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Shop the entire assortment of Carter’s®, OshKosh B’gosh® AND Skip Hop® together anytime, anywhere. For the first time ever, you’ll be able to simultaneously search all three brands; even search items by color at super speed.

With barcode scanning when you’re in store, you’ll have product details, ratings and reviews at your fingertips.

In your personalized Rewarding Moments® dashboard, you’ll know exactly how many rewards you have to spend and how many points ’til your next reward. Watch your points add up!

Get inspired by a real-time Carter’s fan reel!


NEW Rewarding Moments program with special offers just for you in the Carter's app! Complete the offers and watch your points add up.
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40 comentarios en "carter’s MODDED 2022"

  1. Super annoyed w/this app. In the cart section, no matter where I touch on the screen, the item pic slides to left so I can favor or delete it. I’m trying to browse the items in my cart & can’t do it because of this. No setting for shipping. I want to set it specifically ship to me or local store. Only once not every time I view my cart. It’ll take its time to figure out which items I can pick up right away & the remaining mailed to me. I don’t want that to happen every single time but it does.

  2. Changing my review and decreasing from 4 to 2 stars. This app has really gone downhill more and more with each of the last few updates. The “for you” page will never load for me, the “shop” page takes forever to load and there is horrible lagging while trying to browse. This is all even using very fast internet. Also, gone are the days of intuitive navigation. If you have to back out of viewing an item plan on redoing all filters over and over again.

  3. Since the update the app looks nice, but it does not work. Going between viewing an item and back to the list messes up. The filtering does not work at all. I just added some things to my cart, which wouldn’t load. I closed the app, reopened, got stuck on the load screen, forced closed, then it asked me to sign in and didn’t have my cart items. This is the second time since the app has been updated you’ve lost a sale because the app doesn’t work correctly.

  4. AVOID the app. It’s completely worthless and excruciating frustrating. The stores are great and the only way to go. Inventory and billing through the app are inaccurate and incompetent. Customer Service is ONLY interested in taking your money. No ability or desire to help fix an issue . Made sure that you will NOT need to exchange. Carters point of sale can’t figure it out. They only return and let you buy new. Losing any discounts or rewards.

  5. New look is not appealing at all. App does not save my home store. Freezes a lot. Is not accurate on availability at stores. I have a whole cart of items, and as I was browsing through them, it kept moving them to the side as if I was going to delete them or save for later. Very difficult to move throughout app. Website is more accurate and easy to navigate.

  6. Want to love it, but I can’t. App auto filters excessively when browsing so I have to clear all filters or I don’t get any results. I can’t scroll through the cart without accidentally clicking on an item, but when I’m trying to click something, it never opens. Can’t remove something from favorites without crashing. I don’t think I’ve ever successfully placed an order through the app. I either get an error, or it crashes.

  7. Update from 11/2020: App no longer works at all. Crashes, error messages everywhere. Don’t download this – use the website if you shop Carter’s. 11/2020: I really dislike the update. It was helpful to have product names rather than just photos, and the new design is less intuitive to navigate. I liked having the dashboard page be the sales in each section – it made me more likely to click and shop the sale. I used to spend lots of time browsing the app – no more.

  8. I’ve had this app for over a year and at one point in time it was good, but man, I don’t know what update they pushed through a while ago, but it has been nothing but glitches, freezing, and just not loading. I go to the online website just to order stuff at this point. It’ll show you an outfit on the main screen then you go to that outfit and it won’t switch over from one design. It’s frustrating. The app is worthless.

  9. Dianna M. dice:

    Since they updated the app, I’ve been having a lot of issues, for instance, anytime I wanna add an item to the cart, it would just say that an ‘error ocurr when adding to the cart’, and it’s been happening ever since they updated. Yes, the new carter’s app looks better than the older version but it has these little details that makes me not wanna buy here anymore:( Also, you there’s no ‘Favourites List’, so I’m just adding them to the cart.

  10. You can’t filter by color. You can’t switch between colors on item page. The size charts are hard to navigate. I love Carter’s and I love their website and stores but I *really* dislike their app. I use it, but I feel like they could afford to and probably should spend a little bit of time getting this part right. People are shopping from home more and more and this needs some improvement.

  11. Gina P dice:

    Worst app ever. Takes forever to load just the Home page. Once at checkout, there seems to be glitch that keeps accidentally opening up the item detail page while you are just scrolling down the list of items in the basket. But when you actually want to select the item to see the details it wouldn’t let you no matter how hard you try to click on the item. Overall very frustrating shopping experience.

  12. I G dice:

    It doesn’t work most of the time. The home page never loads (I’ve been missing out on my daily “enter to win” points and drawings because I can never access the page). The search filter doesn’t work correctly, shows items that aren’t available in the size needed. Sometimes it deletes all my points and then they appear again after force closing and restarting a couple times.i don’t have time to call technical support to fix this issue.i have reinstalled the app and updated it with no change.

  13. 11/24 update terrible – I just updated the app and now the filters don’t work. Everytime I apply a filter, it will filter the results, but if I tap on an item for more info (since it’s all just pictures) when I go back afterwards it doesn’t retain the filter so I have to apply it all over again. I got so frustrated I just gave up and bought something from BabyGap instead. Also now I can’t sign in. It just keeps telling me something went wrong, try again. Please fix!

  14. Sooooooo slow! Takes forever to load any and all pages, including the cart. When trying to add or remove things from the cart it often says it’s “unable” to do it OR that an error occurred and to “please try again”. Trying to do anything on this app takes an outlandish amount of time. With wifi, without wifi, after uninstalling and reinstalling I’m still running into the same problems.

  15. New app is just NOT GOOD. I turned on sorting and filters, clicked an item for more info and when I went back, all sorting and filtering was cleared. Also received an error pop up when attempting to add an item to cart. Is the item not available…who knows? The error message was so generic. PLEASE do some usability testing before releasing an entirely reworked app.

  16. Worst search experience they was ever created. You’ll search for a term, and it’ll present you with what looks like filtering options to pick carters, oshkosh, or skip hop. You’ll select Carter’s, and it’ll present you with more options like boy,v girls, v etc. You’ll select that, and boom, your search results are just whatever they are selling, unrelated to your search. Not being intuitive, not presenting the user, “nothing found”. This is by far the worst User Interface design.

  17. Besides the problem that everyone is having with paying with card/rewards (call support–they can see your cart and process it), most of the time that I try to add/remove something, I get an “unexpected error occurred with this product” message. Also, often only part of the page loads and the rest is blank. It’s also really hard to find *all* the clothes on a given category even when it’s working. In short, the app was mediocre to start with and the bugs have made it unusable.

  18. Terrible! In fact I think the update made it even worse! It lags so bad, and I can hardly get anything to load, and it’s not intuitive AT ALL. Like other reviewers said, you can’t find anything. Clothes in general are OK (like the characters and a bit overpriced) – so either shop in the store (which generally have better deals) or regular online shopping. I downloaded the app to get the extra points and deals and the app feels like Peggy from the Capital 1 commercials a few years ago w/o the joy

  19. Needs work. The app doesn’t load products a lot. When you’re in your shopping cart you can’t scroll through items without it being so sensitive it clicks on a item you weren’t trying to select. If you search for something in the search bar, it’ll show you the results, then suddenly refresh & say “no results”. If you spend enough time switching pages on it, it’ll just stop loading pictures of the items, like it can’t handle anything. I have to close out of it a lot.

  20. They have good products and sales on the app but it’ll drive you crazy by the time you get to check out, as it’ll be slow at times and might show different items at each time and won’t hold the items in cart for a long period in a day. If you are busy and didn’t finish the shopping online, when you get back to get it done your cart will be empty. 🙁

  21. Andrea N dice:

    I used to love this app but hate it now after the update. The screen is constantly shifting. The filters don’t work at all. I’m frustrated with trying click on something and then the screen moves up or down. Its not easy to search anymore either. I have to use several filters to get to what I want instead of the drill down clicks. Literally I’ve started shopping for clothes at other places for my daughter because I hate the updates to the app so much.

  22. The app use to be good, but that’s been years ago at this point. Such a frustrating app. It’s just easier to go online or in store and order. Either it won’t let you click to see the different options or it won’t let you add it to your cart…or it won’t even load the pages. The “updates” never fix any of the issues.

  23. D Carter dice:

    App is no good. It was about a year ago but now it always freezes or never even shows a screen. Been trying for 2 days to make a purchase and every time I do a search, it just spins. And spins. And spins. Over it. I’ll use the Target app instead. So much easier and their curb side pickup process is flawless

  24. Placed my first order and the place order screen listed a price lower than what I was charged. I was charged 3 times more than what the confirmation screen listed. I was in contact with multiple customer service reps who could not help rectify the order. Aside from payment issues, navigation on the app is buggy. I followed up with customer service a couple times about this and there was ‘nothing they can do’

  25. Still horrible!! 11/6/2021. I only shop on my laptop now. I do not like the update. The older version didnt filter correctly but at least all the information on the product was easily seen. Now we only see the product and the price – not the name of it and i have no idea where my account info is or where my favorites are saved. The app just involves too much swiping to find out all the information i need and i end up just leaving the app all together.

  26. Tiffany dice:

    I downloaded this because I thought it would be so much easier than the website but I was so wrong. The filters (for lack of better words) really suck. Can’t search for just shirts or just pants/ shorts (options are bowtie, dress shoe up (yes you read that right) and purse). Options for gender are Boys/ Neutral/ and boy (yep, no selection for girl). And I can’t even get into the “color selection”. I could go on for days on just how crappy this app is.

  27. App needs A LOT of work. Searching for an item is horrible, filters rarely work which makes shopping extremely frustrating. If I have an item in the cart and would like to go back and look at the item description, I can’t, at least I can’t figure out an easy way to do it. I’d rather shop online until they make improvements. Such a bummer.

  28. I just recently downloaded the app after finally opening a Carter’s credit card. I had been entering the rewarding moments giveaway, however I noticed that on 8/26, 27, and 28 I was unable to enter because the “offer was expired” even though the contest was until 8/28. I thought it was just my phone but now I see others had issues too. I have also noticed that the pages either take forever to load or they don’t load at all which is pretty disappointing. I was not able to add a coupon code either

  29. Just a horrible app in general Take it from someone who works for the company, don’t waste space on your phone for this garbage app. It crashes constantly, and if you want to browse and scroll on the app you have a small portion of your screen to do so. If you order in app there is a high chance it will double order items because the app has been duplicating orders lately. I’d only recommend this app to either keep track of points on your account or to use the in app barcode scanner in store

  30. This app Freezes all the time. It’s easy to navigate but it will freeze, the product won’t load. I tried to purchase my cart and I ended up having to log in on the computer because it wouldn’t let me pay. Constantly have to close out the app completely on my phone and restart it. Easier to just shop online instead of the app.

  31. The new app is AWFUL. It lags horribly, is not user friendly whatsoever, and whenever I choose to view an item, it never allows me to return to where I left off, so I have to waste time scrolling back to where I was. Also, having the option to filter your search is pointless if it doesn’t actually filter the search. Uninstalling and just using the website from now on.

  32. I love Carter’s to pieces, but this app is just awful. It rarely loads full screens; I just got an error message for 8 items in a row trying to add them to my cart; it refuses to stay connected to my preferred store; and when I click notifications, it usually directs me to just the homepage or a blank page. It’s terribly frustrating.

  33. Nnenna H dice:

    The app has issues when you try to pay or use your rewards to pay. I tried multiple times in December to pay via the app. I lost two $10 rewards because I couldn’t apply them. I needed to use the app as I wanted to use curbside pickup and it’s only available in the app. I had to go on the computer to order online. Takes away the convenience factor of having the app. Not impressed at all, fix this ASAP.

  34. NL dice:

    App does not function in a useful way. It’s first off impossible to log in until a random time. Then, if you try to use the app to put items in your cart the item availability does not link to the stock database so you always get errors. And it is equally as difficult to check out due to continuous errors of something going wrong and you needing to check back later. After 2 or 3 times that turns into a check back never and uninstall.

  35. I generally like the carters app for shopping for my children. But ever since the latest update, I get blank pages when I try to view my cart or try to see what good deals I can get. Apart from the inventory issue that’s been going on for awhile or somehow getting multiple of the same order it’s a pretty decent app. If these issues were all fixed then it’d receive a higher rating.

  36. This app is terrible. I ended up uninstalling it because it was so bad. I was up to $83 in merchandise and left it go. To search is terrible telling me something isn’t there when it was had to find a different way. To click on the clothes to see them took so long and then some of the pictures wouldn’t come up. And to click in and out of what you wanted to see took forever. I had to click 7 times to get into my cart and then for that to open also took forever. You need to do a lot of work.

  37. Opened app to use for the first time and ordered some pants for my daughter. App is easy to use and very simple. BUT there is nowhere to contact anyone from Carter’s with questions about your orders! My order has said shipped for a couple days now, but tracking info won’t show! Can’t ask anyone about it. Also, app isn’t as responsive as it could be when you click things. You have to click several times sometimes.

  38. My Hearts not synced with site. Saving them on the app doesn’t work. When scrolling through a section (e.g. Clearance toddler girl), the ability to click a button to go Home disappears. You have to go back through everything you clicked. Update 10/30/2020 Yeah, sure, app looks better. BUT, items in my “Saved for Later” say they’re “almost gone” but are actually out of stock. Also, I have no access to my “Hearts” list. When I click “Tops” then “Toddler Girl,” nothing comes up. Empty list. How?

  39. Just keeps getting worse. So unintuitive. Does not hold multiple filter choices. I used to buy $100-150 of clothes for my kids each season but now I haven’t bought any in about 6 months because I have such a hard time using the app. Latest issue is, it declines all my payment methods as invalid. They’re not, I use them daily with other vendors. I’ve tried deleting them and readding but it doesn’t help. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the app multiple times, that didn’t help either.

  40. The app is only okay. The product filters are really lacking in my opinion. There are only four main options and there is no way to look at multiple categories without everything being jumbled. I am also frustrated that the images don’t change when look at different options. You have to go and find the specific color you are looking for to be able to buy it. I have found a way to circumvent this by selecting from the item that I am in and add it to my cart. I then need to go into my cart to see.

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