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Touch of Modern is THE Shopping App for Men to discover the world’s most interesting products and at amazing prices. With dozens of new sales added each day, TOMO will be the Shopping App you lust to check every day.

Join millions of men discovering new designer products at up to 70% off retail. Touch of Modern is the #1 app in the U.S. to shop conveniently for unique electronics, watches, furniture, gadgets, fashion and accessories. We source internationally to bring you modern products at unbeatable prices delivered straight to your door.

1. Shop with more than 13 million Touch of Modern users to instantly view daily sales of up to 70% off top designer products!

2. Touch of Modern is your one-stop-shop for all things stylish- from watches, home decor, tech accessories, gadgets, to all things fashion.

3. Discover a better way to shop. TOMO gives you curated sales and first access to limited-time only deals selected by our in-house experts.

The Touch of Modern app provides you with a FREE, fast, and exclusive membership to:
– Dozens of hand-picked items and deals added daily
– Sales of these highly coveted items are up to 70% OFF and last ONLY 5 days
– Discover the most fascinating and well-designed products in the world at the BEST possible price
– Shop on the Go! Have some spare time while commuting or just waiting for your friends? Check out our app, discover, browse, shop select and check out within seconds. Put your spare time to use, and own the cool gadgets, fashion, phone accessories or wallets that you’ve always wanted.


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40 comentarios en "Touch of Modern: Shopping FULL"

  1. I’ve been using the app for about a week and only have 1 gripe so far. The font is too small on the main product page. To be clear, I mean the page that appears when one selects anything on the main home page that opens a specific company’s offerings. It was disappointing to find that I couldn’t use the app in landscape mode which I hoped would make the font larger like many other apps do. Otherwise, I like using the app as I have enjoyed the website for a few years now.

  2. Quality products, cutting-edge technology . . . and just really cool stuff at a reasonable price, with an option for monthly payments! What more could you ask for? I’ve ordered several times and was very happy with the quality. I had an issue with a shipping delay once, and when I emailed customer service I received an answer the same day with a reasonable and thoughtful response. This was a special hand made to order item. Even so, the item did arrive within the updated time period.

  3. Awsome products, not cheap but usually a good deal and excellent quality. I’m always amazed at the variety offered, value, accurate & complete descripions, and quick delivery. Occasionally they have phenominal deals. I’ve only bought one item that was not up to my expectations; a spunky spider built its web right above the insect repeller set at medium. Personally, it made me laugh. P.S. I’m a woman, so not just for men. 🙂

  4. I love this ap. There are so many things that I’ve never seen before and are so cool. My husband and I have purchased several things and all of them have lived up to its hype. The uniqueness of all the items I have seen on this app make FANTASTIC gifts. Many of the items are from upstarts, so it is not easily found elsewhere which increases the value as a present as means the receiver was special enough to show the gifter thinks about the receiver often enough to get an unusual, special gift.

  5. Terrible,tried to check out several times . Would not go beyond chart/check out page. Page would time out, have great internet connection. Tried several times,even clearing cart and starting over,still just spins when trying to check out. Guess I will look elsewhere for the item’s I want. Never was able to complete purchase’s. Sent two inquiries to them,was sent responses saying I would be contacted shortly on both occasions. Was never contacted by anyone. For what they want for stuff, terrible

  6. This app is over priced, and once you add something they want you to purchase right away.(probably wants a purchase made before you come to your senses) The only items that have a decent price, are the only items have that you can find the same products in a store like Walmart , for much cheaper. Plus you don’t have to pay shipping when going into a store.

  7. Sometimes it’s great, sometimes it’s overrated. Personally, I think a store that offers products that easily break into the 4-5 digit range should be able to cover for free shipping if they can’t remove the hidden fees altogether; that isn’t why I’m giving this 3🌟 The app interface feels like it was made by a college student rushing for an assignment that was never revisited. Navigation is completely bugged for the categories and filtering system, and many products are priced 4x over market.

  8. Products are awesome, but wish when adding Items to your cart that the timing countdown was not added. many wonderful items to buy but items disappear and are no longer available to buy in my cart any longer. Total bummer to have to buy 3 items at a time, and then have to waste time and restart new cart with items previously picked and add again due to time limit count down. Timer needs to be removed ASAP!!! so people can order many items at once and can have everyone happy, not annoy and leave.

  9. This app terrible for a number of reasons. 1.The filter only works until you click on an, item then you can’t go back to the page you were just on and you can’t put the filter back on. I had to close the app every time and reenter the filter. 2. Once a filter is in place the items that are sold out won’t show as being sold out until you click them, then if you close the app, reload the filter, then find the item again it will show as sold out only after you had clicked it. 3. The same item showed up multiple times in the same search, is it so they can act like they have more products than they actually do? Not good. 4. NO SEARCH FEATURE. How is there no search feature on a shopping app? That’s like the number 1 thing you should have! Redesign the app instead of advertising more, you’ll make a lot more money that way.

  10. Good Site; Ill-designed App . Lots of interesting items abound, but it’s not easy to find something twice. You HAVE to ‘favorite’ the item, leading to constant reminders that you haven’t bought it yet. Generally good pricing, although you can sometimes find the items cheaper if you’re willing to put in the time searching the internet and comparing prices. Overall, a favorable site.

  11. Excellent source of new technology, clothing, jewelry, etc. The only issue for me is the amount of time it takes when you open the app. The latency is annoying. But, I’ve purchased a number of their items and the quality was acceptable but, the lag in receiving your items (normally at least 2 weeks) has me checking in with Amazon where the majority of times they too have the items and next day delivery. That’s a matter you all might want to consider.

  12. The app has consistently been operating horrible the last 8 months or so. When you scroll through, it often repeats the exact same items over and over. So rather than seeing everything you have to offer, I can only see a few items per category. Also, I wasnt ever given the option to rate the “mystery box” at Christmas. I was told it was the 3 most sought after gadgets and they all were horrible. Wasn’t worth the 60 after shipping. Just saying.

  13. The customer service behind this app is top notch quality. An item in their packaging fell out of their during transit and I was refunded my money with a photo of the packaging. Never had that happen before. The mailing envelope was the one in a million fluke. Super awesome app. I just wish I could go through categories easily like on a laptop.

  14. Be very careful with this app. It looks appealing, but it has plenty to work on. I ordered simple soles for my feet about 4 weeks ago and I have not recieved them. I emailed support and they said it’s still in the warehouse (Even though it says 2-3 weeks shipping). This app is super cool to browse, but the shipping and price can be a bit much. My advice: Download the app and browse collection. Find something you like and then go on Amazon to buy it for a cheaper price with faster shipping.

  15. Have I shopped on the app? Yes. But because of the 3-5 week waiting time for delivery and no options to expedite i always check Amazon for the same item first. That said, there are savings to be found, and I continue to peruse the app. Customer service is in fact great. Refunds are quick and easy when needed. As far as searches, app could use some revisions….

  16. The app is pretty good overall, but it has a really weird delay when favoriting or adding to cart. It works, it just makes you sit there for a few seconds first. As for the vendor itself, they have awesome stuff, but be prepared for the slowest shipping of your life. Items often take upwards of 3+ weeks to even ship out, which is hard to understand since they charge for shipping–regardless of how much you spend on your order. So just be ready for that, and you’ll be happy as a clam 😊

  17. Home screen doesn’t work because of java error. Search function is decent, except for when you hit the back button which then takes you back to square one. When scrolling in the browse screen, the same items pop up five times over without being able to see any different ones. The app is so bad that I deleted it after trying to figure it out the past 15 minutes. Fix this junk app so we can shop normally again!

  18. I definitely love browsing through catalogs of stuff I’ll never be able to afford. Shipping is on the slow side but they don’t show you otherwise and the estimated delivery time is no lie. Honestly, it’s service as advertised. Edit: Dropped a star because I’ve been asked to rate the app about 10× since my initial review. It’s become something of a nuisance so, since they insisted, this is my response.

  19. App has no search feature. When a notification pops up highlighting a product & you click on it, it doesn’t take you to that product. Instead, it takes you to a screen with a bunch of different products that don’t relate to the product you’re wishing to view. A lot of the products are also repeated, makes it look like the inventory is larger than it actually is. Very deceiving.

  20. Ordering is easy, although once order is placed the shipping is never prompt. The company does make it clear that items can take a while usually the longer time (over a month). There has been times the product takes longer than indicated and I’ve had to inquire without the company taking the first step in notifying me. Value at times has been less than expected, but not awful. Over all items are nice enough and can’t be found elsewhere.

  21. You can find every item on their app/website for the same price if not better, with shipping that doesn’t take months. I have even found like items that were better for less money and a fraction of the shipping time. They’re excellent for ideas but horrible for actual purchasing. I bought a high end item on 14 Aug and was just notified today (03 Sept) that it’s waiting for the carrier service to pick it up, as in it still hasn’t shipped yet. I’m truly beginning to wonder if they’re a scam.

  22. Only giving two stars because shipping is SUPER slow and prices are just average compare to what you can get elsewhere. It takes 3+ weeks to even get your item “prepped for shipping” in many cases. Many of the “deals” are more expensive or as expensive as you can get through Amazon. Makes sure to compare prices before you buy with this app.

  23. Poor Experience I love the variety of products and deals offered, but from a technical standpoint the app is rife with glitches and minor inconveniences. Some of these inconveniences occur when I try to favorite an item – I can never tell if it favorites it or not, as the heart appears then disappears again – or when I attempt to use it for an extended period of time – as it often timeouts. The only reason this app gets any stars at all is because of its content.

  24. The app is ok. It’s Touch of Modern thats the problem. Shipping takes forever, and they won’t let you know when if ever the product is coming…which makes for a grueling shopping experience. Shopping direction is dictated by them, you can’t “search” anything. A refund is typically a store credit, come on man, like shopping at Kmart! Ghetto man! I’ve spent at least $3k on this site, but haven’t made a purchase in over 12 months. If I’m bored, I check out the site…but always buy elsewhere.

  25. Charlie dice:

    The TV advertising is much more tantillizing than the app itself. There’s some things that are interesting, but the coolest things are consistantly out of stock anyway. I looked for awhile because my sons enjoy unique items for fun gifts. It really did end up being more fluff and pumped up advertising! So I uninstalled it due to being a waste of my time.

  26. Really liked products offered. Have purchased several times. It’s hit and miss on getting deliveries in a timely manner. I have an order in for something that was placed around Halloween and it is still languishes an ordered status. Shipping is nowhere to be seen. It’s hit or miss. I have seen great products here but chose to go buy them elsewhere because I couldn’t be confident that I would receive them in time for when I needed them.

  27. It has not so good I have ordered a few items from the site. I would assume based on price they would be high quality. I am learning they are not. It is extremely difficult to return items and to obtain a refund or a working item. You can also order something and it never shows up and months later you just get a refund. Customer service is very terrible.

  28. DK Kim dice:

    Need a better UX journey… difficult to go back. lacking more detailed descriptions. Also, most importantly, the search function is close to useless. we live in a day and age where searching and categorizing things to find easily is so important and is a given, but this is where i see a lot of bouncing out.

  29. User experience is underwhelming. Scrolling is an exercise in futility, as the app continuously repeats the same sequence of products, often several times consecutively, before getting to new products, only to revert right back to looping the previous products. After 25 minutes of getting to see the same 20 products, applying filters and changing categories with the same result, I uninstalled the app. No thanks, moving on…

  30. Satchi S dice:

    Unfortunately the customer service is anything but helpful. Although it’s pricing is in many instances less expensive than other online competitors it’s service department does not provide the consumer with proper resolution to their requests. I therfore recommend you think twice before purchasing anything from them unless you are sure you want the item and are willing to pay for all shipping.

  31. I love Touch of Modern but the app sucks. Navigation through it is a joke. While scrolling through the products you realise quickly that the items keep repeating themselves but if you do it Just right you can get it to show new items. Just needs a serious retooling . Edit. Making a purchase from the app was pretty simple once I was finally able to find the item I wanted

  32. Both the company and the app needs to make changes. Tracking orders requires saving emails for the excessively long shipping. Store items are overpriced to excessive amounts. I’ve purchased three nice items from them, then found every item at MUCH cheaper prices, and faster shipping. Also, beware of the return policy. If I ever receive my last order, I’ll not shop here again.

  33. Love this store! Some things are VERY expensive, but a lot of things are still affable for the average person and most things are interesting and/or unique. Definitely recommend. A tip: search other places for anything you’re interested in. I have found a few things elsewhere for the same or for a lower price. But definitely download. You won’t regret it.

  34. Dislike the fact that it takes 1000 years to upload when using wifi… I have no idea what is wrong with the app. very quick when using mobile data… but using with wifi sucks… also notifications are pretty useless. you see when you see a notification and click on it… you then expect that it will take you directly to what it was advertising. this is so not the case with TOM. Still have some work to do touch of modern… but just like what you’re putting out… so keep trying

  35. I used to make a lot of purchases. Average wait of 4-7 weeks. Recently I started checking the internet for the same items. I routinely find them for plus or minus a few dollars without the long wait. Some items are even on Amazon and have 1 day shipping. Touch of Modern is a scam. You aren’t getting any significant deals and the wait times are unacceptable with the amount of options out there. Oh ya, and no refunds. 7 weeks and still haven’t received my belts.

  36. I saw a commercial on TV today for this company, so I decided to go to the website and also download the app. I found a few items I thought I may be interested in. I cross referenced the items with eBay and Amazon, and they were priced higher on. Touch of Modern each time. eBay and Amazon also let you return and not wait weeks for delivery. This site and app are pointless because you pay more. Deleting the app right after I post this.

  37. Purchased a few things here and had no problems at all. Smooth sailing from start to finish. A variety of products at any given time which makes browsing fun. Only problem is the favorite lists. It will look as though I’m saving what I want then when I go back to it under the list, it shows up as something completely different.

  38. I absolutely love this app! If you want to see all the latest, coolest, most fashionable gifts this is the place with things in all categories clothing, electronics, home furnishings, etc. A lot of the items are priced far and beyond anything most people could afford (although they’re still fun to check out) they’re are ALWAYS plenty of items that EVERYONE can afford!

  39. Matthew R dice:

    =Can’t navigate store= When I had an iPhone, ToMo was one of my most go to shopping app. It has great things that you can’t really find anywhere else, I have some apparel that are no longer sold elsewhere and I’m very satisfied with the store meeting my needs. However, the android version is just a terrible mock up of the iPhone variant. All of my wish list items, the search function, or choosing specific tabs is missing even though its affixed to email. This really needs to be improved.

  40. A lot of cool products and gadgets, but I thought many of the deals looked suspiciously good, and as it turns out they were. One product that was on “sale” were Aquasonic toothbrushes. This app said it was normally $140, but now $36.95. Amazing deal, right? However, the same product on Amazon was also $36.95 with no sale or discount. I don’t like being lied to, so I’m deleting this app.

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