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Temu's Ad Lit up the Big Game! Shop on the Temu app for Game Day offers.
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Temu’s Ad Lit up the Big Game! Shop on the Temu app for exclusive Game Day offers and enjoy up to 90% off!

From fashion to home decor, handmade crafts, beauty & cosmetics, clothing, shoes, and more, the products you’ll love are just a tap away. You can always count on the Temu app to have the perfect things for you to live the life you desire.

Download the Temu app today and enjoy the best deals every day.

Shop gifts for yourself and your loved ones. Enjoy up to 90% off!

Discover thousands of new products and shops daily.

Fast and secure checkout.
Free shipping & returns within 90 days.
*Other conditions apply

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40 comentarios en "Temu: Shop Like a Billionaire FULL"

  1. Gus Ben dice:

    Not impressed… I placed three orders for items that seemed good deals because I was bombarded by several emails and app notifications per hour. The prices are good the goods are not. Additionally, on two orders I was charged for items that were not delivered and have no idea what will happen with them. I was not refunded for them and they don’t appear to be pending delivery. I may have been ripped off! I’m done with them.

  2. I like that they reccomend products based off of what you’ve been looking at. Everything I ordered arrived and was exactly as advertised. I haven’t had any issues yet. But the number of messages and notifications is insane. Like non stop messages and pop-ups. I haven’t found a way to reduce them in app but I definitely think the developers should consider adding a feature to control how many messages and alert you recieve.

  3. Pretty great app overall. Make sure you check out the reviews first. You have to spend at least $10 to make a purchase. I wish they have a ‘wish list’ option, where you could save things. You can save things in your cart but its a hassle sometimes wading through. The only definite no for me are the games. Dont waste your time. They seem to be rigged and you won’t win.

  4. Laurie G dice:

    I’ve placed 3 orders since they’ve launched. It’s legit. Items arrive within a 2 week period or less. I love the free shipping. I had to throw away one item because it was so cheaply made. But all in all, I’ve been satisfied with my orders. It’s like an upgraded Wish 😁. Tip: look at reviews to see if anyone posted a pic of the item. You’ll know what it’s really like without any photo enhancement done by seller. Nice deals on fashion jewelry, hair supplies, storage organizers, & pet stuff 👍🏻

  5. The prices are great, quality mostly good, and the shipping isn’t as long as other overseas merchants. However, I’ve received several items broken or the individual product boxes smashed flat. Receiving broken items is unacceptable and even more troublesome considering I bought a lot of items as gifts. I haven’t had my items long enough to gauge longevity. I’ve been overall pleased with my purchases, as long as they arrived unbroken. The app could use a better filter feature when browsing.

  6. Have loved the good quality goods, great prices and huge selection from this company. But have found it very confusing when I think I have closed an order (and there is no order summary before the final checkout) then the app asks if I would like to add more to the order. I ended up with 4 identical dresses because of the confusing options. Now I must return 3 of them!

  7. Great customer service, and the items you receive are exactly like the pictures! Unlike some other similar shopping apps where the stuff you get looks way different. I am really loving Temu. I recommend them to everyone! Oh, and as one more bonus – shipping is faster than lightning. And you can track your order literally every step of the way if you want.

  8. I like this app! The shipping is slower than Amazon, but that’s a really high bar. My order arrived at the earlier end of their estimate, which was really nice. I also got some really fun stuff for a good price. I obviously can’t say everything on the app is high quality, but I am very happy with the things I have ordered. Tracking orders is also very easy because the app has links to the USPS site for tracking. I would like it if the app pushed fewer notifications, though.

  9. Temu has some awesome products at unbelievable prices. So far I’ve done several orders for multiple things and everything has arrived without any issues. It takes a little while to get to me, but it’s been worth the wait considering how much money I’ve saved. The app works pretty good for a shopping app. But I do wish you could make lists to save items in to compare prices or save for later, the only thing you can do is put them in your cart and unselect them for sort of a makeshift list.

  10. Do like the app for the most part. It has features above the Wish app. My only complaint is not having an option or three to earn additional money toward a free gift. I was 20 cents away from earning the gift. When it hits the time out, you lose all the progress you’ve made. The new users you had are no longer new users. For most, there are only so many friends/contacts. Another option to get over the finish line would be awesome, in my opinion.

  11. Temu is an app that reminds me of Wish. They are different in two main areas. The delivery time is fast. The products are of a better quality. I am happy with all my orders this far. I do recommend reading the product description, some items are not as displayed, or may appear larger than the item actually is. I will be placing orders again and again!! overall a great shopping expierence.

  12. I’ve ordered 4 times so far, ranging in subtotal from $22 to $52. All items have gotten here very quickly considering they ship from China. These prices are great, sometimes unreasonably inexpensive. I tried to return a few things I’d accidently ordered and they told me to keep the items AND refunded the purchase price as a credit on my account! Yay! Often items will be listed repeatedly on the same page but at a slightly higher or lower price. Easy to find the best deal.

  13. Priscilla dice:

    It’s products are cheap but that reflects on both price and quality. The clothing you buy could be sloppy, the trinkets or what not could be made inproperly. You can return them and get your money back so that’s okay. But the free stuff and games are such a scam. Quote “Sponsor may, in its sole and absolute discretion, cancel, change, suspend or modify any aspect of the Referral Program and/or any Reward at any time, including the availability of any Rewards or benefits, without notice.”

  14. The games are completely rigged and they just want to get new downloads to bring in more traffic, you will rarely win a prize unless you have some kind of strategy and you will spend way to much time on it that it becomes uncomfortable. The prices ok but somethings are worse then what I’ve seen in other places for a better product. It’s not for me and I wish there was a way to get rid of this app for good!!

  15. Lia dice:

    It seems great but why is it so easy to one-click add items to your order without a confirmation before doing so? I have accidentally touched the button twice and had to cancel the items for a refund. That’s crazy. Just got my order today it arrived really fast. If you like aliexpress like me you’ll like the faster delivery with similar items. Just wait for free shipping

  16. C L dice:

    Temu is amazing. I have saved a ton of money buying from them versus Amazon. I’ve found the exact same clothing, very same quality, but much better prices. Their customer service is the best I’ve ever dealt with. Shipping is prompt and they text you with tracking numbers. The rare times I’ve had a problem they have instantly fixed it.

  17. Von Jii dice:

    Great app…. And I bought some great things for pennies (literally), but the 4 stars is because the app does not show reviews for the individual item but reviews for the seller in total. I really don’t care for that at all. ALSO, of you get an email that “Everything is..” a certain amount, it’s not true, so I might be spamming the false advertising emails soon.

  18. I really like this app, but the games to get free stuff are a rip-off/scam. You get almost to getting the free item and then it only takes .1% off the fish. So you need 10x more fish food to finish one fish. Or you get one point away from the other one with the 3 free prizes and it won’t register and of the new accounts made. So, as long as you don’t play the games to get free stuff, this app is great. It’s great prices and pretty fast shipping.

  19. This app is amazing I love it so so much. There is Free shipping every day and you can get so many things for cheap that are usually expensive, they have opportunities for you to win free credits and more. I see a lot of people who say they have no place to save things they don’t want immediately, if you don’t want something immediately, touch the check mark beside the item and it’ll uncheck so which means it will stay in the cart but, it won’t go into your check out items.I highly recommend it!

  20. Lucy Lam dice:

    Bait n switch. They kept giving me $25 off $40 coupon n when I checked out, that coupon doesn’t apply till next time. What a waste of time. Update Jan30: finally a coupon that works. It can be annoying when you have 20 items n each went up a $1- $5 so total went up like crazy. If not careful with math, stuff is more expensive than Amazon after coupon. But if you’re slow at check out, price always goes up. Never had I have to do so much math in my head till this app.

  21. I love this company! Everything I’ve ordered so far has come in good time! They offer a $5 credit if your order arrives after the estimated time frame of arrival. So far, I’ve never had it happen to me. As far as clothing and shoes if you’re a certain size go up a size or two for shoes. Tops, seem to run small. That’s fine for me being that I’m an XS. This is just a fyi for you folks! Great app! Very easy and smooth to navigate!

  22. Jerry G dice:

    Good for cheap low quality stuff. However, it’s very misleading. I got a promotion saying $25 off a $50 order. But turns out, I only get a coupon after my order ships and the coupon expired before my order arrived. Feels like a scam. On the other hand, I got a few items that are damaged. They issued refund promptly

  23. L. Davis dice:

    My first time ordering was perfect. Shipping was less than 2 weeks, all outfits fit perfectly (shirts, dresses, 3 piece outfit, water bottle). Everything I ordered was all in one order and they didn’t forget anything. They made sure to email me anytime there was an update with my shipping. Great quality clothing for a low price. I’m a happy customer and will be shopping again soon.

  24. Ash M dice:

    Temu is amazing (and addicting). It has all the great things you want and unique items all at GREAT prices. The quality of every item I’ve received, and I’ve received A LOT, is very high quality. Shipping is always on time and the returns process is very simple and streamlined. Customer service is top notch. I wish I had discovered it sooner. Although having a wishlist or a favorites list would be nice.

  25. I’m so glad I found this app. They have great items for a lot less than I was paying elsewhere AND the products are nicer and better quality. My orders have been arriving within 2 weeks tops. I’ve been recommending this app to so many. Also, the clothing is true to size, which is a huge help. No more having to figure out if items will fit you or not, like some other apps. What would make this even better is if they had the ability to create Wishlists instead of storing everything in the cart.

  26. free shipping during promotion but you have to order a minimum of $25. Initially fine but hard to order again because you may not have $25 worth of stuff to get after the initial order. it is a bit like AliExpress. I would compare price with Amazon prime for more expensive items. may not be worth the wait if the prices are comparable.

  27. So far I have placed several orders, and I’ve been happy with 99.9% of the items. I’ve gotten refunds on items I canceled before they shipped and had one ring arrive blue instead of green, but the customer service chat was easy and I got a refund. Happy with my experience overall, lots of cool stuff that I’ve really enjoyed.

  28. The apps ok. I do find it hard to navigate and get back to where you started . A linked “breadcrumb trail” would be an awesome new feature. On a computer, with a decent size monitor and keyboard I prefer the website but of course, on a phone, I use the app. aside: ðTEMU itself is so attractive with inexpensive good quality goods, free shipping, and reasonable customer service, that so long as I can browse and easily manage my shopping cart and smoothly checkout, I’m happy.

  29. I was skeptical at first. how can they have such great deals? their shipping must be expensive, or maybe it’s not gonna come. or maybe damaged. NOPE, its Fabulous finds, at great prices, and what’s more… 90 day return policy. Shut the front door. I am so impressed, I’ve placed 2 more orders. Yep, forget shopping elsewhere. Temu has my support. thank you for great items at amazing prices.

  30. The app’s nice. Great products. Descriptions can be confusing. There are many instances where the pictures size of the product is exaggerated (but does not state that). There are also times when NO measurements are given so it is impossible to know what the ACTUAL size of the product is. Lastly, The pictures sometimes have different descriptions than the main description, so it can be confusing on how many of the product you get. The games are easy to play, but need lots of referrals to win.

  31. This is a very good app. Easy to navigate, no commercial, there’s so much to chose from. The only thing that makes me concern is the delivery. There was 2 holes outside of my package. Looks like a cut but the plastic that wraps the clothes are all intact. Maybe they need a save for later. Overall, I love this app that is why I am rating this as 5 star for now. We’ll see in the future, star may change.

  32. golf4fame dice:

    Prices are better than great! Still undecided if I’ll use them as a distributor. I’ve ordered twice, test orders, and both times there was something wrong with the delivery. But, although it seems there isn’t any good customer service, they do come through … the 1st time, a $5 credit, and this time, all my payment was refunded plus a $5 credit. As for the app, it’s good, but they need to have a place to SAVE things you want, but don’t buy immediately.

  33. Temu is addictive! the products can be fun, useful and absolutely necessary! The prices are amazing and shipping is often free. I had to return 1 product because I ordered a man’s size and the return was easy ( I think they allow they first return free). The products have been great and my friends and coworkers are always in awe of the things I have bought on here and the quality of them. I can browse the app for hours!!!

  34. ur given a offer for a free item then you pick the item and a certain percentage of the items amount is taken off. for example if I picked a 20 dollar item 16 dollars would get taken off. I would then have to invite people to the app to get those extra 4 dollars taken off to get the item free. I invited about 6 new users. 3 dollars was taken off but then it started taking off only 10 cents. its a a complete pyramid scheme especially for the games. would not recommend. Go to aliexpress instead.

  35. Great app but missing something! I love the Temu app. It’s got really nice products and they are listed at a affordable price. I also love the fact that you can earn items for FREE by sharing your link and by completing other actions within the app. However I really dislike the fact that it does not give me the option to create or make a wishlist or make multiple wishlist. This is something I need in any app I use to purchase things. I don’t want to have to fill up my notes with item links

  36. SixSs dice:

    I’ve ordered 25 items from this app and I’m just waiting for them to arrive. Everything is super cheap, especially with all the deals and coupons. Only real complaint is there is no wish list or liked items list. Other than that, great app. I will update to 4 stars if I recieve my items! Thank you. Edit: recieved items perfectly in tact :3 am ordering more.

  37. I’m a Fan. Just received my first order today, and everything is better quality than I was expecting for the prices. I found some of the same items on Amazon for double the price. Already placed a second order. It’s relieving to find affordable items. I was a little annoyed I couldn’t favorite anything, but it allows you to keep things in your cart and only select specific items when you’re actually purchasing. So I could have 50 items in there and only buy 2, but the other 48 will remain.

  38. Susan G dice:

    Browsing through the wide variety of low-priced items is pretty entertaining, but I was hesitant to actually order. I decided to place a small “test” order: my order arrived before the promised date (shipped from abroad); all of the items were in the package; the quality of the items is decent, based on the price. Overall a good experience, and I’ll probably order again. The app should have a “wish list” option. Still worth noting: the app description says “30% off 1st order”:that didn’t happen.

  39. I’ve been using for 2 months and so far so good. I’ve bought clothes, household products, makeup and kitchen items to name a few and all has been good. The prices are cheap to start but once you’ve shopped a few times you get to see more items that cost more but still reasonable. Delivery is always a week or week in half but always within the timeframe. Got stuff in the cart to buy now and later. Would recommend!!

  40. I would add things to my cart and the price of the item I added had been increased quite a few times, for reference I put a dog back pack in my cart for 8 something and when I looked at the total, that item was almost 13! I don’t recommend this app unless you have disposable money and aren’t a horder. Their search doesn’t work well either. Even if I had a lot of disposable money I wouldn’t waste it on an app that rips you off. Will post price and product pictures soon.

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