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Whether you’re a Pro or a have a DIY project on your mind, you can search and shop thousands of products like kitchen appliances, paint, lumber, tools, outdoor power equipment, grills, outdoor furniture, flooring and more— anytime when you’re on the go. We’ve also included larger, zoomable images and 360° spins so you can see every last detail.


We have clearly marked aisle and bay information right on the list page, so you know right where to go when you’re in a store. Plus, check the “in-stock” box to only view items that are available for pick up. If it’s not there, no problem. Check other stores with just a tap.


Locate the store that’s nearest to you along with the phone number, address, directions and drive time estimates. Then, select your choice to get accurate inventory, product locations and pricing*.

*Remember to allow location services to get the most optimized experience possible.


We’ve always got great deals. Check the weekly ad for your selected Lowe’s store right on your phone. View the flyer page by page or by department, it’s that easy.


Read what others are saying. See reviews and star ratings for thousands of products. Plus, you can write your own reviews and upload images right in the Lowe’s app.


Before you buy, make sure a product is right for you. Ask questions and get answers directly from manufacturers or previous customers. You can also browse questions or answer ones for others.


Add any product to your Saved Items List and never forget what you need again. Tap the heart on any product page, scan a barcode in the store, or add notes to your list—no sign in required.


Access your Saved List or mylowes card from a custom widget to shop and checkout without having to open the app.


We make paper receipts a thing of the past. Search order history for specific items you’ve purchased and access entire transactions right on your phone.


Add your virtual mylowes card to your digital wallet and find your closest Lowe’s store. Keep track of your Saved List or start a new one by staying, “Hey Google, start a Saved List.”


For your added security, we have enabled optional Multi-factor authentication. To enable please visit Lowes.com.

Introducing Lowe’s MVPs Pro Rewards & Partnership Program!


40 comentarios en "Lowe’s MODDED"

  1. The app works great everywhere except inside my local store. There is no cell reception inside so you have to connect to the store wifi. That’s easy enough, but then the app logs me out and won’t let me log in to see items I had placed in my cart or shopping list. Other websites work fine. I have to go back outside, turn off wifi, and everything works again. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling but that didn’t change anything.

  2. Ken Rholl dice:

    Lots of errors. Fails to list orders. Locator fails frequently. When locator works it’s cool. Search full of errors in results. Misses relevant items and brings up lots of trash. Nice try but back to the drawing board. Still failing to locate items oddly enough when in attire and on store Wi-Fi. Works at home on home Wi-Fi. Go figure.

  3. Jake L dice:

    Really want this app to work right. It is so handy and I use it daily. And really like the pro MVP addition. Cons: At least twice a week I get an “internal service error” when trying to select departments usually at a time like now when I am putting together lists for jobs and can’t use the app. It forces you to do an update very frequently, though never increases speed. Also a few updates so they removed the home screen widgets function for your saved lists.

  4. I’m a Lowe’s guy thru and thru. However, I’ve been very frustrated that when you go to your order/purchase history and then want to look at the details an error message pops up saying something went wrong retry later. Well, I’ve been “retrying” for like 6 months. And in that like 6 months there have been multiple updates to the app and yet still something goes wrong when trying to look at the details of past purchases. I’m sure I’m not the only person to mention this…so how about fixing it!!

  5. I want this app to work, but it doesn’t. For a company the size of Lowe’s, it’s really disappointing. Too often it directs to a browser, or pages dont load, it changes my store on it own, etc. There are so many annoying things about it, but there is no choice but to use it. Lame. At least they finally added Lowe’s card integration, so two stars.

  6. Lots of Bugs. Placing an order is difficult. The field for number of items to add to cart shows only one digit, so if you order more than 9, you can’t see it. App keeps telling me I don’t have a connection when I do. App won’t let me order the item when the app shows the item is in stock. App takes the order, then the store calls to tell me they don’t have it in stock. When placing an order, app shows submission failed, but the amount appears on my Lowe’s credit card!

  7. R C dice:

    I see you apparently have added multifactor aurhentication to rate your app, etc. So I guess you know who posted something. Anyway, the app still stinks in my book. I believe I’ve already posted this years before, but here goes. There is no option to change the store you want to shop before going there or to order for in-store pick-up after purchase. You can add a store, but then there’s no way to pick it. Some item may indicate unavailable at your “Home Store”, so your search ends there.

  8. Tony B dice:

    Decent but lacking key features and has some inaccurate product info. There’s no option for Shipping products to store or to home, that is a Major deficiency. And, I’ve found items that are special order only, which the app incorrectly lists as Unavailable and Out Of Stock, which is Extremely bad and is likely causing Lowe’s to lose a large amount profits from customers who see Unavailable and go to different stores to find those items.

  9. J Snyder dice:

    Would be 5 stars. I love the layout. Ans location markers for the stores.. But I had to shrink the font on my phone to tell how many items I’m selecting if more than 10. I could only see 1 digit in the item number box. (On galaxy s9.) Until I figured that out I wasn’t able to use. Due to the fact I couldn’t tell if I had accidentally selected an item twice and had too many in the cart.

  10. This used to be a great app. My list feature was very useful. Now the my list dos not work. You can put things on the list, the app confirms this but when you open the list the app says there is nothing there and tells you to start a list. Just like all things that work good in the begining, people fiddle with them and break them.

  11. All Pending Pickup Orders say “Uh oh… Something happened!” when I click on View Order Details. I can’t ever see any details. I ordered 2 items that showed immediately available for pickup. When I went to pick them up, they weren’t in stock. I never received any notification or email stating that they weren’t available. The reason I purchased them there is because they were marked available.

  12. App does not load beyond the splash screen. It stops with a dialog box saying “Uh oh. Something went wrong” and pointlessly asks to restart. I was hoping the app would be better than their website, which is laden with excessive Javascript and is painfully slow on mobile. Pretty clear message that the mobile user experience is not important to these guys at all.

  13. Buggy and inconsistent. Push notifications never take you to the advertised location but rather to whatever the app version of 404 error is. Prices display sometimes and others they disappear completely from the app. Orders, carts, etc. have worked well for me, but the above mentioned issues are frustrating (especially the price display bug – why advertise specials if you cannot see if it’s actually a deal and force me to open a private browsing tab to see the price?).

  14. I’m forced to use Lowe’s, but as a UX designer, it’s painful to interact with it. All i want to do is fix it so I can find and buy what I need in a reasonable amount of time with as little hassle as possible. From a functionality standpoint this app is poorly organized and doesn’t fit my screen dimensions so buttons and text are pushed off the viewable field. Clicking on anything related to my account or past orders throws bizarre errors. Send help Lol

  15. DV Phil dice:

    It’s a great app. Ordering on this App allows you to shop all of the Lowe’s locationss and have your purchase brought to your local store. If you able to shop the entire store, the items listed show the exact aisle, and bay location of the item you are looking for. You can have it waiting for you at Customer Service. Or they will bring it right to your vehicle. NO ADS, unless you click on the weekly flyer looking at the current sales. No solicitation, no pop ups.

  16. I’m not sure what happened but my purchase history has disappeared. There’s only 1 of them left & I’m at Lowe’s like once a week lately. I tried to manually add a receipt but it didn’t get beyond the phone # & didn’t save the receipt. My My Lowe’s account is linked with the app & has been for over a couple years now. Other than that I like the app to shop before going to the store, scanning prices in-store, & finding item locations in-store. I also use it to create lists for different projects.

  17. Sometimes slow to provide search results. Ordering online for delivery — not shipment to home — has a steep learning curve. Thank goodness for real people in customer service that are willing to help! The app could be so much better if it were faster and didn’t have to interact with what I suspect is an antiquated inventory system operating in the background.

  18. I have no idea what’s going on but this app is incredibly bad glitchy isn’t even the word for it. Local store says it’s open when it’s closed, app freezes and then reboots, after you look at one or two items prices seem to disappear on all other items. you have to close the app and go back in for prices to show up again. Once you find an item and you’re scrolling through pictures the app freezes and then goes back. after 40 minutes I was able to make my purchase. Not doing that again. I’m done.

  19. I have used this app for years. It was a great way to find something in store, check stock, etc. It’s ok that 50% of the time the products aren’t where the app says they are. I even put up with it automatically connecting my phone to your unsecured WiFi in store. However, now I continuously get “uh oh something happened” during every search and most taps in the app. I can rectify this by signing out and back in but I have to do it every time I open the app or it doesn’t work. Forget it

  20. Seems fairly easy to navigate thru. Clean and not all jumbled up with constant aggravating windows popping up every 5 seconds. I do not like the ads that Lowes has on Google saying they have this or that “at the store” and when you drive to the store then find out they never had it in the first place, it really pisses you off. But I don’t know if that has to do with clickbait to download the app or whatever, but the actual app is good .

  21. Now I can’t look at anything that is a Best Seller or Trending Now. It goes right to a blank screen with it saying “Oops! Something went wrong”. But all the other products, I can view their description pricing and if I want to buy it now. Very frustrating and inconvenient that I can’t see the price of the different lengths of a 4×4 pressure treated lumber. Would like to know before I go to the store and not waist a trip or gas!

  22. Great products and very reasonable prices, I love the store. This though…. I can only order some items delivered while others must be picked up. It’s confusing, outdated system that us only geared to take advantage of the customer, but I digress. The app doesn’t seem to update when adding to cart. Quanities seem almost just made up, because when you actually buy something, the surprise comes, not in stock or can’t be delivered kr my favorite, will charge $79..

  23. Buggy, and navigation is frustrating. One, I’d like to browse the clearance section without having to make a trip to the physical store. And no, your nearly impossible to find section does not show almost any of it. Two, it’s a nightmare to compare store inventory and pricing. I’m juggling two browser tabs and the app and plugging in zip codes and manually changing my store in order to see if they have what I want in stock.

  24. For the past 7 months, I’ve been overseeing a major renovation of our house. I’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars at Lowes and have been dutifully entering the receipt information into the app in order to be able to have a digital visualization and receipt of my purchases. With this update that I installed today (03/08/2022), all of my receipt information is gone. The only purchase that shows is an online purchase from 2018. I’m very disappointed in the loss of the digital receipts.

  25. What is going on with this app?? It used to be a reliable tool for planning and shopping, but now nothing works. I have to select my location for each individual item I view, all my lists are gone, I can’t refine searches, I can’t check local inventory, I can’t place an order or schedule pick up. I spent all winter planning a number of home improvements for the spring and now everything is lost. If I’ve got start planning from scratch again, I may as well try Home Depot’s app.

  26. Update 24Mar2022: Since the most recent update of the app, the sort and filter feature doesn’t appear to work anymore. The app is still functional, but is too cumbersome to be worthwhile. This app is great for finding what I need and making my shopping list for my trip to the store. The only issue I’ve found so far is that the location of the item in the app doesn’t always match the store.

  27. This update is not functional on my phone. Some have said reinstalling solves issues. Not for me. I can’t get past the location screen. ‘Internal service error’. My initial attempt at logging in failed as well. After clearing cache, rebooting, uninstalling, rebooting, reinstalling and rebooting yet again (with some hope that it would make a difference) attempts to log in or choose location still fail. Note to self… READ REVIEWS BEFORE UPDATING. Please fix this.

  28. Overall average. Needs updated! can help locate or price compare items. Seems like it crashes alot even tells me my phone might be in air plane mode to check setting that there is no connection. Also, can’t seem to use military discount with the app has to be at the website. Had to put it in desktop view in order for it to work for me. Also, often see there is items in stock but when I go there alot of times the item doesn’t seem to exist anywhere or is misplaced.

  29. Worked perfectly until last update, like others have previously posted. Now I am stuck on the Lowe’s blue screen and nothing else. I can’t even get to a home store page anymore. I’m on android and have noticed a lot of major functionality issues as of lately. I tried a reinstall of the application and it is doing the same thing. Uninstalling permanently until reviews state otherwise.

  30. Jason B dice:

    The only time I use this app is when I go to the store and need to find which aisle something is on. Almost every single time, the app refuses to let me use it until I update it. Of course there is hardly any connection while inside the store, making updating virtually impossible. You need to make the app usable even if we don’t have the latest version. Until then, I can just use your orange competitor instead.

  31. I used to love this app before the recent update, specifically the quick list feature. Instead of making one-click to add an item to the quick app list, it’s now three clicks! I’m really disappointed & hoping the quick list feature can be fixed. Most people just need a single list. Also the items I previously saved into the app quick list got deleted!

  32. Everytime the app is updated the search returns less and less results. They have lost record of ALL of my in store purchases and my account continues to have issues with login. Have you ever heard of IF IT ISN’T BROKE DON’T FIX IT. I’m standing in front of product and entered the number and the app says it doesn’t exist. Yet the shelf is full.

  33. Not impressed. I get better results with a basic Google search. Can’t find the products needed although they are in my local store. Filter doesn’t work and I get random products that are far from related to what I’m looking for. Haven’t had the app a week and had to do two updates already. Fortunately most of what I needed wasn’t urgent so I just ordered it elsewhere to be shipped to me. Will be uninstalling. *Update. Drove nearly an hour pulled up the app and my list & cart is empty. Thanks!

  34. Tee M. dice:

    Frustrating app. I have tried for the last 4 months to pull my receipts up for refunds or whatever else I need them for. When I do, I continuously get an error note and can’t view anything. I’ve let the stores know on numerous occasions, I’ve called, I’ve deleted and reinstalled the app several times as well as clearing the data and cache. Nothing has worked. The point of my getting the app to begin with was to track my purchases and that is not an option.

  35. I’m not too sure where to start. It works…okay…sort of. If I’m in the app and I lock the phone (to turn the display off and reduce battery consumption), the app takes a little while to get working again if I unlock the phone to use the app. This has been a problem for a while now, so perhaps this is not something the devs are aware of. There’s too many devices carrying various versions of Android, so there may not be a way to fix it. I can’t stand UI changes for the sake of making a change to keep a paycheck. Leave it alone for a while. It was fine before the most recent UI change as minor as it was. The constant update nag screen is more annoying than fingernails on a chalkboard. Just leave it alone for more than a couple days or a week. It’s bad when I go back to the store and the app is already wanting an update after I was just in there using the app a couple days prior. Locations for some product are not showing the correct location because the home location hasn’t been changed. It should be easier to report changes to home locations than it is. The app also doesn’t report the correct opening/closing times for stores. Something that devs should think about (with communication with Corporate) is when the store closes early due to weather or other event and report that to the app. Our world is becoming more dependent on mobile apps. While Lowe’s effort is to be applauded, I believe with their technology (which is constantly changing) is good enough for it to keep connected with their customers.

  36. App is just okay. You guys made it harder to toggle the available in store option for no reason at all. The lists are annoying because it seems like you can only make one of them by ‘hearting’ the product. I am doing different projects and everything is all lumped together. Also the most recent update got rid of everything in the list. Also the shopping cart is broken. It does not load and the app crashes. Overall just a bad experience right now. The competitor has a better app and better price

  37. The app constantly crashes. You can’t access any previous orders. It just says to retry later. The search function rarely works correctly so you have to go to the department and filter through everything to find what you want. I’ve had the app change my shipping address and change the store that I chose to pick up items at, despite verifying locations multiple times. It is possibly the worst app that I’ve ever used. Store inventory also rarely matches what the app shows.

  38. Eee Jay dice:

    This app for me has been intermittently working for some time now. It would work well, I take on an update and it would fail. This has been going on for me about 2 years. After a few months of browsing the Lowe’s web page, I decided this morning to update the up and it’s working great! Did you place a new set of developers on it? Whatever you did, leave it alone unless future updates can pass rigorous testing before release.

  39. The app in general is pretty good but I have an issue with the paint visualizer. When you view a paint color one option it offers is to buy a sample. When you click on that link it should, in my opion, take you directly to that color sample but it doesn’t. Instead you have to scroll through hundreds(or so it seems)of colors to find the color you want to purchase. Frustrating and very time consuming, grrr…

  40. Works fine to search for items. However, it will not let you submit orders. Keeps getting an error, and prompts you to tap “reload” but it just keeps looping back to the error message. So I have to go to the website and submit my order, which defeats the purpose of having the app. Also, aisle locations almost never match to where the app tells you something should be.

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