With the IKEA app, you can explore, shop for furniture, and check out—simply.
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This is a simpler way to shop IKEA. Get your order delivered, or see what’s in stock at your local store. Not ready to buy? Save your favorites for later. And if you’re not totally satisfied, you can return your order within 365 days for a full refund, no questions asked.

Explore a feed of personalized inspiration, from bedrooms and kitchens to full patio furniture or outdoor inspirations for your deck. Then shop the spaces you love.

Your data belongs to you, and you control how we use it to make your IKEA experience smarter. We’ll always show you what information we need and why.

Join IKEA Family for free to get members-only discounts and a complimentary cup of tea or coffee every time you visit. Already a member? Log in to access your digital IKEA Family card wherever you go.

It’s your favorite things about IKEA, all in one place.


Bug fixes and performance improvements.


40 comentarios en "IKEA MODDED 2022"

  1. I love Ikea as a company in general. I am in an area where we do not have one close by, but the app gave me the opportunity to easily buy the items I needed. It is very user friendly, the search mechanism is wonderful, and it doesn’t freeze like a lot of other apps. I could find options for what I was looking for quickly and easily. The design is simple as well. There aren’t a million flashing colors and ads drawings your attention away from the actual app. I am very impressed.

  2. No longer works. I was having problems with the app not loading, so I uninstalled and reinstalled – it now asks about region, but the drop down doesn’t load, so I can’t choose, and I can’t continue without it. I never used the app for anything but browsing, but now it’s just a waste of space since it doesn’t even load.

  3. Nothing intuitive about this app. I found an item by visiting a store that I was interested in purchasing. It was out of stock so I got the app to catch when they restock. I had a hard time finding how to choose a store. Usually you put in a zip and pick from there but not with this app. After picking a store finding the product and setting an alert was pretty easy. It would be so nice if you could filter your search by in stock but you can’t. You also have to change stores to see their stock.

  4. I don’t understand the last update. All the menus are gone, the only actions you can take are to browse inspiration pictures, or look up a specific item on a blank page with a search bar. There’s no way to shop by room or category, see new items or navigate at all… What happened? Was this on purpose? It’s terrible! It was fine before. I just wanted to look at chairs…

  5. Overall helpful and good for reference while shopping in person. The delivery and pickup options are frustrating and the inaccuracy of the stock levels makes it hard to trust before heading to the store. Also, items that I know are displayed in store are not even listed on the app. Even when items were available to ship, half my order was cancelled after the fact. Not sure if the app is to blame for that or if it’s an infrastructure/supply issue.

  6. Wynnr dice:

    Love Ikea, app is not the best. The ability to save different favorite lists and then transfer the whole list to the shopping cart is great, but the shipping availability notification in the item description isn’t accurate. You have to add to cart then go through the shipping options to work out if the item is available for shipping or pickup. Same with in-store availability. Sometimes in the search list an item will show as available but if I click on it, it will show as out of stock.

  7. ajooni dice:

    The app is great. I just think the overall runaround for figuring out which items are available in store, which online and for delivery to where or not…is kind of a lot. Not a problem with the app, but the warehousing and distribution. Perhaps the app could do a better job of picking up for these gaps, tho

  8. The website is better than the phone app. The phone app has precategorized groups of products and it was a bit more difficult to get to specific items. The biggest no go for me is not being able to see what is out of stock without opening the item, which you can do on the web. And there is no filter for out of stock in the search. Visually it is clean and uncomplicated unlike wayfair which has super distracting grahics.

  9. I do recommend just be aware it’s not perfect. Clean easy layout, which I love, but there are things you have to do on the desktop site, like sign up for back-in-stock alerts, that would be helpful in the app. I love being in store & scanning a product for the price, that’s super helpful! Lost stars mainly because the in-store inventory is NOT accurate. At all. I’ve experienced this multiple times; things it says are in stock are not & vice versa. Sucks when you drive many hours for nothing.

  10. Bring back the old app! By comparison, this one is hard to navigate, and I miss old features being easier to find. Like stock availability and bay locations. I assume this app has them, but it’s not nearly as clearly laid out. Also can’t figure out how to search items by room they belong to like the other app had as an option. I can’t understand why they made a new app instead of just updating the current one. And it may be a shallow complaint, but the aesthetics to this version are awful too.

  11. Steph 99 dice:

    Uninstalling. Absolutely despise this app and now it won’t work without setting preferences. Way less useful than the old app. The 2 functions I use the most, store information and a quick shopping list, are buried. Instead, the home screen is full of pretty pictures of aspirational rooms that I don’t need. The one improvement is that online ordering is easier. Please bring back the ease and utility of the old app!

  12. Jana K dice:

    The older app was better. Can not find items im looking for, doesnt give you options to browse the department. Ifnit does well its difficult to find. On top of that doesnt recognize your username and password even when you reset your password, but when you try to sign up says username already exists. This app is a mess. What are they paying them for?

  13. PLEASE be ADVISED! The app is not very good in the payment department. It will say something went wrong. However, your bank will clearly display that the payment was processed. No email confirmation at all. Meanwhile, you call the customer service line numerous times. Stay on hold for over an hour with your fingers crossed. What’s worse is that this has obviously been going on for over two years and the app still fails to function correctly. NEVER again!

  14. It’s a great app especially because it can show if the item is currently available in the store and where exactly to find it. The only thing to fix would be 1. Give the option of pick up and delivery if one item is not in stock at the store and 2. Give better information about delivery cost. I still don’t know if delivery is free always or only after a certain amount. It wasn’t clearly mentioned at the checkout .

  15. Uninstalled, opened website in chrome and found what I was looking for in 8 seconds…not exaggerating! Besides the organization/categories being horrible and INCOMPLETE versus the website, the “x” to delete a price range does not actually remove the search parameter. And you can’t type in a range either. The sliders are useless. A $100 range seems to be less than 10 PIXELS wide. Your old app worked PERFECT but you disabled it… this is ridiculously bad at really basic features.

  16. Yan-Fa Li dice:

    It’s great when it works. Sometimes checkout fails. One annoyance, you can’t sign up for SMS notifications for instock via the app. You have to use the website. It’s very inconsistent about holding at a store instead of delivery. It’s not clear when you can do one or the other and why not.

  17. It keeps telling me it cant update my list. At first it was great. I added a bunch of things to my list. Now i cant add anything or remove anything. It shows me a little pop up that says “your list cant be updated” and its becoming really frustrating. Im doing house renovations and cant even keep track of pieces of furniture i want to buy. One of the pieces even sold out before i could buy it because i lost it, i remembered adding it to my list… and then it wasnt there- sold out the next day.

  18. Tu Nguyen dice:

    The app is good and easy to navigate. I like the feature that we could check the order # but I wish we could add that order into our account so we can keep check of what we ordered in the past and can be reordered. Besides, sometimes the system has crashed without a reason, still need improvement. But for an online service, this app did a great job.

  19. E K dice:

    Really preferred the old app. Harder to add to a shopping list on this version, waaay too much empty space, too many clicks to see the full shopping list with locations, no more projected back in stock dates, some sharing menu functions don’t work, and I HATE that I have to be signed in for most features to work, unlike the old app. Plus, the checkout page says delivery not available on everything in my cart, even when I can schedule delivery through the website! Buggy and un-user-friendly–boo!

  20. Kyle P dice:

    Advertising stuff that is unavailable for delivery or pickup is dishonest. Over 8 out of 13 items I’ve selected are unavailable for delivery. In order to get only half the items for pickup I have to drive over 5 hours because apparently it’s not available at my nearest store. There is no acceptable reason for this being advertised in your app. One star.

  21. A mixed bag here that is not designed with actual customers in mind. This app is a result of what happens when you design an app by committee without actually using real customers in the process. It has been optimized for online ordering bit not much else. I like the actual search feature on the update. However it’s missing key basics like info for my local store, ability to easily review by category. It needs some serious user feedback sessions

  22. Shannon L dice:

    Liking the new app, but I’m knocking off 2 stars because of the wishlist functionality — it auto sorts to alpha order rather than by department like the old app used to do. If you tap into an item, it then gets pushed into a department “section” within the list (inefficient when you have a large list) so you can see at a glance where it is in store, but then it doesn’t hold if you leave the wishlist view or simply refresh the list and then you’re back to alpha sort again.

  23. The IKEA app does everything it needs to do. I can browse there collections, see seasonal offers, make lists, and go shopping with it. I haven’t experienced any crashes or errors, and I haven’t seen any indication that my personal data is being syphoned and sold, which is pretty refreshing these days. I can log into my family account and keep track of lists for when I go to the store or simply order through the app for delivery. Can’t get the meatballs this way, though. 😁

  24. Easy to use app. I had the app a while back(months back) and deleted it due to bugs and glitches and not being able to search my location. I have redownloaded it in hopes that this was changed and was happy to found the ease of the app is now there. If you haven’t had the app in a while, I would suggest giving it another shot.

  25. It is amazing that Ikea, the company with the world’s best design and merchandise can have such an abysmally bad website. The whole online experience on your site is frustration and disappointment! I could list scores of omissions,inconveniences, etc. But, let me just recommend spending a few minutes on Amazon to get some ideas…on your deficiencies, lost sales and just outright missing the boat. Copy them. Get someone in charge who understands online shopping. I never complained before, but!

  26. Unable to submit issues/claims over the app. It redirects me to the website which tells me to call, but when I call, the recording says “call volume is high and we can’t take your call at this time.” There is no email address or way to submit issues via app. My koppang dresser has misaligned predrilled holes which makes it impossible to build. And yes, I’ve tried every possible way including watching YouTube videos to see a step by step process, it’s incorrectly made and I want parts that work.

  27. I like looking but this app is not user friendly. It just seems difficult to navigate and order. My granddaughter wanted items for Christmas and I couldn’t get anything ordered for her. Really difficult. Wish they had a better design. That said, I still like their items that I purchased at the store. Just wish I could’ve ordered and shipped stuff.

  28. Kudos for sendin people that click no to google play. Overall the app is good and snapy. But non-existent browse and the bad search. Results from all categories mixed with bad filters, and I don’t get a clear view of the options either. I search for Kallax, just endless configurations I have to go though, littered with insets, just trying to find the correct one. Make one listing and allow me to customize, so much easier. Also put better filters there, Wayfair is good inspiration. 👍

  29. A little harder to use than the website, nothing crazy though, manageable. The real reason they lose stars is because they pretend like things aren’t in stock in order to make you pay more for delivery, or pretend things aren’t available for delivery until you purchase them separately and they can charge you two delivery fees!

  30. Enjoy the app but on some furnitures it’s lacking options to filter by size but there is “shape” instead and quite often in furniture a shape is a pretty obvious one and it would be much more useful to be able to filter a drawer by it’s depth or height than.. It being a rectangle.

  31. ALLURING!!! The store as well as the app. GOOD quality products, trust worthy. A power of building customer loyalty in the market. The app is easy and smooth to use till now. But the prices seem a bit on the higher side.

  32. I am opening the app and it’s stuck on login screen , loading continuously, and nothing is happening …. seems there is a bug ….. devs look into it . Every step takes around 3 4 minutes to process and load , be it be viewing a product , adding it to cart . My internet is totally fine . All other apps are working fine except ikea .

  33. Pretty well done app. Search function could be a little better, but needs more extensive classification tags for products. Unfortunately it’s not a full replacement for a walk through the store.

  34. Works great. The scan and pay is awesome and saves time at checkout. Also love the shopping list and how it shows where everything is in store and you can swipe it away as you collect the items.

  35. Decent app. Needs easier/faster access to categories. Also reallllly need clearly marked in the list things that aren’t available to ship. Shouldn’t have to click on an item to find out if it can be shipped.

  36. Such a worst app and customer support from such a reputed company. The app hangs often, doesn’t allow changing preferred location. Also their customer support can’t help change my id from USA to India despite many follow-up. They really don’t have a clue on how to work

  37. Pretty but frustrating: I can peruse through all the products but I can’t necessarily tell what is really in stock at the store near me. What I can’t do though is understand everything! I’m an English speaker who happens to live in Austria. For some countries there are options for what language the app is presented in, for others the app defaults to only one. This is such an international world now – so why the heck can I not select the language that is easiest for me to function in?!

  38. IKEA’s app is worse than their website. Website allows you to view categories. The App only lets you view by “room” and then just shows you a bunch of thumbnails. Actually trying to shop using the app is impossible, unless you know the exact name of the item you want to buy. So good luck leaving Swedish words.

  39. Please improve your search tool. Not everyone speaks Swedish/Scandinavian you know, so when i misspell your words, your seach tool does not give results at all. It’s not even trying to give at least close to how I spell the word! Also when I search for a generic topic like “metal wall decor” it’s giving me tons of results that’s mostly irrelevant. Please make your search engine tool a bit smarter or at least more useful and less stupid.

  40. It’s amazing how quick IKEA can deliver! Bought tonnes of heavy items from IKEA which were delivered swiftly. I love the online experience. I hope they can have all the items available online (as well as the plants please). I do not enjoy the in-store experience as it’s always packed. Neither do I like the windy lanes or being herded in one direction. This is a life saver.

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