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Looking for a used or new car? Find it on CarGurus. We take the guesswork out of car shopping by running the numbers on tons of cars, providing you with all the important details, and serving everything up in an easy-to-understand format. See if a car is overpriced or a great deal, access key negotiation info, and find financing*—all on the app. Want to sell your car? We can help with that, too.

Our deal-rating algorithm digs deeper, analyzing thousands of details like price, accident history, dealer reviews, and dealer location to give cars a deal rating from great to overpriced. Our algorithm is so rigorous that it only rates 30% of cars a good or great deal. That means when you see a great deal on CarGurus, you can be sure it’s a great deal.

Get free access to key info like accident history, days on lot, number of owners, and price changes—all in one place. No digging necessary.

We’ll let you know any time there’s a price drop on a car you’ve saved. You’ll also receive new deals and car recommendations based on your search.

Find financing ahead of time so you can shop with your real monthly payment and have real rates in hand when talking to the dealer. There’s no impact on your credit score, and it only takes minutes.*

Sell your car yourself in our private marketplace. With access to vetted buyers and smart tools, you can get the offer you deserve.

*Finance in Advance is a product of CarGurus, Inc. Subject to final agreement between you & dealership. Financing not completed on site. Completing a credit application at a dealership may result in one or more inquiries posted to your credit file. Subject to agreement on terms and conditions with the participating lender.


Bug fixes and improvements.


40 comentarios en "CarGurus: Used & New Cars MOD"

  1. Needs some work. Basic features seem to be broken. I can save a search that includes certain filter criteria (manual transmission), but when I go back to it, the filter is not applied. Also, the rating of how good or bad a deal is will always change between viewing search results vs viewing a specific car. Your search results will show a car that says “Fair Deal”, but click on it and the listing says “Overpriced”. 🤔

  2. Terrible app as it’s slow to respond, freezes frequently, and list more vehicles that have no prices by dealers, in my defined search lists. Plus I constantly get vehicles in my lists that don’t meet the data fields I select. Example: I chose Tacoma 4×4, 6 cylinder, automatic, under $18k and I’ll get a field with half vehicles with no price (and clearly newer vehicles well over my price limit) and get 2 wheel drive, manual transmission 4 cylinders. YMMV

  3. It’s a decent app for car shopping. Lacks some helpful features. I can only seem to save searches from creating a search on my desktop, however it’s not saved in app. If viewing details on a vehicle, the “return to search” takes me back to top of the page. Frequently, when also trying to return to search, it freezes for a moment, then takes me back to the very beginning of my search (1out of 1000 when I was on 334,etc)

  4. Excellent features, Cargurus work with lenders that approve basically anyone, and have by far the most comprehensive listings of vehicles for sale. I didn’t end up using their financing, but it was nice to see accurate monthly terms in real time. This is the only app you need to find a car. Stay away from the scummy Carvanas of the world and go look at and drive a car before you buy it.

  5. Overall I like the experience has been helpful, except for the filter feature. Filtering the results of a search shouldn’t require a new search. For example, I started a new search for an SUV/Crossover, with the make input wasnt sure of the model. The results display everything available from 10 years ago. It would be nice to filter the results to display only the years, price range etc., you want. Instead the app starts a whole new search, whomp whomp. Please fix the search filter.

  6. Now, this is the back of the list, I assume you are on top of other things more important, but, I have a few ideas to help your app assist people focus on snagging a keeper as quickly and smartly as possible. First, I really wanted an option to select multiple types of cars in a given search, because I would be ok with a hatchback civic or otherwise, and, if nothing matches a search, I think it should keep those settings the same when you go back so you don’t have to start over to adjust them.

  7. BLS dice:

    I’ve left my review before but don’t even see it possibly because it was so low. It used to be a great app. Found my truck through it. Has thorough input spec options. But now as i look for a car for the wife, it is very frustrating. It doesn’t save my specs and keeps bringing up specs outside mine no matter how many times i reset it. The screen will also flutter between pc mode and mobile. There are several similar apps that do a better job. Thinking i may not mess with this one any more.

  8. App itself is great, to find cars & trucks easily. Problem is that you have to wait longer, it does say it’ll do that, but I don’t see how that’s an upgrade. Very stressful to press something, nothing happens, press again and you’ve already press what next screen has without noticing it. Press back, nothing happens, press again and it’ll kick you back two screens. One star it is.

  9. I like it, but the searching seems to get crossed up and won’t filter correctly. I can only assume the search can’t handle too many filters to specify what you are looking for. Seems like if you add too many filters, you basically lose it all. It no longer stays in the price range, area of the search or just about anything and I have to close the app completely to get anything to reset. It just gets frustrating and hard to find what you’re looking for.

  10. When trying to search for cars by “body style” with manual transmissions, it completely ignores the fact that I selected manual transmission only. It also does not offer transmission as a filter to apply to other searches. And when searching by make/model you can search nationwide, but when searching by body style you can only search within a 200 mile radius, and when searching by price you can only search in a 100 mile radius. What the hell is with these arbitrary distance limitations? Complete trash.

  11. This app was the best for a long time to search for cars on id give it 5 stars but for the past month or longer they haven’t been able to sort vehicles by mileage price year ect. I have complained a few times about it And they stated they are aware of the issue but it doesn’t seem like they are even trying to fix it it’s been far too long. Get on fixing it already makes app extremely difficult to use without being able to sort.

  12. So easy to use! They have every filter imaginable and make it simple to find what you’re really looking for. The only improvement I would find helpful is to keep cars of your choosing out of your search if you so choose. For example I filter my search and have 9 results. Two are duplicates, I would want to delete or bundle those. Another car doesn’t have one certain feature I need- I wish there was a way to delete or keep that specific car from my search just as there is a way to save cars.

  13. Not good. The car search screen is not effective at all. The slide bars are inaccurate and because they operate through touch, when you release the button it slips and the value is not right. For the entire car search filter, i would recommend type in boxes, min and max. And then ensure that the search results fit the search criteria. Ive done searches where i wanted cars less than $10k. Once i hit send i still see cars for $19k, or $21k (and they are not sponsored ads) please fix this issue.

  14. Many features to like about this app and service like how many days at the dealer/ on the site, price changes, price comparisons. It’s very popular, found many more listings of my hard-to-find vehicle here. But there are definitely some things to fix: 1) The only way to see a pic larger is to zoom the WHOLE page. Not efficient, very frustrating, doesn’t work well. The pic stream needs to break out and be zoom capable. 2) Why have a share function at ALL the way yours works?? When you try to share a particular vehicle, it sends a link to the search results, not the particular vehicle. It’s not just the app, I tried to copy the link from a browser, same thing. I’m supposed to direct then to the right vehicle?? Maximus suckimus. 3) Many dealers offer to show the CarFax or AutoChek for free. Your subscribe/purchase-only option sucks.

  15. I’ve been using this app for a few months to find the best car for me. Suddenly the filters stop working. If I set the body style, years etc it works fine but as soon as I try to add another filter to remove salvage cars or anything else suddenly it starts showing me cars way outside of my price range. It’s ridiculous.

  16. I would rate it higher, but it doesn’t have the option to keep me logged in! I have to open it, then choose my Google account to sign in…It’s a pain. Also, v while it will save my searches, it didn’t save the filters, so I have to go in and choose the trim level, distance, features, etc every time.

  17. Whoever does their coding is no guru! Price and Distance are seperate search tools from the rest of the drop down menu. You cant use all of the available search options in a single search. When you click on price or distance you are not given all of the regular search options from the initial drop down menu making specific searches useless. Geeze!!! I cant believe this company has been in business over a decade and overlooked something so simple!!!!!!!!

  18. I have been using this app for the last 4 to 5 months. The filter options differ depending if you’re searching for a specific car or a body style so it’s not very intuitive. The app doesn’t open up sometimes as well. You’re better off going online but even then I wouldn’t make Car Gurus your first choice just because of how restrictive and specific the searching can be sometimes.

  19. Very Very Bothersome ! I turned off all notifications for this app in the app. And they keep sending me notification every hour. So had to uninstall this app. There loss ! So Dum of them ! Also when you set up your search for you cars to look up. You have to keep going in and fixing things over and over again. They need to fix this app for your set up for searching. Very bad setting in app. Sick of changing my setting for one search !

  20. Van B dice:

    Horrible, Horrible app! You have to sign in everytime. Notifications are useless because after you sign in, it forgets about it. Filters are only partially saved. And when you change one condition, it adjusts others so you get unwanted results. And when you do have a couple filters working, it says “no active filters”. And even though you say no notifications, you still get alerts… For cars that don’t match. Awful app. Not trustworthy. Not dependable.

  21. Soft ware is very hard to use. For example my biggest issue is adjusting prices, instead of manually entering your price range ( a much more convenient option ) i spend 5 minutes trying to adjust the price range as you have to slide it with your finger when you’re trying to get a car in a range from 4,000 to 6,000 but the max price range is a million dollars I literally spend 5 minutes trying to be as precise as I can trying to just get it into my range when I could easily manually enter it…

  22. Can’t adjust the price filter accurately because of the slider bar. It starts at something like 4 million dollars, which makes it very difficult to slide down to say $10,000 or under. Some moron thought a sliding bar would be cute. It’s not. It ruins one of the most important functions of a car shopping app. It’s literally unusuable.

  23. Used to work great. Now filters dont work properly, you have a filter on and it still shows complete listing. Biggest issue, when your scrolling and find a interesting car, you select it to view details and go back to the listing it resets to the very top! And you have to scroll all over again n try to remember where you were. 1 star broke a good function app, filters and scoll ruins browsing.

  24. PLEASE FIX! I have a saved search but it only lets me do 4 filters, everytime I add more and click the “save search” button, it doesn’t register the other filters I added. Right now its only price, transmission, card model, and distance. Please fix this, it is very inconvenient having to re-add other filters to my search and defeats the whole purpose of having a “Saved search” option.

  25. Amateur Hour. Doesn’t save your search when you go back, and no ability to see the images full screen (janky zoom buttons don’t count). This app is a joke compared to other large car marketplace apps. Also why is distance not in filters too? I have to go to ‘new search’ to change the range? That’s real intuitive.

  26. App won’t sort correctly based on the parameters I set and save, & defaults back to ‘no filters applied’ every time I open a saved search. I don’t want to see cars on the other side of the country. There are too many other apps out there that offer the same service, and save filters, to mess with this one.

  27. CarGurus has the best selection compared with other apps I’ve tried. But recently, my search results won’t display for saved searches. I’ve played around with filters, but it doesn’t make a difference. I’ve tried reinstalling the app, but it’s still happening. It ruins the functionality. Hoping there’s a fix soon.

  28. QUINPG dice:

    Absolutely hate the update! Before when a car on your saved list would go down on price you’d get a notification open it up and know right away which car had changed in price. Now it just opens your list in this weird column format and you have to literally look for the year and model through the entire saved list. This is terrible I have a specific list of model and year this does not make it easy to know which one exactly has gone down. Revert to the old format

  29. I generally use my Android phone to access CarGurus through Chrome, a web interface. Lately I have felt like the CarGurus site was extremely slow. so I opted to download the app and access CarGurus that way. my experience with the app is that it does not work. there is no way to look for used cars. If I click on used cars, it does not give me the ability to narrow down a particular brand. When the app begins to load and look for cars, it tells me it is searching through 40,540 cars. App=junk.

  30. This app is terrible. I saw a commercial for this & thought to myself “I’ll check it out since I’m car shopping” and I’m interested in anything that can help. Put in the make, model & year then clicked search and… nothing. No error message, no load screen… nothing. Finally after closing & opening the app multiple times with the same result I get an error message about their servers. Wow. What clown college developed this app?

  31. Jazz C dice:

    This app has gone backwards. It’s bad. I started back using this app about a week ago. It constantly logs you out, something is off with the distance, it has a long delay when I try to click back after viewing a car to the point you think it didn’t register, but it did (so now it sends you way back to the beginning every time),searching specific car makes/models doesn’t even work. Shows cars in general w/ the price range that I specified.When clicking the notifications, it doesn’t respond, etc.

  32. Fix the sliders. Advanced search – maximum price/mileage range needs reduced. Price slider – $5,000-$1,000,000… VERY hard to set on a touch screen – barely moving your finger = bouncing across many $1,000s at a time & not landing on the desired price. Mileage slider is even worse, with a range up to 2,000,000 miles!! Again trying to set it 20k,45k,80k whatever means barely bumping it off the bottom & jumping 1,000s or 10,000s of miles – FRUSTRATING TO SET. Common sense people, over 200,000k miles or $200,000 is irrelevant for setting search criteria. Useful app and these features are critical, but seriously need tweeked. Or add a manual entry option.

  33. The app is absolutely terrible! It does not save your login information so every time you use it you have to log in again. If you forget to log in while browsing cars when you do log in the app refreshes and you lose what you were looking at before. Not only that if the app loses focus on your mobile device for more than just a few seconds it logs you out and you have to log in again. It is a very frustrating experience if you were doing some serious car shopping.

  34. What a terrible, unusable app. Cool concept. Search filters don’t get saved, the sliders to set search settings are impossible to use, and I’ve signed in five times only to be told to sign in again. Might be a cool way to buy a car, but I’ll never know, because I’m deleting this before I have a heart attack.

  35. Great app and website but they have a few UI issues that bug me. Biggest issue is that the number of saved vehicles is never accurately tracked. They seem to keep tabs on a car even if it’s sold. This is quite annoying since I still get notifications about a sold car despite removing it from my saved. I currently am tracking 10 or so cars and trucks but the count shows as 50+

  36. I randomly started getting notifications about Toyota Tacoma’s which is very strange because I don’t believe I have ever looked for that particular vehicle and I haven’t used the app for months. This makes me feel unsettled. Up until this I really loved the app because it does make it very easy to search for and find the perfect vehicle for you.

  37. Used to be good. I don’t like the $29.99 fee to list, and for people just exploring the option of selling their car like me, I’m not paying it. I’ll be deleting the app. That being said, their old system seemed sloppy finance wise. Their was a $100 flat fee for selling a car, and although I’ve never sold one directly via their service, I did notice it would probably be very easy to get around the $100 fee. So I understand why.

  38. I like this app, save for one GLARING shortcoming: I can’t see the cars that I’ve saved to my list that have been sold, so for example I have 34 saved cars, yet only 21 pull up. I want to be able to see even the ones that sold, so I can look for similar cars/features in the future. Currently, I have no idea which items were sold or taken down of the 13 missing saved cars on my list, and THAT’S frustrating.

  39. Let’s see, where to begin… After finding the car I wanted and negotiating with the seller, we agreed upon a price. After that point my problems began. The app no longer opened, even after clearing the cache. Nothing. The only thing good this app did for me was get me in contact with someone outside of the app to buy a car, why I gave two stars. I also tried the Autopay loan option. I finally heard back from them two weeks after I had already purchased the car individually without them. 🤷‍♂️

  40. Right idea. Weak approach. WHEN the app works there’s very good input and useful information on the vehicles. 9 times out of 10 it takes several attempts to even open the app. It keeps saying can’t connect to server or to try again later. Also adding more dealerships would be useful considering our little city has more car dealerships than gas stations yet there’s maybe a dozen dealerships that have listings in the app/site.

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