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Buy & sell fashion, home, beauty, & electronics. Shop brand new & used styles.
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Poshmark is the leading social marketplace for new and secondhand style for women, men, kids, home, and more.

– Shop over 9,000 brands in every size—including plus size, petites, and juniors—and score deals up to 70% off retail.

– Sell and make money from home. List your items for free!

Shop your favorite brands, sell products to others, refresh your style, and party with the growing Poshmark community!

Whatever you’re shopping for, Poshmark’s got it—at amazing prices. With 200M+ new and gently used items for sale, you will find amazing deals and discounts on fashion, home decor, beauty, and more from the hottest brands like Louis Vuitton, Michael Kors, MAC Cosmetics, Nike, Brandy Melville, Anthropologie, and more!

Do you have items in your closet that didn’t work out? Maybe a luxury handbag, statement shoes, or even your old wedding dress you wore once and won’t ever wear again? Poshmark is a simple and fun consignment solution for anyone to sell their used clothes and make money for the new things they’re coveting, providing an alternative to Goodwill and other consignment stores like Buffalo exchange. Over 80 million people across the United States and Canada are on Poshmark—join them today!

Need ideas for what to wear to your next date or that upcoming wedding? Do you hate getting dressed in the morning? Poshmark has millions of outfit ideas for you. Shop the personal style and closets of other Poshers today, or request to be styled by your favorite Stylist!

Party on the go, no matter where you’re at! Join the thousands of people who come together three times a day, seven days a week to participate in our themed virtual Posh Parties, featuring everything from loungewear to luxury. Create new listings, share and shop together! Have Tory Burch, Forever 21, or Zara on the brain? There’s a party for you.

“Poshmark is a great online resale platform.” —Vogue
“The social marketplace is great for hunting down a cult-loved item that’s otherwise sold out everywhere as well as finding deals on popular brands like Lululemon, Free People, and Anthropologie.” —Popsugar
“Poshmark is a brilliant way to sell and buy clothing. This side hustle app (or for some people, their full-time job!) allows you to take a photo of something in your closet and upload it to your account in less than 60 seconds, all from your phone.” —Parade
“The marketplace that’s so posh that celebrities use it—especially to raise money for good causes, like DJ Khaled, Serena Williams, Katherine Heigl and Rachael Ray.” —Buzzfeed


• Discovering new Posh Shows just got even easier. Now, shoppers in the US and Canada can also find Show Tags at the top of the All Posh Shows page. Tap to find shows with styles, brands and themes you love!
• Buying a gift for a loved one? Shoppers in the US and Canada can now change their shipping address during Posh Shows.
• We made some improvements. Don't miss out on the latest and greatest—update now.


40 comentarios en "Poshmark – Buy & Sell Fashion MODDED 2022"

  1. Shanna M dice:

    I use this all the time. Some of the latest updates have been disappointing. Swipe during live shows is a pain, you accidentally swipe to another all the time. The app frequently glitches now when watching a show (screen will freeze or go blank) and you have to close out and come back. Both of these issues can cause you to miss a bid!

  2. I love this app! I’m pretty addicted. But….. I think it’s pretty unfair that the seller can drag a purchase out for a week and then cancel it but the buyer only has a 3 hour window to cancel. Especially if it’s generally guaranteed that an item is usually delivered in the time that they are given to cancel. I understand that things happen but I feel like I should be able to cancel an order if 3 days go by and the item hasn’t shipped yet. I wish you could apply multiple filters. (2+ colors, etc

  3. The only reason I’m rating three stars is the overall interface. It’s quite confusing and all over the place. Simplify things! In order to complete a meager operation, I have to navigate through several options and then take my best guess as to which of them is what I’m needing to perform. And when I find the option I am needing, I get a message which tells me it’s not the right option.

  4. I’ve used this app quite often for the past several years. The 4 purchases I’ve made, I’ve had to cancel because the seller never shipped the items or responded to my comments. Its easy for them to just ignore you when there aren’t any consequences for doing it. Sellers need to be held accountable for this so it stops happening! It’s super frustrating when your expecting an item for an upcoming event, and it never gets shipped, so you have to hurry up and get something else! Fix!

  5. L3viathan dice:

    Good platform to sell on. Easy to list items. You get paid really fast. My only complaint is bundle orders. Their shipping only covers 5 pounds however if you have a bundle order that’s over that you’ll lose more money because it comes out of the profit after you already had to pay a selling fee of course. So in reality you lose money and it doesn’t seem worth it at that point to accept bundle orders. Other than that great platform.

  6. Just started trying to get back into poshmark, it used to be great but there is a lot that has changed and it sucks now. I was willing to give it a shot but NOW since the latest update, I can’t even share anything, not from my closet or anyone else’s closet, it just keeps buffering and then gives you an error message. Nice … Just another annoying thing to add to the long list of negatives you all have changed with the app. I don’t know if I will even bother with this obnoxious app.

  7. Was not notified until after first sale they want identifying information, which no other platform requires under $600. Ridiculous after taking a major loss considering fees are 30%+. 75% on low ticket items. This is in addition excessive notifications that you have a massive list needed to be turned off one-by-one, and it doesn’t always work. Messy interface, hard to just search for someone without going through several steps on the front page. Edit: Need ID to make purchases too, will delete

  8. Many upgrades have been made which is good, but the sizing filter on searches seriously needs an upgrade. It does not work most of the time. And for different items, I’m searching for different sizes based on how they fit. I want to be able to pick the size I’m looking for for a specific search. Mercari does it, it shouldn’t be that hard.

  9. The latest update has made it impossible to list because it now shows photos out of order and doesn’t show them all. WAY TO GO! I thought the point of change was to make things better. Instead you make the app impossible to use. FANTASTIC. Is this a result of selling to effing China of all places?

  10. GM McK dice:

    I’m trying to list new items and the app keeps crashing and locking my phone. I can upload a picture. If I go back to add more, the screen freezes and crashes. So irritating. Too many changes. Losing interest in dealing with this platform very quickly.

  11. its a good platform to sell new and used items from clothing to footwear and jewelry, electronics & art and home goods. Most sellers do a fine job of describing their items. Poshmark takes a small fee for each purchase, and the customer is responsible for shipping costs, which are added at the time of purchase. Occasionally, there will be an issue with a purchase where customer service can be called upon to resolve. That can be somewhat nerve-wracking because of their hours & care to attention.

  12. It’s a pretty good app if you are a buyer. I’ve gotten bunch of great deals. However the base shipping charge gets expensive unless you bundle a bunch of items from the same seller. Also the seller fees are really outrageous, @20% for every item u sell it’s impossible to actually turn a profit. Also makes it difficult to give buyers a good deal. After a certain amount they should drop the % like step system. I’ve emailed there customer service a few times and they do reply in a timely matter.

  13. I just started using Poshmark today and uploaded over 20 listings. When I came back to check if there was any feedback on them, all of my listings were gone. It shows that I have 23 or so listings but when I go to “My Closet”, they’re just not there. Super annoying considering I spent about an hour taking pictures of every single one of my clothing items and adding descriptions. A lengthy process just out the door. Very annoying bug that needs to be fixed immediately.

  14. F.E. W. dice:

    Been using PM for years. I sold a few things and bought a few things. Problem is I don’t sell stuff often and my items are listed for a long time!! My fashion sense is current. Fees are high! And people like a deal on top of a deal and you loose money because of the high @$$ fees. I like the flat rate priority shipping. But other shipping choices would be nice. They should offer personal messaging because messages are all in the open under the listing. And it is cluttering or gets missed.

  15. App glitches a lot. I created a profile, added a pic and bio, and none of that shows up. I added 4 listings and even though it says I have 4 to show, in the closet none of them show. I tried adding a few more items last night and I kept getting an error message telling me to reach out to poshmark. It wouldn’t let me save the drafts I began nor would it let me post them. The app is somewhat easy to use but overwhelming with the number of places to check and the notifications for everything.

  16. In regards to a previous review: No, it 100% will not take “months” for an item to be shipped. In the unfortunate and rare situation of an item not being shipped, Poshmark will automatically cancel the order after 7 days and refund your money. If, perchance, there is an over-site (which I have never heard of) it is very, very easy to contact customer support via the convenient large button. Please, you should all feel very safe shopping here!

  17. Tali dice:

    Overall I like this app, but there are a few pretty annoying bugs. When I’m browsing, I always get a ton of listings that are completely not my size, even though I have “my sizes” selected. For example, I’m a S/M, but there’s also just as much L/XL/XS stuff. Also, sometimes when you buy something, you’ll wait for months and the person will never mail it. Obviously that’s out of the website’s control but there should be some kind of reprocussion so it doesn’t keep happening to other people.

  18. Aggressive. I shut off nearly all choices in the app, including all “party” invites, but it kept notifying me about parties both within the app and as phone notifications. I figured out how to turn off notifications on my phone settings, but the app should not have made it look like I had control within the app, and then weaseled another way to keep advertising.

  19. Terrible!! The app just crashed and I just installed it. I was halfway through the process of setting up my account and it froze! I had to get out and when I wanted to get back to it its just the red screen with the logo. It’s been minutes and still there. I just get notifications of people following. I want to uninstall but it doesn’t let me in to delete my acc!

  20. Terrible app. From the time I started using it, it’s been terrible, full of harassment notifications, not allowing you to disable certain notifications and when you do, it’s still notifies you and harasses you. Seller fees are utterly outrageous for what you receive in return, not to mention all of the marketing harassment without their legal options allowing you to opt out. Very poor design. There is no customer service that you can speak to to deal with issues for product issues or returns.

  21. The new update is terrible! Sharing takes forever now! There needs to be more range in the sizing options. There also needs to be more categories. When I filter by size there’s no option to edit size for bras, Panties, etc. Also, pants and jumpsuits need their own separate size options because not everyone wears the same size pants as they would jumpsuit. I completely understand everyone needs to make profit but the fees are a little much and make it difficult to give the best offer possible.

  22. J Tucker dice:

    Update: This seems to be working again. Not sure what the issue was but from my phone the app wouldn’t allow me to use the pictures from my Google photos . Hopefully this won’t happen again! I love Poshmark but after the update I am unable to sell. I will go to upload the pictures and after I add them, it takes me right back to the page where you add photos. I’ve got stuff I need to add but I can’t please help!!!

  23. High fees and shipping cost are killing me. It’s so hard to make a profit. Customers definitely facter in the expensive shipping cost so, sellers have to offer discounts on the item and shipping just to sale. My sales have gone down drastically. I barely make any money after taking all those pictures, creating the listings, and tons of sharing. I’m just so tired of sharing only to get a tiny profit. This app has become my least favorite. I’m forced to sell on other platforms now.

  24. The app is easy to use for sellers. My concerns are the high fees and shipping costs. Shipping items that are less than 1 lb shouldn’t cost the same as shipping a 4 lb package. Not to mention, it should be up to the buyer to pay the upgraded Shipping label costs, not the seller. Posh already takes 20% of our profits and depending on the price of items you sale, that’s a lot. You have to mark up the items for the customer to be able to account for the fees and make the profit you want.

  25. M Murphy dice:

    Please fix “Share to Party” and Filter! All of a sudden, today my Share to Party isn’t picking up the majority of items that fall in the guidelines. I think there’s something wrong with the filter, because I get the same results. I have to go through the whole closet to find the items I know are there – but don’t show up in the filter. Still 5 stars because the is the first update that has had problems for me. Usually updates have made selling more user friendly.

  26. Mostly good and easy to use. Pretty well organized. There are some search filters I wish they would add but still haven’t, although I’ve sent suggestion feedback. App OCCASIONALLY won’t load a page and just seems to freeze. The only way to get past that is to close and reopen the app. But even given that, it’s still a good app experience.

  27. Poshmark is definitely the best selling app out there. They protect both the buyer and the seller and help with return shipping if there is an issue with the item. They also provide authentication for expensive items so you know you’re not getting scammed. Only had to return a few items but since they pay shipping, it always very smooth and I feel like everyone wins. Vinted sucks and expects you to pay return shipping to the seller and only has their back. I love how Poshmark values both sides of the deal because we’re both important. If you’re bored, there is lots to do in the app as well! Shipping can be a little high but the seller can offer discounts or free shipping which is fabulous. I’ve sold and purchased a lot of items on here and is only going uphill from here.

  28. Poshmark is great. But as a seller, I have a lot of constructive feedback. I would like to say that it is really not convenient to edit items the way we do. There should be a mass editing page where you can edit all your items in one click from the “edit page,” you should be able to select multiple pictures to upload at once, you should be able to save drafts, and you should be able to price drop all your items without it taking HOURS. The way it’s currently set up is not seller-friendly. Also I thinkk the bundle program is set up to encourage buyer flakiness and ghosting. And lastly, it shouldn’t cost 6.49 to ship an item, and you shouldn’t be taking such a large 20% fee on top of that! So many people ask me of I can do free shipping.. they don’t know that it requires a 10% discount and that the free shipping comes out a the seller’s pocket. Any item under $10 and with free shipping is jusy not worth my time. Why do you do this?? It’s a complete rip off and shouldn’t be possible. The seller ends up getting a dollar or two for the entire sale. That’s so deceptive when people think that shipping discounts are just from heaven or something. They don’t realize it comes from the seller. Also, my app is having a lot of bugs. I search for a color and category in my shop, and whole sections of items won’t show up sometimes. I have complained a few times and it continues happening. My buyers are experiencing this too.

  29. Using the camera function through the app makes pictures really fuzzy but importing pics can cause them to stretch and become disfigured. I would also like to see a space for sellers to ask each other questions and provide support for each other. The support team is friendly and fast. The app is lots of fun for shopping and makes it easy to sell and ship items. The parties are a great idea too!

  30. Since the Android Update in May 2019, this app has not been able to run on my Pixel 2. I have done a complete restore on my phone twice just to make sure there wasn’t a hardware problem, but it’s definitely a poshmark problem. This app does not work–I have emailed the team several times and I just get a generic response that they are trying to figure out the problem and someone will get back with me soon. No one ever does. When I open the app up, it is just a blank screen and it just crashes, no menus, no feed, to get out of the app you must double tap and force quit.

  31. Very easy to use, and easy to find brands and clothing you’re looking for! However, I don’t enjoy the fact that you can only choose expedited shipping, I wish there was a cheaper option if you aren’t in a rush! Also sometimes you end up waiting like 6 days after ordeing something and paying the item price, plus $6.79 for shipping. Kind of like a waste of money in my opinion if it takes that long just to ship by the seller!!

  32. I used to be able to navigate to my profile page, to view My Likes, even while I was in a search. Which was immensely helpful for comparison of item prices, condition, etc. But after the update a week or so ago, that bottom navigation bar is missing and I have to completely exit the search to get to it. Which is a waste of time because I’ll have to start it all over.

  33. I have been using poshmark since 2013 and have earned over $7000 which is great. However there has been a notable decline which is sending me toward competing apps. I am not sure when the change happened, but it has become a lot harder to make sales. I used to sell items quite quickly and now I can go months without any activity. As a buyer, the shipping cost is ridiculous. $8 of shipping makes it very unappealing to buy anything for less than $20 – who wants to pay $8 of shipping for a $10 used shirt. I get that maybe it cannot be $2 but $8 is excessive and also more than other apps charge. Poshmark should be using the 20% fee they take and their buying power to negotiate better shipping prices from carriers. These are all just slight downsides, I recently made a purchase and did not get home until a few days after the item arrived at my house. I ordered a pair of lululemon align leggings and I received a different style of legging. I reached out to the seller and she said it was an honest mistake and to return them. I tried to initiate the return process but it had been more than 72 hours since the item was delivered to me and the app did not allow me to return. So I emailed support as the seller was happy to take the item back and I had missed the 72 hour window due to being out of town. It was also not something that has happened to me before. They gave me a $40 credit for an item I paid $87 dollars for and refused to allow me to return saying the funds had already been released to the seller and that I should be sure to be home to inspect packages within 72 hours. Horrible policy – especially as both parties in this case were fine with the return. Sometimes a seller ships a purchase the next day and sometimes they take a week. Sometimes the shipping is 1 day, sometimes it is 3 days. It is a little ridiculous to expect people to plan their travels around when something might possibly arrive. And this request was made Sept 8 on an item that arrived on Sept 4 so one day after their 72 hour policy. Could have been fixed very easily with both parties happy but received zero compassion or understanding.

  34. I really like Poshmark. It’s a great way to find new and slightly used clothes. I’ve brought new high end name brands for 80% off the original price. I’ve never had a problem with sellers, and almost everything I have bought is thoughtfully wrapped and shipped quickly. The only things I don’t like is the feed. But you can look for highly specific items with their search options, and the fact that there are no returns unless it’s misrepresented or damaged. So if it doesn’t fit your out of luck

  35. Good but could be great. It gets better with time, but at least for Android not in the ways it could be. You can’t resize or rotate photos. Once you select the main photo, you can’t change filters. The photos in app, sometimes lapse a few seconds before taking the photo. It would be great to share photos to parties en masse. Butées can’t negotiate price and shipping. It’s not easy to find friends in the search area. When using the filters, some items get lost. Mercari auto-populated your items.

  36. May update this review eventually. No matter how many times I change the settings, the app WILL NOT populate search results according to my listed sizes. This makes it damn near impossible to find articles of clothing that are my size without spending a ridiculous amount of time searching! The two purchases I’ve made so far were very successful. However I can’t see myself making many more purchases as I can’t find things in my size!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. I have been trying to sell items for the last 2 days, have re-installed the App, have opened, closed, refreshed numerous times and I CANNOT GET IN TO SELL!! Very frustrating and no response from email I sent regarding this problem. when I was able to list I was very happy with the app. My opinion is going south very quickly! Anyone have any suggestions?!?

  38. The app itself is great, never had a problem. Not crazy about the latest bundle update & wish it was easier to navigate from feature to feature though. The Poshmark community is also nice but if you’re not on the app to “make friends” it seems like you don’t sell as much. I also wish the shipping cost was less or that there were options. Buyers will try to nickel & dime you for a deal to compensate for the cost of shipping.

  39. Seller fees are not competitive with other selling platforms. Having to constantly share items so that they’re moved to the top of the search results is time-consuming. As a seller, I can only upload one photo at a time. Almost every other platform allows me to upload multiple photos at a time. Item descriptions when listing are really limited. Shipping is a standard $6.79 and Poshmark collects $2.95 from every purchase under $15, and 20% for sales over $15. 😤

  40. Just got the app, started trying to sell something. Tried to add pictures that were already cropped by the app by the time they showed up, showing only half the picture, and when I actually did try to crop something it turned out as a sliver. Then the app kept stopping and I lost all my pictures. I’m going to find another app that works better!

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