economy “some” a little goes a long ways. As well as give back money to us, FOR spending! Walmart used to do something like this, then stopped. I mean they’re the only ones without “coupons, deals” persay. ridiculous, but absolutely love the app! little money doesn’t hurt!!

  40. It takes a little patience but it pays off. They totally come thru when it’s time to pay. U also get points for taking surveys so that also helps out. It’s a great way to earn cash for lil pieces of paper that you’re just going to throw away. Edit: A year later and still using this app. Still using it for a lil extra cash. They have made improvements too. Thank you.

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