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The My H-E-B app is here to make shopping online and in the store even easier. No matter how you shop, the My H-E-B app offers new ways to save time and money.

– Order groceries and more for easy curbside pickup
– Get delivery right to your door, even same-day
– Plan your meals and your trip with our shopping lists
– Quickly find where items are located in your store
– Easily view and reorder from your past orders

– Clip digital coupons personalized for you
– Redeem digital coupons online or in store
– Browse our weekly ad and find new ways to save
– Shop our everyday low prices
– Pay with your SNAP EBT card for pickup and delivery

– Explore our sprawling selection of fresh food and unique products
– Shop our curated selections to make meal planning a cinch
– Scan barcodes at home to quickly find items online

Download the My H-E-B app today to shop and save at Texas’ favorite grocery store.

The story of H‑E‑B begins more than 100 years ago in a small, family‑owned store in the Texas Hill Country. Today, H‑E‑B serves families all over Texas and Mexico in 155 communities with more than 400 stores and over 120,000 employees.

Our commitment to excellence has made us one of the nation’s largest independently owned food retailers. Yet our success hasn’t changed our commitment to exceptional service, low prices, and friendly shopping.


We've fixed a few bugs and made some enhancements to better serve Texans.


40 comentarios en "My H-E-B MODDED"

  1. Overall great app! Love that it shows the cost per count and recipes for the ingredient. Search feature is simple to use, but some handmade items don’t seem to come up even though the item is in the store. Would like a feature to delete items while in “order placed” status; the same way you can add an item while in that stage. Shopping list and recipe feature is convenient. Push notifications don’t come up when order is ready and no option to adjust communication settings.

  2. Julie dice:

    Normally, this would be 5 stars. But ever since the last app update, the shopping list has been acting strange. Checking an item off the list made the whole list jump to the bottom where the checked items were. Now, the checked items are no longer at the bottom of the list- all the unchecked and checked items are mixed together, so you have to scroll through everything. Very frustrating.

  3. Normally this is a great app but lately the shopping list has been a nightmare! The unchecked items don’t go straight to the top, requiring me to scroll through my entire list while at the store to make sure I didn’t miss anything. Some items won’t even show a description or picture, it’s just a blank item with a random number. Some products are showing unavailable yet they are in the store. Please fix this!

  4. I love HEB and the app was amazing. It used to make it super simple to keep the items you buy each month on the list and unchecked them as you need them. Now the list is messed up and the checked items no longer sort to the bottom of the list, makes it very frustrating. Would be great if that could be fixed back to the way it was.

  5. The choice to change the functionality so that items which are crossed off the list show up in the main section with other items was very ill-conceived. It was much better before when items that had been checked off appeared at the very bottom of the list. It’s so tough to shop with the shopping list now having to scroll through hundreds of items I no longer need.

  6. Thomas M dice:

    I like HEB and I like curbside (90% of the time) and think it’s a great feature, especially since there’s no fee if you order in advance. But I’m giving 1 star because the system is flawed currently. Twice now I’ve shown up for curbside and waited 30+ minutes before resending the text to let them know I’m here. Idk what happens, but it seems like there’s a chance that they just don’t recieve the notification. One time I waited in a spot and three people next to me came and went while I waited

  7. Recent updates to the app have made some features worse than before. Lists now don’t sort to have checked items at the bottom, requiring scrolling through the entire list and potentially missing something. Items that I see in store when I’m there show as “unavailable”. These aren’t seasonal or hard to get items, but things like oat Milk or heavy cream. I’d also like to see the recipes added back to the app. I don’t like having to keep a browser version bookmarked on my phone.

  8. UPDATE I almost never experience previous issue anymore. Though I wish I could access my recipe box from the app or have notes visible. Sometimes when I shop you’re out of the item I added to my list and can’t remember how much I need. I recently switched from an iPhone to an Android and the android version of this app is awful. Yesterday some coupons didn’t work at the store even though I had it right, items won’t delete from the list, and I have random numbers added to my list as items.

  9. What happened to the functionality in the shopping list??? I’m echoing what others have said, but it’s essentially useless since it cannot filter between checked and unchecked items. I love HEB but between the laggy performance and now this, I’m going to have to stop using this app. Please update this soon as it’s super helpful when shopping. Thanks!

  10. Love the barcode scanner to add items to my cart! It does sometimes glitch when I add items from one of my lists, and I’ve found a few items where you can only buy a large package of it rather than single items like you can in the store. But still saving time using curbside rather than going into the store!

  11. Edit: I can see the functionality to delete from list. But lost the ability to sort by Checked vs Unchecked items.? What’s going on? Shopping list needs vast improvement. Cannot delete items. Too much text makes it hard to read. Need ability to delete wish list. Need ability to 1. Have a default list 2. add items to the default list or the cart from the item level. Idk what the star means. 3. Move select items from list to cart and vice versa.

  12. I like it, but some stuff doesn’t show as available that I know is in the store. Doesn’t always give you ad deals. Sometimes, it allows you to place an order knowing you can’t get the items until the next day and doesn’t apply the coupons because the coupons ended the day you placed the order. I really feel like I should have been warned at checkout for things like that. Otherwise, the coupon should be honored since I’m making and paying for the order when it’s still available.

  13. Terrible app. It’s highly confusing and difficult to use on the last update. I gave up on the app because you have to pull it across the screen unless you click view all. If I’m in the coupon section, isnt my plan to view all. I’d rather see a listing of departments in that area and click on the department I want to see what coupons are available instead of a pull across

  14. Adam O dice:

    I love the app. 5$ deliveries is so nice. Obviously tip too. I hate going to the grocery store because I end up buying more than I need. This also makes the coupons easier to use rather than looking for the yellow tags in the store, you simply just click on it and it shows you which items to select for it. So convenient, highly recommended

  15. IKS dice:

    Works fine most of the time, but you shouldn’t need to hit so many buttons for checkout. Too often it leads to orders not being placed because the UI makes it seem like it’s going to be placed but there’s actually another page because heb wants to get you to potentially buy something else before you confirm. Very frustrating.

  16. Rebekah R dice:

    I love it. It makes it things easy. If wanna have a list before I go or if I need to just order and pick up somethings for dinner at on the way home. However its a 4/5 cause if they forget something but still charge you it’s impossible to say on the app and you have to call and go in to deal with it if you want your money back for the lost item.

  17. Been having issues with the coupons taking at the store lately. It’s the correct product size and type but it won’t take at the register. This has happened multiple times and I’m losing out on savings. Do I need to wait a certain amount of time for the coupons to take effect on my account or what? The cashier has had to manually put it in multiple times if they noticed somethings off. 10/12/22 coupons still won’t take even when they’re recently released…come on, some1 look in this tech error.

  18. The app is great, and allows you to make your own list. The app could allow Siri/Alexa to use list. Great that list items are sorted by location, but NOT all. Chicken Fajitas shows as General Item, not meat market. The ability to switch HEB, order, pay, and deliver for a loved on other side of state is GREAT. If store doesnt have coupons, or you don’t want to carry them around, you can add them on app, and have it scanned all at once at register. Great app 100%-lets shoot for 120%!

  19. T MA dice:

    I don’t use the app to purchase products, only to locate them in the store. I use it nearly everytime I visit my store if I’m trying to find which aisle something is in, and has been very helpful when updated. However the app is a bit slow, and it’s difficult and slow to change your home store if you find yourself in a different store, and it keeps logging me out. The search feature is very intutitive.

  20. The latest update ruined the shopping experience. I used shopping lists in the app, but now all I get is a warning “we had trouble loading your shopping list.” Try adding things to your shopping list? “Sorry, try adding again.” Try removing from your shopping list? “Sorry, try again.” I took myself off wifi. Same issues on data. I uninstalled and reinstalled. Same issues. So frustrating! Now I need to go make a hard copy list hoping that I don’t forget something that was on my shopping list.

  21. It’s definitely the best grocery app I’ve used and the service is superb. I’m particularly impressed with how they have coped with the pandemic. I do wish there were more ways to search, if they would suggest alternatives or other similar/complementary products, better descriptions of products, and a way to easily indicate what substitutions are ok. Finally- please find an eco way to do this. I’d totally do an exchange program of reusable bags instead of wasting so many plastic bags.

  22. The app seems to be more stable than the old one, and I don’t have to log in every time. However, the weekly ad is very slow to load, as it defaults to page view and getting it to item view is unintuitive. I also cannot find a way to view what other stores carry an item if my store doesn’t have it. That feature being missing is a big issue as it was very easy to do on the old app and it made planning my trips a lot easier when I needed special ingredients.

  23. I do not like the new setup of the Shopping List. Prior to the update, shopping was much easier when my list of items were in order by area and Aisle. Now I have to scroll to find the next aisle. Futhernore, my HEB has a new layout. This change is certainly disappointing. Also, when adding items to list takes longer. Please change it back! Thank you

  24. HEB is an awesome Texan company, and the app is a very useful way to efficiently shop for groceries. The “sort list by store aisle” option is just awesome. Our family uses it to coordinate shopping trips so everybody gets what they need. I just wish they could make a few tweaks to the functionality for shopping list management, since we use a “static” shopping list (i.e., the same list for every shopping trip). Specifically, it would make the app so much easier to use if the options to “Delete All Items On List” and “Delete All Checked Items” were added. There isn’t a way to easily do a “clean sweep” of the list and remove every item, without deleting the entire list, which we don’t want to do since we re-use the same list. Also, sometimes, we might make a trip to the store and not find everything, leaving some items unchecked for the next trip. Being able to remove or delete only the checked items from the list helps keep it from getting cluttered with junk we’ve already gotten. Adding these two options to list management would, in my opinion, make it absolutely perfect. Thanks HEB!

  25. The addition of sorting by aisles is a step in the right direction. But. the new version is still far from functional for use when shopping in the store. Two features the old version had, which this one does not. When an item is checked off it automatically dropped to the bottom of the list, leaving the next unchecked item at the top. This eliminated having to constantly scroll the list. Also missing is the ability to uncheck every item without having to uncheck them individually.

  26. This app crashes constantly and makes me re-do my entire list almost every single time I create it. It also has an error that empties cart when I go to place my order. The lists function is a great idea,but I cannot figure out how to select only a few of those ingredients vs the entire list each time. It’s so frustrating and wastes 45 min if my time when I have to constantly edit the list. I am giving it 3 stars because it’s better than the previous app…

  27. Debi Tadd dice:

    I love using this app for curbside pickup. Its easy and most of the time trouble free. Lately though if I choose add ons for an existing order, I can’t remove them from the cart. I accidentally chose two items that were the same, but different brands. I clicked on the garbage can for one of them, but it didn’t remove it. I have to cancel the entire (add on) order and start over.

  28. My experience has been good overall. The only suggestions I have is that I would appreciate an option to Save your Favorite items that’s quickly accessible, NOT a shopping list. Also, maybe having the system be able to say, “this item is out of stock” before trying to add it to your basket. And lastly, having a section that says/shows a similar option if your product of choice isn’t available. 🤷‍♀️ Just a few suggestions.

  29. The app is pretty good, I just had an issue with the searching and the results it yields. For example, searching for frozen fruit also gives results for frozen veggies, pies, ice cream, and breakfast items. The sort and filt option does little to remove items that are not frozen fruit. This seems wide spread with the search function. Otherwise, this is a good app.

  30. Sometimes I like this app, sometimes I don’t. For instance, a coupon doesn’t appear if you try to later add on that specific item after your order has been placed, it has to be on your original order. And if you add an item with a coupon, delete it because you want to choose something different, you can no longer apply the coupon to the new item. Like it’s stuck. So frustrating. Bummer because that’s what I love about HEB, the great prices and awesome coupons.

  31. I love this app! It’s really great to simply type something in the search field and know right away if the store has it or not, rather than walking up and down aisles searching. If the item is out of stock you can select if its ok to replace it with a similar item or not. You can shop by coupons, weekly deals, product category, and more. When looking at items it lists the price and weight with in a clear font so it’s really easy to see what items are the best priced or whatever your goal is.

  32. Easy and Quick I love using the app to shop curbside and delivery. It has made meal planning a breeze for our family. Clipping coupons and comparing prices has never been easier. No roaming the aisles for that one elusive thing. You can just search it up. The scan feature is also great for shopping your fridge or pantry for item you need to restock. I know they supposedly increase the price of the items, but it’s is fair especially to avoid having to go into the store during this pandemic.

  33. Easy to use and organized. I like that the shopping list includes aisles and that you can see prices when picking products. It also lets you if a product has a coupon, which is great. Feels more polished than the last app. I do wish the list was sortable in a way that makes navigating the store easier; left to right or right to left. Also wish that it would remember my frequent/weekly purchases and store those somewhere so I don’t have to search them every week.

  34. Moving outside city limits means I need to budget my time spent shopping. I like using online shopping apps for order pick ups, especially if I know what I need. The HEB app has a lot of great features – shopping by department, clipping coupons. But what it really needs is FAVORITES! If I have to search for the items I want on the app, then it’s not convenient. I end up using Wal Mart because my favorites make routine shopping much quicker. And that’s the reason for the 2 stars. The app needs to be quicker, especially if I’m paying for curbside pick up now.

  35. Since the update today, the app hardly works at all. It freezes up when I try to search for an item. I also can’t look at the items I had in my cart. I hope they fix it quickly so I can order my groceries for curbside pickup. I normally like the app and love curbside pickup! Update, it has been working most of the time recently. It does still freeze up at times though. Update 8/17/2020 the app is working well again so changed from 1 to 5 stars!

  36. Extremely good, but one big flaw: you cannot send ONLY checked items on the shopping list, to the cart.

    It is too difficult to access the list itself, and get rid of the stupid wish list. This is in Android; nobody is using the phone, but you. Put the list on the bottom line options.

    Otherwise, this is an extremely intuitive app that I adore.. and it takes EBT online!

  37. The previous version of the app was far more useful. It showed most of the store’s stock, as well as allowing me to search for my desired item in nearby HEBs. This version is crippled to the point of uselessness. Kindly revert to the previous known good version. Things are hard enough. We can’t go from HEB to HEB hoping to find what we need.

  38. Update: Thanks! The troubleshooting you suggested worked!! I guess some remnant from the old app was causing an issue since I didn’t have problems with any other downloads. Idk, but it worked! Once I test out the app and once the “list” feature goes active, I will update my review again. Great & helpful service from the developer team! Won’t download!! I deleted the old app so that I could install the new one. It won’t even begin to download. So now…I have nothing!!

  39. I was a little confused yesterday when using the app; I thought for sure, as with other curbside apps (e.g., Target’s app), that once you loaded up the current order, there would be an action button of some kind announcing you were there and what parking slot number you were at with what type of car you’re driving. After a little frustration trying to find such a button, I looked up and saw on the parking sign that you have to text the parking slot number. Why? Why should one have to go into another function of the phone (i.e., texting) outside of the app?? Wouldn’t having the functionality inside the app do a better job of tying in the order, the person making the order, and so forth? As it is, someone from your staff has to come out twice – once to confirm identity (which would be virtually eliminated with the order pickup embedded in the app), and the second time to bring out the groceries. This is pretty inefficient to me, and confusing and inconvenient not to have it already in the app. If you also want to offer the option of texting, that’s fine, but even if someone doesn’t have the app, you could also build in the “I’m here” button into the website, if for some reason someone prefers to use a web browser for the whole ordering process (based on a logged-in account). By the way, you have a typo for “Android” in the “type of phone” dropdown in the Contact Us form, which didn’t work, so that’s why I’m writing here.

  40. Great app, it’s pretty easy to find whatever you want. Being able to use this to mobile order pickup or delivery whenever the needs call for it is a great time saver when you’re in a crunch or just trying to have a more relaxing weekend but you still need some groceries. The coupons are awesome as well, you can easily find your needed items to complete the coupons. Payment is a sinch, and you can even add items to your order before you pick it up/get it delivered.

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