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Mercari is your marketplace for buying and selling preloved items.
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Whether you’re searching for that unique find or clearing out space for some extra cash, you can do it all in the app, all from home.

Discover that perfect find from brands like Nike, Funko, Nintendo, Squishmallows, Apple, Lululemon (and thousands more). From collectables, to unique handmade items, to one-of-a-kind treasures, it’s all on Mercari.

Shop luxury and designer clothing, shoes, and accessories with confidence. Items with a diamond badge are authenticated and all purchases are protected.

Get your item as described or your money back. When you’ve found that perfect thing, we ask the seller to ship within 3 business days.

Shop your neighborhood without leaving the house! Your items will be delivered right to your door, no awkward meetups required.

Get it now, pay in four installments with Zip or PayPal.

Lighten your life by listing once-loved items on Mercari. Listing your unused items on Mercari is free and simple. Just snap a few photos, input item details, and tap List. Use selling features including smart pricing, offer to likers, promote, and more to ensure your item is seen and sold as quickly as possible.

Mercari knows that affordable and convenient shipping options are important. That’s why Mercari prepaid labels have competitive rates, offer print-free options and Shipping Protection up to $200. With Mercari Local, have your bulky, heavy items picked up for fast, doorstep delivery.

To complete your sales transaction, rate the buyer. Then funds will be added to your balance. Choose how you want to get paid with Direct Deposit, Instant Pay, or use your balance for a purchase–it’s up to you.

Got designer items? With Mercari Authenticate, your shoppers know they’re getting the real deal. Mercari Authenticate makes it simple to buy and sell pre-loved, genuine luxury goods. List and authenticate luxury items from anywhere, on any device. Authenticated items are automatically boosted and seen by more buyers, meaning they’re more likely to sell.

Give yourself some preloved love with Mercari.

We’d love to hear from you.

DM us on our Instagram @mercari, tweet @mercari_app, or find us on Facebook @MercariApp. And, get quick-reads on everything from decluttering to collecting, tips on selling, upcycling ideas and shopping inspo on our Full Circle blog at

Mercari is available in the US for anyone 18+.


Minor update with some bug fixes and slight tweaks.


40 comentarios en "Mercari: Your Marketplace MODDED 2022"

  1. Anadil E dice:

    The user interface is good. Super easy to upload pictures (12). Setting price and sending offers are convenient. Filters work great and if you are trying to sell an item you can see similar items that sold to get an idea of price. Processing and shipping fees are high. Not sure if that drives away buyers but honestly there are just no buyers on the app. I have put things for super cheap and it hardly gets any views. I manage to sell them on Facebook so it is not like those items are unwanted.

  2. I love Mercari. It’s easy to use. I have one complaint and a couple of suggestions: 1. Since the recent update my “make an offer” is zoomed in so far I can’t click the button for “next.” 2. When viewing all of a seller’s listings it would be nice to have a button on one listing to view the next one instead of clicking back to the main list and clicking onto the next listing from there. 3.”transaction failed” message, being able to click on it to change pmt method would be helpful. Galaxy S7

  3. This app is a general headache to use. Constant issues, constant crashing, from the very first day I downloaded it. Only shows photos to upload if I took the pictures with my phone. They won’t appear if I’ve downloaded them from another device or if I’ve edited them at all, even just cropped or rotated. I attempt to upload pictures that I took (as carefully as I can because I know I can’t edit them) and the app just crashes. “Oops, sorry, something went wrong!” Is all I get.” Good work, fellas.

  4. Rachel F. dice:

    Please go back to the old version or fix bugs in latest update. App is taking forever to load listing info. Frequently, when I open any listing it just sits there with the picture, title, and nothing else. My internet connection and speeds are great. No issues with anyone else app. I have to reopen it twice to load. Very inconvenient. Thanks!

  5. UPDATE-1/29/23: with the latest update i have noticed the pictures blink in and out and sometimes appear with a white background instead of the pictures. I have to go in and out of listing to see pictures sometimes. Everything else seems to be working (I have been able to purchase and rate just fine) hopefully the glitch doesn’t interfere with anything. Also I noticed some listings will only show pictures not details and they don’t show up on website. Please Fix!

  6. I absolutely love the app. There’s been some technical issues lately, but for the most part they’ve fixed most of the issues. One thing I hope they’ll add to the system is, as a seller I’d love to have a button on my active listings to relist a listing that hasn’t sold yet, they only let you use a relist button for sold listings. But sometimes we need to relist older ones. Besides that, the app usually runs really well & I have been using it over 3 years. I sell & buy from this app & love it💗

  7. Mercari has been life changing for me. The app is super simple to use. I started by listing things I had around my home, and I had earned almost $3,000 in my first couple of months! Shipping is a breeze, just weigh it & choose an option. When your item sells, print your label and arrange USPS pickup on your porch! (or drop off at UPS/Fedex). Cashing out is simple! I’ve never had an issue with a scam in over 200+ sales, and customer service is always super helpful.

  8. Jen Nv dice:

    Recently facing alot of issues with the app not loading when I open it. Pictures and descriptions appear but buttons to edit and promote don’t appear. This is a recent issue and I am not the only one having this issue. I tested my internet speed, all great, checked other apps, all great. Something wrong with Mercari app at this time. I checked for updates, none. Please fix the bugs so we can buy and sell efficiently.

  9. I have used Mercari for some time now… lately the messaging screen has been lagging horribly when trying to communicate with sellers. It will allow typing as normal for about 10 words then it starts to glitch and delay. The words do not appear as you type them. It is only with this app, no others on my device. There are some other bugs with loading screens of pictures, items in a sellers store, just general navigation of the app is slow. Definitely need some debugging for smooth operation

  10. Since about 2 weeks ago, Mercari is nearly unusable. As a seller, I haven’t been able to list new items. It says “internal server error” when I try to post. I can’t load item likes or offers from app notifications. The listing comes up with blank titke and image a d attempts to refresh until I lose patience and back out. As a buyer, I can’t access items from notifications either. Please fix these issues so we can all make money.

  11. Every single time I try to list an item it won’t upload any photos and the app crashes. Bad enough they raise all the fees, now can’t even post new items for sale. Unless this is fixed ill have to find somewhere new to sell I have many items that need listed and the app is making that impossible and before you ask, yes I’ve tried unistalling and reinstalling and it did the same exact thing. Going on a week or more now.

  12. A great app for me to sell on I just think I should be able to talk to buyers when I have canceled an order so that there is good communication. You can’t do that on here and it’s very frustrating when dealing with bundle deals. Bundle deals should also ask the seller to recalculate shipping instead of just coming up with a inaccurate number forcing the seller to pay the difference for shipping. Other than those fixes I have had no problems with the app and it is very easy to use.

  13. Mercari in general has been sketchy for me, system-wise (phone and PC), on multiple occasions. I have had issues with “not available in my region” errors, with no legit reason other (not using a VPN, trying to buy something in the same state, on an item I was previously able to make an offer on). Whenever it isn’t wigging out, the app is great. I use this app and Ebay for most, if not all, of my second hand purchases.

  14. Used to be a great substitute for those that eBay has managed to alienate, but has progressively gotten worse with each update. App moves extremely slow, makes it frustrating to buy or sell on. When searching items and viewing listings, thumbnail photos are too small, forcing you to open them to get any kind of idea as to what the photos show. If you attempt to contact support, they don’t listen to users suggestions or input. Plus, doesn’t have a “Quantity” option when listing items to sell!

  15. The messaging in this app sucks. Most notably there is no way to attach photos when sending messages. When trying to discuss some aspect of a product you’ve bought for instance, you cannot send photos to the seller. This is really odd. The messaging itself is slow to show the latest messages, sometimes requiring you to exit and come back into the app to see them. If you need support from Mercari to resolve an issue with a purchase, pull up a chair as they are slow to respond.

  16. Much to be desired. Needs more features to put the seller in control of their own items. The ability to combine listings easily would be great. Not a fan of “Oops! Your price can’t be less than ___”. Also, when going down the list of your inventory, if you edit an item and go back to the list, it automatically forces you back to the top, leaving you to scroll a hundred times and wait for loading to get back to where you were.

  17. Paul Ryan dice:

    It’s a decent eBay alternative. Just be mindful that as a seller, they’re going to take a crazy high percentage, it’s about the same as eBays is – it just doesn’t produce 10% of the eyes. As a buyer – get ready to input your filters after every new search. For some reason it won’t hold them over between searches. Also, get used to the default option to ‘show sold out items?’ being ‘yes’ for some reason. What really turned me off though was how comprehensive the conversation monitoring is.

  18. I love this app and have been using it for many years! But the newest app update is causing the app to constantly freeze and crash. It’s getting too difficult to post items and respond to messages. The new Bundle Feature has some kinks to work out. Seller should be given the option to update ship rate. Since we can’t, I have to deny all bundle offers

  19. Really easy to use! But that’s the only good thing to note as a seller. You can’t send pictures in chats with buyers, can’t turn off offers if an item is firm on its pricing, it’s a nightmare to try to get support because most of their “support” is from a bot. Rarely do they ever actually step in and when they do it’s never helpful. They have a HUGE preference to buyers, basically no seller protection, takes things days to get done. Would not recommend to anyone trying to get any kind of money.

  20. Things have been going pretty well so far. Been having a huge issue tho. The chat system frequently becomes unresponsive making typing extremely difficult, on not possible. Just started happening between the last two updates. Generally after typing a few lengthy sentences. The will will intermittently start freezing up. Sometimes the app outright crashes from it. When are we getting landscape mode? I use the app with a tablet and keyboard mainly now. Makes the setup useless…

  21. So far I enjoy the app. But when I am typing reviews for my items I buy the app freezes after typing more than 20 fill words or more. And the you can’t type your message and the app hangs and then you loose all that you typed and you have to start all over again. Even in messaging people after so many words of typing the app freezes and crashes. You can’t have a normal conversation With people or type everything you want in one box of a message. Even copy and pasting crashes the app.

  22. If you are looking for a platform that you can trust when something goes wrong, this isn’t it. It’s been a month and still zero help or information from this terrible service. Tracking clearly shows that there is an issue, USPS has no idea what is going on, and mercari policy makes it nearly impossible to get a refund while tracking is still updating though it’s clearly never going to make it here. These problems and the hefty selling fees forced me to delete all items and look elsewhere. Trash

  23. It stopped working and the home screen doesn’t load up and gives a message saying “something went wrong try again later” and I tryed forcing stop, restarting my phone, uninstalling and reinstalling the app, clearing cache, connecting to a different wifi, and using my mobile data and still not working. This issue just started I’ve had no issues before and I was in the middle of a transaction too. Please fix soon I will give more stars as soon as its fixed because its an awesome app.

  24. Edit (01/14/23): Why did you remove the “swipe” option for messages / listing?? It’s frustrating as a “swiper” to have to revert back to typing one letter at a time, and by ALSO removing auto-correct, the effort to proofread and re-edit is enough to make me not want to use the app any more. Fix this ASAP! (FIXED) LOVE the app! HOWEVER, when I am listing my items, I can’t select the order of the directory I want to pick my photos from! (FIXED THANK YOU)

  25. They send a bunch of spammy emails and push notifications. Deleted the app and kept getting emails. There is no option to unsubscribe to everything unless you redownload the app. Unsubscribe from one ‘option’ and still get other emails. Wouldn’t have even thought to write this review if I didn’t have the inconvenience of having to redownload to unsubscribe through the app.

  26. MJYB _100 dice:

    pretty easy to navigate, but messaging sellers in this app is more of a hassle. When they send a message while I’m typing, the ui doesn’t scroll up when they sent a message. Sometimes the chat doesn’t even update and would require me to go back out of the message and then come back just to see the message. There’s also some censorship where it would auto-delete messages when using certain characters; I don’t mind this much but just wished they’d let us know what we’re not allowed to type.

  27. trash can dice:

    I loved this app until the new update. Now it’s laggy, crashes, freezes my phone, and is slow to do anything, even searching for an item. Scrolling through results takes forever. Please fix it because this is ridiculous; it was fine the way it was. Now it’s almost unusable which is unacceptable for an app that accumulates revenue and sellers/buyers depend on.

  28. Tim Rocca dice:

    I don’t know what happened to this app. All of a sudden I get literally 30 of the same listing on my homepage. All of a sudden the keyboard features go away in the description box but works in the title box so I can’t paste or return or use my clipboard like normal. I have to click profiles 3 plus times before it takes me to it. Makes listing items very difficult.

  29. Most the time you’ll have options when making a purchasing decision. As a seller, this platform is very user friendly and listings get plenty exposure. Most my items sell quickly. Suggestions: Offer USPS 2-day Priority shipping. Allow sellers to hide their sold items so that granting someone a discount doesn’t become an expected bottom line. And I assume, being near impossible to contact customer service, likely scares many people away from using this app.

  30. A.W dice:

    Ok, you want an honest opinion? Here it is. Mercari is probably the best app around for both buying AND selling. I preferr it over eBay, especially when it comes to selling! eBay has changed so much in recent years, and has become a nightmare to sell on. I hope this app never changes, never becomes a hassel like ebay. Not to mention, every single time ive ever had any sort of issue, they are easy to contact (through the play store), and quick to resolve the issue.

  31. Even after the “revamp” the app still is riddled with bugs and annoyances and generally is still a slog. Notifications are still a mess. The app is constantly lighting up my screen even in DnD mode. Auto offers still generates annoying reminders to respond to messages that don’t require any response. Still no dark mode. Still no way to bulk update listings without first scrolling through the entire list (extremely tedious) then selecting all. Been years and it’s still a bad app.

  32. Not the best looking, but it does its job well. It also doesn’t take too much away in fees. My biggest issue is with the people who use the site to mark up their prices for profit, when the point of the app is that it’s an online alternative to a second-hand thrift store. I think Mercari should make a price cap for the items being sold. Other than that, the recommendation algorithm really needs to be fixed.

  33. They make you jump through so many hoops just to get paid. The scanner for the verification system is beyond frustrating and finicky to use. I have been trying for at least half an hour just to scan my ID. I don’t know why we can’t just manually upload pictures to verify our identity, it would be much easier. It’s also not worth selling on here unless your item is worth a lot because they take so much with fees.

  34. Heather P dice:

    I love this app!! You can purchase so many exclusive items and negotiate a fair price. The downside is often times shipping is high, but that’s not Mercari’s fault. It makes the deals less substantial as you don’t want to undercut the seller so you end up paying more than other apps like it, but again, some of these items are well worth it because you can’t find them anywhere else. I have used this app for so many things. Love it, overall.

  35. Alyssa D dice:

    The mobile app is not user friendly. The scroll function doesn’t work right and doesn’t remember where you left off. I thought going on the desktop would make things work better, but that has its own challenges. Some items ask for a model to continue listing, but none of the options fit the item I am trying to list. Also, speedy sale is a lie. However, I do sell more on Mercari than Posh…so that is a plus.

  36. I’ve used Mercari for three years now. It’s great if you like finding good stuff cheap. But a lot of problems occur if you’re a seller. If someone messages you about an item and you delete that item, you can no longer talk to each other. This is a huge design oversight because now I can’t tell a potential customer that I made a reserved listing for them. I know it’s a buying/selling app but not having DMs sucks. Oh and the fees are ridiculously high.

  37. It’s okay but problems definitely there, going back from an item from search wipes refreshes all so you have to start over, sold out items is on by default?? It may be easier than eBay but the fees are insane especially when they keep any money left if you even accidentally sell a banned item. Recently FORCED a broken update, same issues are worse & the app entirely is slow to nearly unusable levels, even more so that it keeps crashing. Thanks..

  38. Great app! I love how easy it is to browse Mercari and everything is optimized on Android. I have never had a problem with this app. No crashes or glitches and the app remembers all of your searches so you can look at them later just in case new items are for sale. You can also like and favorite items so you can watch them if the price is just too high for your liking. Then you can just come back and buy it when your item goes on sale. I highly recommend this app for Mercari shopping on Android.

  39. As a beginner starting out in 2019, I highly recommended this APP for anyone just getting started. However I am starting to phase this App out. I have lost more money and views this past year over issues too techy to resolve. I do not recommend using AI if you are a seller. That’s where all my trouble started.I Lost hours of listings,sum were automatically switched to seller paid shipping I did not do! Great App to buy cheap. Clean Up & Clear Out Pay attention to shipping selected for buyers

  40. Overall can find some good deals. Shipping costs can make something s less of a good deal. Most sellers are easy to interact with. One frustrating aspect is no partial credit if something isn’t quite as described as far as condition but still workable, it’s all or nothing– return or keep at full price originally paid.

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