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Easy shopping, plus grocery delivery or curbside pickup.
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Save money. Live better.

The Walmart app is the easiest way to shop for everything on your list, including fresh groceries, household essentials, the latest tech and a lot more. Plus, our convenient pickup, delivery and shipping options make it a breeze to get your order exactly when you want it, whether you’re shopping in-store or on the go.

Convenient ways to get your items:

Pickup 🚗
Swing by the store to collect your order curbside—we’ll even load your car.

Delivery 🚚
From a local Walmart store straight to your door. For those need-it-now moments, choose Express delivery to get your order in as little as one hour.*
*Restrictions and fees apply.

Shipping 📦
Fast two-day shipping, dropped off by FedEx or UPS. Eligible orders over $35 ship free!

Even more time-saving features you’ll love:

Personalized shopping suggestions 🛒
Quickly and easily fill your cart with frequently purchased items.

Easy barcode scanning 🤳
Check prices and build your shopping lists with the item barcode scanner.

Stress-free store pickup 🚗
Check in with the Walmart app when you’re on your way and we’ll bring your order out to you when it’s ready.

Real-time order tracking 📱
Get live order updates sent straight to your phone and easily track order status any time from the homepage.

Walmart Pay 💳
Check out using all your payment methods. Just tap “Pay” and we’ll recommend how to split your total to make the most of your cards and balances.

Store maps 📍
Find all your favorite items quickly with store maps and save time shopping when you visit a Walmart store.

Pharmacy 💊
Refill, transfer, manage and pick up your family’s prescriptions. Plus, schedule vaccinations, locate testing sites and more.

Meet Walmart+
The Walmart app is the easiest way to get the most out of your membership and save more time and money. App-exclusive features for Walmart+ include:

Scan & go 💨
Use your phone to shop in-store and check out contact-free.

Member prices on fuel ⛽️
Get up to 10¢ off every gallon at 14,000+ locations nationwide**—including Exxon and Mobil stations!
**Fuel discount varies by location and station, subject to change.


Thanks for using the Walmart app! We update our app regularly so you can save time and money.


40 comentarios en "Walmart Shopping & Grocery MODDED 2022"

  1. Once a delivery order has been placed I’m unable to go back in and make changes. Can’t reschedule delivery time, can’t add or remove items, can’t edit substitutions, nothing. When I try it says to try again shortly, but no matter how long I wait nothing changes. I’ve tried on 3 devices, uninstalled and reinstalled the app, I’ve tried on chrome even on chrome in desktop mode, same problem with every attempt. This has been going on for days now. It’s a major problem and needs to be fixed!!!

  2. Convenient but you don’t always get everything you order. I have had a couple of instances where I have had orders delivered and there have been items listed as received by me that weren’t in the order. And the ‘return’ option doesn’t account for missing items and requires you to return the item for a refund, kind of hard to do that if I never received it. Once or twice okay it happens, but 25% of the time or more with items missing is unacceptable.

  3. I’ve shopped online at walmart for years and never had a complaint..until now. About a month ago it became nearly impossible to search for anything. I put in a certain item like “bath towels” or “cat toys” and the list of everything comes up but after I’ve scrolled through lots of items the list suddenly goes back to the beginning, I can’t ever see the whole list because it keeps starting over! This last year I’ve bought alot on the app, but now I got to ebay, I’m fed up with this app!!

  4. Inventory information has a tendency to be wrong about what is in stock at a given store location. This has led me to waste a ton of time and gas driving around to different locations looking for what I need. Sometimes the pictures of items do not match the description or name of the item leading to mass confusion. App freaks out and crashes when I turn off location tracking settings which is just invasive, and gross. I hate to say it, but It’ll never be as good as Amazon.

  5. I usually don’t have too much of a problem with Walmart or their shipping. Only one time and that was TokTokBoxes fault, which they have not refunded my money due to my order being lost. Anyway, I gave Walmart 4 stars because they’re not keeping a lot of products that I need, or the ones I’ve ordered before. They don’t even have the economy sizes of the products I’ve ordered before. I have to order the bigger sizes to last me for a month or so, it helps since I’m on a monthly budget.

  6. Easy to use app with great prices, great layout, very large selection. You can’t go wrong with Walmart. Edit: App has been glitchy and randomly stops after I’ve shopped awhile. Also, I wish they’d use a layout more like Amazon. ALL those products it hurts my eyes (personal prob though) looking at delivery from Walmart or pickup from store. Overall it’s great, I love the delivery much better than Kroger!

  7. There’s no way that you don’t know that, of all widely-used shopping apps, this is the longest loading one by far. Reply: Force-closing only leads to another long loading. Why do you think that’d do anything? It’s, obviously, an issue with the app’s architecture. You pre-execute a bunch of stuff to prob minimize lag while in the app, but it takes WAY too long to open…and, most of the time, it STILL freezes after the first loading. If I had a lot of better retail options, I’d never open this.

  8. This app is terrible. Crashes constantly or doesn’t load. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled several times. I’ve tried on mobile data and wifi. It’s very frustrating since I did like the scan and go, also checking in when doing grocery pick up. However now it’s pointless to keep the app. One would think with Walmart being a multi million dollar company that their app would at least be able to function without issue.

  9. When I received an email with options to ship for free items which were unavailable in the store, it opens the app, then redirects to the mobile site. The option to ship shows on the screen for about 1/4 of a second, then it’s gone. No option to ship the items for free. I was also charged for all the items like the order was complete.

  10. Edit: I change the tip from the default $7 down to less since I live close by. Just looked at my history to see the tip is $7 every time! The app isn’t saving when I change the tip! I feel really tricked and honestly will probably cancel plus after this. Using Walmart+ since having our first baby has been convenient. But deliveries have been delayed for hours, changing my dinner plans, and once my delivery was delayed and then cancelled without any notification. Shipping items delayed often.

  11. *UPDATE: Gave them another shot, and they have since fixed the issue. So changed my rating from 1 star to 3. Once they change the app back to the way it was when grocery pickup had its own app, separate from the main walmart one – that’s when they get the full 5 stars. *OLD: payment processor is ridiculous if you’re splitting your payment between EBT and debit card, it continously charges my debit card but says the payment didn’t go through and the order doesn’t place. Highly frustrating.

  12. Overall the app works well for curbside pickup orders. My biggest complaint would be that there are frequently “technical difficulties” when its time to check in for your pick up order. And calling the store to check in is worthless since no one ever picks up and I end up having to catch one of the employees to check me in. Check in isn’t a great experience.

  13. Amazon got on my poopoo list and was replaced with Walmart plus. this is so much better. I absolutely love the same day delivery from store for my groceries and save so much money not seeing the sales in store. I tried the scan as you go and probably won’t use it for a big order again but if I were running in for 10 items, 100% will use scan and go! The gas discount and pay has some glitches but also works great! Had to return 1 thing and the in store process was easy and trouble free.

  14. I think this service is great! However, I don’t like the automatic function of “best match”. Anyone ordering you MUST select DO NOT REPLACE or you will get anything. You’d think paying for services for a product then you would get what you pay for. Everything is digital online so how can you purchase items and then you get a notice saying thier out of stock. Either someone is not updating the system or someone pushes close to date (seconds) items out for delivery while fresh (premium) stays….

  15. The app keeps sending me notifications asking if I’m still interested in every product that I’ve ever looked at. It doesn’t just do it once, it asks 100+ times for the same product over and over and over again. In one instance, I compared several brands and when I decided which one I wanted, I bought two as gifts for my brothers. Now, I get tons of notifications for every battery booster that I looked at… I’m going to uninstall and give all of my business to Amazon.

  16. This used to be the best app by far, but with every update it gets worse. It changes my store location to another state, often. If I choose to ship 1 item it adds everything that can be shipped and there is no option to change to pick up anymore (there was before an update). The prices as you get further down the list are outrageous, even though toward the top of a search they are regular priced.

  17. The convenience is awesome! The Walmart closest to me is a little over 50 miles one way! They don’t always get the orders perfect but the make it easy and for the most part customer service is great! The biggest problem I have had is mayonnaise alot of times oozing out of the jar, that said customer service sets it right so I can deal with it! The app is fairly easy to use as well! I have not had a problem with the app so far!

  18. This app used to be great. Since around Dec 10th, 2022, the app no longer lets me delete items from my cart. can’t schedule a pick up order and can’t check out. I have emailed and called trying to figure this out. I would like to use the membership I have but for over a month am unable to. I’ve tried deleting and re-installing the app, updates, but nothing works.

  19. Lately, I’m lucky to get this app to load without crashing. And when it does, it usually very slow. The ui in the app is usually serviceable, and some of the functions are nice. But the Rewards center is difficult to parse and I can never tell if I’m actually reviving any of the rewards from the things I buy. Which is frustrating considering it normally requires you to buy two of a single item. And if I’m going to buy two of any thing to get some promotional credit, I dang well hope I get it.

  20. I’ve been using this app for years and I love it! Even before the pandemic, I was doing the Walmart grocery shop and pick up online. It’s so convenient. I wish I could give the pickers who bring the items out to my car it tip, but they are not allowed. Great company and great products. The app wraps up their services nicely.

  21. The app is generally user friendly. I especially appreciate being able to zoom in on individual items. Not all of these store app can do that. However, I do not like the lack of secure pick up. Target takes first place in that department. They come out & ask if your so & so. Well duh, if ya want free food just say sure. It’s a combination of employee service & zero confirmation steps within the app. Improve that & I’ll change to 5 stars.

  22. I used to use the app every day. Now it crashes every minutes right on time. I’ve removed all data and temp data, tried uninstalling still having issues. Y’all’s app is broken. Update 1/18 worse than before, app trys to start and get a black screen and force closes. Y’all are going to lose thousands because of this. I’m giving my past three shopping trips to Amazon and Target, be a use this app has been broken for months now.

  23. Easy app to navigate. Especially love the scan and go feature- saves a lot of time plus you can save your payment methods and pay directly from your phone so you don’t ever have to touch the kiosk. Can’t count the number of times this has come in handy when I had to make an unexpected trip to Walmart but didn’t have my card or cash on me! It’s got a “find the price” feature, a “item locator” and free delivery on next day deliveries. would highly recommend to anyone that hates going into Walmart.

  24. Shipped items are great, in the past 2 months almost all my orders for delivery are missing more than 1/4 of the items I ordered or they just bring incorrect items and I end up having to go to the store anyways and getting items they said were “not available” even though they were on the app”. It used to be great, but not anymore. I wish the app had a cancel this item only from the order instead of only having the option to cancel whole order.

  25. I love the convenience of the app and for scanning items in store, but it freezes sometimes, it can be very slow, and I wish I could set preferences, such as in store only, every time. I never use this app for anything other than items at my local store, so being able to set that as a more permanent preference would be great. I really enjoy the store pickup though, that’s awesome.

  26. I like to budget how much I’m going to spend. This app is no help. I’ll have the trip planned out. I start shopping, most of the prices are inaccurate to store price! I’m currently looking for another electric throw blanket. As I’m scrolling through the options, I found a few. However, when I click on the picture the price changes!!! It’ll show $29.88 & then you click on the pic, it jumps to over $40. Not an enjoyable experience. I shoulda just stayed on AMAZON!!!!

  27. It can be convenient sometimes, but it can also be extremely aggravating. There’s a 50/50 chance the item is unavailable, or it gets substituted for a similar item, which isn’t helpful when you order chicken ramen but get shrimp instead (I’m allergic to sea food, so that was a complete waste of money). Should’ve just canceled it instead of switching the flavor entirely. If it’s not in stock, then why is it listed as In Stock?!?!

  28. If you can get the app to load, it’s fine. For a while it’s been so slow to load the the OS detects is as “not responding” and you get into a loop of notifications about it not responding until you close it. Now, when I open it I get the Walmart logo for a bit and then it just crashes. Every time. Already did a re-install. Didn’t make a difference.

  29. Ol Meo dice:

    I got the Walmart Plus trial and it was good. Then it stopped and I decided a little later that it was worth continuing. Things were good for about a month. Then after that, I had all types of issues. From things not getting delivered and taking 2 to 3 days for my delivery(groceries) to arrive (this happened twice or more on separate instances) to the deliveries being canceled. On top of that each time I had to reorder each item to my cart. And I’m pretty sure my coupons got lost in the process.

  30. I’ve never had any issues with this app, aside from discrepancies about store availability/pricing. But in the last month or so this app has become almost completely unusable. It’s constantly shutting down. If it doesn’t shut down, you get a pop up every few seconds saying that the app is having issues, and asking you to wait or close the app. Re-installing doesn’t work, and everything is fully up to date. I hope they fix it soon.

  31. Amanda dice:

    Not sure what happened, but over the last few months, this app became incredibly glitchy. It keeps crashing every few seconds and takes a few minutes to load if it ever does actually load. I used to do the contactless pay feature with the app and my Walmart card, but stopped because I can’t get it to pull up. The last time I tried it, the checkout at Walmart said it didn’t go through even though it showed it as pending so I had to pay with another card. Can’t get either one refunded.

  32. I just downloaded this app within the past week, but the app crashed over and over and over. There would constantly be pop-ups that said “the Wal-Mart app is taking too long” and asking if I wanted to close the app or wait. If I selected “wait,” it would load the next page, but just a few seconds later, the same message would pop up. Occasionally it would truly be frozen and need to be restarted, but even when it wasn’t, the constant pop-up warnings made the app basically unusable.

  33. Very convenient and the quality is pretty good! The one and only thing that has never worked (including on the website) is the option to edit your online grocery order. Like when I try to substitute a low stock item with a potential replacement, or add something, it always says they’re having “technical issues” and it’s been a while now. Other than that, I absolutely love how much you can do here. For free.

  34. I have been happy with the Walmart app for years. I always scan my receipts and love having the purchase history. Unfortunately, I just tried to scan my most recent receipts and there’s no longer an option to scan the receipts under purchase history. I tend to pay with cash, so linking a card isn’t an option. Also, there have been so many times in the last couple of months where I put something in my cart, shows the item(s) available in the store, yet its nowhere to be found on the shelf.

  35. The app was perfect until this past week. All of a sudden it’s taking forever to load up the app, it keeps crashing, then when I’m able to get into the app I keep getting the “app is not responding” notification and even if I press “wait” it will pop up every few seconds until I inevitably am forced to just close the app to make it stop. I’m not sure if there was an update that’s causing bugs or what, but this is frustrating.

  36. Overall, the app is okay. But if I search for something such as “Honeysuckle Turkey,” and there are hits for it. Those should be at the top of the results. Not 20 items down the list. It has done this a few times on me; I search for an item and I get everything BUT searched item. Until 20 or so items in the search results. I wouldn’t trust Walmart to tell me what filter I need for my car…anymore. Learned that lesson. Be nice if they brought the books back.

  37. Very good app for food. But for electronics, it lacks filtering and sorting capabilities. You can search for chromebook and the second item in the list will a windows laptop. Many details are missing from items and there are no standard in how the information is displayed. Finally, I ordered a barbecue and the following day realized it was a mistake. It had not shipped yet but I can’t cancel. Call Wal-Mart and I have to wait until it arrives to return it!!! Incredible!

  38. Update. Lots of problems with deliveries. Some just don’t show up and get canceled for no reason or wrong items. You have to call now to get refunded. Guess they want better explanations. We were shopping at Walmart when an order was delivered and some items were unavailable. We walked over to that item and there it was sitting there with plenty more of the item. Employees are too stupid or lazy. Service needs improvement and more training

  39. Irene Lee dice:

    I had placed an order for curbside pickup, arrived at the store, and unable to check-in on the app. It is saying there is an error and they are working to resolve it. I try restarting my phone, uninstall and installing the app, as well as tried to check-in on the website instead of the app. It has been going on for many weeks now and had to cancel my order due to that. I like the curbside pickup service so please fix it.

  40. App turned to garbage. They kept changing the splash screen during the holidays and now app doesn’t work at all. When I open the app the Walmart logo comes up and then it crashes. Everytime. Have cleared data, uninstalled and reinstalled multiple times, nothing. I’m a Walmart associate so I’m in the store on a regular basis. Used to use Walmart pay for everything, but can’t even get the app to open anymore. Stop trying to change things and just make the app stable and work consistently.

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