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We’ve leveled up! The all-new GameStop app was built with you in mind, with a completely new redesigned experience that makes all things shopping for gamers even easier.

Search and Shop

Discover the best products for any gamer and get to know everything about them upfront with ratings and rich details.

PowerUp Rewards

Want to be a Pro? Becoming a PowerUp Rewards Pro member takes you to the highest level of gamer rewards possible! Get 10,000 points upon enrollment and earn 2X points for each dollar spent on every purchase. Pros also receive a ton of other perks like Pro-early access to exclusive events and offers, monthly reward certificates, 10% extra trade-in credit on games, accessories and gear, as well as a subscription to Game Informer. Stockpile and manage your points to use whenever you’d like.

Order Online

Order directly through the app and choose delivery methods that suit you and your schedule. Whether that’s getting things shipped right to your door, picking up your online order in-store, or getting same day delivery on certain products, you choose what works best for you. We’ll keep you informed every step of the way so you can track your orders and view your purchase history.


Sell your electronics and games for cash or credit.


Hey all, we have another one for you! Here are the highlights
• Barcode Scanner - scan your favorite items in store to learn more about them in the app. Happy scanning!
• Gifting just got even easier - now you can choose custom gift card amounts to send to your friends and family for the holiday season!

We're always listening and have more to come! Write to us at [email protected]


40 comentarios en "GameStop MOD 2022"

  1. I had issues with a product online and the upper management took control of the situation to make sure it was resolved. Very unexpected and solid on their end. Other than that, I have issues everytime I want to check out using something other than my direct bank as well as using the rewards I earned. Literally everytime i go to buy and i have to call to have it figured out. The customer service is fairly inconsistent at times. So, a loss of good business for them. Could be doing things better.

  2. So before the recent update it kinda sucked that when you clicked on something you wanted to look at, you could never click on the image and make it bigger or look at other images. It never had that option. Now it does and I’m so glad it does! BUT if I’m scrolling through the games to a certain point, it won’t show me anymore, it will show other games for a split second and then it will go back up to that certain spot.

  3. Cart sometimes has issues refreshing correctly. A “save for later” option would also be nice to have rather than just having to remove something from the cart to checkout with particular items. Additionally, can’t see actual reviews of items, just how many stars they have. Other than that, a solid app for finding games and accessories you are looking for.

  4. Overall great shopping experience! Most things are easily searched and found. My issues are you have the trade-in page buried so badly I don’t ever want to trade anything in. It’s hard to find, it’s not easily searched and clarity on values is bad. The other issue I have is trying to pre order a game there is no clear understanding that the online preorder is no money down and it makes you feel as if you have to pay to pre order through the app. Other than that a stellar app.

  5. Great redesign. The ui is clean, and I love the game informer integration. One point of feedback is for computer sales, it should be easier to view the full specs. I want to see the ram, the speed, the cpu, the graphics card, the hard drive, the whole deal. Other than that I’m enjoying the app.

  6. It seems with each update I as an end user am losing functionality, or it’s much harder to find. Preorders, for instance, are not as easily accessible, and at the time of this review, I don’t actually know where they are. Trade-ins also bounce you out to the site instead of staying in the app, which makes it even harder to get values on. The searching and buying improves, but overall quality for me drops with each update. Hopefully they’ll work toward the best of both worlds.

  7. Overall, a fairly good app, but still way too buggy sometimes. Unable to access the cart temporarily is one of them. It will give an error saying unable to access cart or something like that. The app is still rather clunky, not as fluid, or fast as Walmarts app or Amazon’s for example. But you can still accomplish most of your needs without being impeded too often.

  8. Although I do like the new design, the loading of the games and products now takes way longer, I’m waiting 15-20 min just for a few games, it’s better if you bring back the page feature that loads only a certain amount of games, it was much faster and reliable. I’m only loading in like 6-8 games and the rest are blank. Everything else is perfect, well done, Thank You.

  9. It’s a pretty good app. I would change a couple things just for a more personal experience. I would have a list of pre-order games and when the date would be available for pre-order. More notification settings to notify when a game on your list is a week and/or a couple days from release. A ship to home store option and a quicker option to pull up rewards card for in-store.

  10. I love this app, first I can keep all the games I want have and had together, which means you know what you want when you get to the store. Second it had the library of all the current prices, new vs preowned, which you can then choose to pick up at store if you want. Third it has all the power up rewards right in your phone, which means you can get a coupon in seconds! There’s so many reasons to love this app.

  11. The new app is definitely a leap in the right direction. But there are still many bugs to hash out. 1 reading reviews is intermittent and some times says there are reviews but then shows nothing. 2 the cart fails to load and reverts to home instead. 3 if left sitting for less than a minute it goes back to home screen or the d pad loading screen forcing me to restart the app. But hey it’s again a good start towards a great app.

  12. This app is much improved and very navigable. There are plenty of purchase options available and each is seamless to view the status of and select. This is probably the easiest app to make different kinds of purchases on. I am looking forward to continued diversification of inventory so that I can view and purchase more suggested related add-ons to items I select, like accessories to consoles, sim cards, and the like. Overall 5/5 and still with room to improve.

  13. Love this app. Makes shopping for games, accessories & collectables so much easier than running from store to store or calling them. I would give a five star rating but for the fact that I can’t ever click on or zoom into any pictures of products. And a lot of the descriptions aren’t descriptive enough. They need more specs added in & item release date or year would be fantastic. As for consoles that’s an even more important fact because I would like to know which edition it is I’d be purchasing

  14. jestaFrog dice:

    This used to be a decent app, but since they “leveled up” it’s become very buggy. If I do a lot of searches, it can get stuck on a product page and not let me return to the search. The rewards page doesn’t always load. It often loads blank pages when I tap something. Their website has loads of issues too. When you gonna get decent programming gamestop??! This is why I shop the local store and not online. Their web/app needs lots of work. They’re starting to fix some bugs, so maybe there’s hope.

  15. What the unholy hell. You all the way screwed up the App. It was fine the way it was. Get in, get out, get moving. Now you have to search for everything while waiting for every slow dragging click to load up with the wrong product and description showing. What happened to the trade in section and the digital locker. Sometimes “progress” can hurt you more than help. If it ain’t broke damn it don’t fix it.

  16. App is even worse now. The app was already broken, not showing trade-in credit, but the recent overhaul just made the app a clunky mess. The best part about the original Gamestop app was the simplicity. Home screen to show deals, a page for shopping and a page for trading. It was perfect for quick use. Now that’s gone. It’s basically the website now, except I can’t find reward points redemptions or trade-in values anywhere. It gets 2 stars for a pleasant design.

  17. The app is great, but it has slight flaws. It will sometimes not allow you to hold products when in the past, it has let you do so. I’d also like to see something new come to the app such as the ability to see how long you have to pre-order an item to ensure everyone can have enough time to do so. It will also not accept your log in & sign you out occasionally with no way of getting back in until after a few days of downtime. If those issues can be resolved, then the app will be even better.

  18. Pros-GameStop has consistently been the best price on the items I have bought (hundreds of dollars on electronics). There customers service is AMAZING!!! They answered after one ring and easily took care of my concerns. Cons-the app does not update (avaliablity, order status, shipping) in a reasonable time frame. Been ordering for a year now and things have greatly improved but still have a little work to put in, but these are trying times and the pros far outweigh the cons.

  19. Tomy Mora dice:

    The new update is an extreme let down. I see it’s main process is to sell/buy. But you got rid of the Powerup Card for easy scanning in store, the “I want/have” section is gone and that option was very useful for future purchases, and the new app as a whole is weird to navigate to find what you’re looking for. Please go back to the old format. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

  20. I love how smooth the app runs! The UI is extremely neat, well organized, and incredibly responsive. I would really appreciate being able to click the review stars (total review number here) to redirect me to the reviews for the product. It’d be a great help if you could also add a ‘save,’ ‘liked,’ or ‘favourited’ button. I have to add everything into my cart for later processing. I may not remember all the items to look back to purchase later. Thank-you for reading, & putting so much effort!

  21. The app looks great – but I’ve found it extremely difficult on more than one occasion to choose the option of in-store pickup (had to bounce back and forth between a couple of different pages) and then in addition to that, their databases clearly don’t sync with whatever is connected to their Web (browser) application… As item availability was 90% inaccurate according to the app as opposed to the website. Guest option is a nice quick(ish) way to expedite the shopping process but… Meh

  22. Just updated. Hate the new layout. Cant find the my powerup card info so they scan it right off my phone from the app and the I want list of games I was going to get when I finally could is gone. Had a bunch of old games on it I cant even remember which the point of having it in case I forgot the name of the games. Bunch of other features I liked are gone to. Keeps getting worse. Reloads automatically a second on deals page. Turn the app back to the way it was. Everything was better before.

  23. I’d like it if I could favorite something so I can get to the item quicker, as we are all probably ps5 hunting. However, the app is pretty good even without this feature. I was somewhat annoyed when I couldn’t access it before I realized I need to add it to the list of split tunneling in my vpn settings.

  24. Other apps, take note. This app had a SEPERATE CLAUSE asking if I wanted to be entered in auto-renewal when I purchased the power up rewards pro plan. I had to read through the text, as the box to agree isn’t click-able until you scroll through the text. That kind of transparency and consideration is why I definitely checked that auto-renew box

  25. L.A. St dice:

    Love that I can check trade in values through the app! I do wish I could use my phone’s in house back button (Android/Motorola) but theirs works fine. Just interrupts muscle memory. I’m unable to open up product reviews unsure if written reviews just aren’t a thing and it’s only stars. Loads fast and is responsive. Super stoked to see a phone number for customer service easily found! I didn’t need it but I’ve never spotted one in an app before and like it.

  26. Visually looks really good, but now we can’t see pre-orders, trade-in value, wishlists (my primary use for the app), loading pages takes longer, some pages don’t even load. I still don’t think that this is awful, but it’s impressive how to new layout is WORSE than the old one. The old one was far from perfect, but at least you had everything. If they had just put in the extra effort, this would have been a 4, even 5 star experience. But unfortunately, that’s not what happened. 1 Star for now.

  27. This app has made a dramatic upgrade over the past few months and the amount of inventory is absolutely getting crazy! From my favorite games and accessories to choose from to telescopes and sports memorabilia. Gamestop is moving in the right direction! If the support team reads this, please contemplate adding a save for later or wishlist tab to add products you may be interested in buying later. Too much good stuff and I only get paid once a week!

  28. New design of the app is horrible. 1. If you are a member, you can no longer use your points on the app for coupons, you must go on the website, use the points, then go back to the app (hope the coupon shows up) and then you can use the coupon on the app. 2. There is no way to check my preorders on the app 3. Just browsing is now much more complicated than it used to be and makes the app almost pointless (P.S. if any of the above is possible, I wouldnt know since the help desk doesnt respond)

  29. The latest redesign of the app is quite clean and modern. Navigation is simple and shopping for the great selection of products is a wonderful experience. The rewards program is integrated easily and everything is displayed beautifully. Definitely will be my go-to for years to come!

  30. C dice:

    Most aspects of the app work fine, but the categories are very unintuitive and certain things are clunky or slow. The ability to track your Pro Rewards is very convenient and I have used the app to place more than a couple orders LOL All of my orders have arrived on time and pretty quickly, and that’s always positive.

  31. First time using the app and it was flawless. by comparison, I just resigned up for netflix and the process on the app was brutal. Tons of errors and loading times and I even gave up once before trying again a few days later. This was very pleasant and I’m not even talking about the deal of the day and free shipping which were even better!

  32. Smooth transactions and intuitive filter system for sorting through products. I’m excited to see the ever-expanding line of products grow so rapidly! It would be nice if there were an easy way to integrate two things: – Live chat for support within the app – A waiting list/tracker system to sign up whenever a desired product returns to stock I like the company, and I like the stock!

  33. The old app was amazing. Super easy to use. List of your promotions available and what you could trade your points in for. List of your wish list. It was very personal and now you can’t find anything on it. It tells you you have an active deal but won’t let you click on it to find out what it is. The old layout was super easy and helpful. This new layout is way too confusing and honestly just not worth the space or time.

  34. Needs a little work. It took me about 8 attempts to add a credit card and checkout. The location based store selection was very buggy and I had to enter my address. Autofill from google account to the credit card information, address, and phone number were causing issues. I hope devs can debug this. Otherwise I am very happy with my experience and I am happy to support Gamestop!

  35. The app needed an upgrade but at least the old version had somewhat coherent useability. The upgrade goes to show they didn’t consult any of their audience on their decisions and overall has made the experience more cumbersome than ever. Good design doesn’t = good app. Not to mention you totally ripped the features that people used the most out of the app. Go back to the drawing board, hirer a proper UX designer and actually do some user research.

  36. I personally like the new look but the new has app lost almost all of the functionality that I used from checking on my pre-orders, quickly using rewards points to get a coupon on my phone, and looking up trade in values to name a few. Now it is just a glorified store page with little functionality and no ability to manage one’s membership account.

  37. Tim Scott dice:

    Checkout was terrible it was impossible to use my gamestop credit card for payment. I kept getting an error for billing address. I keyed my address like 4 or 5 different ways and still no progress. It’s almost as if they want you to purchase items online with a different retailer. Samething with the the actually website as well. As a business you need to get it together.

  38. Broken to useless? This app was great at one point in time, but then became okay as it seemed to have lost support in being relevant and giving you access like the website or even the store could. The stores even started pressuring to redeem for you. Now the redesign looks nice, but does nothing. I can’t check-in anymore, and I don’t get what my points can be used for because all the relevant options are gone. We need another update.

  39. The update have improved things some. Bugs like not be able to to go back sometimes it’s the apps back button sometimes its works on Android back button. Only thing needed now is a way to see all preorder items available by console. I collect for the Switch and Xbox so to see everything available in list helps me out a lot. If updates still come will upgrade score to 5 stars.

  40. App includes hundreds of out of stock items that you can only sometimes filter out. Extensive delays on doing anything. Trying to use PayPal, go through their verification process and it says I have been signed out for too long and it needs to start over. Switched to the website and no issues at all. App is just a waste of space in its current state.

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