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– Shop the latest trends and stay connected to your favorite brands, all in one – place.
– Turn on push-notifications so you never miss a sale, restock, or order update.
– Browse collections that spotlight the brands and communities you care about.
– Get personalized recommendations for exciting new products and brands.
– Experience new ways to shop from the brands you love like digital gifting, and shoppable content.

– Keep your billing info secure with Shop Pay for faster one-tap checkouts.
– Buy now, pay later with flexible payment options that let you get what you want, when you want it.*
– Get carbon-neutral deliveries at no extra cost whenever you check out with Shop Pay.

– Track all your online orders in one app.
– Know when your package ships and when it’s on your doorstep with real time notifications.


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40 comentarios en "Shop: All your favorite brands MOD 2022"

  1. Easy to use and does exactly what it promises. I also like that it lets you track the package’s journey on a map in addition to telling you its exact location. Way more convenient then constantly refreshing a web page to see if the package moved, and you can glance at all your packages and know where they are. Never had any glitches or errors. Definitely recommend.

  2. This used to be a 5 star app. It was fast and on point with all my package data. But then one day it wasn’t working and said I had to connect to amazon. So I did and it worked again for a few days. But now it struggles really bad to connect to my package info and I have to reconnect to amazon all the time. I wish it still worked like before. Update: app is even worse now. Literally unusable at this point. All adds and shopping junk. It was supposed to track my packages but greedy be greedy.

  3. I’ve used it for some time now. Apart from having to reconnect to Amazon account occasionally (a fairly recent development which I understand is being looked into) the app does exactly what it says. It advises me of packages delivered before the stores do! I very rarely have to input tracking numbers myself. It picks up every tracking number from major stores, like Amazon, Walmart, Target, international stores like Joom, Wish, local stores, as long as they send me a tracking number, we’re good.

  4. Dariusz dice:

    App is ok… I ordered two things and the app is suppose to “track” them. Both have been delivered already but the app still shows them as “in transit”… so the app’s tracking is pretty much useless. Edit: Tracking numbers were updated and showed progress when I went to the individual tracking sites, but the Shop app was not updating them past a certain point. One of the items is still showing as “in transit” even though I received it 3 days ago.

  5. Beth Ann dice:

    Love having the capability and convenience of tracking multiple packages from multiple locations. The notifications are slightly delayed with real-time actions but they are very minor and do not affect the tracking or whereabouts of your package. Great app and tool to have on board! EDIT: Still loving the app! Haven’t had any issues with tracking my packages as most of my deliveries are live plants and the delay with notifications I spoke of in my original review have been resolved. 10/10 app!

  6. You don’t necessarily “need” this app but it is such a convenient/helpful tool to keep track of various orders/deliveries from different outlets all in one place. Orders can be manually added by yourself but, since most online stores utilize Shopify, your order will be automatically added to your list. Overall I think this is a great app for anyone who is tired of checking various different websites for updates on separate order deliveries. This is the epitome of the “All-in-1” package.

  7. Honestly it doesn’t give you enough information on tracking the orders, which sadly is what it advertises. For the most part it’s decent app for pulling all your online orders from your email together no matter what company you’ve bought something from but it seems to only be able to connect some of your orders. But sadly it isn’t correct on when and what is being delivered. It could be a really awesome and useful app if these problems are fixed.

  8. So I’ve bought several items through the app all but one have been fast, easy, and exactly what I ordered! The one bad experience is I ordered a shirt from one store over 3 weeks paid for priority shipping and have not received the item… and can not get in contact with the store and shop can not help. So when it works it is great and amazing but when it don’t is frustrating.

  9. This app used to track orders automatically based on using an email during the order process. Now that is gone. Replaced with either manually typing in tracking information or granting unfettered access to private email accounts. The removal of such an easy to use feature was a terrible decision. Also the login link sent by email never works unless the goal is to make us spin in circles until we just grant access to our emails. Won’t be using this app anymore. What a shame.

  10. They say that it’s optional to let them into your email but it definitely isn’t. If you want to track your packages you have to let them read your email. I do not believe that no one looks at my information, even if that was the case a program can still be used to sell my data. This app is terrible and I hope websites go back to simply using tracking numbers

  11. The app automatically adds things I’ve bought and tracks them. Only a couple times have I had to mark an order delivered that shows up as in transit but usually the tracking is very spot on. It also allows you to contact the specific postal service is being used to inquire about any package. I can save my favorite shops on the app and directly buy through the app as well as pay in parts!

  12. I love being able to track all my orders from anywhere and use shop pay to make check out easier wherever it applies:) only issue is that I noticed my Amazon account is always disconnecting. Amazon has its own tracking so it doesn’t bother me too much, but I prefer Shop. 🙂 I like that you can also order some things from the shop app directly. It’s more than just a package tracking app!

  13. So I dont really use this app to shop, but what I like is that whenever I order something online, Shop automatically picks it’s up on the app and makes paying for the item and tracking the item so much easier. I never had to set it to this, it does it automatically so even though I may buy from a lot of online stores at the same time I can track all of them by opening up the shop app. Extremely useful for tracking packages.

  14. HARD PASS! I installed the app after several purchases, as I thought it would be a way to streamline tracking packages; which would be great since I do a lot of online shopping. The interface is anything but user friendly, and you have to navigate a bombardment of ads to even get to the tracker. No complaints about the products, or the quality of said products, but the app itself is a FAIL. You spend more time dodging ads than anything else, and the shipping progress lags hard. Un-installed.

  15. I absolutely love and recommend the Shop app!! It’s a place where you can track all of your deliveries all in one place!! I love that I don’t have to go between multiple apps and websites trying to track each of my deliveries. Not only does it track all of your deliveries in one place, but they also have attached to each tracking number a direct link to reach out to whatever company you bought the product(s) from. It also shows the full tracking history for each delivery!!

  16. It was pretty great prior to the latest redesign, but now there’s a ton of real estate being used to advertise items from every random Shopify shops I’ve ever purchased from in the past, when all I really want to do is track my packages, which now seems like it’s a secondary afterthought feature, instead of the purpose of the app. Switching back to Slice.

  17. Shop has been great for tracking orders and shipments! I gave it a 4 instead of a 5 as there are often disconnects between an order and a shipment. So, it isn’t always easy to tell what shipment/package goes with what order. Additionally, it doesn’t play well with Amazon as I have to frequently reauthenticate. That’s likely not their fault and some security protocol with Amazon, but it is a bit annoying. The new fingerprint reauthentication definitely helps.

  18. This app is excellent for both paying for and tracking your shipments from a multitude of online stores. It can even track shipments that aren’t purchases. Shop works with USPS, UPS, and FedEx. I would absolutely recommend this app to anyone that makes purchases from multiple online stores. A sidenote, it doesn’t work with Amazon as far as I’m aware, unless you get email alerts from Amazon.

  19. I really like what this app has to offer, I just wish it didn’t suck nearly half the time. If it even catches the slightest WIFF of an unstable connection, it won’t adapt rather shut down. It SAYS you can “refresh” in app but the reality is almost 99% of the time you *have* to close the app and reopen. Which is extremely annoying because no work is ever saved, you need to start over. In the middle of adding a package but oh whoops your internet fluctuated for a second? START OVER. 😪 Cool.

  20. This was one of the most useful apps on my phone, but now package tracking has been streamlined to the point where it doesn’t feel like it’s worth it. I don’t mind seeing storefronts on the home tab (some of them are relevant to me, but most aren’t), but it would be so much better if a new tab was added for package tracking that emulated the previous package tracking interface, with a map view and a list of all packages. I don’t want to stop using Shop, but I’m now looking for alternatives.

  21. I LOVED this app, it provides a lot of convenience and easy order management. However, the shopping and order tracking needs to be separated– I open this app to track orders, not to be bombarded with random ads for products I’ll never use. At this point it seems like the order tracking is an afterthought, when that’s the reason most people download this app in the first place. Very disappointed.

  22. So this app is great I like it takes my orders and organizes them yes I could always go to the website where I placed them or check my emails and place reminders in my calender, but why go through all that hassle when the app does it for you. What I have found after a year or so of use; is that at times some accounts become disconnected, which isn’t much of an issue at all just click the refresh and it’s back to doing what it does track your purchases.

  23. Mary Vo dice:

    I’m editing my previous review of 5 stars to 3. While the app does everything I could ever want it to do, the recent update(s) of simplifying the app makes it hard to understand the state of the package unless we add an extra press or two. I’m also not sure if this is just my imagination, but with the update, it seems to also take longer to load between screens. I understand the intent, but I think in this case, I would prefer to see more information at a glance than less.

  24. S W dice:

    This used to be a really great app, great for consolidating all you online shopping tracking. Now it sucks, honestly. In the effort to make money from vendors, all that stuff is up front, you have to work to get to you orders, then depending on the vendor you have more trouble getting info you need. If you are considering being a competitor, now is the optimal time. I’ll head your way. Evaluating ditching all together after years of happy use.

  25. This app was amazing before the last update U/I change. A simple interface that clearly lays out all packages needs to be added back in. I do not need to see pictures of items, ads, etc… when I am looking for a package. Also, I find that it now never updates packages to “delivered”. I am constantly having to mark those myself. If interface isn’t changed, I’ll have to look elsewhere for a different tracking app.

  26. Great app. I was hesitant to download at first. I bought a product and it wanted me to download this to track my stuff instead of just showing me themselves. This app tracks all my purchases. I didn’t realize it would do that. It scans my email and Amazon account. I like shopping. I usually get 15-20 packages a week. This is a unified place for me to see all my packages without going through all my apps and emails.

  27. This app is Very awesome. If a company sends you a package it alerts you. If anybody sends you something it alerts you. It is great to have all your tracking stuff in one place regardless or carrier. Love this app! *update* I still like this app but with the way it shows you a lot of items you have searched on other sites it gets a bit much. I just like to see my orders only. Maybe if they can add another tab for all the ads.

  28. The Shop app makes my shopping easy by keeping all my favorite online stores I pick right there in the app so I can get to them faster and checkout is faster too. I know step by step where my packages are through email as it moves along. It shows on the map the Start point, movement and then let’s me know it’s close and when it’s delivered. It saves of all my past purchases so I can look back if I need to when I’m ordering which is helpful. I’m not tech savvy and this makes it so easy.

  29. FIRE!!! I read the reviews about it being hard to use… I’m a 54-year old and I figured it out…so maybe take a juco class on app tech??? No ads…There are some options to purchase on the main page, but no ads. LEAVE ON THE NOTIFICATIONS and ALLOW SHOP INTO YOUR EMAIL! They notify once you’ve made a purchase, when it ships, a map showing where it ships from, how it’s coming, when it’s due and that it’s arrived (even in your mailbox)!!! WOW!!!! Too too many good feels about this tech!!!

  30. More convenient than email + browser. I don’t see any cons to using this app. It makes seeing my order status a little easier. No issues. And works seamlessly. If I find out it’s got trackers and whatnot, then it’s gone! But for now, it’s nice to have for when a vendor supports it so I can see my order without digging through my email.

  31. Love this app. As soon as I placed an order it shows up and tracks til arrival! Not 5 stars because most orders are correctly named, but once it arrives, most just show delivered..when you have multiple orders going its crazy lol. It takes time to find the right tracking number and compare. I order a lot from China and would like to keep track of which is which. Hope that makes sense. But, other than that.. it’s great!!

  32. It’s Magical. Somehow it more accuratly tracks my ups/FedEx/dhl/usps packages, then the actual fedex/ups/dhl/usps apps. It even autopopulates my purchases so I rarely have to add a tracking number. Adding tracking numbers was super easy when other people sent me stuff. Also, the apps little store section saves you a shortcut back to websites you shipped from and gives you “on sale” and product updates. Love it, and wish I had it sooner.

  33. I like how it keeps everything connected, but now there’s ads, and the tracking feature has been minimalized. It’s hard to find and navigate the app without having products shoved down your throat, shops recommended, or suggesting buying straight from the app. It used to be so good.

  34. Shop is great. It lets you manage all of your shipments and tracks them for you. It even recommends products that you might like. There’s no pop ups or random ads. And the stuff they do show you isn’t invasive and can be dismissed easily. Overall great app.

  35. 2022 update: still almost entirely useless for accurately tracking Amazon packages, and requires signing in again every couple of weeks to boot. Works fine for non-Amazon stuff. 2021 review: Constantly loses connection to Amazon account and is really bad at tracking Amazon packages, specifically – stuff that was delivered months ago still shows up as pending tracking or some other status.

  36. This has been a great app to remind me for when packages come especially if not theough amazon. Sometimes I forget as they could took up to a week or more to receive or some are auto shipments. Only downfall, though I don’t find it a big deal, with the app that I’ve experienced is that it constantly disconnects from my Amazon side of things and not sure why. Its not a big bother as Amazon notifies me of packages anyway

  37. I do not like ordering from merchants who use this app. It is too cumbersome; too many screens; you can’t track by touching the tracking number, you have to enter it; they don’t send updates via email and once you open a notification it is gone. Revised 1.13.2021 After ordering from numerous reputable merchants who use SHOP, my review is revised. It was most likely the merchant in China from my first order who was the issue. Since then, I have had no issues. THIRD REVIEW. Changed rating to 5.

  38. App shows tons of out of stock items not listed as out of stock. Doesn’t give full refunds if you purchase one inadvertently…I had a credit that hasn’t been returned yet and it’s been a week. Support won’t answer me about the problem. I’ve submitted two tickets and nothing. Update: after complaining here and having to put my ticket # in (which I since removed) someone finally got back to me again. Their solution? There was none. Just a “sorry, glitch!” and maybe someday they’ll resolve it.

  39. Favorite way to track EVERYTHING! This glorious 🤌🏻 app takes the stress of copy-pasting tracking numbers or having to individually check every item from every site through countless links! I’ll never NOT use this app! The only thing that would make it better is if it showed my amazing packages too, but Amazon has that down pretty well so that’s all good!

  40. I love this app! It’s super easy to see all my orders in one place and track where they are, or get notifications when they’re on their way. It’s super user-friendly and I’ve had no issues. It even tracks when someone sends me a package that I didn’t know was coming, as there have been a couple times when my grandparents have sent something and the app lets me know. Awesome app!

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