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Cash back, codes, and deals for your shopping, grocery, fashion & home needs
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The award-winning RetailMeNot app with over 500k reviews makes it easy to save money with over 210,000+ offers for more than 15,000+ brands. Get the deals you want including special savings on skincare, meals for your family, pick-me-ups and everything in between. The app is also home to 100s of online and in-store cash back offers that can be redeemed from your phone.
With RetailMeNot staff-picked deals based on your shopping habits, you’ll find personalized recommendations in your app home page.

* RetailMeNot pays its app members $200,000+ every month on average.
* Our members earn almost $10 per order on average. You could, too!
* Earn Cash Back at more than 1,000 stores

Check out our latest in app categories & special events including: Up to 3x Cash Back events, Up to 20% Cash Back ,Shop with Purpose, In-store deals and more!

“I consult RetailMeNot every time I make a purchase … especially online purchases.
“I’ve been using RetailMeNot for several years and I never check out without first checking for a coupon. The codes always work and the savings are real!”
“Great app! Easy to use. I pull it up every time I’m in a store or ordering online! It’s so convenient not having to carry coupons around!”
“I’ve saved so much Love this app, especially the cash back. I’ve made more than $50 on my purchases.”

* Enjoy 24,000+ food offers at local and national restaurants.
* Redeem coupons: Scan barcodes right from your phone.
* Easily save whenever and wherever you shop.
* Enable notifications so you never miss a deal again.
* We are constantly updating deals. Over 30,000 deals and offers monthly!

And if you’re just browsing, RetailMeNot makes it easy to find deals and sales for all your essentials such as clothing, electronics and groceries. And you’re only a tap away from instant savings on the fun things too! Whether you’re focused on home improvement, shopping the latest styles and brands or looking for the latest technology, there are coupons to be found! Check out the RetailMeNot app regularly as we update content constantly including special events that change seasonally. From Daylight Savings sales, to Memorial Day cash back boost events, we have year round opportunities to help you save on all of your favorite purchases! Trust that RetailMeNot will deliver the hand-picked deals you want from thousands of your favorite stores and restaurants like Target, Sephora, Macy’s, Best Buy, American Eagle and Michaels.

Find new ways to save on travel, clothing, beauty, decor, nearby restaurants and so much more. You could save $20 in 20 seconds both online and in the stores with codes, coupons and cash back savings!
*We are constantly updating deals with over 30,000 deals and offers added monthly!

Saving money on all your shopping needs is more important than ever, and with RetailMeNot coupons, cash back, and online codes, it’s never been easier to save on every purchase. With quick access to your favorite stores and personalized push notifications, you’ll never miss a deal on the products and services you love!

Food deals – Dominos, Papa John’s, McDonald’s, Burger King, IHOP, Postmates
Fashion coupon – Macy’s, Target, Kohl’s, Amazon, Walmart, Adidas
Beauty product offers – Ulta, Sephora, Bath & Body Works, Tarte
Home Good deals – Hobby Lobby, Jo-Ann, Home Depot, Lowes
Electronics: Best Buy, Samsung, Gamestop, Dell, GoPro, HP
Travel including rental cars and more –, Enterprise,,, MariottBonvoy



Download now to take advantage of super savings on Memorial Day and summer trends, including a special cash back event May 27th through 30th!


40 comentarios en "RetailMeNot: Coupons,Cash Back MODDED 2022"

  1. I love this app. Anytime i want a coupon for $ off or % off I go here. I have saved alot of money with the app over the years and I plan on using it as long as it is available. Deals are fantastic. The one thing I would love to see in the app is some kind of automatic listing of the sites you use most, so you don’t have to search everytime for it or maybe a way to go into one of the stores that they have and be redirected to the app.Just a thought. I will still use the app no matter what.

  2. Really like this app, when it comes to finding good deals online and getting cash back for some of my purchases. Though for all the things it can do on searching, finding and selecting, you would think by now there would be a section of where it shows you, your favorite store/restaurants in the main page, instead of saying you can select them but you still have to go thru search and type and scroll down to the company’s link each and every single time.

  3. I’ve been saving gradually. Though I prefer online shopping, I was able to use the codes that were given… the only downside was that some codes weren’t specified well to why you couldn’t use them or why they wouldn’t go thru… what help in some case is that you’re able to leave a message and let other’s know. Overall great app, and easier to find the coupon in one place!

  4. Not only do I recieve cash back on purchases, but RMN offers an unbelievable customer service experience, if there’s ever an issue…which their competitors seriously lack. I love RetailMeNot, because they actually take the time to help people. They’re knowledgeable, caring, patient and kind. In addition, they offer a “Chat” during business hours, so you’re not left waiting for weeks on end, for a response from an email. Thank you, kindly! 😊💗

  5. concept is great. execution is meh. coupons don’t always work. cash back doesn’t always register. some cash back is first come first serve and can disappear before listed expiration date. customer service is hit and miss. they are either wonderful or useless. If it worked more consistently and coupons listed correctly it would be better. I feel like I’m constantly talking to customer service

  6. I always pull up this app before heading to the mall. Sometimes there’s deals and sometimes there are not. It all depends on what coupons and promotions the stores are offering. I sometimes get a free shipping coupon for an online store. Its always a good app to check and see if deals are available! Been using for years and I love it!

  7. Love using Retail Me Not for coupons and cash back. Very convenient… Easy way to get cash back on a purchase you typically wouldn’t by just going through app. Cash back can be over $50 or $15 a quarter depending on my shopping needs. Either way, it’s nice to get cash back each period. It’s like extra savings plus $ back in our family’s shopping budget.

  8. I previously used V4.0.1 of this app. The newest version of this release December 2018 is terrible. Never loads the content from the home page that it demands to advertise, always says retry, to no avail. Doesn’t have a section to just look at all the stores so that I can favorite them. It makes me search from my brain’s memory, the name of every story I visit, instead of just showing me a list of popular stores, LIKE IT USED TO! This app is NOW MORE INTERESTED in showing individual coupons instead of what’s going on at any STORE you’d want to visit. I’m severely disappointed I used to use this app all the time and be able to easily find a coupon for whatever store I was in at the time. But like always the app vendor decided to discontinue the previous version that actually worked in favor of a more, in your face, non-friendly advertising, version of the app. Time to find a new sale/coupon/bargain app. New one stinks.

  9. I used to love Retailmenot, and use it all the time, but I don’t know what happened. Most of the time I try to redeem a coupon, the website or the store tells me that it’s either expired or can’t use with my purchase. I’m honestly getting frustrated at this point that you don’t update your coupons. You have coupons on here that are obviously expired. Otherwise, you’re app is very well organized.

  10. Pitiful scam. Don’t expect any rewards if you use credit for a purchase. They won’t tell you this up front, but only paid in full amounts at the time of purchase qualify for anything. So if you want to take advantage of a merchant’s financing program, you can kiss your rewards goodbye! Uninstalling this app and won’t be using again!

  11. Easy to search store discounts and sales. I specifically like to search the product I want to see all store options, their prices and cash back offers.

  12. it has legit actually saved me at least 35 bucks and I’ve only used it twice, all I do is look at something I want and right before I go through checkout I look on here by searching up the brand of what I’m buying, and it’ll let me know if they have some kind of code or something to get a sale. especially not being the type to spend their money on whatever it has helped.

  13. Can’t beat cash back on stuff you purchase online. When you are already buying, just do it here and $$ back on what I had spent!!

  14. This is a very convenient an easy money saving an discount app. It has discounts for every store u shop at.

  15. Great app easy to use and awesome rebate program. I would definitely recommend.

  16. A.F. dice:

    This app is the BEST app for up to date promo codes! I’ve tried many coupon/promo code apps & all of them have expired codes with so many ads. RetailMeNot is the BEST.

  17. I have saved so much, crazy for this app. You’d be crazy not to use RetailMeNot!

  18. Save on EVERYTHING! Whether it’s stuff for the pets,house or kids I can ALWAYS find a coupon code.

  19. They don’t have the faves anymore? Going thru all the names and types is really annoying

  20. I’ve saved money using RetailMeNot, I use it regularly on my PC, but haven’t on my phone yet. I’m looking forward to using it. Try it, you can save money too.

  21. This app has saved me lots of money. It’s easy to use and I can usually find coupon code for most retailer. I highly recommend this app. Happy Shopping 😊

  22. Lydia MC dice:

    Wish I would have downloaded this app sooner! Lots of saving options for your shopping 💜🛍️💜

  23. Sara Kim dice:

    I used to love this app back in 2011! Loved when I was Used to be able to report if the coupon worked or not. Now 90% of these coupons are invalid and doesn’t work at all! Also these pop-ups are so annoying… I only recently figured out that you have to swipe it to get them off the screen

  24. Jay dice:

    love the discounts found on this app saved about 45 on an oil change from Valvoline……… Yay!

  25. The codes given by this app rarely work. You can go to multiple sites and literally go down the list of discounts. Each code will not work or flat out be expired. It’s false advertising at this point. Try it out for yourself once you realize the codes aren’t working save your breath and just uninstall because it won’t change. Otherwise the app functions well

  26. Excellent Coupon Source. I just stared couponing. This is an excellent source for me to get Printables manufacturer coupons for free! Normal I have to buy a news paper to get the inserts, this starts my couponing budget in the red. Sometimes the inserts don’t have enough coupons to justify the purchase. This helps to expand my saving and gives me more stores coupons. I’d recommend!

  27. Ripped me off for $50 cashback rewards. I made a Lowes purchase that was supposed to have rewards. The cashback took forever to show up, and when it did and I tried to redeem it, it just totally disappeared. Tried to contact customer svc and they asked if I had an email. There was never an email sent about the rewards. I could’ve gotten 10% off at Lowes if I didnt do this. So not only did I get ripped of for the $50, I lost out on $20 I would’ve saved.

  28. would be great if they included codes that consistently worked

  29. Once I discovered this app I check it out before I ever go shopping at a store. Wether it be groceries or clothes, I see what specials/deals I can find on this app…Because who doesn’t like saving money?!? I will say a lot of their discounts apply solely to online ordering which makes you pay the shipping fee, however its great to see what sales they have to offer. Especially since most of the sales here on the app aren’t offered/vocalized in the store.

  30. Easy to use. Mostly shop the cash back deals. Love that you can transfer the money right away.

  31. Retailmenot has by far gave me the most money back out of all the add-ons for chrome browser on windows. The app should either piggy back off Android chrome browser or be a standalone web browser itself. So many times I’ve wanted to buy something but had to wait till I got home to order. Retailmenot themselves are awesome. Thank you for all the savings

  32. Why not get cash back? I look anytime I’m buying something online when I remember to go into the app! Sometimes up to 18% cash back! For free! Thank you!

  33. I absolutely love this app, I use it for basically everything. The only thing that can get a little frustrating sometimes is that, for example, if i’m looking for coupons for pizza, then frequently there will be multiple coupons for deals that are already on the website.

  34. Ray Ray dice:

    They stopped paying for last 4 months. I made several complaints to their customer service, but they kept saying that I would have to wait for 45 days minimum or they never received payment from merchant. But none of these are true. 4 months are way more than 45 days, and at least 10 merchants cannot stop paying them altogether! Fraud liars.. UPDATE: avoid these scammers. No payment for last 4/5 transactions. 01/26/2022

  35. When doing online shopping, i first have to see if that particular store has a coupon code on retailmenot..which most of the time it does!! I just found out about the cash back feature which will also give you a percentage of your purchase amount back to you in cash..which you can deposit to your bank account!! Love this app!!

  36. The website usually offers good deals so I though I would give the app a try, but even though the phone has been rebooted several times and I haven’t used the app in well over a month the app is showing up under Running Services (under Developer Options under Settings) running in the background eating up my phone’s resources. Uninstalling.

  37. Your shopping trip doesn’t always track with this app, you have to email them and there’s time, you still don’t get the credit that’s due to you. And used to have better offers, lately they have been junk. good customer service though.

  38. Great App help me really save alo money, it’s great. 👌

  39. If I could give 1/2 a star I would!!! I thought this would provide me with digital coupons I could use, but it’s just a list of places with their current offers and discounts! Some require app downloads to get the offers (like Sonic and McD’s), so anyone who has the required apps or sees commercials knows about the offers this app informs you of! Update: RMN- can you send me your coupon fliers? That’s what I though this app was for, to get coupons for products, not offers I’m already aware of.

  40. Used the cash back option. I was a little apprehensive at first but went through with it and money was credited back to me via PayPal a couple of days later. I always look in the app before making any purchase s to see if their are any coupons or cash back deals.

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