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A smarter way to shop for office supplies and technology
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The Office Depot® app ​offers you a smarter way to shop for office supplies and technology while sav​ing​ time and​ money​.

– Purchase items FAST with our mobile optimized checkout.
– Log-In to your account and the app will automatically sync your shopping cart, order history and account information to provide you the best shopping experience.
– Opt-In to push notifications and get app exclusive deals sent right to your phone. Stay up to date on all our deals and order updates.
– Find the nearest store location, store hours, click to call and get map directions.

In Store Pickup
– Get your items conveniently with Office Depot’s Buy Online Pickup In Store. Place an order through the app and pick it up in 20 mins at the store of your choice!

– Shop deals by category on thousands of items anytime, anywhere
– Browse and save coupons for both store and online
– Stay up to date on the best offers with the weekly ad

– Track your rewards and certificates all in one place! Access and scan your member ID card and certificates right from the app when you are in store or use them online.

Store Assistant
– Turn on your location services and activate our Store Mode to access our best deals and tools to shop while visiting your favorite store.

Join the Line
– Enjoy the convenience not standing in line for your Print & Copy order.
– Make your appointment to meet with a Tech Service technician.

Print & Copy
– Print copies and flyers on the go
– Customize business cards and pick them up the same day

Never run out of ink again!
– Find nearby printers and automatically display the right ink cartridge to buy.
– Turn on ink monitoring so you know when you’re running low.


We update our app regularly to provide exceptional experience to the users. This version contains enhancements to the existing app features and bug fixes to keep our app up and running.


40 comentarios en "Office Depot®- Rewards & Deals MOD"

  1. Easy to navigate, the app performs great, prices are somewhat higher than the budget allows or what I like to pay, but the special deals and clearance sections more than make up for it. Have not used the delivery or pick up services yet, hopefully they work smooth, as well. I usually turn off pings and notifications for advertised deals, but I keep these on because they are personalized, and usually good deals, not just inflated prices dropped to regular price and called a “deal” lol. Usually.

  2. This app adds zero to the shopping experience. It does not show you where the items are located in the store. It does not allow you to create a shopping list. When searching for things like hard drives the names are so long that you can’t see how many terabytes it is without clicking on the drive. It pushes you towards extremely expensive options. Week

  3. The app is great with all the necessary tools and features needed to complete whatever it is I want, need, or am looking for. The only thing is that its not as phone friendly as other companies apps that I’ve used. Meaning that I have to strain to see what it is that I want to buy or am looking up to do research on to potentially buy. There could definitely be some improvements made in that area.

  4. I really enjoy the app, but it does seem to have a bug when putting in print orders. The add to cart button that appears on the bottom covers the bottom section on Android. For example, I can’t add special instructions on a print order cause it is covered up. Other than that, I have no issues with the app.

  5. For the past few days the app keeps generating popups in Android saying that unfortunately the app has stopped. This happens when I’m not using the app at all and will interrupt other tasks I’m doing on my phone. This behavior only started recently, never encountered it before, so I’m guessing an update is the cause. Apparently the app is doing something in the background that’s breaking. Highly annoying, don’t have the time or inclination to troubleshoot, uninstalled.

  6. Supposed to have an In-App offer for a printer. Logged in and the only offer was for a pen. Searched on the printer, found it, added it to the cart and it was still full price. Tried to find where I could remove the items in the cart and there was no are to select 0 or to remove. Update: Shortly after posting the review they fixed the issue of not seeing the printer offer and sent me a message. Now that’s customer service! Still could not find a way to remove an item.

  7. Glitchy. Installed app as I could not print from Google Drive. I could from the app, but after downloading each file and choosing “print another document” it went to a blank page. I had to leave the printing area of the app and re-enter it to upload and print the next document. Every. Time. But as far as I know, I will be able to pick up the documents tomorrow which I could not accomplish online.

  8. I wonder if you’ve tried using your own app recently? It no longer works at all! After I tap on the icon on my screen, the app goes to the logo screen (“Office Depot/Office Max”), and, then, it just stays there. Nothing more ever happens now! It’s as if your app no longer exists. It used to work just fine, but, since a couple of weeks ago, it has become unusable. In case it matters, I have an ASUS ZenFone 3 Max phone, and it’s running Android 7.0. What have you done to the app?! Update (5/16/2019): Thank you for reading! Your latest two updates to the app have fixed the issue. It works normally again.

  9. Valerie dice:

    Downloaded the app to print one page documents and it crashes the minute I click on the icon to upload my document. Have tried multiple times – even uninstalling and reinstalling the app, but it continues to crash every single time. Disappointing because it would be much easier to use the app instead of the actual website when I need to get something printed. Uninstalling for good now.

  10. This app is entirely glitchy. I would have to completely close the app while I was ordering because it would sit and spin. I finally got my stuff ordered but did not receive an email confirmation. When I went to curbside pickup, there was no way to contact the store and I couldn’t get my order to open on the app. Fortunately a nice store employee saw me and came outside to help me. I’ve ordered online through a browser and it was so easy. And yes, the app is up to date. Glitchy!!

  11. The notification setting is hard to find, and even after I turn it off, I still get push notifications. This seems to happen after a new version is distributed. Note that these are not status of order notifications; they are ads. I’ve turned it off again. Next notification and I’m uninstalling the app.

  12. Will not upload documents for printing. Biggest issue is the uploading documents to print. It will not upload anything. Would always get stuck on the green bar saying to wait while it converted files to pdf. 30 minutes of waiting while it ‘converted’ my 3 page file, nada. Took me all of 10 seconds to do it myself, proceeded to upload file as pdf, and the green bar is still stuck. Gave up after an hour. Uninstalling and will use a different company for printing services. *Edit* Website Also Bad

  13. While the app gets the job done, the UI is extremely buggy and slow. I constantly have the app crash on me from just basic browing on the site. While I usually end up getting what I need in the end, it ends up being quite the journey with the unresponsive of this app. Gotta remember that most of OD’s customers are boomers and/or older, and the app is currently not well suited for that age range.

  14. This app is so god awful. Just trying to get something that the app SAYS is in my cart that constantly disappears then re appears. Then suddenly, giving me constant errors saying that I can’t finish checking out after refreshing 5 times to get it to realize that there is something in my cart, also after re logging in twice and it saying my password is wrong 5 times when it isn’t. And finally checking out and getting an error that brings me back to step one. God. Awful.

  15. Easy to upload documents and choose printing options. No issues uploading a 192-page document, in multiple files; FedEx’s website crashed twice when I tried there, before I remembered Office Depot had printing. The app easily shifted it into one file. The price was great. I may even forgo getting a printer because this is so easy and wallet friendly.

  16. One of the worst apps I’ve used. This app will crash all the time in the middle of an order and i will have to start over. It will not let me change my default shipping address, which is wrong, so i have to change it everytime I place an order. You also can’t use the back button on your phone as it will close the app, you have to use the back button at the top of the app. It is almost as if this app is just a frame for the site, which would be fine, if it worked.

  17. This app has room for Improvement. It would be helpful if Office Depot incorporated some of the same popular features other shopping apps already supply. Such as letting the customer see Aisle locations in store. Features should be simple to use. Not hidden behind 17 to 20 extra clicks as if One was using an old flip phone.

  18. The app worked fine until today it started crashing after going to rewards tab. Now it asks me how I like the app and if I say no because it’s always crashing it crashes. Ha! What a joke it’s become.

  19. App crashes all the time, will not let me shop without asking me if I’m enjoying the app, I would click yes or no and it will freeze.

  20. When the app wants to work, it’s great! But lately I crashes every 30 seconds. Can’t even view my cart or check out.

  21. Used to be able to view my rewards. Now I have to create a new password every time I want to view my rewards. Annoying. Get it fixed.

  22. When the app is working correctly it’s great, unfortunately that is not the norm. I’m constantly having issues with it freezing which seems to be getting worse and is to the point that its usually unusable.

  23. Would recommend this app for the rewards program, especially if you have children in school. This is where I buy all the school supplies in the list every year. I also do the reviews each month. Save them up and purchase my coffee and home office needs.

  24. Just downloaded. Can only open the app. Any link I choose from within the app locks it up. Have restarted my phone with no change. I can’t even select a store without it locking up. Guess I will uninstall, restart, and try again.

  25. Since I got my new phone, app won’t open. Pixel 6Pro. Very sad, as it used to work well.

  26. This App can not log me in with my correct username & password. I don’t have time to mess with this.

  27. Excellent service and great support. I have been a customer for over 15 years and I’ve always had a great experience and I think it’s important that you have a great opportunity to visit your local store.

  28. Very user friendly app, and the customer service is excellent. This is my one stop shop for all of my business needs.

  29. Like everything OfficeDepot/Max it’s gone out to the lowest bidder and cheapest options. Freezes up after doing anything and trying to do another thing.

  30. 512MAL dice:

    I am having the same problem with the app freezing and locking making it unusable. I am reinstalling but if it doesn’t solve the problem I am not using it again.

  31. It has been a nightmare trying to put in an order to change the font. It takes a long time to change to a bigger font and it lags so much

  32. Deals are good! It just hard for me to pick it up bcoz it was far from my location! But so far it was good to find a good deals!

  33. Runs a little slower than usual but I can dig it

  34. Very fast and accurate shipping.

  35. Well I loved using the app to order what I need then just go pick up my order in store. However, after just completing an order on Tuesday night to pick up Wednesday after work. My app will not work anymore. It gave me “invalid inventory location” on any item I’m trying to click on. I’ve changed my location, force stop, cleared cache and uninstalled. Same damn thing. It’s getting frustrating because I want to do another order but I am not able to on the app. Please fix this.

  36. The app doesn’t resize properly when you try to type into a chat box or message box for customer service, causing you to blindly enter text – or you can try to do what I did and open another app to type up your sentence then copy/paste it, but that is OD app will just completely close out and force you to wait in line for another agent and retype everything over.. blindly. App is slightly sluggish at times and generally feels out of date, and has a very bland look on top of that.

  37. Waiting on a backorder item, but the curside is great. When I call the store, it doesn’t take long for them to come out. However, someone is forgetting to put that I have picked up the order. When they got a simular item to replace the backorder item I got that. They also let me know when they get items in. There deliveries were great.

  38. The app had a glitch where my billing address didn’t get verified but my order was placed, but when arriving my order had not been placed. This is the only issue I have had and the staff on site fixed the problem immediately. Would highly recommend.

  39. RR Tahoe dice:

    Great app for the store at your fingertips. If you can’t always be at the store, they can deliver. You can even order to pickup for items you need urgently. The app offers Great daily and weekly deals. Whether it is supplies, shredding, printing, furniture computer equipment and more, I have found Office Depot to serve me well.

  40. Email tells me 1hour 30min left on the coupon for the Samsung printer but the app gives the regular price. Even tried to put in cart and still got the regular price. Are you trying to intentionally make it hard for the customer so that they just give up. Can’t expect customer loyalty this way Update a hour later, good response thru chat line and email. Was still difficult to process thru checkout but response time was good. Only 1 star subtracted because it just took too much time to get thru it.

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