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Now the Target app can help you have a more rewarding Target run! Introducing Target Circle, which gives you access to hundreds of deals, a birthday gift and the chance to support your community.

Plan your next Target run by checking out Target Circle offers, the Weekly Ad and item availability all in one place. Then streamline your run with store maps and aisle locations, and scan item barcodes for prices, reviews and available deals.

Wallet is the fastest, easiest way to pay and save in store. With one scan, you can pay with your credit or debit RedCard and redeem Target Circle offers, gift cards and Target Circle earnings.


We're constantly fixing bugs and making changes to improve your experience. Turn on your updates to stay on top of our latest and greatest.


40 comentarios en "Target MOD"

  1. John Der dice:

    A must have for us that still live like it’s 2020. I make a mobile drive up order weekly and just love the ease of this app combined with the drive up option. The great staff at our store “Mal” helps too. If you haven’t yet used this for quick pick ups after wook, you gotta try it. Make sure to order 2 hours before you need it. A lot of people use this option, so you need to give them the full 2 hours. That way you’re not frustrated that it’s not ready for pickup when you are.

  2. Was surprised how quickly everything came in. The app is easy to use, very easy to check the status of ur orders. I bumped it down to 3 instead of 4 stars because as convenient as it is to have multiple delivery options… It’s not convenient when I go to checkout and have to either delete items or pay/choose multiple delivery methods. Also, yrs ago when I first used targetapp it was bc they had GREAT coupon app. This isn’t it. And I don’t wanna download other apps. I NEVER get any savings.

  3. Man Lee dice:

    Was working great after they fixed the “constantly asking for my password” issues back in 2020. Now the bug is back in a different form! Now it constantly asks for my fingerprint! Everytime I start up the app and boom! The finger print scanner pops up. I can cancel it and can still use the app, so what’s the point? Sometimes, I humor it and scan my finger and it shuts up for a day. For those with the constant “choose a store” issue, deny it location permissions.

  4. The app is well tested for purchasing functionality. In other aspects, there are lots of bugs in the app that make it frustrating to use. I cannot add another person to pick up my order from the app because of simple things like the submit button doesnt show on screen once all the info is filled in. I cant leave feedback because the final open end question doesnt let you type more than 1 charcter before automatically navigating you to a different question. You can tell where the focus was put.

  5. alex dice:

    Update: Thanks for adding replacement feature but app is still a mess. Inventory almost never accurate. My biggest issue is when there is a promotion going on (eg. spend $30 on beauty get a $10 gift card) and then items are out of stock and either get cancelled or replaced with a less expensive item, and in both scenarios it voids the gift card. I even did a second order when this happened, planning to return duplicate items and it happened AGAIN with different items…COME ON.

  6. Used to love this app. I’m not having the issues many other people seem to be having, but it will no longer let me view my favorites past a certain point. I’ve tried deleting things off the list, deleting the app and re downloading it, and clearing the app cache and nothing has worked. Once I scroll to a certain point it glitches and starts showing that I have no items in my favorites at all. I’m beyond frustrated.

  7. O AndJ dice:

    When you add multiple items to an order that qualify for the same discount, the wrong discount is applied. I tried adding three items, all at 20% off–not one of them had 20% off applied but instead had some random amount taken off each. The math isn’t difficult to figure out and I don’t understand why the app can’t figure out how to properly discount items.

  8. FED UP Ive made 2 purchases of $50 to get $10 back. It’s food so why not?! After purchasing “in store” for the 2nd time my list did not appear in the app of which is very strange, usually it does. The 1st purchase seems like it’s there meanwhile the 2nd disappeared. I scanned my receipt. Its been pending for 5 days Also, I’ve tried ordering a few items in the app. These items have offered discounts but it’s not allowing me to get the discount. End of year madness hard at work. Please fix app!

  9. Got the run around from app developers, also, I can barely understand what they are saying. It is unfortunate, this app used to run perfectly, now the wallet is all messed up, and customer service sends you back and forth from card help to app help, then they hang up after being on hold for 30 minutes. Hire people that speak clearly, and speak so you can understand in whatever language the customer needs. Otherwise, customer service is useless.

  10. Absolutely infuriating! Unfortunately you MUST use the app for a Drive Up and Go order; you CANNOT use the website! Searched for “cottage cheese”. No cottage cheese in the results; top item is eye liner. Constantly changes store/shopping method unexpectedly without telling you. You will end up with pickup items at multiple stores, some items for pickup in store and others brought to your car at the same store, and some items for shipping. Promotes unavailable items. Etc., etc. App is junk!

  11. This app is currently unusable. I was about to do a drive up order, had my cart ready and everything. I went back into the app so the drive up has time and it went straight into the “find my store” prompt and I couldn’t get out of it. Even when I tried to do it again (several tries), an error message would pop up before I could even complete the zip code input. It’s very frustrating and it’s the second time it happened. This time I cleared cache, uninstalled and reinstalled and nothing works.

  12. Adding to the list of people who can no longer use the app because it automatically takes you to a store locator page and then after you type in three letters or numbers, it tells you it can’t find what you put in. There is no way to close out that page and use the app in any way. I tried running an update and that has not fixed it. Incredibly frustrating.

  13. Setting app notifications is broken. I try to adjust the settings within the app, but it gives me an error message and no options to select. I don’t want to completely turn off notifications in the Android settings because I want things like order status, etc., but I don’t want ads pushed to me for random products several times a day. To note, the notifications preference setting error happens on multiple different devices.

  14. Awesome, convenient, time saver. Love it! HOWEVER, I would love to see the prices of the items ordered when using the mobile app in the actual email (not app, because it already shows it there). Also the time of checkout. These additions would make it So Much Easier for those of us who use points/rewards apps for grocery receipts!! So that the “congrats you’ve picked up order xxx” looks like a receipt. You could make it an option as some people Might not want all that. Please!

  15. Items show as in stock and available to ship but no button to add to cart. App constantly acts up in various ways, its something different each time. Slows down till it freezes and closes. Wish it had the option to click on “shop all (enter brand name here)” as it does on the web version when looking an item from that line. But the app wallet barcode is extremely easy for making returns without receipts,and order pick ups are awesome so thank you for that!

  16. App is unusable now. It constantly asks for my “go-to Target”, and forces you to enter a city or zip code. But as soon as you enter 3 letters/digits, it gives an error message of “Failed to lookup a place for your input. Please try again.” There is no way out of this ridiculous prompt, as I have already set my local Target store to be my preferred store a long time ago. Clearing the app cache and data does nothing to help, and neither does uninstalling to reinstall the app do anything to help.

  17. The app is very convenient. Either while I’m shopping, looking for i stock items or setting up a pick up order without going in to the store. Very easy, user friendly, and great to price match. Just recently though there is a glitch and it failed to recognize my location so I’ve already Uninstalled and reinstall the app but it’s still an issue. It’s also like that when I use the desktop site on my browser. Please fix. Thank you.

  18. B Plus dice:

    Endless notifications all day. Even notifications for deals that aren’t available in any store or online. Going to Notification settings only produces pop up “Oops. Please try that again.” Chat was useless and unable to help. Turning off all notifications for the app on my phone was the only solution. I recommend doing the same.

  19. Brandon L dice:

    I’ve used this app for years with no issues or complaints. I’ve only just recently dealt with such an annoying glitch. I tried changing my store to another local Target but it encountered an error and closed the app. The app made me pick a new primary Target location but there were no stores. Everytime I entered my zip code nothing would change or happen so I couldn’t even use the app anymore. Edit: it fixed itself the next day but I’m leaving this up so others can be aware.

  20. I loved this app and did MOST of my shopping via the app until recently. As of late, my coupons will not load this resulting in lost savings or promotions. I can load the coupon (either in the wallet or in the shopping cart) and it never carries over and reflects in my purchase. Absolutely frustrating! I seldomly walk into the store to shop anymore but refuse to lose out on promotional savings either. This disfunction in the app has stopped me from shopping at Target. So sad!

  21. I used this app with no issues throughout the height of the pandemic and it was wonderful. However, recently, I tried to add items to my cart for shipping and it tells me “There was a problem adding the item to your cart. Please try again.” I’ve signed out, closed the app, signed back in, still seeing the error. This has been happening for over a week now.

  22. Andrea B dice:

    Easy to navigate through app. I like that you know which aisle you can find the item in and if the item is in stock in your store. Update 9/29/22: I have been unable to use my Votes for Charity for the longest time. Is it going to get fixed? I just got a notification to use my votes. It keeps saying an error occurred. Try again. Please fix.

  23. Jacob H. dice:

    This app still doesn’t work. When you open it it forces you to select a location however, when you search it errors on: ‘failed to lookup a place for your input, on zip and nothing if you search city. If you get past this good luck with search, that errors out or clicking on categories. So many times I’ve just decided to order elsewhere because I’m tired of this app not working. Just use the website. That actually works.

  24. Star dice:

    The app is usually good but when you have problems making purchases using the coupons in your wallet they’re not very helpful I’m getting it resolved. When you’re out of refund they just want to send you a gift card. I want my money I don’t want to have to be forced to spend my money at Target in a way of a gift card because I was overcharged. On a positive note they’re easy to make returns and very helpful when there’s online order issues. Way better than any other store app

  25. Update after 25 days: I’ve reinstalled and uninstalled. I’ve resetted everything and it still won’t read barcodes. It’s been 3 updates and still no progress. It didn’t work before the update and still doesn’t work after the update. It doesn’t read barcodes anymore at all. What’s going on? And yes i have permissions on so what’s the issue?

  26. curtis b dice:

    I didn’t want to sign in. I just wanted to quickly scan an item and find out the price. The app wouldn’t go to any screen but sign in. Quit app relaunch. Same. Zero stars. (there was no price on the item and no price on the endcap. There were about 30-40 of this product there) Edit: also pre-ordered a limited item that released over a week ago and it still hasn’t arrived. That’s completely insane. Why offer a pre-order when you don’t intend to fulfill it? Walmart next time.

  27. Victor dice:

    Edit: still as useless as ever. They call themselves “Target Circle” and that’s what you get with this app – a never ending circle of wait, wait and NOTHING HAPPENS. I get an email and something looks interesting. Click on the item and it goes to the app. It spins and spins forever but never opens. Basically useless.

  28. Horrible! It wants me to pick a store but it won’t locate one even though I have tried multiple times and ways to register. It’s very frustrating to use and it’s not worth the struggle. Just use Amazon at least there people can find your registry and buy stuff and it marks off what they bought. Target does not. Never shopping there again. Not worth it. Walmart quality but three times the price and four times the head ache

  29. No notification control. I’ve used the Target App for about five years and it’s invaluable for the curbside service but in the past three months push ads have gotten excessive. When opening the settings/gear icon, the Notifications area always says “Oops, An Unexpected Error Occurred. Please try again later.” Have restarted phone, updated app, etc and been trying again but the error persists.

  30. The app is broken. I have always enjoyed using this app because straight forward and easy to use. I can’t get past the store location screen. It errors out before I can even type in my location. Even after populating the field, nothing shows from the app. Wanted to do some Christmas shopping and it is impossible. Was previously a 5 star app.

  31. The last 3 months it has been very buggy. Like telling me I can’t change my pick up order store because of alcohol when I have none and speed scrolling when I am slowly browsing. Not to mention it doesn’t default grocery anymore it makes you browse the entire category list then select grocery. So many bugs I can’t even list them all. I bought a hyde and eek item, went to leave a review from my receipt, app can’t even find it anymore, it’s been less than 2 weeks.

  32. Favorites list keeps crashing. Not sure what’s going on because I love this feature. Evertime I’m in the Favorites list and are scrolling down to view it stops working before I’ve had time to view everything. Very frustrating. I’ve tried stopping and restarting app and phone with No resolution.

  33. Usually ok, but as of this week (10.17.22) I cannot add anything to my cart. I’ve done all the update, restarted my phone, and re-signed in, but I still cannot add items to my cart from any area of the site. Wondering if it’s just my app or what. Still having issues (11.1.22)! Now it’s asking to set my store but won’t look up any locations or allow me to add my store.

  34. It’s annoying to click into 50% of the items in a search result to find that the item is out of stock in stores and for delivery. There is even the option to filter out ‘out of stock’ but it doesn’t work. It makes it frustrating to find items to purchase. The ‘notify me when available ‘ option doesn’t work well, I get a notification that the item is available and I click on it within seconds it is still not actually available for purchase.

  35. This app is broken. It does nothing but prompt for my location to set my store, but returns an error that nothing is found after entering 2 letters or numbers. Then does NOTHING after okaying through that and entering the full zip or city. It’s completely unusable. Uninstalled and reinstalled, same thing. Can no longer shop, do order pickup, nothing.

  36. B P dice:

    EDIT: It’s even worse now. I got a filtered list of 60 or so hits when searching for a vanity, and literally EVERY SINGLE ONE is ‘unavailable’. Not in-store, for pickup, or for shipping. What is the point? Always shows things that are out of stock, even when settings indicate it shouldn’t. It’s also odd to have to toggle ‘pickup’, ‘shipping’, and ‘delivery’ options in seemingly multiple different ways. It’s just clunky and doesn’t make me want to stay on and shop.

  37. A bit pointless. There are some glitches but I was most frustrated with how long product pages took to load, which has not been an issue when I go through my mobile web browser. However, when you try to open a product page in the browser and if you have the app downloaded, it automatically opens that page in the app with no option to continue in browser. I probably would have kept the app downloaded in hopes that it might improve but this issue made me uninstall.

  38. It’s cheaper, less stressful, and less time-consuming for me to just order items through Amazon. Items show in stuck on the app, but often are not in stores. Some items I frequently buy are no longer carried in stores. (I assumed the app would help them keep items I frequently buy in stores, but that’s not the case). If available, I have to make a minimal $35 purchase in order to pick up, or have these no longer stocked items delivered.

  39. I logged into my account with no issues, but when I tried to enter my nearest location, it will tell me that the location was not found. It would give me the error before I finish entering my location. I cannot move forward with the app and it’s stuck on the page to enter the city or zip code. The app with its more recent apps became useless for me.

  40. They’ve improved their online shopping. It’s pretty easy to figure out. There isn’t a way to switch entire cart from one choice of pickup, drive-up, delivery, or shipping, but that’s because not all items are available via all options. While looking at your cart, you can choose another option for each item, but this doesn’t remove it from your cart via the other option. Eg: I picked the 1st item in my cart, which was in drive-up, & picked delivery, then had to remove it from drive-up.

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