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Get great deals, discounts and free shipping on millions of high-quality products! 🛒

We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee policy so you can enjoy shopping for millions of low priced top quality products including clothes, bags, cosmetics, electronics, home decor & more, with peace of mind. We love to make shopping fun and rewarding! Let Vova help you figure out what to pack in your suitcase. Let Vova help you make big savings!

App Highlights:
★ Clothes, bags, cosmetics, electronics, home decor & more: Shop all you want online
★ Millions of featured and quality goods provided by reputable retailers
★ Free shipping worldwide on all products
★ Enjoy massive discounts every day in Flash Sales
★ 100% guaranteed payment security
★ Didn’t meet your expectations? Easy return and refund policy
★ Support Facebook and Google account login, making shopping more convenient!

Safe shopping environment:
✅ Shop safely with VOVA Guarantee – Receive orders or get your money back
✅ Guarantee your transaction with your preferred payment method – Pay via Paypal or credit card

Language Support:
VOVA supports multiple languages. Including 19 languages such as English, German, Spanish, French, Swedish, Norwegian, Italian, Portuguese, Danish, Finnish, Russian, Dutch, Arabic, Hebrew, Polish, Czech, Slovak, Turkish and Traditional Chinese.

Currency Support:
VOVA supports multiple currencies. Including 37 currencies such as US dollar, Hong Kong Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Australian Dollar, Euro, British Pound, New Zealand Dollar, Swiss Franc, Swedish Krona, Norwegian Krona, Danish Krona, Russian Ruble, Brazilian Real, Argentine Peso, Chilean Peso, Mexican Peso, Singapore Dollar, Kuwaiti Dinar, Bahrain Dinar, Qatar Riyal, Saudi Riyal, UAE Dirham, Polish Zloty, Japanese Yen, Colombian Peso, Czech Republic Koruna, Nigeria Naira, South African Rand, Israel Shekel, Jordan Dinar, Egyptian Pound, New Taiwan Dollar, Turkish Lira, Indonesian Rupiah, Thai Baht, Peruvian Sol, Kenya Shilling.

Our Mission:
Vova is on a mission to provide high-quality products from the most trusted companies worldwide. You came to the right place to discover the latest and greatest high-quality products at affordable prices.

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Follow us to get the latest info on our great deals & discounts and to leave your precious feedback & suggestions.
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1.Flash Sale——Up to 90% off and updated daily
3.Hot List——Make Your Selection Easier
4.Performance improved and bugs fixed.


40 comentarios en "Vova MODDED 2022"

  1. I had the app in the past, deleted it after ordering and only receiving less than half of my orders and didn’t receive a refund for the items that never arrived. I decided to try again just to see if anything has changed, I just wasted my time. It’s no longer working. I will be uninstalling and I won’t waste any more time on this again. I suggest you use the wish app or AliExpress app because they actually work and great items with prices that are very affordable.

  2. I have used this app for +3 years, until it completely stopped working. It will not load anything, will not let me log in, it keeps saying to “refresh the page” or “check internet connection”. My connection is fine considering this is the only app that does this. I’ve tried on several different occasions over the past 9 months and each time I still get the same blank page. Please fix this issue because I really do like this app.

  3. Of all the apps ive tried of this nature, this is one of my least favorite. The user interface is abysmal, in both aesthetic appeal and intuitive ease of navigation. It also just has sort of a “sketchy”, “thrown-together-quickly-because-it-doesnt-have-to-look-perfect-as-long-as-people-are-still-getting-scammed-or-robbed-of-their-identities-and-anyway-our-cool-name-is-enough-to-secure-an-initial-download” vibe to it that just doesn’t sit right with me. Uninstalling immediately.

  4. Haven’t gotten to use it much yet, but if the quality of products surpasses the low cost, it’s great. Some merchants don’t put enough of a description for the things they sell, so I wonder about power conversion on electronics, things like that. While the grouping is generally okay, there are a lot of repeated items from different vendors without a way to link products & compare. Still, the prices are insanely low. I just hope the merchandise isn’t on par with cost.

  5. items are harder to find, auction items almost always start out at a higher bid price than if you were to buy them outright. points system is a bit confusing plus you can also get coins for coupons. free items arnt available in my country(usa) all in all it just seems overly complicated and cluttered. the items you can find are great shipping is much faster than wish generally with about the same kind of prices.

  6. Litl Onee dice:

    They do not ship on time. If even at all! But as far as the deals go on pricing… Well it’s well priced. But the price doesn’t amount up to any satisfactory if the item never shows up. As well as very poor communication, and there is very little options for resolving any matter of issues. There is either wait for the item or ask for a refund and it asks for a picture of the item in order to be able to request a refund

  7. Just started using this app and some of the activities in it are a little confusing at first but after a few times I am starting to get it best part is the cheap prices on stuff I have been looking for & the shipping time is shorter then other stores like this but the thing I hate is when they show a price it’s usually a different one after u pick the size. Just show the real price!!

  8. I’m more impressed with this app, I wasn’t expecting shopping, real freebies, huge selection or it being a browser. My only issue is I can’t place an order. It tells me there’s a problem with my credit card & I’ve confirmed with my bank that my card is fine. I have placed 5 orders, only 1 has been debited from my bank account, yet says payment is pending and I have a charge of $17.99 that I don’t know what is for. I’m going to uninstall, first, get refunded!

  9. I have yet to order. There are some good deals that are better than Wish or ebay, but there are other deals that are not great. The great deal is they have free shipping, which could account for the higher prices on some of the products. One function that Wish has but Vova does not is the ‘related’ products option or similar products to view. Not a bad app but not great either. Once I receive an order, I will update.

  10. I followed a post someone had made that brought me to downloading this app. I paid 2¢ (crazy huh) for a digital “smart” watch. Kinda cheap looking when it arrived but for less than a nickel and free shipping couldn’t complain. I waited until the item arrived before leaving rating-review. It’s worth using for stuff that’s literally free. Still don’t trust it 100% enough to enter my credit card info so I have used my PayPal to purchase it…let’s see if item #2 arrives lol.. Shipping didn’t take that long either, about 2 weeks.

  11. I like this app but I had several things saved in my wishlist and now there is nothing. Also when I do add something to the wishlist it shows the number in the wishlist but when you load it, nothing is there. This has been an issue for a long time! It would be a better app if they would fix that problem. It’s an important feature for me . I would give it a 5 star if that was fixed!!

  12. I am still yet to order but am liking what I see so far other than there is so many extra things flashing on screen at times it can get confusing. I do think that they could make it slightly easier to get rewards other than every one is invite a friend and they have set up account. However, the prices make up for that. If everything goes smoothly and good when I place my order I will change to a 5 star.

  13. Takes forever to ship. I haven’t gotten my item I ordered yet. Hard to understand the coupons and what item is what because the pictures are all jumbled and misleading. The price shown is for the smallest piece in the set, and goes up for more desirable items, making it difficult to choose what you get. Same situation as the wish app. Cheap stuff that’s usually overpriced.

  14. Got my first purchase quickly. It was super nice. Only had a few issues. About 2 months ago I ordered a pair of Prada sunglasses and paid extra for fast shipping, lol, and the tracking clearly say they were returned to sender from some place in china so i tried to get a refund. It keeps saying system error. After i get my money back, or not, im done!!!

  15. they suggest you can earn money and withdraw it but they are deceitful in the amount of money received for each action. it starts off as a couple of bucks for each person referred but the closer you get to the target amount to withdraw the lower the rewards. i have referred about 8 friends and the last person that signed up i got 10 measly cents. 2 friends signed up and i got no credit at all and i didn’t get credit for a friends first purchase which was supposed to be a $2 credit. just be aware

  16. The site is easy to search through and find reasonably priced products. I like that all products I’ve seen include the shipping cost which makes shopping so much easier. I like swiping and searching for the lowest cost of an item. Once, I’ve made a purchase and recieve it I’ll include a review of that, too.

  17. Prices are awesome!!! All shipping is free! Lots of variety in products. The only low is there is no in app way to contact customer service, the only way to contact them is email. The first orders i tried to place still hadn’t been confirmed after a week so i cancelled them, i am going to try again soon and ill change this if it works.

  18. The app is similar to wish and the shipping is not free either but if you get more than 4 items it could be free or less shipping than wish. I had some issues and their inquiry system is terrible. I had never received an item and requested a refund and it was more than 90 days and it was denied. Contact customer service but they didn’t solved the problem. They want proof of the item not received and can someone tell me how can I do that?

  19. Edit: Okay, I’ve given this app a decent amount of time and i’m just going to delete this. I think its more or less a gimmick to get them more people rather the making it fair to actually win anything.I also see that is possible to not even get the product you ordered. i’ve seen a handful of people with pictures of the wrong product and it makes me scared to take that next step in purchase anything. I almost came close to getting something, but it wouldnt even take my card.

  20. Mel Mor dice:

    I really like this shopping app, simple to use browse, select and purchase items when you want one at a time, or fill your cart and purchase as many items as you like all together at a later time. Different shipping options as well. I have’nt made a purchase yet, but it looks like you get your goods alot sooner than Wish type Apps, according to customer comments and reviews. Super fun games too!

  21. You cannot connect customer service for basic service, the app changed the state on my address so my order is being shipped to Alabama and I live in Oregon. I cannot contact anyone because it hasn’t been 30 days. The issue was resolved, and I even got most the items redelivered to me, and refunded for was wasn’t. Though it would still be nice to connect for technical issues. The issue has since been resolved.

  22. At first i absolutely loved this app. I was telling all my friends about it as well as it was truly helping me with extra cash when needed. Then all of a sudden my account was blocked for absolutely no reason what so ever. I was told it had something to do with the debit card i have on file but i have no debit card on file and never did. When initally emailing customer support they were quickly responding once i pointed out i didnt at all violate any rules they never replied to any other emails.

  23. I an uninstalling this ap as soon as i post this review… I’d give it n9 stars, but then I can’t add my review. I’ve had the ap a few weeks now, and the browsing is fun, but I have given it three shots. I’ve purchased and successfully paid for items on three different occasions, my card was successfully charged and the item purchased, the status would change to preparing your order and then the purchase was cancelled and my card was refunded. No warning, no explanation. Won’t try again!

  24. cheap and easy app! I have purchased many items and received everything some came really fast some came really late but I wasn’t expecting much since items were so cheap and we’re coming from China. my one problem is that they give you coupons and if you purchase multiple items then use a coupon if one of the items is not available and they give you a refund, the refund may not be the full amount they give you the coupon amount which is horrible. so beware on using coupons here

  25. Found a lot of items I enjoy collecting ( watches etc.) At unbelievably low prices. And the shipping is top notch quick. Two weeks ago I ordered 7 pocket watches plus a battery charger for 21$ and some change, that’s total price, shipping included. 8 items total. Two weeks and I received my order.!! Download this app and give it a try, you will not be disappointed. Thanks guys for doing such a great job.

  26. App is great appearance wise and has fun incentives, but the incentives dont cover the sadness of ordering items that arent actually available. I ordered 8 items, all from different stores and 6 or the 8 items were cancelled and refunded because the Merchant was out of stock. Now I must wait 7-14 business days to get my money back for the cancelled transactions. Be weary that the item you’re ordering may not be available at all! And that you have to wait a fairly long time to receive $ back.

  27. this app is the best shopping app I would choose it over any of the others. along with their little prices you’re pretty much guaranteed to get some sort of a coupon or a certain percentage off for spending a certain amount I can’t believe the quality of the items and the price. highly recommended to anybody who likes great fashion and low prices

  28. After spending some time on this app I have found that AliExpress is cheaper! I have only bought 3 things from this app and one item was wrapped so poorly it spilled and I’m still waiting on the first thing I ordered. Not to mention their coupons are only for 10% off when there products can be found cheaper on AliExpress and the coupons on there are way better. You can’t use coins for anything but their 10% off coupons. I’m not sure why I stay on I think it’s because I’m waiting for my item still

  29. My first auction 🇮 🇼 🇴 🇳 🇧 🇮 🇬 . They reward you for winning. I’m hella hella psyched right now. Their shopping partners ARE NOT reliable. I’ve had to get refunds on more than 80% of my purchases and there is NO WAY to communicate with anyone there in real time. Most of the time, I’ve forgotten that I even ordered something because it takes months for our to arrive. It’s very disappointing. They don’t provide a way to track your package either.

  30. Very new on the app for me. Seems fairly straightforward to navigate and was easy to register. My first order has not arrived in the specified time which is very disappointing. The 2 options when you report this are, “It’s ok, I’ll wait” or “Request refund”. However absolutely nothing happens when you press “Request refund”. This is looking more like a con. They say if something appears too good to be true it usually is. I understand now exactly what that means.

  31. Don’t download this for the freebies or if you want stuff to be delivered ASAP. I’ve used this a lot to buy small gifts and never had a problem. Refunds can take up to 3 days but I had no problem with that either when I had one item disappear in the post. Great app if you just want to buy stuff and don’t mind waiting for delivery. Just don’t bother with the freebie stuff, that part of the app doesn’t seemingly work.

  32. Trish D dice:

    I think it’s great that the price shown is the total, no shipping added. Unfortunately I have had to file for refunds more than the other company, because of not receiving the items. I also understand the pandemic can slow shipping, and that the items not arriving at all, falls on the stores but Vova should be vetting them as well.

  33. Nice and simple app very easy to navigate. Don’t buy the first item you see as if you search you will probably find it slightly cheaper. Prefer this app over eBay along with Wish & AliExpress. You may have to wait slightly longer for the item to arrive, but it’s no hardship. Some people worry about loosing out but if you use PayPal your covered. I haven’t lost a single item or any money. So just install it and try it 😎

  34. Ray Smith dice:

    Loads of interesting items and great gift ideas for great prices. Be sure to read descriptions fully, there may be some disappointment otherwise. Genuinely great value items, surpring, bizzare, vast inventory. If you want it, you can definitely buy it here 😉 I find the app inspires me to dig in and buy more specific, age appropriate gifts which are more appreciated by the recipients. I hate shopping but now I sit with a cold can and the entire world at my finger tips. Perfect 👌

  35. Lots of items to choose from and fairly easy to use. I ordered quite a few things now. Got 1 item in 11 days and it was good quality and works great! LOVE the FREE DELIVERY! I really like this app!! Some stuff has NOT been real silver, but a couple of other items have. If it was stainless steel that would be better than copper. Wouldnt turn finger or neck green. Still like the app. Lol

  36. Awesome selection and Kool app, but I never get my parcels and it takes months for the items to arrive, even if you do receive the item you buy sometimes it isn’t even what you ordered. There is no one to talk to for assistance and the refund process is a joke. They want the picture of the item.! And stuff you can’t provide. They are the ones selling it and they need a Pic!? So you have to find the item on the app and take a snap shot cause usually you still haven’t gotten the product at all. I

  37. SCAM!!! You can join a 1$ product section. They tell you if you do not win you get your money back ad coupon. Tryed several just to test. got Zero coupons back and also did not win the product. So to be sure they didnt add it automatic, placed a new order from normal products list. ZERO discount!!!!!!! EDIT: placed 4 orders. 1) Samsung SD card, isn’t saving photo’s. 2) Fashion for my wife never arrived. 3) USB stick, said USD 3.0. Test showed 2.0. 4) USB hub with adaptor. No adaptor! SO BAD!!!!

  38. Terrible. This is a copy app of the chinese Ali Express. This app behaves like the cheap, useless chinese products. It is really unisable amd cant do anything. It does not let you choose coupons. It does not have filtering. It does not have shipping options within the product’s page. You have to add it to cart to be able to choose. And much more. Cant waste my time on another copycat app that mimics another terrible app (Ali Express).

  39. I love vova shopping, such a wide variety of products, good quality and reasonably priced. However on the rare occasions i have not recieved my order i can not speak to any1, just click buttons on an automated service which gives you the option of request refund but when you click on it there are no other options or any conformation that this will be done. Very frustrating

  40. Mandy dice:

    Sorry vova but you aren’t as good as you were when I first looked. The items are starting to get cheap and tacky looking. It’s more like wish now. Very disappointing. It appears other people have had the same issues I had with not being able to get a refund on an item that wasn’t delivered and vova said it had so wouldn’t refund. Extremely hard to find out your details and can’t speak to a person on the phone. Sick of waiting.

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