Walmart Shopping & Grocery MODDED 2022


Easy shopping, plus grocery delivery or curbside pickup.
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New features you’ll love:

Get what you want, when you want it

Shop online to order fresh groceries, household essentials, and more for pickup or delivery from your local store, plus millions of items available with free shipping.*

*Delivery fees, restrictions, and minimum purchase may apply.

One search for everything

Find items at your local store and at the same time, plus you can easily filter products and set your preference based on how you’d like to receive your order.

Easy checkout

One cart, checkout, and order minimum make it a breeze to get all the items on your shopping list, while saving time and money.

Real-time updates

We’ll send order notifications straight to your phone, and you can quickly track your grocery delivery order status any time from the homepage.

Even more ways our app helps you shop smarter:

• Quickly reorder routine items and schedule your curbside pickup or delivery with the tap of a button.
• Check in when your pickup order is ready and we’ll bring it out to you!
• Use the barcode scanner to quickly check prices and add items to your shopping list.
• Check out the weekly ad to stay on budget, and get convenient notifications about savings and events.
• Store maps are back! Open the app in-store to find holiday savings fast.
• Walmart+ members—our app is the easiest way to get the most out of your membership! Enjoy app-exclusive features for Walmart+, including:

Scan & go

Use your phone to shop in stores and check out contact-free.

Member prices on fuel

Save 5¢ per gallon at Walmart and Murphy stations. Plus, get member prices on fuel at Sam’s Club fuel centers.


Thanks for using the Walmart app! We update our app regularly so you can save time and money.


40 comentarios en "Walmart Shopping & Grocery MODDED 2022"

  1. I have run across problems with items i want to order for pick up, but the app is not seeing the item. So this is my third time having to go in the store that item. And it is not like the item in low stock or in a place it shouldn’t be. Even when I tried out of state, am running across the same problem. If the app is going to miss items or not have the right information I think somebody need to go back to the drawing board or actually used the app.

  2. Basically it is touch and go on if they actually deliver what you order. I have had multiple times where I order something, then it shows as “Delayed” and then it just sits there. You can call their useless customer service but all they can do is cancel the order and you start over again. What is particularly fun is that the clock resets everytime you do that. The worst thing is that as a company they truly, truly do not care. Buyer Beware!

  3. This visit gets 4 starts due to the lag in digital service while using the Walmart app “scan and pay” for this purchase. Things got a little slow towards then end and the app said my (debit) card was not valid. However the cashier was super understanding that this was my first go at their new “scan and pay” option, and it seems maybe theirs too, but after a few minutes my purchase was authorized and I was on my way home!

  4. I enjoy most things about this app. Items are easy to find and grocery lists are easy to make. However, it used to provide a default preference for Substitutions. I don’t like getting Substitutions and now have to uncheck the box each time that I place a grocery order. Another issue for me is that it is hard to know what items are deliverable. I always get a separate list at checkout that has to be either picked up, or shipped even though I only selected deliverable items. I delete those.

  5. It might be nice to have filters regarding availability. I get tired of looking at items that are ALL OUT OF STOCK. Thank you! Update: Loaded a new update and we still have to wade through listings of items that are not available. What a waste of time! If you corrected this problem, people would spend more time buying instead of losing interest reading about things that are not available and buying from your competitors instead.

  6. Pretty good app. The Walmart app lets me see what’s in stock locally, set up deliveries easily, and the smart payment option is well implemented. That said, I liked it a lot better when the Pharmacy was included in the app and not something separate. I also think the way that the UI is organized is perhaps not as intuitive or user friendly as it could be. Those criticisms aside, it’s a perfectly fine app.

  7. The new app is very disappointingly. I can’t navigate it well. I used to love the scanner. I like to scan to check prices. The old scanner was awesome. The new one is so hard to use. Mainly because you have to line up the bar code precisely it’s hard to do. I end up giving up and not buying anything. I had to just leave. I’m limiting my shopping to the few things I get from here to online pick up. One of the only reasons I would go in store was to scan clearance items. I HATE YOU

  8. Love the walmart app and curbside pickup. However, EVERY time I try and “check-in” the app says it is experiencing a technical issue and to try again later. I have to call when I get there and there is hardly any cell service surrounding the building. Have tried updating the app multiple times, to no avail. Seems to work on my partner’s iPhone, but not on my android.

  9. I usually don’t have too much of a problem with Walmart or their shipping. Only one time and that was Tok Tok Boxes fault, which they have not refunded my money due to my order being lost. Anyway, I gave Walmart 4 stars because they’re not keeping a lot of products that I need, or the ones I’ve ordered before. They don’t even have the economy sizes of the products I’ve ordered before. I have to order the bigger sizes to last me for a month or so, it helps since I’m on a monthly budget.

  10. I absolutely love this feature. I absolutely hate having to go into Walmart and standing through those long lines. and having to buy more things than I need. the only thing I don’t like is they may not pick the biggest and best select of vegetable that I would. but overall it has been successful anytime I’ve had any error Walmart has always fixed it for me.

  11. This app has so many issues. For example: saying an item is available for 3+ day shipping, then you select the item only to be told it isn’t available for pickup at your local store, and given no option whatsoever for shipping it. This happens so frequently to me when I am browsing for items, whether it be food, beauty, household, etc. If Walmart is trying to compete with Amazon, they could really stand to find better app developers. JMO

  12. Update 6/27/22: the app no longer loads at all, whether I am home on Wi-Fi, on cellular, or on Wi-Fi at Walmart. I’ve done all the troubleshooting steps and it still will not launch. New app design is awful. No longer shows the correct in-store price when you scan an item at a physical Walmart. Also completely arbitrarily decides whether or not to tell you what aisle something is in, even when YOU ARE AT THE STORE. I’m trying to find a way to get the old app back on my phone.

  13. They consistently get orders wrong, especially items missing. I’ve had my frozen items missing twice, which happened to be dinner both times. When you call to get it corrected, they will not cover the small order fee, delivery fee, 2 hour express fee or the driver tip. So your stuck without dinner, your out the money for express delivery, tip, delivery fee. They offered a $10 promo for $20 in fees. They told me to zero out the driver tip. Nice.

  14. Never works right, constantly updating the app and never changes. The original old app was a lot better, Walmart needs someone with common sense when it comes to data and website creation. They absolutely have a clown controlling it at the moment. Also, everything was better when the merchandise was coming from warehouses instead of the store closest to you, sometimes if you want to buy a few products, you might have to drive 50 miles to pick it up, one way. At gas prices now, very bad Idea!

  15. the Walmart app is horrible. Never works correctly. constantly getting a message about technical problems please try again. or I get told I am not connected to a network. I hate that one item can have so many different prices depending on the seller. The app takes a long time to load each page causing me to lose my delivery spot 4 times today while ordering and then I was not able to use express delivery as an option. It SUCKS! Don’t know if I’ll renew Walmart+. I HATE the Pahrump Walmart!

  16. k seal dice:

    Update: All has been resolved and the changes to the app is sooooo much better! The app sticks and when you try to open your bundled and saved irems, it will not open and if it does, and you delete an item or pull an item up, it takes forever and them makes you start all over again. Very annoying.

  17. Josh W dice:

    While the app functions well enough, the vast majority of anything that’s not strickly groceries is sold by third parties. The prices are two to three times as expensive as what you would find in store and the app gives you no method to only search for items sold by Walmart. I downloaded the app expecting to easily find items I was looking for at my local Walmart and was disappointed. If I wanted to pay twice as much and wait for my item to be shipped I would have gone to Amazon.

  18. New version is impossible. Some things go into shipping instead (which I never want) then I remove only to receive that item in the mail a week later. Things disappear from my cart upon placing the order. I can’t figure out how to use the new version. I loved the easy, old way of getting my groceries ordered. I’m due to renew my membership but I can’t see me paying for this. Please recreate a user friendly version 🙏

  19. There is a bug in the app. If you go to pickup groceries and then the store doesn’t bother to fill your order so you cancel it, the app will still try to notify you it’s ready and wants your parking spot. Clicking the notification just takes you to a screen saying there is no order ready. The notification itself can’t be cleared away. You end up having to force stop the whole app.

  20. This service and app is falling short. I hate that items available for shipping only are included in the search when you’re shopping for pick-up or delivery. Furthermore the shipping is unreliable. 85% of the time it’s delayed. I tried Walmart plus for delivery, and I was delivered the wrong order 2 hours late. Expect more from big corp. like Walmart but they have a long way to go to compete with the convenience of Amazon.

  21. I appreciate this app, it gives me the freedom to get groceries delivered to me and they are always on time. You’ve had to do a lot to this app to have all the extra features, making life easier on people during this time of pandemic. I gave you four stars because you haven’t quite worked the bugs out. It lags. Also, it removed items from the shopping list. I continued to check it and it kept removing them. The online shopping tool still works so I was able to shop. So please fix!

  22. Excellent companion app for use in-store. You can look up items to see what the aisle is. The Scanning Tool is great because I can never find the physical ones in-store. I especially love that you can see when you last bought something (if you used the app to pay), and they suggest stuff as buy-again so you can easily make a list.

  23. So slow, constantly crashing. Especially trying to check out. It took so long to order the dresses I liked and most didn’t fit, I didn’t even try to return them. Now I have a box full of dresses only an Asian woman could fit in them. Not even closing, restarting my phone repeatedly makes it not freeze & crash. It’s why I use Amazon more. Besides our Walmart doesn’t have most of the services I need.

  24. I’ve been using the Walmart app for over 3 yrs now. it keeps getting better. I’m still discovering features. Ordering online has both pickup and delivery options. It handles return and warranty items. You can scan items in the store for info, like price. Purchase history is tracked. Orders can be sent wherever u want, such as a relative. The only issue I’ve had is connecting to the pharmacy. I use it all the time and recommend it for scanning, tracking and ordering.

  25. I shop Walmart 99% of the time for everything I need or just have to have and 98% of that shopping is done using the app. They have continually tweaked the app for the good and I do appreciate it. One added benefit that I would like to see is having the ability to use more than one credit / debit cards at a time. Sometimes it takes multiple cards to make my purchases. The way it is now I have to place separate orders depending upon the balance of each card.

  26. I’ve ordered groceries weekly for about 2 years now. And once or twice a month my order never shows up! And I have to go through customer service and get it refunded. It’s very frustrating when you only have 1 car and your counting on groceries that never arrive! I was told they would “put a note on my account” so it doesn’t happen again, but it keeps happening! I cannot recommend this to anybody who actually wants to get the things they paid for. I’m so frustrated with this.

  27. I go to make a delivery order and yet it puts one item as being picked up and another being shipped. It also let me reserve a time for the same night before starting the order, but when I go to check out, that time slot is gone. I did not wait too long to checkout. This app is very frustrating and not easily navigable.

  28. Terri dice:

    I’ve had a no luck opening the app when there’s no wifi available, but, I should be Able to use it with my mobile data as well as wifi. That’s why I Have unlimited data! Even data roaming and not suppressing background function doesn’t help! It’s very frustrating! Also, it’s unclear where my online orders are to track them and see the delivered orders with how the sight is set up. It would help if “online orders” was in the home menu list. Thank you in advance for your help….Terri

  29. Ordering from Walmart online has become very cumbersome lately, and the app is even worse. From the app not working when I need to go pick up an item to not recognizing gift cards to difficulties with locating items in store ( which are supposedly available for pick up), I am really not impressed. Low prices, ease, and convenience do not go hand in hand with shopping at Walmart anymore.

  30. Quick delivery or pick up. My only complaint is that they substitute products w/o your permission. I picked up an order and decided to check it before leaving. Walmart had substituted a pair of shorts for the skirt I had ordered. No call, no text, no explanation… Nothing. I was furious as I had checked prior to see if the skirt was available. Always check your pick up order before leaving.

  31. This app has alot of issues!!! I see “experiencing technical issues” more than I see stuff to buy. It is constantly crashing. And the in-store quantity for pickup items is not up to date on the app. Will have plenty in-store but will say out of stock and vice versa. Also not all items in the store are even offered on the app. It’s ridiculous to be this frustrated trying to shop on an app. Step up Walmart!!!!!

  32. luv bug dice:

    The app is almost unusable at this point. The press and hold thing won’t allow app to work. It ask me to press and hold multiple times well browsing. Then it times out and freezes the app. Extremely annoying. The app was great before this most terrible “feature”. Please fix this issue and I will change my review. Thank you.

  33. 6 freaken hours I have been working on my order. I have restarted, updated, uninstalled. Have all bars, full service & this app crashes every time I push a button. I don’t know what I hate more, the app or going to the actual store. Going to the store is not an option. I’m beyond irritated.

  34. The delivery service is just awful. You might get half of what you order if your lucky and the worst part is they charge for items they don’t deliver….So every time I order it is a call to customer service to get a refund. Also, their lazy associates have absolutely no intention of picking a no grocery item even though they are in stock. The app is fine but the execution of orders is so poor you should probably shop at target.

  35. Great app for the most part! The only main issue I had with it was when I selected the description or specifications of an item, then pressed my phone’s back button to get back to the main product page, it would leave the product entirely and send me to the Walmart home page. There is a back arrow in the app that will take you from the description back to the product page, but it would be nice if my phone’s back button did the same. Other than that everything else worked like a charm. =)

  36. I absolutely hate this app.. Switching between in-store, shipping, and delivery is confusing. Not easy to navigate from different pages: search to cart to account to past orders. You accidentally hit back on your phone instead of using the previous one arrow on the app throws you completely out of your search and you have to start over. Filters and sort options are not always accurate.

  37. Alley P. dice:

    this app is beneficial but very aggravating at times. this app has told me the store was out of a certain item, while I was standing in front of an entire shelf packed full of said item w/ MORE of that item stored at the very top. this hasn’t happened just once or twice but more than 20 times. It’s nice if you need a few items, terrible if you need more than maybe 10-12 items. Drivers have delivered my order to a neighbor 9 houses down from mine. why do I have to ask to verify the house #?

  38. The app works well and I don’t have much problem with getting what I need. The problem is not telling me what’s available until after I try to order it AND not leaving enough time (or any time) for me to edit substitutions. Just my last order I only got notification that I had any issue with my order AFTER the edit time window. This is a common enough problem that I’m taking two stars until they do something about this (probably won’t tho)

  39. I’d give a 5 star review but due to several mess ups with my orders I won’t. I don’t know if it’s the who they use to deliver or if it’s the actual store that continues to mix & mess things up. I’ve repeatedly have received part of other people’s orders and/or end up having 1 or more items missing from my order. I understand if I just went myself this wouldn’t be an issue but I only use this when I’m unable to go myself. But, I don’t see how almost every other order or less has this happen.

  40. I give it 5 stars only for the scanner. I love walmart, that’s my go to place to shop but I am really disappointed with the way they price some items. I started noticing that the prices change when I get to the check out. I have to look for an associate to scan the item so I can get the correct price. I am a senior on a budget and I can’t afford to pay their hidden prices. This is not a one time occurrence it happens almost every time I purchase something. People beware check the prices.

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