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Fueling your best self ever just got easier. VShoppe, The Vitamin Shoppe® app, is the fastest way to shop 1000s of the hottest buzz-worthy health & wellness products. Plus, you’ve got your Healthy Awards® headquarters in your pocket! Track points, redeem Awards, manage AUTO DELIVERY subscriptions, and even score app-exclusive deals.

Shop Anywhere, Anytime

You’ve got a world of healthy choices at your fingertips.

Exclusive Offers

Early access & app-only deals—just for you.

Healthy Awards Headquarters

Easily track points, redeem Awards, and update your preferences.


Update your subscriptions without breaking a sweat. Change the delivery location, flavors and frequency anytime.

Streamlined Checkout

Use Google Pay, PayPal, Klarna or scan your credit card for fast, easy checkout.

Stay Up-To-Date

Personalized notifications—sent right to your phone—means you won’t miss a thing.

Find a Store

We’ve got more than 700 locations—find one near you, get directions, and check store hours.

2-Hour Pickup

Get it quick! Want Curbside Pickup? Just call when you get here.



Vitamins & Multivitamins, Fish Oil, Immune Supplements, Protein Powders, Pre-Workout, Protein Bars & Drinks, Energy Drinks, Probiotics, Healthy Weight, Superfoods, Herbs, Homeopathic Medicines, CBD Hemp Extract, Beauty and Pet Care.


The Vitamin Shoppe® brand, BodyTech®, BodyTech Elite®, Vthrive®, fitfactor™®, fitfactor KETO™, True Athlete®, plnt®, ProBioCare®, Optimum Nutrition, Garden of Life, VPX (Vital Pharmaceuticals) Bang, Nature’s Way, ONE Brands, Cellucor, Vital Proteins, Alani Nu, GHOST, Dymatize Nutrition, Nordic Naturals, Goli Nutrition, Quest Nutrition, and many more!


Workout 101, Cleanse and Detox, Hair, Skin & Nails, Women’s Health, Joint and Muscle Support, Healthy Weight, Bone Support, Children’s Health, Brain and Memory, Immune Support, Men’s Health, Energy Support, Digestive Health, Energy & Vitality, Heart Health, Sleep & Mood, Stress Management, Eye Health, Pre/During/Post-Pregnancy, Seasonal Homeopathic Allergy and Sinus, Endurance Support, Training Support, Blood Sugar Support, Stress Management, Digestive Health, Healthy Eating, Cardiovascular Support, Weight Gain, Build Muscle, Exercise & Workout Support, Keto HQ.

Your feedback and suggestions are important to us! Contact us at: [email protected].


1. Easier to increase/ decrease quantity on product pages.
2. Usability enhancements.
3. Bug fixes.


40 comentarios en "The Vitamin Shoppe MODDED"

  1. Literally the slowest, clunkiest, crash prone app that I am forced to use. I guess offering a significant amount more promos via the webb/app is a way to extort engagement. Not a winning strategy. I’ve already started migrating orders to GNC for items they carry and am actively searching for and switching to alternatives for items they don’t. Unrelated (or not) the in store experience at GNC, on balance, is exponentially better. Knowledgeable, friendly.. on balance lost art at VS stores.

  2. Besides not being able to actually make it purchase, the app works very well. I tried for numerous days getting all kinds of different errors whenever I tried to check out. Asked me to select the right city zip but showed no options. It wouldn’t allow me to check out using PayPal. I ultimately had to use their website to make my purchase. This app is well designed up until the point where they process the cart.

  3. T M dice:

    Love Vitamin Shoppe, but hate their app. Have tried multiple times to place orders through the app, and cancelled every time due to frustration. Very hard to search for products. App allows you to select products that are not available at your store and cannot be delivered. Very confusing. Very frustrating. Don’t recommend.

  4. I originally really liked this app. It’s vey convenient and easy to use. And you are supposed to be able to monitor your auto reorders with texts and emails. HOWEVER, the notifications that are supposed to happen that you are about to be charged and sent a product you may not be ready for do not happen with any regularity. It’s a hit or miss as to whether i get a reminder that I’m about to get a shipment. This has led to some overstock and unwanted charges. This app needs a little tweaking!

  5. The app is okay, there’s certain little things regarding it’s functionality that are frustrating. For example, when looking through a list of items, if you go back, it will automatically take you to the top of the list, instead of back to the last item you were looking at. Also, some supplements can only be found using certain key terms, like stim free, caffeine free and non stimulant all return different products. Overall the ease of navigation and functionality is good.

  6. Good app. Easy to navigate. I just wish I could see full purchase history to monitor changes I’ve made to supplements, so I can also notice physical changes when no longer taking products. I just realized that I have not purchased my fish oil supplements in over a year, which could be contributing to changes in my hair and skin. I wish I knew how long it’s been exactly since the last purchase, but the app only shows 12 month purchase history.

  7. Used to be a great app with great service. In the last year the service has gotten terrible. Item by item dropping items I’ve been ordering for years. Now they started, without consent, sending me BS sales and discounts emails. When I attempt to turn the permission off as it would have been, if it was a choice when originally setup (don’t remember, so long ago) app won’t let me. Says “Experiencing technical difficulties, try again later.” If this is a business practice, it won’t be part of mine.

  8. Update: I forgot password but email never received to reset. After several attempts & now locked out of account, guess that’s a wrap! So many issues always with this app! I just downloaded the app & was excited at the ease of placing items in my basket. However, I cannot remove an item from the basket in order to checkout. After trying several times, I gave up. Disappointed in that.

  9. I had to long list of items to order and it kept dropping out, “system unavailable”… Very time consuming. I had to keep trying to move forward with the order by checking my shopping cart, whatever I could try to get it to keep working. Then when I went to check out around 230am, it was not able to do that completely. That was strange. My items were still in my cart the next morning, so I completed the order during the store’s business hours.

  10. This app has a lot of updates to do. One it doesn’t allow you to add more than one address, credit card. So if your planning on shopping for someone else you have to delete all your information and add the other person’s info. then delete their info add yours it’s a pain. Also , if your on the auto delivery sometimes it dosen’t let u add your rewards . It sucks.

  11. The app is a bit unorganized, at least for Android. When trying to apply separate filters in different categories you have to do it one at a time or else they don’t apply. There’s no sale section, filtering doesn’t go by product type, sorting honestly sucks to me, it’s easier to browse the whole store. Just really seems like you need to know exactly what you want, and if you want to take advantage of sales sign up for the emails instead since the “offers” section doesn’t show items on clearance

  12. I would prefer being prompted to convert and use rewards before total purchase charged. Also having the ability to order things to be shipped to the store that aren’t stocked in store. Versus having to go into the store to have them order it for pick up in the store. It would be nice to have clearance items in one section too, but know that’s asking a lot since all stores don’t carry the same products that are clearanced. I do like the tracking feature when the order ships.

  13. There are glitches sometimes and I’ve had to call customer service too many times to get things linked because of “technical difficulties” error messages. However, for the most part the app is fast and easy to use. I do wish I could schedule the autodelivery dates **when I make them**, so they could all be on the same date. They should just come in the same box. But I’m going to edit and fix that soon. It just should be an option already, instead of making each new item a new date and schedule.

  14. It’s adequate. It’s very squashed and directions are hard to locate. I love VS products. I loathe their website which makes it all but impossible to have something shipped if the local store is out. I also dislike the inability to have all my subscription items arrive on one day so I don’t have a million boxed to throw away. It’s impossible to organize so I get something in time for a trip or skip an order so it isn’t sitting on my porch while I am away. Good products, but the web site….!!!

  15. Star paws dice:

    It’s been exceptionally horrible lately and the website too, nearly impossible to look up anything or order online. I miss how fluid it uses to be. Secondly an issue of finding quality of high grade vs being overwhelmed by low grade with just a major name attached to the label is becoming an issue. I’m not being able to find what my Drs are wanting me to have. I also have not heard back from my suggestion of bringing in old tubs to recycle for extra points, it would reflect well on the company.

  16. As much as our family LOVES Vitamin Shoppe and gives our local VS *5 Stars,* we’ve had too many frustrating experiences with trying to order in the app for store pickup. Typically, we receive error messages after attempting to check out from our cart. Usually, the error message continues to show up, even after multiple attempts over half an hour to check out. IF our order does go through when checking out in app, then the notification and pickup process at our local store has been excellent!

  17. J. dice:

    Nightmare of a checkout experience… can’t pay when default card is expired, even if valid cards are chosen. What a nightmare. That wasted about an hour of my life. You can’t change the default payment method from the checkout section, and it is unclear where it is in the app (profile, for those curious). I even deleted it on the website and refreshed the app, but it was still there. Get your stuff together, VS. Yikes.

  18. Charged Without Permission I have been a customer for over 10 years. Recently, I signed up for a larger auto-delivery, and, just as before, was promised that an email would be sent before processing to allow for last minute changes or cancellations. This was never received, and that card was processed and declined. I have reached out to customer service and been told they cannot stop payment processing….yet that card has been declined four times now. Are lies a dietary supplement???

  19. The Auto Ship features are not working correctly. I received my monthly text reminding me of my upcoming order. I selected the option to pick up at the store. I received a confirmation text that I would get email stating where my order would be ready. However, the order got shipped from the warehouse and I am waiting to receive it. Customer service had no explanation.

  20. Works everytime. Easy to see what’s in stock locally, order for pickup, and order for delivery. It’s easy to see what I’m saving by subscribing to monthly deliveries. Prices are less than most other stores for the same product! And I’m not bombarded by adds or popups. Highly recommend.

  21. Easy to use, nice offers to make things cheaper and easier. I like it. Only issue is using DHL, very slow delivery service. And i set up a monthly payment plan on my last purchase and it’s doing it bi-weekly. Need to get this straightened out going forward

  22. This app makes me not want to be a customer of Vitamin Shoppe. It never saves my store preference. I cannot determine if my products are in stock until they are in my cart. Availability of products has been poor. The discount offers are becoming less available to the products that I want. Today it is erroring out and putting me in an endless loop of frustration. Give me a better customer experience or I will spend my hundreds if not thousands of dollars elsewhere!

  23. Its never in stock when it goes on sale. The shipping took a couple weeks to get to my house and when you email them about none of the stores in your 50 mile radius Having what you want to buy in stock when it’s on sale you get you nowhere. You can order online and wait a couple weeks to get it and not get all the discounts or the payment options that online gives you, go without, or use another company. They weren’t real helpful when it came to rain checks for the current deal.

  24. There was promotion for buy one get one half off. I purchased the items and it never gave me my discount. I called to get it fixed to be told she can’t help me. Be very careful some of there promotions are false advertising.

  25. website stated that if app was used, you would receive a %20 discount today. This was false, did not receive discount, the app is not intuitive and it appears that it does not process your order as quickly as the website. I will be deleting the app

  26. Tc6349 dice:

    Unable to add to cart with app. We’ll, it worked for a while but now I keep getting ‘ technical issues ‘ error. ‘Please ry again ‘. I will NOT use the app again. Ever. VS just can’t seem to get it together.

  27. I don’t know what took me sooo long to transition to using the App. As a long time Vitamin Shoppe customer usually shopping at rhe stores only, I transitioned to using the WEB site to order which was very, very frustrating. The app is fabulous i can manage my subscriptions easily, adjust when I needed and look at my past orders quickly. Great App. UPDATE: Still Great online shopping

  28. Can’t really ask for more in an app works great gives you good discounts doesn’t crash and doesn’t spam you with tons of nonsense that you don’t use just used a $10 discount for the brand of protein that I use don’t know if that’s just coincidence or if there looking out for the not-so-little guy lol

  29. Had difficulty changing payment method on auto delivery. Also lost chat when I wanted to see item number for the product I was asking about. Could use better description/directions for available stores in the area.

  30. Pam Bakka dice:

    I can’t even find my information anymore they say that I don’t have an account! I’ve been using this app for years and apparently they updated something and now I can’t even get my information

  31. Jayden B. dice:

    Now that they’ve fixed the sign in problem the app works great and as I’ve been using it for now 3 weeks I have found no problems.

  32. Currently this app is garbage in my opinion. When i try to enter credit card information on the app or website its stuck trying to verify im not a robot. I shouldn’t have to troubleshoot a technical issue to give you money. Going to order through GNC this time.

  33. render8 dice:

    Where is the wishlist (in the app)… I’ve added items now i can’t access the list don’t even see a button for it…? On the website i add item to list but it just loops back to home page…

  34. I’ve shopped with V.S. for several years, both online and in person. Wonderful selection, service and quality.

  35. The app is user friendly, and easy to navigate. I like especially how it tells you about discounts and deals, instead of hiding them. All and all Been using the app for a few years now, and would most definitely recommend Vitamin Shoppe for all your health needs.

  36. Andrey A dice:

    When I add items in the cart, and then going to cart before checkout and if I want to update the qty, whete is the ‘update’ link or ‘update qty’ button under each item? It looks like the shop is frozen in 2002. I’ve to delete the item, and then go back and find/ add the same item back into the cart with adjusted qty. Bad bad!

  37. Incompetent design or scam??? At least 4 or 5 times this past year they’ve put a week long hold on my payment when I try to use the coupon code they offered and refused to deliver claiming payment processing difficulties even though they managed to in some cases put a double hold on my payment method. So I don’t know if they have an Incompetent IT team or if they don’t like it when people actually use the coupon codes they send out by mass email. Either way I’m getting really tired of trying

  38. It’s been great to be using the vitamin shoppe app, it is useful and convient to plan ahead with your supplements. Also if your are familiar with klarna the buy now pay later in 4 simple payments app, you can use that as well as form of payment if your are purchasing a lot and you are not trying to spend that much out of your pocket.

  39. As a basic ordering app, it’s OK. Sometimes it gers hung up and you need to try back later, which is annoying.

  40. G.M. dice:

    I like the convenience of ordering either online or via the app and picking up in store or curb side. I also like the in stock or out of stock feature, with the choice of ordering from another store location or having it shipped.

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