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See what's on sale at Whole Foods Market, with special savings for Prime members
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The grocery store sidekick you’ve always wanted.

Browse deals & sales
Discover Prime member deals and weekly sales in your local store then save them to your shopping list for an easy reminder on your next trip. Prime members get an extra 10% off hundreds of weekly store sale prices (excluding alcohol). Just scan your Prime code in the app at checkout.

Create a shopping list
Easily build your grocery shopping list by adding all the items you need -like milk, bread, eggs – to your mobile list. Items are automatically grouped by department, so you can quickly find them in store.

Find what you need
Search for specific products and filter results by sales and deals, local brands, special diets and more. You can also add products directly to your shopping list while browsing.

Access online shopping
Easily find Whole Foods Market on the Amazon shopping app by visiting the Order tab. Simply click through and start shopping.

Get the most out of every shopping trip with the Whole Foods Market app.

By using this app, you agree to the Conditions of Use (www.wfm.com/legal/conditions-of-use) and Privacy Notice (www.amazon.com/privacy).


Bug fixes and minor improvements.


40 comentarios en "Whole Foods Market MOD"

  1. RdSku1 dice:

    Horrible app. I’ve been using it for more than 2 years. After the last update it lost my list of more than 35 items. I went to re-add them and after adding most of them, it gave me an error telling me something went wrong and to try again later. So I tried to add the last item again and still didn’t work. I closed the app and went back later and there were doubles of most of the items I was able to add. Uninstalling and reinstalling doesn’t work. I guess the list is stored in the cloud. Trash.

  2. Good, not great. But only when it works. As other reviews state, this gives you a qr code to scan for discounts and such. The list of deals would be great if there was a way to sort. My biggest problem though is that it constantly crashes. I’m always having to reinstall over and over because I get an error message after reloading the app. It’ll work for a few days before I have to reinstall. Edit: messaged support as per the dev reply. Got no help and had an agent that put 0 effort. Thanks?

  3. Searching for a product but you can’t filter for a name brand. The filters are useless. If you add something to your shopping list it would be nice to see the photo of the item while actually shopping in the store so it’s easier to find. It would also be nice if the item in the shopping list, linked back it’s description again.

  4. Pretty annoying that the iOS version of this app has online ordering for food with discounts that are not available to Android users. My friend with an Apple phone was able to order a pizza and save $6. I would have had to pay full price in the store. Hard pass and uninstalling this app as it brings no value or functionality other than looking at a sales flyer.

  5. G F dice:

    Ok…the app is ok, but it can be great if it allowed you to saved a favorite list of different Whole Foods stores. I shop at several different WF stores in the DC area, so it’d be nice to be able to switch quickly between them when needing to use my Prime membership discount. Also, Amazon keeps a history of EVERYTHING THING I purchase…so why can’t the app do the same? Not all WF stores sell the exact same items, so I think it would be great if it kept a history of where one purchases stuff.

  6. This app is very poorly designed and lacks what should be obvious functionalities. Yes, you can use it to scan your Amazon Prime QR code at checkout and you can scroll and scroll and scroll through an unorganized list of Prime specials but that’s it. There is no sorting-by-category option for viewing the specials. There is no way to save the specials that you want as a list. Also, you cannot search for products.

  7. This app is pretty much just for a QR code to scan at checkout and tells you what’s on sale. While each of those features are convenient, it doesn’t do much else. I haven’t seen where you can make shopping lists or load additional coupons. Having additional coupons that could be loaded would be great. Personally, I liked the shoppers club card on my keychain.

  8. Awful! I spent HOURS as a health coach creating a shoppingist for a client and it randomly saves some items and not others, and if you click on an item to view, it scrolls you all the way back to the top, instead of what you were currently viewing. BIG HUGE time waste. For a company this big, IT needs to get on the app. It would be nice to be able to use the feature reliably for clients.

  9. Wow what a useless garbage app. It’s basically just a placeholder for the prime scan code and a small scroll bar for a couple but not all of the prime sale items at a location. That is it. Fix it please. 1. Have all the sale items. 2. Have a search so I can find those sale items. 3. Most of all have ‘saved searches with alerts’ to when something I am searching for does come on sale. 4. Create shopping lists. Do that and maybe I would be visiting WF more than once every 3 months.

  10. Way too minimal. It needs a search function and the ability to build shopping lists. I actually work at Sprouts (I like shopping at Whole Foods for their vegan options) and their app is SO much better. Coupons are organized, you can build shopping lists, you can search for products and see current pricing/sales. Most grocery store apps are like this so it would definitely make it more convenient to shop if Whole Foods could do the same.

  11. It’s ok to see sales (the APP, which is what this rating system is supposed to be for, right? Not the store or the integration of the Amazon prime code use in the store… Ijs), but that’s it! It is quite disappointing to not be able to order groceries and take advantage of the free 2-hr Prime delivery. What is that even for if one can’t order groceries online? That’s just odd to me. Perhaps I’m having a “Duh” moment. Anyone else feel the same?

  12. Lazy app. I can’t zoom in on products to inspect nutrition info. It’s also a hassle to scroll because I’ll be scrolling through, I’ll find something interesting and I’ll tap it to go to the product page, but when I try to go back to the list, it starts me off at the very top rather than where I was at. It isn’t a terrible app which is why I gave 3 stars, but I definitely wouldn’t consider it usable for nutrition info. I’d rather browse their website on a computer or even mobile browser than app

  13. This app used to be amazing, could shop on my phone without a hitch. The last 3 or 4 months have been terrible. When I go to check out cart, there had to be 5 items I didn’t order, plus it has been constantly freezing up. Have to use a computer to do it. Which is way less convenient if you’re on the go.

  14. It is very strange that a grocery store app does not allow the user to create a shopping list. So this means I have to see what the Prime deals are, and if I’m interested in anything, I have to write it down somewhere else. The only use for this app is to scan the barcode in order to get your Prime deals. Either Whole Foods or Amazon needs to work on this app to greatly improve the user experience if they want to encourage potential shoppers to go there.

  15. This app is very disappointing, it is seriously lacking functionality. There is no way to scan bar codes, there is no product search bar, or a favorites list, or a way to search the stores inventory. You have a lot of work to do to make this app work as a stand alone shopping app for it to be truly functional. You might even want to make it so we can log in with a finger print scan. Thanks

  16. Needs more features. Like other stores that offer you a preferred payment setup option for checkout, a place to apply gift cards to your account, a feature which allows you to view items and also add them to your list/cart. And so on.. This app doesn’t offer much. Aside from the scan code you use at checkout and the prime deals section this is basically pointless to have. This would be a great app if It actually had more features.

  17. Ryan dice:

    Wanted to start shopping at Whole Foods and this app literally won’t let me. I’m unable to add anything to the “list” and if I want to add something to the cart it ports you over to the Amazon app which doesn’t allow you to filter foods by specialty?!?! So my entire reason for shopping Whole Foods is because I want more vegan options and I’m not allowed to filter by those options, doesn’t make a ton of sense. And when you are able to filter, you cannot add to a list, much less a cart.

  18. I want to see the entire ad in the app, not just some of the items on sale. There is no option to view a PDF of the WF ad. Otherwise it is a very basic app. You can only scan your Prime code, look at A FEW of the ad items, and (maybe) update your phone number. Although, as of right now I can’t update my number, I keep getting an error, and it says something about unlinking my phone number. Oh well.

  19. I want this app to function more like the other grocery store apps, where I can browse what items you sell and coupons. Even better if I can make a shopping list in the app. Better still if I can order my groceries for pick up or delivery through the app. It’s very minimally useful as is. Could be so much more.

  20. K M dice:

    One thing this app messes up is it doesn’t allow other grammatical characters in adding to the shopping list. It looks fine on the list but if I want to print out the list it doesn’t translate and leaves off all items after that item. Example: jalapeño screwed up the app list to print translation losing 8 items following. Also what’s the point in having it organized by dept on the app list, then printing it changes to random order. With covid precautions, a paper list is preferred.

  21. Need to be able create a shopping list please! Also would enjoy if they showed all or more of the sales available in the stores. It’s great it allows you to choose your store, and it’ll show you some of the prime deals available, and it has the scanner to scan at the store. It just needs more functionality!

  22. Horrible app. After saying, “Alexa, add…”, the item doesn’t appear in my Whole Foods shopping list, even though Alexa states that the item has been added. Then, if I repeat the command, Alexa states that the item is already on my list. I’ve cleared the cache on my S8, uninstalled and reinstalled the Whole Foods app, and called a totally useless Anazon for assistance. Shame on Amazon for not having a dedicated tech support department to address problems like this from its loyal customers.

  23. You can see what’s on sale but there’s no search function or inventory. You can make a grocery list but can’t tie it to the items in stock and see what your total will be before you even get to the store. It’s pretty useless. But I like that the items in your shopping list go to another finished category so you don’t have to scroll through.

  24. So I went to Whole Foods today(12/18/2019 1:31pm). Saw stake tomatoes for $1.99 per pound and picked 2 and brought them to a scale to see the weight. Both of them were almost half a pound and I was really happy for it. Since the computer screens are too small to check the price when they scan, so i checked my receipt and it was $3.38 and 1.13lb. So went to customer service and the reply was the scales are not accurate and not to be trusted. We weight them together it was 0.5lb! Shameful!

  25. Its OK but could be more dynamic. The store scanners seem to be able to read my prime code with fewer fails as of late but I wish it was more of an “assistant”. Since its store specific, it would be great if the aisles where items are located were identified (like the Home Depot app does) and, to promote loyalty, communicate how much was saved just by being an Amazon Prime member during a certain time period.

  26. This app could be great but it NEVER works correctly. every single time I go into Whole Foods I open the app, scroll through the sales, pick what I want to buy and then when I get in line and reopen the app, all of the sales have changed and it turns out I was looking at last weeks sales. Please fix the app! It needs to automatically open to the correct sales so I can stop having to argue with the people working there who never seem to care at all.

  27. Feels a bit limited, but easy to use. I’m using it on a Samsung Note 8 and have not experienced any app issues until I tried to use the Validate Receipt option. While it’s tedious to manually enter in the lengthy receipt ID, the image for the Security Human verification entry doesn’t appear. Therefore I am unable to process the validation request.

  28. The app suddenly refuses to open after a year of use. They look to have managed their web search results to the extent that nothing comes up re a fix. Asked at the store – their response was ‘That sucks. We will use a courtesy card.’ So, I got the discount but what I really want is a fix for this.

  29. Literally the worst when it comes to available pick-up and delivwry times. It takes items off my list when I try to look at available times from other locations. Once I iron out all the problems and reorder removed items it says I can’t pick up until the afternoon the next day. There is nothing convenient ab this app. It’s trash.

  30. David S dice:

    Love the app except for one huge issue. When browsing deals & you hit the back arrow it takes you back to the very top of the page. So say you’ve sorted A-Z & are on a product letter O. Olipop as an example. You look at the item after clicking it. Get said info & hit the back arrow to go back to the search results. Instead of taking you back to the list at letter O & that brand, it takes you to the top letter A. You then have to scroll until you hit I again. Very inconvenient and annoying.

  31. z z dice:

    Setting your store doesn’t work; it never remembers it. If you search for something and tap on an item, going back doesn’t take you back to search results but wherever you were before searching. Hopeless app.

  32. Eh, it works, but it’s not the best. Also, spammy notifications advertising thinks. I don’t want ANY ads in my notifications, there’s enough junk there already!

  33. Cannot search products. Trying to search products crashes the app, “Oh Snap! Please check your connection or try back later.” I’m on a solid connection. Update 5/5/22: still doesn’t work, same issue, same problem. C’mon whole paycheck, fix it.

  34. What is the point of this app? I have to download it but then it just sends me to the Amazon app to actually place an order? Then after placing my order and confirming payment, the order apparently never went through and I had to go do my shopping in person anyway. Is this seriously the best that’s Bezos can do? It doesn’t exactly feel like living in the Jetsons.

  35. The new whole foods in my neighborhood is not showing up on the app as an option for location. It shows up on my friends app. I uninstalled and reinstalled. Customer service was useless. Need assistance please. Thanks

  36. Charlie N dice:

    The app is ok until you check in to pick up your groceries. Checking in doesn’t work. I ALWAYS have to ask some there to check. EVERY TIME they ask if I check in. EVERY TIME they are annoid. I’d go somewhere else but unfortunately I don’t have a better option.

  37. It is difficult to find anything you want. The Whole Foods help page I was referred to did not help. Apparently, the problem may be the app is not compatible with Android devices, which really makes no sense at all.

  38. The most important part doesn’t work! You can look at anything in the app except products. If you actually want to shop for anything, you can’t because the products don’t load. It’s kind of ridiculous. This makes the app useless.

  39. Called to inquire whether you have RAO’S MEATBALLS with SAUCE, needed 4 to keep in freezer! FINALLY nice man in GROCERY answered & checked plus apologized for long wait. VERY FRUSTRATING, want to know how to connect with customer service, PLEASE!

  40. Top of the line products, great prices.

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