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Redbubble begins with over 700,000 independent artists. A global community making everyday products weirdly meaningful. A shirt with an evil cat. A phone case with a galloping donut. A sticker of a star-surfing astronaut. Whatever your thing, Redbubble has uncommon designs that smack you right in the heart.

– Explore nearly 10 million original designs on 60+ products
– Check out personalized picks of super fun stuff
– Save your faves for later
– Support independent artists with every single purchase
– Find inspiration, an original gift, or just run wild
– Stickers, T-Shirts, Device Cases, Home Decor, Posters + more

Sound good? Why not take a look around. We think you’ll like what you find.


And so the world turns. The sun rises. Wee babes are born. Empires fall. Lovers join then part. We updated our app. Ah yes. The grand, cruel crush of time pushes inexorably on.

But hey, back to that app thing. Here's what's new:
- We've squashed some bugs.


40 comentarios en "Redbubble MODDED 2022"

  1. The products are great, unusual, and unique love the products… Hate the check out, applying coupon, and gift option does not work as it should and asking questions before checkout is limited and difficult, in that you can only ask specific questions built in to the chat/help texting. Another extremely frustrating and terrible problem with this company and app is that there is NO phone number to talk to a live person… Finally got it done but frustrated! Don’t Use if no patience…

  2. Sayuri dice:

    App needs work. I organized my favorites I to separate lists on my desktop, however when on the go the lists are nowhere to be found on the app. The navigation seems to show up when it wants to, at the moment I’m stuck looking at suggestions instead of specific things I want. Also, RB don’t screw your artists over. If that’s true about them not getting a decent cut, I’d rather support the artists directly with no middle-man.

  3. It’s a simple app that allows independent artists to upload a design and have consumers, such as friends, buy items with the design on them, and it does it well. There are many different types of tops, however the design of the top is simple; the uploaded design may either be on the front or back (goes by user choice). There are no additional options to include something else onto the top other than one design. Overall, the app is simple and nice, but an update to the UI would be appreciated.

  4. I love RedBubble. I’ve ordered from them for years. Even used to work a couple blocks away from their SF location and every time I’d walk by it, it would make me wanna jump on and grab an item. This app is pretty weak though. The search engine is lacking and the image displays once you’re on an item, are legitimately impossible to view. Not in an exaggerated way, I mean I legit can’t view them. Like I said, I’ll always love RB, but the app makes it hard to check out products.

  5. This is only an app for browsing shoppers, and while that might be great for some, it leaves a lot to be desired for sellers. Sellers could use this app as a mobile dashboard, yet you’re not even able to directly look up individual shops. It’s not a format that supports sellers, and I ultimately wish it had more features similar to the website’s. Otherwise, the app is alright; browsing designs and purchasing them is simple yet intuitive, and the favorites feature is very useful.

  6. Good but needs added features. They should set up the business aspect. Being the Dashboard, product sells/likes/etc information and so on. The features that are accessible on a normal web browser. It would enhance the app a lot more for the users doing business on it. Because I searched for another RedBubble app set up for doing business. But have not found it. Otherwise it’s a simple online shopping app. Very user friendly at the very least.

  7. GREAT for buyers, meh for sellers. Add more options please. I like the interface overall. Well presented, not hard to navigate, snappy loading. It’s great if you’re looking to purchase designs. I feel like there needs to be more for the sellers though. If I could upload from mobile in app, I’d upload more art. Unfortunately I only have my phone and have to use it’s browser to upload designs which takes a long time depending on image. Otherwise I have no complaints!

  8. Gemgaman dice:

    The selection of images is great and so is the amount of things you can have printed on them. Pretty much image will have like 30+ different products they could come in ranging from tshirts, longsleeves, hoodies, clocks, posters, blankets, and more ( except pants and shorts though ). The search feature is really accurate, and presents good suggestions to other designs you might like. The app doesn’t allow you to view any list other than your favorites but you can still add them though.

  9. I wish there was a ‘save for later’ and a ‘move to cart’ option, like Amazon or Etsy, for items that are closer to being purchased than a heart, but I’m going to make other purchases in the meantime, so I want to unload the items in my cart to a side page and come back to them. I also wish you could add hearted items to a wishlist, like ‘space themed’ or ‘music shirts,’ like on Etsy or Amazon. I hope you keep expanding the offerings; I’d love to see enamel pins! It’s a great app, otherwise!

  10. There are a lot nice designs but the recommendation algorithm is simply horrible. The recommended item are completely independent from the items in the cart. After you search for a term, the recommendations are stuck and it is very hard to find new stuff unless you can find them through actively searching. There is no option to use no recommendation at all either.

  11. I have used the app so many times and its been super easy to get what I want and check out without issue up until now. I tried to show someone a cool design I found on the app and the entire thing seems shut down. Of course I restarted the app and checked my connection on data and wifi but still nothing is working. I’ve never had issues with the app but this is disappointing.

  12. This app is good but could be better. My main issue is not being able to view different “lists” of favorite items. On the web, you can create different lists to see your starred items. On this app, you can’t view them. Only the default “favorites” list. Which is a bummer because that’s how I organize things. Everything else works fine. The app is just slightly buggy but it’s not horrible. Could be better though.

  13. It’s okay for simply hearting items that are recommended, it’s more convenient in that way, but it’s missing a lot of the functionality that the website has. The biggest one being that you can’t visit the sellers shop by clicking on their name or icon, and there’s no option to view additional items by said seller. If you want to do that, you have to open your browser and visit the website. So that in and of itself takes away about 70% of the same functionality that the website itself has.

  14. Angie H dice:

    Great App That Supports Individual Designers and Their Shops. If you can’t find something to express your individuality on this app, you’re not looking. Redbubble has the best return policy I’ve experienced. I’ve had to do a return/exchange and they make it very easy. Redbubble wants you the customer, to be fully satisfied with your purchase. A happy customer is a returning customer. It’s a win-win, for the artist and the customer.

  15. Whenever I scroll through my Favorites list and remove something, it brings me right back to the top of thr list, making it so I have to scroll all the way down to find my spot again. As someone with a large favorites list, this is incredibly annoying. Also, I cannot access certain Favorites lists I have made on the website on the app, which is inconvenient and less organized. However, Redbubble’s quality of merchandise is good, and everything arrives a few days in advance from when expected.

  16. Good for artists who want to sell products, in need of money, or just want to buy some cool stuff, but it’s difficult to figure out, especially mobile. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great app, easy purchases, but publishing art is one of the most difficult parts, specifically, trying to find out where all the options are. Idk if it’s just my version of the app acting up or it’s just the way things are placed. It would be very much appreciated if I could get some help on this, thanks! 🙂

  17. Redbubble, fix your app! It will not let me log in, I have verified that all the info is correct, yet the only way it will let me log in is to sign up for a new account, which I can only use until I leave the app, then that account will experience the same issues. To be clear, I do not have these issues on your website. Would love to use your app, but at this rate it is completely broken.

  18. Let me compare this app to something like “Wish”. Okay? This app is absolutely NOTHING like it. All of the products they sell are quality stuff. Shipping is reliable, prices are fair (considering youre pretty much getting anything from stickers, notebooks, phone cases, shirts, canvas art… among a myriad of other products with whatever design that tickles your fancy is printed on jt). Doesn’t hurt to just download it and browse around. You won’t be disappointed. I promise.

  19. Elizabeth dice:

    Unique designs and supporting independent artists– pricing and quality are also great. It’s the best app;site of its kind! One thing I would offer is a larger range of sizing for clothing items, I have found sizing is on the small side. Offering larger sizes(or using a different bulk clothing source) would definitely cater to a more diverse crowd!!

  20. Bethany dice:

    Keep trying to log in and I get a “something went wrong, try again” error everytime. I downloaded this app to track a purchase, so if I can’t login it’s useless. My information is correct, I checked with my web account. And the error isn’t that the information is wrong, it’s that it can’t process it right now (or apparently at all). I’ve tried many times.

  21. I want to like this as a creator on the site but I don’t. This is great for someone who only uses it to purchase things but being an artist I would love to be able to do more. I can’t favorite things only add them to the cart. I can’t see anything about my account other than payment options. I can’t edit my store. I just wish it was a little more versatile for artists not JUST shopping.

  22. I have purchased from Redbubble before and enjoyed it. To find the app was exciting. Unfortunately, I don’t think I will keep it because I am unable to like/save any of the items for a later purchase. I was trying to do some Christmas shopping and it’s very inconvenient that I am unable to like/save. Very disappointed.

  23. I’m just a shopper on RedBubble, not an Artist. But as a customer shopping on here, this app is pretty bad. One of the best things almost any retail app/site has is a way to either add something to a wishlist/favourites list/etc. This website does for desktops, but the app does NOT. And as an added note, I’m thankful to have read here, I’m learning it’s not a”seller-friendly” app either. Thank you everyone!

  24. Redbubble as a company is great but app doesn’t work. I can’t use it at all. It says there’s an error and to try in a few minutes. I’ve given it days and it still isn’t working. Even tried reinstalling. The website seems to be active so it’s the app itself that’s not working (at least in my galaxy s21+). I don’t seem to be the only one having this problem.

  25. I absolutely love Redbubble but… It’s really about supporting the artists for me and I would feel so selfish to like a piece so much to buy something through the app and not be able follow that artist. I would rather use the website on my phone browser over the app because “following” isn’t in the app and if it is, it is not at all apparent to me. It’s a very simple thing in my eyes but also the difference between 3 stars and 5 stars.

  26. You can’t leave a review for a singular design, or even the generalized products themselves. You can only write a review if you’re invited which is really pointless. As for the products themselves, they’re ok. Classic and Essential are terrible quality and are made from cheap, scratchy, washed-out material. Only buy Tri-Blend or Relaxed Fit. But other than that very great designs, they have literally everything.

  27. Jack Bean dice:

    I use the redbubble website, and it’s amazing. I’m a consumer and a creator. So when I went to download the mobile app to see my purchases and get updates on where the things that I’ve bought are, I thought it would be good. But I can’t even log in. I try to log into my account and it just says “Couldn’t connect to rechapta, try again later”. It’s been days, and if still doesnt work. I’ve tried uninstalling, force stopping, etc. Nothing works.

  28. App seems alright, but as a creator it lacks many features I wish I could get into while on mobile. I am not always able to be at a PC so being able to access my account, settings, and other things from mobile would be great. Very surprised that the app is so barren.

  29. RedBubble: a great site with an amazing amound of designs (vastly superior compared to TeePublic) although the prices and shipping are the definition of premium. Watch your spending. One complaint for the app: every time I close out of the app, everything refuses to load. I have to close the app then open it up to have everything work fine right after. Not a major bug but one of note.

  30. King dice:

    All the convenience of their website built into an app. The site is simple, visually appealing and easy to navigate. RedBubble has frequent sales / great deals and they deliver when it comes to quality prints. Most notably of all is probably RB’s standout customer support, they are quick, efficient and very kind

  31. Most of the shirts I’ve ordered are good quality, but 2 of them (targetdof in retro bullseye and I💗INFs) are not I’ve had the I💗INFs less than a week, washed it in gentle turned inside out, and the printing is already looking ratty) so it’s a bit of a crapshoot what you’ll get.

  32. Very hard to navigate through different design printable options. Only shows shirts when clicking the designs. Difficult to filter desired items.

  33. I love the app but its been actually ripping me off, several times ive ordered something and its shipped separately which is normal but then i wont recieve the other stickers that ive purchased. Ive tried to find my order and all that but then it pops up as an error and i cant do anything about it, i just end up losing money and only getting a pirtion of my order.

  34. Posted an original design on the sight as I usually did any it was ripped off within hours on a ton of other accounts. My name was still on the images. Don’t let your work get stolen. The process is relatively simple but the fact that an image I submitted was so easily ripped off after review was disappointing.

  35. Uploaded two pictures where I own all the copyright and no possibility of infringing the ToS. Got suspended without explanation. Go to a competitor and save your effort.

  36. Zeni dice:

    I ordered 10 small stickers on April 30 (it’s June 14 now) and they haven’t arrived. I was issued a re-order after a month, but my stickers never came. Honestly it was a waste of time, but I’m glad I got a refund.

  37. So far, this app is a major FAIL! Login only asks for email vs. the website that asks for either email or username. Which isn’t much of problem since I can’t even log in!!! And finally it requires recaptcha authentication which is SOOO antiquated in its own right. I’ve tried all of the tricks I know from rebooting to re-installing without luck! I can log into the website just fine. The app is completely [fooked] ATM!

  38. I’ve used this app regularly for years with little to no problems, now suddenly it has a mind of it’s own. If I have no interest in a listing I can look at it, but if I actually like it I get hit with a “there’s been a problem” alert and it won’t load, like some kinda sick joke. I’ve been at this for 2 hrs, I just want to buy a birthday gift. This is ridiculous.

  39. I just moved and I had a completely bare wall, I wanted to fill it with posters of things I liked. The problem with that was I couldn’t find anything good on Amazon. That is until I found this app, my wall is still a work in progress but this app was an enormous help!

  40. Hi H-meh dice:

    We ordered a set of coaters and one has smudged on it! Wonder why they didn’t have quality control before shipping..? We decided not to return coz it’s not the artist fault and they only received a fewer buck commission.

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