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It’s a good time to be a doer.

Save time with The Home Depot app. Shop over one million products and find the info you need most.

Don’t know what something’s called? Just snap a picture and let our Image Search feature tell you.

Use the Product Locator to find what you’re looking for and check store inventory. We’ll take you to the exact aisle and bay.

Get Ratings & Reviews in a matter of seconds. Use the barcode reader to scan an item and read what other customers have to say.

Signing up is quick and free. Get access to real-time order tracking info, view purchase history, enable instant checkout and more.

Look for a new Special Buy on the app home screen each day. Plus, check out your local ad for all the latest from your Home Depot.

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42 comentarios en "The Home Depot FULL"

  1. This is one of the worst Apps that I have ever used. It does a bad job at giving the correct products after the search. Super slow response. NO LANDSCAPE MODE! While scanning bar codes it has trouble finding the product. I have to go and find a rep. to scan it for me. These are some of the issues. I also have many problems with home depots pro account also. Returns do not show up while at the cashier but does show on the account.

  2. Can no longer log into the app, meaning I can’t pull up my ProID account info or past order history. This has been going on over the past few weeks now, and despite several updates the issue hasn’t been resolved. Update: Completely uninstalling and reinstalling the app fixed the problem. Guessing there was some bug that was stuck in the cached data.

  3. The app works pretty well but since the store did some sort of reset the product locations are always wrong. It’s the same for every store in town. It’s frustrating enough trying to find a product. I don’t need a store associate telling me I’m using the app wrong or that I’m looking in the wrong store. Especially since 80% of the time that I ask an associate they look it up on their device.

  4. The app is only good for price checking, try to buy anything and you get the unending ring. Been this way for a few months, I’m not sure what permissions it needs but there’s no reason turning off the microphone or access to contacts should cause this issue. It’s easier to use the website which unfortunately sends you to the app unless you play with the settings

  5. It would be nice if the display adjusted to landscape view. when I use my tablet, the app shows in portrait view when I am viewing it in landscape view. Also, adding a quick link button so I can view it in online. The app has limitations and being able to view a product online would be a nice option. lastly, when you have the app, you can’t view it online. It only opens within the app.

  6. Ed Joseph dice:

    I’ve had the app for years, and I’ve never liked it. I don’t usually leave bad reviews for companies I like, but Home Depot needs to get it together. The app fails to load half the time. When I attempt to bypass and use the browser on my phone, it defaults back to the app. When the blue store is literally across the street, guess who gets my business when the orange app is failing me. This has been an issue across several phones over the years, I’ll bet there’s a lot of revenue here.

  7. I’ve had the app for years. Lately haven’t been able to sign in or order anything. I kept getting error codes and try back later. I had to completely uninstall the app and reinstall it. So far it appears to be working. It should automatically update itself or at least prompt you to update to a newer version. The tech people at Home Depot have there head up there you know what. For this reason I would not input any payment info. I use PayPal on this site.

  8. Much worse since I started “pro” account. The normal app has always been buggy, but since I upgraded to an HD pro account, the app changed to the Pro interface which is much worse. Everytime I click a HD link from a Google search, the app opens but never loads the product page. I just get the “loading” circle indefinitely. I then have to do a product search in the app to find the product. Numerous other bugs. It should not be this hard to give HD my money.

  9. Tried checking the price of some pressure treated lumber and the app will not allow anything to be added to the cart. When I try to add, the death apinning spiral begins! Oh well. Lowe’s wins again! Cheers! Edit: Updated app and it won’t allow me to log in or place anything in cart. Bad formula for business. Edit: 1/30/23: still not working and unable to log in! Also, when you save a gift card to your profile, you still have to have the gift card in hand to use!?! Useless!

  10. The app sucks. It’s incredibly buggy. It constantly tells me I have no internet connection even though I do. I can’t log into pay my bill. It repeatedly goes to the email address screen, sends me a verification code and whenever I verify it, it kicks me back to the email address screen. I’ve already linked my credit card to the app but for some reason, the app has unlinked them. I’ve had nothing but trouble from this app the entire time I’ve had it installed, at least over a year.

  11. Man, this app is terrible. It’s a go to for looking to see if something available. Unfortunately, every time you go to see if something is available at your local store, it shows you the inventory for Manhattan… Even lists your local store at the top but still by default shows Manhattan. That’s a different state for me… Have to manually change the location every time even though the right location is already listed at the top of the app. Extremely frustrating as a user. HD dev team, go fix

  12. Raymond dice:

    Does what I need. Good integration with the store credit cards. Only issues are that it oftentimes loads very slow (even on good WiFi / cellular), and it sometimes loads the wrong pages or clicks the wrong buttons (usually, if it looks like it fully loaded, but it apparently did not, so it mis-registers what was clicked on).

  13. I wasn’t able to use this app since the end of Dec 2022. Kept getting “…Experiencing Technical Issues…”, for hours on end. I could log on to the HD site from a home computer, but not from my phone using the app, so I couldn’t redeem ProPerks or use a Military discount at the register. I looked at my ‘recently updated’ history and saw that the app didn’t update correctly, despite manually selecting the update along with several others available. Uninstalled, reinstalled, and now works fine.

  14. Trey G dice:

    The app just doesn’t work well… when using curbside.. I can’t check in, the screen just wouldn’t load.. this happens often. It creates a major inconvenience. Also when in store and trying to open the app for reference… it won’t load. Many issues where the app just doesn’t work, or fails to load certain screens entirely. Now to actually using the app… it’s a mess… when navigating menus.. it’s just all over the place..

  15. Buying through the app is painful. For starters, you can’t change the delivery zip for appliances. Setting a new zip under locations doesn’t save into the cart items. It keeps defaulting to an old zip when items are added to the cart. Also can’t add items to the cart that are part of a special buy. For example, I’m trying to purchase a Milwaukee drill, but I can’t add it to the cart because the app insists on me adding other tools and batteries first. I cannot simply add the drill.

  16. Can’t sign in lately. Not able to put items in cart. Pictures of items in details view disappear after a second and are replaced with a nag to apply for a credit account (I have one already). You can not get pictures back. Occasionally I get “we are experiencing technical difficulties ” message.

  17. Other than trying to figure out where in a store an item physically is, the app is completely useless. Stock has been wrong every single time it mattered for me, I can’t order anything, I can’t log in to my account, I can’t check the status of anything, and only ever receive error messages or have to guess and assume the operation timed out before completing. Junk app just taking up space and wasting time, I’ll use the website.

  18. David Ma dice:

    Buggy, slow, barely usable. Has good functions, though. Being able to get stock level, locate product and barcode scans to get prices are all good functions. But random crash and slow performance is very disappointing. Removing from cart is hard and slow, buggy. Very bad search, same item shows up repeatedly.

  19. Does not save pages, goes back to home screen when you attempt to return to item list. Continually loads when you try to add a product to your cart, so you can’t use the cart, whether to pick up in store or ship to home. Always reverts back to a store 30 miles away, even though I live 3 miles from the closest location. The inventory estimator does not reflect stock levels, Always says its in stock, then zero when you go to the store.

  20. Mr JJ dice:

    I use the Home Depot app almost on a daily basis, while running my business. It’s a far better app then most Home Depots competitors app. However, when it comes to special order, I have to switch to Amazon, for the simple reason that the Home Depot app doesn’t allow you to add simply delivery information, such as order is being delivered to a business and the business’ hours for shipping and receiving.

  21. They keep canceling my orders without notice and the app doesn’t synchronize with their in store POS system very well. They show they have items when they don’t and vise versa. My main issue is that there has been no timely notification when they cancel my order and I drive 10 miles only to find out my order has been canceled. Over the two years that this has been happening, I’ve spent a lot of money in fuel on wasted trips not to mention wasted time.

  22. ymha7nfv dice:

    This app is slow loading, no matter your connection, at almost every step. I’ve used the app to find things in store, or where something is in stock, but I’ve never been able to actually order anything through the app. For years now the app will slow to a crawl and eventually crash when trying to place an order. It’s definitely a time waster. Using the regular website on my phone is a much better experience.

  23. I’m not sure if it’s my network or the app but there’s so much improvement needed. Like it takes forever to load anything on the pages. Then it glitches quite a bit, or freezes up darn near every time you log on. Then it automatically logs me out, and when I click to log in the screen goes white.

  24. Literally the slowest app i think i have used in my entire life, using any phone, ever. If you need to add something to your cart at checkout, you have to back completely out and start over. GUI is not super intuitive. The biggest downfall is how incredibly slow it is. My phone shreds through every app, in every instance (even video editing apps), but this one. I’m using an s22 ultra.

  25. Poor execution on the app. App keeps freezing and causing errors. It’s only good to look for items and add to cart so when you have to go to store you don’t forget anything… it’s basically a shopping list app. It freezes when trying to pay with PayPal. I have to drive to store and shop the old fashioned way instead of easy pick up and go, to start my projects.

  26. Update: Congrats developers you made it even worse, now hangs and crashes during checkout so I can’t give you my money. 🤷 Old review: Very slow & clunky. Pages slow to load, so it’s difficult to browse items. The checkout process was a nightmare, each screen tap had a seconds-long delay, and fields would delete themselves or stop typing. Even after triple-checking I ended up with pickup items at different locations. It’s 2021, make your app easier than the website, or don’t have one at all.

  27. Cool to have when your looking for things, but don’t rely on the pricing, it is very different than what it actually is . Also, trying to buy items on sale and i cannot. It doesnt do anything when trying to place an order. Perfect timing for christmas shopping. Apparently they really dont want you to purcahse tools from them…Amazon it is.

  28. Allow me to preface this by saying that I love HD. It has been and will continue to be my go to store for all my contracting needs. That being said, the app, which I used to LOVE, has taken a major dump lately. Start with the fact that it defaults to store mode. I hate store mode. HATE store mode. I should be able to turn it off as the default mode. Second, when in normal mode trying to barcode something to find out more about the product, it sends me back into store mode! Fix and I’ll update.

  29. I want to love it…but this app creates so many headaches. If you shop on your laptop, then open your phone app to create a seperate cart it merges them. Likewise, if you open an email link to view a friend’s cart, when you later return to your phone app it will append all your browser items. ugh. Additionally I keep encountering errors and problems at checkout. For now I strongly urge you to shop using the web browsers until they streamline the app.

  30. it’s OK to move around the site, but each page has an extended loading time, each time I push a button I have to wait for about 30 seconds to make sure it didn’t recognize the push before trying again or it will catch up and press more buttons. also some items go to an error page when trying to view details. it’s glitchy and lags way to much for such a big company. what’s with that?

  31. 2022/12/7 Tried it again after almost a year, it’s just frustrating, keeps failing, locking, spinning etc. 2022/2/3 Terrible app, keeps spinning, sometime gets part of the order for store pickup and parts delivered by mail, because I really need a box of screws to be delivered 10 days later. The app crashes a lot, store pick up process is horrible as well. Please learn from the target app.

  32. A word for the wise if you’re having issues with the app, go into your app settings and delete all app data (not just clear the cache). It will act like it was newly installed and ask you for info about your location and for you to log in. This fixed a lot of issues I was having. I had just wrote a bad review then remembered to try that and I’m so glad I did.

  33. The app constantly changes my location. I manually put in my local store, search for an item, open it up to see the item location in store and the store is changed back to one that’s about 30 miles away. It makes it next to impossible for me to be able to map out my trips. This makes the app useless for me.

  34. It’s always nice to place an order and just go pick it up, but since Home Depot allows wood cutting, simple cut(s) should be allowed when ordering and paying (for instance. cutting 8ft boards into 2, 4ft boards) so that it will fit in vehicle and a trailer or truck doesn’t have to be rented or borrowed to pick up a few pieces of wood. Also, the app becomes slower and slower as it’s being used.

  35. Chuck dice:

    No WI-FI in-store is really sorry. Trying to take advantage of Military discounts when we can’t access it, or digital savings,is quite poor. Not a hard fix. Also pretty confusing when trying to locate a store by zip or location. Too many steps involved. I have to select by zip code, the select next so I can put in the zip??? I stopped using the app altogether, useless inside, and frustrating outside.

  36. Nate Reed dice:

    Placed an order to pickup in store. The app kicked me three times during checkout. When it finally went through it had been changed to a delivery. When i noticed what had happened i tried to change it and they said they cant do that. I live 5 minites from store where it is available so why take a chance of getting it shipped and damaged as alot of packages are nowadays. They wont even let me cancel the order until after both items ship which is days apart. They lost a pro account over this.

  37. C Y dice:

    Horrible App I have Uninstaller, closed, and made sure the app was up to date and I still repeatedly get where the app won’t load all the information. It seems to do okay when you first open it but when you select an item that is where the problems begin. It either won’t load or take forever to load the information; more often than not it won’t load.

  38. The app is overall functional but could be better. I would like the option to make different list to price out projects on the app. Being able to save stuff for a later purchase would be nice as well. The only other problem I have is the in store inventory can be inaccurate on the app. Other than that everything works great!

  39. First off I love Home Depot and do alot of business with them but the app itself, i find pretty much useless. Ive used several different phones and no matter the connection, it’s slow to load or it shuts down all together repeatedly. I cannot access anything, quotes, acct info., nothing. It makes it really hard when im trying to bid job and need to check on pricing and materials. Overall, im not impressed with the app and with every update it seems to get worse. Very disappointed.

  40. Every time the developers do anything the app gets slower and less usable. Constantly getting ‘no connection’s notices, logs me out when I try to checkout, checkout itself takes at least five minutes, nonstop loading screens. Granted, I don’t have a top end model phone, but I shouldn’t need one to order drywall. My WiFi and internet are rock solid and my other apps aren’t having these problems. Started with four stars a year and a half ago and just keeps going down.

  41. Generally been very happy with the app–as of 1/31/23 OS Update to Android (Samsung) you have to press controls in the app many times before it responds–you can see the viryual buttons go up and down indicating they’ve been activated, and it still does nothing. Whether the app developers or OS community is to blame doesn’t matter to me. If your tech doesn’t work reliably, I will reward your competitors.

  42. The app is easy to navigate. We didn’t have a 40 gallon medium in our warehouse. Ordered through the app in less than 5 minutes. Our driver will be there in the morning to pick it up and be on his way to the jobsite by simply sending him the order number. I was able to add him as the pickup person and they will require photo ID to ensure it goes to the correct individual. Love this APP!

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