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Grocery delivery & pickup, shopping lists, recipes and personal recommendations.
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Make grocery shopping easier with the Wegmans app! We offer delivery, curbside pickup and in-store shopping for all the ways you shop.

Build your shopping list, easily find items by aisle in your local store, browse hundreds of delicious recipes, and get personal recommendations for meals and products based on what you purchase most. Plus, save on items across the store with your Shoppers Club digital coupons!

Simply sign in to place an order. Our Wegmans employees will shop your Curbside Pickup order with care and load it in your car when you arrive at the store. Delivery is powered by Instacart and lets you enjoy the convenience of groceries at your door.


40 comentarios en "Wegmans MODDED 2022"

  1. There’s a lot that’s wrong with this app — too much to list. But one thing that always annoys me is when I open an item page from the search results, and then press “return/back” on my phone, it takes me to my previous search (or home page) instead of the search I was currently looking at. I know there’s an “x” in the corner to close the window and keep the current search results, but this isn’t how any other app works. Don’t even get me started on how baffling the search results are.

  2. Horrible update once again. It’s much, much slower and balks an awful lot. The sorting, searching, and filtering are still very poor and those have needed serious improvement for years now. You still cannot even edit/delete entries from previous purchases in My Items which is now way too bulky to be useful and in fact it is now quite aggravating to use. Why update an app that is continually more frustrating for customers to use? That’s simply absurd.

  3. Lately when I try to scan an item, the app thinks it doesn’t have permission to use the phone’s camera, but in fact, it does. The feature worked fine for over two years, so apparently, you broke it. Thanks a lot. One more thing: If there’s an item on my list and I switch to another store that doesn’t carry that item, the item gets deleted. That’s lame. Leave it on the list as a reminder to see if the 2nd store has an equivalent product.

  4. Mostly works. At times the login completely breaks and the app goes into endless cycles of error prompts and failed login attempts. Also, it appears that if you add something to a curbside shopping list, the app might remove it without notice if it goes out of stock before your actually place the order. However, it works ok the majority of the time.

  5. G. Moore dice:

    5-6-22 the coupon clip buttons are only half showing. Makes things difficult. Why is there no way to apply a filter that shows the unclipped coupons? Strange. It only filters clipped coupons. I keep seeing the same coupons I clipped and have to try and fimd unclipped ones. Fix this plz..wastes my time as is. I just want to clip the unclipped. There arent many. Fix.

  6. One of the most frustrating apps I’ve ever used. Search function is HORRIBLE – you can NEVER find what you’re looking for, even Wegmans brand items don’t show results. Scanning barcodes never works either…even with items bought FROM WEGMANS! The entire experience is clunky and takes way too long to put an order together. I can walk through the entire store in the same time it take to place an order on this app. They need a new team of developers and UI/UX designers.

  7. Nitro Neo dice:

    Items that are not in stock should be identified while shopping, this app doesn’t do that. It waits until checkout then wants you to pick alternates. The notification that you are at the store for pickup has been broken for many months, you need to use a web browser for that. The integration with Instacart spams you via SMS including other alternate selections, all need to be selected via web browser. It’s a Wegmans app just so they can claim they have an app. It’s very broken!

  8. If I put something on the list, it shouldn’t disappear just because it’s currently out of stock. Just grey it out or something so I can get it next time. Put items back in the order of the flow of the store, instead of the random order they’re in currently. There was a previous version of this app that was great. Very disappointed in this version.

  9. This app used to be amazing. The shopping list was easy to use, loaded quickly, well organized, and it was wonderful being able to search the items at my local store. And then I guess they decided to try to “fix” what wasn’t broken? It’s now borderline unusable with the recent update. It’s extremely slow, the list is no longer well organized, it freezes constantly, and I just plain hate it. Please bring back the old version; this new version makes me want to stop shopping at Wegmans.

  10. I have really loved the Wegmans app for years. I like the way it organises items by store location, making it easy to get exactly what you need. One complaint I have since the most recent major upgrade is that the app will automatically remove items (that I presume are out of stock) from your list without any notice. I’d much prefer that the item be grayed out or marked ‘out of stock’ so that I can remember to look for an alternative rather than forgetting completely.

  11. The new app is garbage. As a developer myself, I believe that Wegmans made a serious mistake in changing so much of the functionality from the old app. You had a great app, I am unsure why you would change the functionality so drastically. A few points: 1. Your list functionality is almost unusable. The app doesn’t seem to support any alternate lists – unless I am missing something. Adding to running list is easy, but your old functionality of greying out checked off items is now gone, making the user sift through visually without visual cues beyond the check box. 2. As I mentioned, there is no obvious way to switch lists. It was great being able to create a Thanksgiving list or Camping list without having to completely change an ongoing weekly list. There is more, but I am short on time. Change is often good, as long as it is serving your customers better. This change does not.

  12. Use this app every week. It’s usually great and organizes our shopping list by aisle. The past two weeks have been awful though. The app times out instead of adding items to the list, and instead of reflecting product location updates in the store, products continue to show in the wrong spot. This double whammy of annoying is ruining our routine. We used to make a list in 10 minutes. Now it’s impossible. I used to navigate the store in 45 minutes, now I’m left hunting down stuff I can’t find.

  13. Bring back the old app features. This is the first review I have ever written, that’s how much I dislike your app changes. Cant clip coupons all at once. Cant delete selected items. Everytime I set foot in store, I no longer can connect to the internet, which in turn makes it so I can’t use my clipped coupons. The only improvement is the search function, I am able to find the products I’m looking for more easily. When the app 1st released, you said these issues would be addressed.. HURRY

  14. The latest upgrade has made it possible to scan my Shoppers Club card on my Galaxy S9. The only disappointing thing about the upgrade is that they don’t have an option to “clip all” for the Wegmans digital coupons, like they have in the past. This makes it very tedious because you have to go through all the coupons, one by one, and clip to save them.

  15. The app is always so slow. And I really miss some of the functions from the older app, like the uncheck all option. This was so helpful because if you use the same list every week, your items were there and ready to be checked off the next time. Now when I open my list the next time I go shopping, almost everything is still checked. The other old function that was extremely useful was when it notified you that you had checked everything off. It is also hard to make and access multiple lists.

  16. This update is terrible. One of my favorite features was the ability to search for a product within your purchases. Can’t remember the exact name? Type in something close, clock my products, and you can find what you bought before! No longer the case. You’d have to search through every receipt. Also missing the “items you may want to buy but are not currently on your list” feature. That was perfect. The app needs some massive updates.

  17. After using the new app for a couple of days (week) I have some issues that I hope you can fix. 1. Slowness – the new app is REALLY slow, my phone has not changed, and the new app is MUCH slower than the old one. It seems that loading large thumbnails is really not helping 2. Dead zone – there seems to be a dead zone to the left the + sign on “my list”. By this, I mean that the app does not seem to respond to screen touches in that region. For example,

  18. Loved the old app, it saved me time with weekly grocery planning and shopping. This new app is terrible, mainly because it is so unresponsive. It takes forever to load old purchases to populate my list. The list will barely scroll, which slows down the shopping trip. All other apps run fine, so I don’t think it’s my phone. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling, but there is no improvement. Wegmans needs to fix this app or go back to the previous version. This is not progress, it is a step back

  19. This new update is terrible. Bloated, slow, and poorly designed. It’s also missing convenient functions like being able to choose from your commonly purchased products. I don’t understand why they would ‘fix’ something that wasn’t broke. It doesn’t scroll correctly, certain areas aren’t selectable, it freezes, terrible. It’s unusable outside of having the list of things to buy. I have to use my computer at home to load items. I feel like I’m using a beta app from 2008.

  20. Used to love this app for my shopping list. It was very helpful at telling you exactly where in the store you could find items. Since it has been updated, it isn’t even usable. It is laggy, buggy, and difficult to use. I understand you want to add features for pickup and delivery, but at least test the app before going live. I don’t even know what to do now because my lists on the old version are almost inaccessible. Hoping for a fix soon!

  21. The app is not well designed and much more difficult to navigate through than before it was “upgraded”. I used to love this app. Now, instead of clipping coupons and immediately scanning at thr register you have to clip the individual coupons. This process takes much longer. Often I will see an item while shopping and not want to take the time to “find and clip” coupons. Even the recipe section does not have the ease-of-use that it used to.

  22. The new version is harder to navigate and very bleached. Labels are also harder to read and there is no longer a clip all function for coupons. Update: the more I use the app, the more I dislike it. It’s slow, it’s missing all the features I liked (eg, clip all, clear list when everything is checked), it’s ugly, the white light background hurts my eyes, and it has a bunch of hoops to jump through to use it. Bring back the old app!

  23. It’s OK but frustrating. 1. Check-boxes are unresponsive. 2. App is painfully slow. 3. Not organized well by aisle, some items are nowhere near their respective spots in the list. 4. Barcode scanning often doesn’t work. 5. If I open other apps and then go back to this one all the checked items are no longer checked. Screws up the shopping experience. Overall it’s good to get an idea of a list but writing a list down on paper is actually faster.

  24. I *hate* the new app! I used to love the app but after a recent update its terrible. I just opened the app and it had erased my list and changed my store! You can also scroll only by putting your finger in just the right place — if your finger is too low on the screen (the bottom third of the screen) it won’t scroll. I also somehow had “shopping notes” on my list, for a product I don’t get, and I couldn’t figure out how to delete it.

  25. The previous version of the app was great. I could search for ‘my items’, empty the list of those items I’ve purchased, but leave those that I didn’t get this trip, clip all coupons, and so much more. With the new version, not only can’t I do any of the above, it freezes so I can’t scroll down my list. What good is it if I can’t access my list in the store? Very disappointed that they would release an app that has this many flaws AND completely abandon the old app that worked great.

  26. I’ve been using this app for a number of years and this latest major update (1/14/2020) is terrible. While the previous version had it’s quirks it was at least usable. This new version has overlapping hit areas, menu items that should be tappable but sometimes aren’t, disappearing icons (notably the hamburger menu), and getting a list to scroll is way more difficult than it should be. The design and layout are much less professional than before. I’m very disappointed.

  27. Terrible update. Takes forever to load. Cannot search accurately. Removed a number of features including clip all coupons and delete selected items from list. Now you have to edit the list and remove each item individually. And there is a confirm prompt for each item. Lower right plus sign used to a number of features. Now it does something completely different. Users shouldn’t have to re learn how to use your app.

  28. The new update got rid of several functions, like the ability to clip all coupons at once. The app is incredibly slow to load. The new lists are slow to scroll. I can no longer save lists. You can create a new saved list but the app doesn’t allow you to add anything to it. These saved lists and ease of coupons were the only thing I used the app for. Now there’s really no need for it. Back to paper lists and notes on my phone.

  29. This updated app is counter-intuitive. The UI is slow and clumsy now. And the removed the best feature, being it informed you when you completed your list and giving you the option to clear it. Now you have to be very sure you got everything because the slow clumsy interface is hard to scroll through, especially when areas “in-store” aren’t in the same order as in-app.

  30. In reading the reviews I’m so very happy to find out it’s not just me who has a hard time with the upgrade. My list freezes constantly. Scrolling is a joke. Who ever thought this was the way to go READ THE REVIEWS and hear what we are all saying and fix it!! Almost to the point of going back to writing out a list and scraping the app altogether.

  31. Loved it before the 2020 update. The new update has made it much more difficult for someone shopping in store to find items. The aisle numbers and departments should be in a different color with a line break. Also missing options from before ex. Delete selected items. You now need to manually delete items. It takes much longer to load and it has many issues with scrolling properly. It’s easier to add multiple of of one item, but that’s the only good change I’ve found so far.

  32. Rich Kohl dice:

    Very disappointed with the new update, I used to have multiple lists one for me and one for my son, now I have to put it into a saved list and when I go to the store I have to select all and add to the current list. Its just dumb. Plus there is no clear selected items from the list anymore, which was handy when I went to the store and did not get everything on the list. I could clear what I did get and leave the other stuff on the list. This design is not user friendly! Update: The more I use this app the worse I think it is. I try to search for items that don’t come up, the interface is unresponsive, it slow, the order of stuff is no longer correct for the store I go to, it show me the beer before the dairy products, it tells me I don’t have an internet connection when I am on the wegmans wifi in the store, this new version is just junk, I wish they would go back to the old version or fix this one and bring back some of the better features that are no longer available! Very frustrating!

  33. I’ve gotten used to using the new, buggy app, and still cannot shop without it. However, the WORST thing lately that has been causing a lot of stress is that it will simply delete things off of my shopping list with no notice. I am guessing Wegmans think they are out of stock, but that is often WRONG and it is there when I shop. Even if it is out ofstock, having it on my list lets me know to go to that aisle and look for a substitute. the only way I know is to look at my changing price total.

  34. They must have had thousands of people clamoring for a slower, less efficient version – and the developers delivered! Now I get in the store and I find that the app takes forever to come up – first telling me that I am NOT connected to the internet, so can’t show the list. Eventually it does find the Wegman’s internet… The old one gave you the option to clear the list when everything is checked, so I knew I had bought everything on the list. The new one doesn’t care what you have checked and in fact doesn’t even tell you when you have everything checked; typically by then you’re at the bottom of the list, but now you have to scroll to the top to get to the point where you can empty the list. Did I mention how slow this is??? I wish I could have the. old version back. Update 2/20/20. Tried to use this in the store today, but it took way too long to even initialize. On a plus note, our bill was smaller than normal…

  35. The new update to this app is TERRIBLE! You can’t clip all the coupons anymore, and when you scroll through the list, everything is listed as “Wegmans…” and you can’t see the name of the item. Every time I open it, it tells me I’m not connected to the internet (even if I’m at home STANDING NEXT TO MY ROUTER with a full wifi connection.) You can’t delete selected items from the shopping list anymore, you have to delete each one separately. Please just bring back the old version!!!

  36. When the app works it is fine. Seems to be generally accurate and has the usual set of features. The bad rating is for the fact that it takes minutes just to pull up the app. You would think that the servers were located on Mars or something. The search results and dietary filters are also very hit and miss. Some stuff in the stores just don’t turn up in the app.

  37. I have loved this app for years, but now with this update, it’s absolutely awful! So hard to switch between your saved shopping lists (was so easy before), scrolling for some reason is ridiculously difficult, especially when trying to scroll in my shopping cart which is extremely frustrating! Wish I could go back to the old app version. Going back to paper and pencil lists would be easier at this point.

  38. Since trying this app after the revamp, I have stopped using it. It was not perfect the last iteration, but somehow they’ve gone and made it immensely worse. Way too many clicks to get a simple task done, a huge lag time to do anything. It’s not intuitive. Simple spelling typos, or if I use a different name for a product than the store does the search yields no results the app is frustrating to use and in particular, the delete, search, coupon functions are some of the worst.

  39. The overhaul of this app has left us with a less functional, more buggy experience. The old app worked really well and some of the best functions have been removed or changed in a way that makes them less user-friendly. The checkboxes are difficult to click, and the ability to delete selected items has been removed. Previously purchased product suggestions are buried in search results – it would be nice to be able to sort by previously purchased. I miss the old app!!

  40. The new app is glitchy and they got rid of a lot of useful features. They’ve managed to make it LESS intuitive. Most importantly to me, they got rid of the “frequently purchased” part. I used that a lot (uh, frequently) for my staples, and scrolling though it would remind me what I needed. Update: after months and months, it’s gotten much worse. It just randomly deletes items from the list, and I don’t realize it until I go to use the thing I was out of. Finally done with it.

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