Lucky Supermarkets MODDED 2022


Grocery shopping is more rewarding than ever with the new Lucky mobile app.
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Our new app has been completely redesigned with big rewards & bigger savings!

App Description:
The new Lucky California app will make your shopping experience better than ever! Sign up to access big rewards and even bigger savings.

The new app has everything you need to plan your shopping and save more money on your groceries:

*Now get exclusive offers and rewards
*Product scan in store to see available offers
*Tons of downloadable coupons
*Lucky You Rewards to earn and track your savings
*Weekly Ads for your store
*Store Locator
*New features coming soon!


*New design
*Enhanced user experience
*Expanded coupon offers


40 comentarios en "Lucky Supermarkets MODDED 2022"

  1. This is a poorly written app. Had a lot of trouble installing on Pixel 4. Put in login info and hit “continue” and nothing. No main screen, no error notice, no nothing. It just sits there and does looks back at you. Customer service was a waste of time. They just kept saying to reinstall and get off the phone. I finally found that a Terms & Conditions box was not checked when installed originally. I hope whoever designed this app is getting good grades in High School.

  2. This is without a doubt THE WORST grocery store app. Examples: I had to change my password and did so. I then tried to login with that same password (yes, it was definitely the same new password), but the system wouldn’t accept it. Waiting, reboots, etc., did not help. And, yet, when I went to change the password again, the system rejected my new password because it matched my current password! Another example: When I *finally* got logged in and redeemed some “points”, I found myself with a negative point balance. This is a badly, badly written app. Amateur time.

  3. what did you do to this app? since the update, it’s larger than my screen (Samsung note 8), and after I close it, it keeps sending error messages that the app has stopped. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling, even rebooting my phone, but it still does the same thing. Please fix it. I can’t recommend this app to anyone if it’s going to act up. Even while I’m typing this, I’m getting error messages. 10/28/2021 The update has knocked me out of the app. Trying to log back in doesn’t work.

  4. Worst store ever! They send you the weekly ad with a super coupon in it. But the only way to use it is to click it on the app. But there app is so flawed that once you click on the points section the page turn black. I have reinstalled the app multiple times with the same results. Customer service says they have no idea and even the store clerks say their app doesn’t even work for them. I gave up with this store! I have decided to only shop at Safeway.

  5. I wanted to use this app if it could help me enter the rewards number wirelessly at check out. I’m not sure whether it is intended to do that or not, but it’s impossible to login to the app so it doesn’t work. Impossible to see/manage reward points. It doesn’t work. It just loops from screen to screen to screen and back where you started.

  6. It kept sending me to my list. It does not include the sale prices obviously so I hope they get picked up at the checkout. I don’t know why I keep getting double screens one says add it to your list. What list? and then it doesn’t go away so I can keep shopping if you call it struggling I guess we’ll get used to it. One important thing. It says delivery and pickup and they don’t do either one! Instacart was a struggle also Luckys at Vista Park and Capitol expy San Jose CA 95136

  7. Lei Lee dice:

    Downloaded the app to try to get the super coupons but I can’t find the ones I need. When I tried to talk to the store employee, they said that the (nonexistent) coupon needs to be downloaded for the discount so they told me to go home to grab the paper coupon. What’s the point of the app then? It doesn’t make any sense. Definitely uninstalling this useless app and avoiding shopping at this chain.

  8. Hard to use and not at all user friendly. Tried to check my coupons while shopping in the store today and the app failed to load due to some error. Terrible user experience. I don’t understand why my list of coupons or or shopping list is not prominently displayed so that I can access it without hunting through several screens in the app

  9. The updated version of the app works most of the time; however, it is very inconsistent with applying your coupons. Several times I have been charged for items even though I had downloaded the Freebie coupon for that weekend.

  10. So hard to use. I can’t even create a shopping list cos nothing ever comes up in a search unless it’s a deal. Stupid . You should mimic the safeway app. So easy to create a list, cross reference deals. But not luckys app. Very unfriendly and useless

  11. phil o dice:

    Not user friendly. Very hard to navagate. Cannot pick items from flyer to add to list. Safeway app much easier

  12. Ridiculous that you can’t add an item from the weekly circular to a shopping list! Why no preview for the next weeks circular?

  13. On a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 running Android 9. The Lucky Supermarkets app on Android has been acting up for the last 2 months after upgrade versions installed. At first could not view the weekly ad then could not see the Rewards section. Keep trying to login to the app and app fails login. Now the login screen won’t display. An older version of the app works on my old phone which is no longer used. Phoned the Lucky support and they can’t help other then tell me to try other phone or website

  14. I can not install this app, but I can install all other stores app as Safeway, Starbucks, etc. And the service support can not give me appropriate answers via phone calls, and emails, and web comments. My cell phone is met the system requirements. I have tried to install the app many times during over the year, it was not been improved. It waste me too much time.

  15. Hannah Le dice:

    Terrible app. It keeps telling my Samsung S21 that needs to install chrome browser when in fact I am using chrome browser and it is the default browser app on my phone. I can’t do anything. I can’t even login. It is a useless app. The other strange thing is that this app was working okay when I first installed about a 2-3 months ago but now it just refuse to work and give me a strange error about Google chrome browser is not install.

  16. Issues are not being fixed. As others have reported, on the Samsung 7, I continually get that the app has closed, whether it is open or not. it disrupts whatever I may be doing. I’ve removed and readded the app. I’ve removed and waited a few weeks and readded and got the same thing. Now, I’m permanently removing it after I load my last of the rewards that I can earn. Bye Lucky app

  17. I love shopping at Lucky. I just wish they could come up with an app that works. I have tried several times over several years to use this app but have NEVER been able to login despite creating an account & going through password reset (my email or password credentials are invalid…) it knows me, it sends me ads weekly yet I can’t login to see any member rewards club info. I hope they continue to send newspaper ad flyers because if all ads or deals go online on this app they will have lost me.

  18. There are a few glitches with the app. Doesn’t keep my city in my profile, keeps deleting Daytona Beach to leave the city blank. Cannot change location from Dublin California even though it recognizes my location is Florida and cannot get the list of store locations anywhere else but California

  19. The update is terrible. The new layout is so bad with the horizontal swiping taking up 5x more time to see or find anything. That alone is not an upgrade but a huge downgrade. Yeah, won’t be using this as much anymore and will beg my mailman to deliver the paper ads once again.

  20. Ling Wang dice:

    Suck so bad! Finally signed up and got to coupons all set up and excited to shop. Only to find out at the check out that my account doesn’t even work. But I have it on my phone and all my coupons set up. I’m there in the store holding up the line looking like a dumb ass. Don’t bother with the app.

  21. This app does not work and seems to get worse with every update. I have attempted to update my info several times, but when i go to the store and input the updated phone, it doesnt recognize it… Have to log in every time, not to mention the prices on the app dont match in store much of the time…. take your ques from the Safeway app…

  22. There are constant problems with this app. Crashing, shop/add to cart, curbside feature not working. Also, not user friendly. Clunky interface, difficult to find specific products and grocery list feature is a joke. Please (pretty please???) FIX. I love my Lucky’s store. You guys seem to be kind people. I use this app very frequently. It would be nice if it worked.

  23. I created an account, saved the password for auto log on, can’t log on. Checker suggested changing password. Reset, still invalid email or password. So created new account with husband phone. Same thing! Invalid email or password. Deleted and reinstalled app. Same thing got both numbers and email addresses. Now what!?

  24. I can’t build a shopping list after the recent app refresh. Tapping an item in the online ad merely displays a pop-up with a big red ‘dismiss’ button. How did that get past beta testing? Guess I’ll circle items in the paper ad as a reminder on what to get, like we used to do before smart phones. Who the heck tests apps for basic usability before they are unleashed on us? I’d prefer not to be treated like unpaid alpha testers. Save-Mart ruined the Safeway app with a botched redesign, too. .

  25. Worst Supermarket App! Can’t retrieve my shopping list after selecting items. The old (original) app was much more user friendly since it was a lot easier to use and it allowed saving of the selected items to be stored until expiration.

  26. BagO'Trix dice:

    Have been trying to occasionally login for over a year, support contacted several times w/o success. Every time attempted login, it says there’s an error. Not sure what gives, uninstalled, reinstalled still no success. So uninstalling forever.

  27. This app is as crappy as ever. I just updated it and tried three times with passwords I’ve used and finally requested help and got an authentication code and plugged it into the password and that didn’t work! Where are you supposed to use the authentication code if not in the password and why don’t you call it a password?

  28. The app used to work fine before the new updated. Now it never loads and always has an error. I can’t view anything in the application and have to use the website in order to view rewards and clip items. Terrible.

  29. 10/29 AM. Won’t let me login with new login today. App is dismal failure. PM 28th. Uninstalled/Reinstalled. created new login thru Rewards page. Worked. Afternoon 28th. Updated app. Can’t create new login. Tried the “help logging in”. Entered new authentication code and password 4-times.There is no “enter/ done” button. Hit “done” on the keyboard it just disappears. NOTHING HAPPENS. Had all the required upper/lower case letters, numbers and symbols asked for. Tried 4 separate times. Nothing!!!

  30. M Collier dice:

    Still figuring it out but it has improved. Before you couldn’t get anything and even those in the store couldnt help. Still can’t get the coupon sales to go in your cart though and they’re the biggest savings.

  31. app freezes and force close on mutiple occasions. app will not let you shop and build shopping list with out freezing. installed and uninstalled and app still malfunctions. horrible and not user friendly when app has bugs in it.

  32. It won’t show digital coupons that are advertised in the store near the product.

  33. Technical issues doesnt work went to luckys and denied to use coupon just bc theyre app doesnt work

  34. Why is there no search feature? I’d like to be able to see what products you carry without creating an instacart account.

  35. Well I installed recently on my Style android but didn’t use before buying a new phone, a Galaxy which I love. I read the app reviews before installing. A score of 2.6 is awful!.. Customers have complained since 2019. I refuse to download app onto my brand new phone system if I can’t use it. I was planning on shopping at Luckys and Safeway. Looks as if I’ll stick to Safeway because I get great Just 4 You deals already. You list a customer due to poor app reviews.

  36. I hate that it makes me log in again every week or 2. I have enough passwords to remember. My phone should be adequate. Or it should at least be an option. And I am usually at a store when it happens, so I can’t see the offers or what I want to get. other than that it forms ok.

  37. Saves you money by way of points. Once you earn enough points you can either choose to get money taken off of your bill or free items. The app doesn’t always work properly.

  38. My app is inaccessible. For some reason my acct, which had been using for 2 years was deleted and everytime I try to log in or cash my rewards it would take me to the home page. I’m getting so frustrated since I can’t use my rewards. Please fix asap

  39. I updated the app and it is still a mess. It might even be worst than before. Its too bad because I really like the store. One complaint is that after I buy an item that is in the app it does not vanish from the app but stays in there for days. Any coupon that I use should vanish immediately.

  40. This app worked when it was initially set up. Many problems signing in with correct password. Homepage loads then you’re prompted to sign in again. Reset password 4 times now, this is a lousy app, really sucks!

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