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This season, swap the roses for matching Dunks, and hit the gym with your Valentine. Style your squad with the latest in clothing, sport shoes, athletic accessories, and more. Share the latest and greatest in trends, innovations, and style tips with your loved ones as a Nike Member. Celebrate your community in style with high-heat shoes and fashion. Download the Nike App to discover styles that inspire you and yours.

Shopping for everyone – find an outfit for both you and yours with the newest women’s apparel, men’s clothing, and training gear. Never miss another online store exclusive – find the newest Air Force 1’s, Jordans, and Converse that they have been wanting. Shop exclusive clothing, shoes, and athletic gear to freshen up your wardrobe for all things sport and style. Download the app to get access to free shipping, 60 day wear tests and hassle-free returns today.

Shopping is better in the Nike App.

Releases, experiences or athlete tips – the Nike App provides you with all you need to achieve your sport and style goals. Download to become a Nike Member and gain access to Nike App exclusive products, inspiration, and community.

Shop online and buy clothes through the Nike shopping app and enhance your retail experience. Iconic kicks or Member Product drops – check out the latest with Nike. Shopping app collections, elevated services, curated products, and Member Rewards – exclusively for you.
• Shopping Made Easy – Enjoy free standard shipping, 60-day wear tests, and receiptless returns when you purchase through the app.
• Online Store Member Profile – Easily track your activity, orders and purchase history.
• Exclusive Offers and Promos – Buy clothes and celebrate your important moments with exclusive birthday offers and promotions from us.
• Shop Member Products – Shoe releases and seasonal collections now available for exclusive first access in the Member Shop.
• Clothing & Footwear For Everyone – Women’s clothing, men’s, kid’s, and more. Shop hers and his.
• Shoes Reserved for You – Shoes we think you’ll want, set aside for you on launch day.
• Streetwear & Shoe Releases – Jordans, Dunks and the legendary Air Max. Kicks of all styles can be found here.
• Nike by You – Sneaker silhouettes are yours to design. Customize iconic Nike shoes with the colorways and materials that match your style.

Chat one-on-one with an Expert for style tips or fit advice and join your Nike community wherever you are.
• Athlete Training & Coaching – Expert advice delivered by Nike athletes, coaches and personal trainers.
• Nike Experts – Chat in real-time with our team of Nike Experts on all things sport, style, and Nike.
• Exclusive Nike Experiences – Find events in your city and join your Nike community.

Releases, fashion tips and more. Get the latest in-depth stories, training and style advice delivered daily. Online shopping, tailored to your Interests awaits. Follow your favorite sports, athletes, teams, and products to get more from your app.
• Stream – Kicks, tips or athlete stories. Discover a customized feed of content tailored to your Interests.
• Clothing & Sneaker Trends – Discover new ways to wear your favorite Nike products.
• Online Shopping Collections – Shop and learn what gear empowers the top Nike athletes.
• Notifications – Find out the moment new stories, styles, or events drop by turning on push notifications.

Shopping, stories, and experiences tailored for you by Nike.

The Nike App – Where All Athletes Belong. Download today.


* Addressed various bug and performance issues to improve overall experience.


40 comentarios en "Nike: Shoes, Apparel & Stories MODDED 2022"

  1. K O dice:

    I wish NiKE would include links to other items shown/paired with the featured item. For example, if the item ffeatured is a hoodie and the model is also wearing a beanie, pants, shoes and backpack, it’d be AWESOME if we could hover over those other items and click on the link that would take us to these other items (instead of trying to figure out if the suggested items at the bottom of the page would be a matching set) This would make my shopping much easier, more enjoyable and way faster!

  2. It’s annoying as hell that drops sell out just seconds after the release. And 90% of the GOOD drops aren’t even on the app; they’re displayed here but you’re told they’re only on SNKRS….which is far worse. With all that said, the experience isn’t terrible on the Nike app. Buying and/or returning is simple and the options for customizing shoes is good. UPDATE (12/22/22): The app CONSTANTLY crashes or freezes while searching or in the middle of transactions.

  3. Overall I really loved the selection of products and the nike member’s discounts, though some of the items I found were definitely out of my price range- I’d recommend it for anyone into athletic wear that doesn’t mind paying a little extra for quality! There’s something on here for everyone, and they have cheaper items for people on a tighter budget. 🙂

  4. The Nike App is very useful and has all the necessary features for shopping. Ease of use to purchase items and browse apparel. No major complaints overall. However, it would be very helpful to have features such as “most helpful” or “most critical” for customer reviews on products. This feature is handy for determining sizing/quality/comfort of apparel like shoes, pants, and shirts. I personally rely on this alot since I’m always in between sizes and I like to know the opinion of other buyers.

  5. App won’t let me checkout. Can’t see items in bag or order total. App is unresponsive when I try to tap on cart icon. I try to leave feedback and app closes. 11/3/2022 – I’m experiencing the same issue again. None of the support people have been able to assist. I can’t access my cart in the app or via the web browser. Keep getting an error message. Very frustrating! 11/9/2022 – Issue still not resolved!!

  6. Okay I finally got the app to open shop around a bit. I found a pair I really like and had the option to customize them. It started with a tutorial of some new things they have added to the customization menu…and it ended with my screen been frozen. So I closed it and went back “a process I tried a few time” but it was always the same…FROZEN SCREEN

  7. Caleb Tam dice:

    Overall, it’s a good all, able to shop online is a luxury and I think it’s pretty easy to navigate. There are some issues though, but that with everything tbh. My app has been bugging for the past few drops making me unable to purchase sneakers I want. I will checkout and it will say pending but when I come back my pending is gone and when I go to buy it again it doesn’t let me. I hope this can get fixed but other than that I’ve had no problem on the app. The customer service is also great!

  8. My favorite shopping app, I love it all, but unfortunately, that’s mostly all I can afford to do, is look! I always end up spending so much more time on it wanting to look at everything, from the shoes, to clothes, and even the accessories….it’s practical, everyday, never go outta style, well made clothing that stands the test of time. I literally have a t-shirt from 30 years ago – it’s a bit faded, but still no holes and comfy as can be! My daughter also loves Nike over any other sportswear.

  9. App is ok but a lot of features have bugs. For example the sharing link never loads, also reviewing is very limited. Update: the app has only gotten worse. Constantly freezing and needs to be restarted every time I use a search filter. Brutal. Time to switch to Adidas

  10. This app was exceptional but hadn’t worked properly for over 2 years, never loads up beyond the login screen. I’ve taken it off and reinstalled loads of times and now try every 6 months to see if things have improved, just downloaded it and nothing has changed a real shame Nike.

  11. It doesn’t work at all. Three times I was taken to payment screen and it failed successfully each time. Every page takes 10-15 mins to load with amazing feature of some parts not even loading. No hate but I would expect better from Nike. To devs, please check if the payment page is even working. Query is specific to india location

  12. Every time I try to make a purchase, I’m constantly met with “an unknown error occurred. Please try again later” I have tried MULTIPLE payment methods and they all give me the same message, yet my card is charged and it takes days to return to card. Extremely frustrating and something needs to be done because so many of us are having the same issues.

  13. This app is well known for advertising items that they’ve sold out of long ago that will not become available again. This is poor management of advertising; also, the Nike app offers you to sign up for alerts on new releases as well as available for purchase times but IT DOESN’T EVER ALERT YOU AT ALL! The false advertising is unnecessary and of poor business practices.

  14. Excellent. Easy to use. Easy to get back to where you left off last without the frustration of not remembering your password. Once put in don’t have to the next time. It’s been months since I had been on app and got right back to where I left off. I love this app. 1 of the best 1’s I use. Download it everyone. If you like name brand shoes for good price… Then you have to have this app.

  15. Simple and easy to use app. However if you’re looking to purchase a hot new drop, be on your A game the very second it hits. I’ve had pretty good luck with some drops but the “lost and found” AJ-1 drop was like🤯. It didn’t matter what level you were on for that one. The app and website was locked up like a three strike felon the millisecond it hit.

  16. Terrible, useless, stupid. Don’t do app releases when you can’t process payment at the MINUTE of the release, then says its out of stock when its already added to cart at the the very same minute. If you can’t handle the load, don’t do it. Don’t hype up the demand but cant deliver. Just don’t do it.

  17. I updated the app and now I can’t even add any item to bag. It’s useless if you have an app-exclusive promotion and the app is not even working. Tried to workaround this by adding items to the bag online but when checking out the items, another error appears.

  18. Hello Application Developers, I don’t understand why you guys can’t fix the bug or issue for / as the application keeps on lagging and crashing frequently. Such a pathetic management who can’t ensure that the application is upto the mark.

  19. It always freezes and it wouldn’t allow me to remove items from my cart. I removed the app and downloaded it again, but it still wouldn’t work. The items I wanted to remove are still in my cart. Thus preventing me from ordering from the app. Love the shoes and the deals. The app just needs work.

  20. Matt S. dice:

    App still constantly freezes and crashes after several “bug fix updates” don’t remember the last time it actually worked. Can’t use to shop online or in store. How can one of the biggest retail companies not figure out how to let someone use an app to actually make a purchase to give them money… Update 1/22: App still freezing and not responding after “bug fix update”.

  21. Placed an order, order was unexpectedly cancelled citing billing issues. I verified my payment details and everything was correct but now the items I purchased are out of stock. Extremely frustrating experience.

  22. Personal experience with the app over the last few weeks has been absolutely terrible.. constant crashing,add to cart then app freezes. Can view one item then it goes off and skips back to the home screen. Even the ‘ask an expert’ chat option fails to work and says come back in opening hours (when messaging actually in opening hours) ended up having to call to speak to a customer service adviser who confirmed they were having some problems with the app. Quite frustrating really from a big corp

  23. It’s an okay app when it’s not constantly refreshing, but why does it “need” access to location, bluetooth, photos and media, and more? It immediately asks me to grant all of this and allow notifications before anything else. Every time I take a screenshot it gives a popup that requests access to my photos “to enable sharing the screenshot,” even though there’s nothing wrong with it and I don’t need Nike’s permission to share anything. That’s just shady.

  24. It works when the Nike doesn’t have sales running. During the sales the application freezes and restarts by itself. The disappointing part that it has been the same performance for the last two years at least and they didnt fix it. Very bad user experience.

  25. Awful app!! Constantly experiences errors requiring removal and reinstallation. Can cause you to miss out on products and drops when errors occur. Such an awful experience for such a successful company, and I’ve been using the app regularly since 2007. Decided to finally post a review after all these years.

  26. The app is very useful and user friendly. Ease of use was a breeze! I managed to have my shoe size captured in the apps under my Nike account with the help of the staff in-store. It made shopping for Nike shoes alot easier. I would also head down to the stores whenever the apps alerted of new arrivals, such as sports bras which are an essential for my wardrobe as I do long distance running & also abs exercises several times a week. Membership deals are also made alot easier with the apps.

  27. Worst experience ever I can’t place any order it keeps crashing last time I had the item in my cart and couldn’t check out and once I managed it became sold out again now I am trying to purchase an item on sale but it seems it will become sold-out before I complete my purchase please fix it asap

  28. Tried 10 times plus to make a purchase, every time it says payment method not valid, tried different cards tried deleting the app and reinstalling plus all the other trouble shooting tips,still not working, 1star not worth it. Just take business elsewhere easier and quicker

  29. Brandon dice:

    App continues to decline. Notifications come hours after the drop. On hype releases I get logged out and can’t log back in until hours after the drop. I’m to the point of giving up. The worst part is Nike customer service can care less about any problems incurred while shopping with them. Every order I’ve received has come with the bottom of the box ripped open, once with the shoes missing. They take no action to actually help. It’s beyond infuriating.

  30. I love it it helps me get everything I need. I would recommend this app to anyone and everyone who is looking for anything Nike for real! They have a crazy selection of shoes and clothes to choose from and it helps to not have to go to the stores and fight with customers and traffic getting to the stores! I love it and everything that it helps and you can choose your type that you like and make your own shoe!! The clothes are amazing I did my Christmas shopping on the app and got gift cards

  31. David T dice:

    App doesn’t work. We have customized a pair of trainers and tried to make a payment. Been trying since last year November until now intermittently and can’t get through the checkout bit. Keeps telling you to wait patiently (been quite patient I think) but still won’t get pass that message. Tried Google pay, debit card details and PayPal, nothing works up to the time of writing this review. Shame, shame!!

  32. I accidentally inserted wrong date of birth and I got a message that I am not allowed to use the app without the option of correcting the date. I get a message of contacting customer support but I only get options related to orders, not issues with the app. Also when I choose to browse through men’s clothing half of the options I get are for women’s clothing… Expected something more from Nike…

  33. The app keeps freezing everytime i try to use it. I want to purchase items but it’s impossible because it just freezes up literally after i click on anything. I already uninstalled and reinstalled the app probably like 4 times and it still doesn’t work. Hopefully this gets fixed.

  34. The app works great, and the tracking works very smooth compared to most retailers. My only 2 complaints are: 1st, where they ship from (Netherlands) which is far and transits mostly through France, so we never have the option for 2-3 days shipping. 2nd, the releases for Canada are sooo subpar compared to every other countries worldwide… It’s so bad for us here…

  35. Terrible app when it’s time for purchases for new drops. App stops working for a few minutes and when you finally get a chance to make a purchase, the item is sold out. Instead of a notify gui, there should be an auto buy option for new drops.

  36. This App Is Wonderful!!! I Can Find Everything I Need very Easily, The Layouts And Colors Are Absolutely Perfect!!! I Love Checking Out The Latest Styles, Sales, Colors And Designs Of The Highly Functional, ComfortableAns So Affordable Sportswear and Clothing Apparrel and Designs,The Colors and Prints along with the feel of the Materials are Eye Catching, So Many Choices I Like, Its Hard To Choose Just 1!!! Shoes in so Many Styles, So Comfortable to wear,,My feet are never tired or sore

  37. I’ve ordered consistently from this app in the last 4 years. Never had a problem, customer reviews are a great help in deciding a new style. I am an in between size, so knowing how the shoe fits, as per customer experience, is really helpful.

  38. Lags and crashes all the time, most times it’s best to just shop on my laptop. With all the money they make you would think they would invest in a seamless app experience for loyal customers … Amazon does with many more items and much more traffic.

  39. Masta Ace dice:

    The app works great when its not a sought after shoe, if it is then the app likes to have some issues. Its dont get the chance to buy very many shoes when they drop as a “draw”, i especially dont get SB dunks EVER. I just wonder why i have such a hard time when others seem to get every shoe. Im still happy other wise and have had some good luck still. I just would like to see more selected submissions, instead kf getting discouraged and not liking the app anymore.

  40. This app is an illusion. What they say is in stock isn’t really in stock in America, it’s in stock in their sweat shops in China I guess because how do you justify a 13 day shipping window, then you add an extra day directly after the purchase. This has happen during the holidays and during normal parts of the year for me at least. To add insult to injury they send you an email saying they haven’t forgot about your product 3 days later instead of shipping your product or refunding you. Rude.

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