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This one’s for the pets. Chewy leads the pack with 2,000+ trusted brands of food and supplies, 24/7 help from pet experts, and FREE shipping on orders over $49! Get extra savings off your first Autoship order and 5% ongoing, no commitments or fees. It’s everything you love about, with a few extra tricks just for our app customers. As always, you’ll find these features that set us a-pawrt from the rest:

America’s #1 Pet Pharmacy carries over 4,000 top-quality medications and 600+ veterinary diet products sourced directly from manufacturers. Now offering compounded medications, too.

Need that dog food sooner? Change your Autoship delivery to fit your schedule. No fees or commitments, just happy pets.

2,000+ BRANDS
Search or shop by category for your pet’s favorite brands and discover new ones.

Follow their favorite box from our door to yours with our in-app shipment tracker.

Send fellow pet lovers items you like with a text, email, or social post while you shop.
What’s New

Read what other customers are saying about products and write your own reviews right from the app.

Find the best savings of the day on everything from food to treats, toys, supplies and apparel.


- Fleas, ticks, bugs -- no thanks. We comb through the app on the regular to check for snags in performance and keep things running smoothly!
- Got feedback? Give us a bark, meow or chirp! We'd love to hear it at [email protected].


40 comentarios en "Chewy – Where Pet Lovers Shop MODDED 2022"

  1. I would give 5 stars or more but check-out gets confusing. For example, every time I applied a coupon code I got an error message in red letters stating my order wasn’t eligible for the discount when it otherwise clearly did. I kept reading the details, but to no avail. I went for a calculator, no luck. It didn’t add up or subtract down until it was good and ready to do so. You have to be careful using PayPal too whether you have a default card set up there or not. Otherwise, wow: great.

  2. Been a Chewy member for 4 years now. The app itself works very well almost all the time. It’s easy to organize your shopping cart, see your recent/current orders/shipments and see your purchase history. There’s a wide selection of products at decent prices. Items usually ship promptly. I’m very happy with the app. Big “Thank you.” to the devs who work so hard to keep everything running smoothly. Would recommend.

  3. This app has a major flaw. There doesn’t seem to be a way to get back to the home page of the app so you can look at your account or previous orders. While searching for products I wanted to go back to look at my account & past orders and I could only go back by continually hitting the back button. It was way too many pages to go back. So I finally had to close the app and open it back up. Thankfully the items I put in my cart were still there. Chewy itself is great. This app, not so much.

  4. Chewy is fantastic! I’ve been ordering for several years now. With 5 rescue pets, we need a lot of stuff. Chewy has it all and always delivers fast and free (with minimum order). I so appreciate not having to lug several boxes of cat litter from store to car to house. On the rare occasion something goes wrong, I just call and Chewy makes it right. Every time.

  5. Chewy is wonderful. I never have trouble finding the brands I’m looking for – biodegradable cat litter, reasonably priced quality food. Stores are so variable in their supplies, they make it hard to maintain consistency for the kitties! Chewy also makes it super easy to keep my supplies up. With Autoship, I get convenient reminders and save money, even though Chewy doesn’t actually force monthly purchases! Wonderful service. I recommend it all the time.

  6. While looking around and shopping is fairly easy, changing the quantity that you want while trying to make the order before adding it to the cart doesn’t seem to want to work. Trying to get things changed during the order was a little clunky also. That’s just talking about the app now. The deals are awesome and the autoship is something that I love.

  7. Anne L dice:

    The absolute best ordering and shipment process I’ve encountered. I can find the products needed to maintain a healthy cat and kitten life and lifestyle. It’s packed well. I can track the order. I’ve never had damage to the items I’ve ordered. If I’m unsure about a product, I can call and ask questions. If I need to return anything, I’m able to accomplish the task with expert guidance from the customer service assistance. I highly recommend ordering through Chewy!

  8. the app is getting better….but searching for specific items isn’t as user friendly as it could be. I also would like to save personal search settings so items for birds, fish or cats, etc don’t always have to be filtered out every time. I find that the more specific I am, the lower my chances of finding the item I’m looking for. I have to keep the options more broad and scroll through a lot of options.

  9. I’ve always loved chewy! One thing I’d love to see is maybe have it to where we can create a list under each pet profile of the things we buy for only that specific pet, kind of like a mini shopping list for that pet. I have everything saved in favorites but after awhile, it’s a bit time consuming having to scroll through countless products. I have 14 animals total and all have their own specific needs. Ex: I have 4 dogs, but have to buy 3 different types of food due to sensitive stomachs!

  10. L H dice:

    I like the ease of use of the app. It would be nice if there was a home button so you don’t have to back through all your searches to get back to the home page. And I don’t know if due to my internet connection or not but it can be a little…glitchy, with the searches. I only once had trouble with an order not going through, but I called them and they straightened it out. Seems the app never recognized the order. That’s been a little while ago. No problem since.

  11. The only thing I would say Chewy is lacking in is a bigger selection on certain things. Chewy is very reliable in shipping and customer service, and they very clearly care about pets. I once ordered the wrong size of something for my cat, and they helped me find the right size and told me to donate the wrong one to an animal shelter. They also send out birthday cards for the pets you have listed in the app. Shipping usually only takes 2-3 days, with the occasional exception.

  12. My go-to app for my pets, makes it a lot easier to find the good quality necessities and compare brands! Reliable shipping and customer service in my experience too. If I were to suggest anything for the app/company to improve upon it’d be diversity in the ingredients in feeds by including more small brands, but honestly they’ve been expanding that. Plus it seems they’re expanding the scope of pets from the classics which as a snake mama makes me happy ^.^

  13. it’s okay but the user interface is messy, slow and even a bit buggy. For example, my credit card expired and I can enter the replacement but neither the save button nor the checkmark icon saved it to my account. Worse, just editing my old card with the new expiration date and CCV number was even an option, from what I could see.

  14. This app is very easy to use, and I have not had any problems with it. Chewy has great customer service, and I always get the shipments and auto shipments promptly. I do cost comparisons between Chewy, Amazon and others, and chewy is right in there with competitive prices. Thank you Chewy!

  15. Kaylee dice:

    love ordering my cats supplies on Chewy! Any issues Ive ever had have always been quickly & easily resolved, and very rarely ever have any issues. Good customer support. Great selection and prices + fast shipping. I typically get my order early before the expected delivery date, which is nice. Sometimes I even recieve it 1-2 days after originally placing order! I just wish there were actual, physical Chewy stores to shop at in-person and it wasn’t just an online retailer. highly recommend!🐾❤

  16. Love love love the convenience of chewy. Prices are more reasonable than I can find anywhere else. I’ve had a few delivery issues with busted boxes of cat litter, but I blame FedEx, not chewy. Chewy was right there to make it all good. Customer service is always amazing, they are very kind and always willing to see how they can help.

  17. I used to be mostly happy with the app, though it is annoying that there’s no easy way to get back to the home screen after you’ve been browsing for awhile. But now I can’t log in. It tells me my email or password is wrong, despite the fact I can log in to the website with no problem. The email support was no help, and phone calls are difficult for me, so I guess I’m just out of luck.

  18. Great selection in everything I’ve needed for our new puppy. From gates to food, medicines, toys, sweaters and beyond…they offer it and at prices with discounts that I’m grateful for these days. Very wonderful to deal with on return issues as well. I love not having to cart home heavy bags of dry food. Always better to see it on the other side of a ding dong bell. They must have shipping stations hidden everywhere because delivery comes with lightning speed! Very pleased to be a customer.

  19. bellou72 dice:

    I’ve never had an issue using the Chewy app. It’s easy to navigate and place orders. Chewy is fast and reliable, with tons of selection. My Chewy orders arrive faster than my Amazon packages! They’ve earned my loyalty.

  20. I found it super easy to use my first time around. They have a lot of different brands so I had to do some reading. I didn’t know they make cat litter out of corn, wheat and even TOFU! They early are on the front line of providing excellent products to their customers. All while trying to make you feel like you got a decent deal. $50 for a 4lb bag of dry cat food and a 37lb box of cat litter is EXPENSIVE. The ONLY way to get even a price even close to appropriate is by setting up repeat orders.

  21. I price checked chewy against my local grocery store, Walmart, and Amazon. It is still the lowest or same dollar amount for each item on my favorite list. Thank goodness! Any help I can get is worth it and chewy has not disappointed!

  22. Chewy is number one(1), like the flexibility of being able to make changes to auto shipment, outstanding list of items to choose from. Thank you for making my life easier, and Lola and Chewie know the Chewy box 📦 and they jump with joy because they know that is the treat box.

  23. I love Chewy the products are great and the service is beyond amazing. I had an issue with something I ordered and I sent a quick email asking a question and they replied to the email within minutes and told me they were sending a whole new replacement toy. The toy was shipped out and delivered in three days. I done the online chat with a Veteran and she was great, she offered advice to what products to try and gave advice on another issue my girl was having. She was very knowledgeable and nice.

  24. I couldn’t believe how easy it was! I found everything she wanted. Even toys, for my cats (Dilly~Dally) entertainment. First I tried other app’s. And they either didn’t have it or couldn’t ship it, but when I went to Chewy they had it all, plus more. Now I’m happy and I know that Dilly~Dally will be happy every month when her new box comes! And she’ll have a new special toy every month. Thank you Chewy, Linda Stoddard & Dilly~Dally

  25. I just love how you can control how often you get your food and they literally have everything and more then any pet store around. the prices aren’t bad either. alot cheaper then petsmart and if you autoship you get even more of a discount. I find Chewy’s very convenient. Customer service isn’t bad either. that’s about it. yep, I like them….

  26. A Kirk dice:

    The app is sometimes frustrating to navigate, but Chewy as far as their service goes, is fantastic! Easy to add/remove items from your auto shipments which saves 5%. Always on time, like clockwork. I also love the little Holiday and Birthday cards they send to our cats. I swear tho, the cats know which one is the Chewy box with their food in it.

  27. Products are fairly priced and wide selection – only issue is (guessing due to labor shortages) they cant guarantee a 1-3day delivery. Part of a recent order placed shipped out in parts, with one part that I needed by business day 4 not coming until over a week later. Since shipped, unable to cancel and get a refund to order elsewhere. If you need something pet related and it’s not ultra time sensitive – Chewy is the best. If it’s time sensitive, better off with Amazon unfortunately .

  28. I finally was able to use the app correctly. I hope it keeps the items I have ordered in history somewhere. I understand they would like to auto-ship I do not care for that they should not continually trying to push that on me otherwise it wasn’t too big of a deal I usually order on the phone

  29. chewy has the best prices and everything’s always in stock. I place big bulk orders for our animals every couple months for like $800. it just works out better for us that way. something is always on sale and if there is any kind of problem like a ripped bag or something like that, their customer service is awesome. So much better than Petco.

  30. Chewy is just “okay” in my opinion. The convenience for me is that they ship to my home. But, do not expect fast shipping like Amazon. Chewy’s shipping is slower than mud. Also, when you see the Buy 4 get 1 free Mix or Match deal. It says you can get up to 3 of those promotions in one transaction. Don’t expect them to honor that at check out. Many times now I have tried to cash in on that deal and at check out, I end up paying for every item. Maybe they only deserve 3 stars.

  31. I am so glad Chewy has such a wide variety of Fancy Feast Cat food. I have 12 rescue cats and four with health issues that are on special cat food. Chewy also has my diabetic cats insulin and goes out of their way to make sure I receive it on time. I have 2 cats that are over 20 yrs old and still in good health! The cat food makes a difference and they all look forward to the chewy order! And the boxes to play in are a bonus!!

  32. Chewy was reasonably easy to navigate, search & select products, and add to cart. Happily they had the specific brand & type of dog food I needed. From there was bombardment of nonstop, unsolicited advertisements for additional products, auto ship, and the like. I already made the choice for a one time purchase, but Chewy was shoving the auto ship down my throat. These are the kind of high pressure tactics that quickly move me away from a website to find other resources for the products I need.

  33. Normally, it’s an awesome place to buy pet items… Lately, I have been having such a bad problem with getting my Tiki Cat. They tell me that they’re canceling it because they don’t have it RIGHT AT LAST MINUTE! Then when I finally found the food, suddenly they want to send the food… I adjust my autoship order and low and behold, ONCE AGAIN AT THE LAST MINUTE… UNAVAILABLE… This is VERY inconvenient.

  34. This app is very easy to use and I have not had any issues ordering through it. Deals and items that are out of stock are labeled clearly. The only bad thing is that sometimes the search bar is very text specific and will not show the items I am trying to find (i.e. typing feline vs cat or dog vs canine).

  35. great to work with. they have some products that are hard to find in our area. we use chewy for horse, dog and cat items. we had to return something once (my mistake) and they were super helpful and easy to work with.

  36. App is always glitchy. false advertising on commercials- I have NEVER gotten 2 day shipping, RARELY 3. They dont notify in time when they are running out of an item. Dogs have suffered digestive upset as a result many times. good prices keep me coming back. I know because I have gotten frustrated enough to shop around and think about switching. But the prices keep rising!

  37. Jo R dice:

    Love love chewy! Items are priced fairly and the stuff gets here lighten fast. They don’t get 5 stars because lately the way the items are haphazardly packaged sometimes requires a phone call because the item isn’t usable anymore. So that can be frustrating sometimes. But aside from that, Chewy is our no brainer go to.

  38. chewy app is FANTASTIC! I love their products, prices, auto-ship features & their customer service is phenomenal!! the only feedback I would give is make it easier to select order numbers, items, etc when you are submitting an inquiry. if you could make it so we can select which order we are referencing and which item instead of having to copy order #s & item#s & descriptions bc u cant return to ur message in progress.

  39. Highly recommended. The Chewy app is extremely user friendly, and has very few glitches / bugs – which could easily be caused by my mobile data or internet connection. The customer service is superior. I’ve had great help anytime it was needed. I recommend Chewy to anyone with pets.

  40. honestly I really enjoy chewy, I’m able to find a months worth a cat food, the most adorable cat nip toys, and interactive cat toys. the only things I’d change is the threshold to get free shipping. I think it would be a cool thing if I could request a random cat nip toy with my monthly delivery. my baby has loved everything we’ve gotten from chewy so far. I just placed another order actually. the vets were so helpful getting my baby the help she needed. 10/10 would recommend.

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