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The best of online and in-store shopping — GIANT is here for you now more than ever.
We’ve enhanced our digital grocery shopping experience to help keep your family safe and comfortable.

NEW: One App for Pick-Up, Home Delivery & In-Store Shopping

• Order your in-store favorites for home delivery. Contactless delivery keeps you and your family safe.

• Or choose convenient curbside grocery pick-up at your local store.

• Spend less time in the store by planning ahead with digital coupons and our weekly ad.

• Sign in to access your BONUSCARD® any time.

Lots of Rewards Are Waiting, No Matter How You Shop

• Earn 1 GIANT Choice Rewards point for every $1 spent online or in store.

• Redeem points for fuel and grocery savings and special partner offers.

So. Many. DEALS!

• Shop coupons, your local weekly ad, specials and much more right from the app.

• Save it all to your account and automatically redeem.

Experience the Mobile App in Store, Too!

• Sign in to access your BONUSCARD® and save it to your phone’s wallet. Scan the digital card in store to use your clipped coupons and rewards.

• Experience the enhanced Deli Order Ahead — stop waiting in game-day Deli lines.

Your satisfaction is our #1. Our family always takes care of your family like our own.


Bug fixes and enhancements


40 comentarios en "GIANT MODDED 2022"

  1. I love the convenience of shopping online, but this app is the absolute worst. It constantly freezes or stops, and the only way to get back to where I need to be is to restart my entire phone. I have to go through that at least 5 times EVERY TIME I try to place an order. By the time I deal with all that and finally finish my order, I’ve lost the pickup time I wanted. So frustrating!

  2. Recently I have been experiencing problems with the app. Moves incredibly slow and now it just freezes. Doesn’t load properly. With the consent freezing I am unable to do my food shopping and I have to go elsewhere to get my groceries. I use this do to my physical health and with this problem reoccurring I simply can not just pop out of the car to do my shopping. Please fix. Thank you. UPDATE: App no longer works. Freezes immediately on the first page.

  3. I used to do my shopping online every week but lately the app and the website freezes up when you get pretty far into doing your cart. You try to go on to the next page and next thing you know it just spins and spins and spins. And if you try to refresh the page you lose everything that was in your cart. It’s really frustrating!

  4. I love that I can shop in an app (when it works) & get groceries w/o spending time looking for items in the store. The app often doesn’t let me add things to my cart, doesn’t show photos, & completely freezes. This can go on for hours (Using Galaxy S10+). I don’t know that I’ll continue using Giants curbside service bc placing an order is difficult. The store is so busy inside that if I can’t use the app for curbside I’ll switch to a competitor.

  5. App no longer tracks me when I open it and head to the store. I have not changed any of my phone settings, this happened after one of your updates. What’s the point of opening the app if I still have to call to let them know I arrived? Also, app freezes if you take too long creating an order or when you search for too many items.

  6. Terrible app. The weekly ad doesn’t come up. I went online and chose my groceries on my computer and my list isn’t there. Waste of time. The shoprite app is awesome because you choose what you want and the store you want to buy it in and you can you can see your list by aisle and it makes shopping super easy and quick. This one can’t even hold a candle to that. I don’t even understand the point of it. Even on line I couldn’t match the digital coupons with the items I was choosing.

  7. I like how it lets you browse the “aisles” online. It helps me remember what I’m buying better. But 👈 the delivery service (Instacart) makes it annoying now. They take forever to pick up your order and you only have a small window to cancel. My latest order sat for 3 hours btwn being packed and me cancelling bc no one picked it up. It was an hour after the intended delivery time that I called CS and cancelled it. You’re to be home for delivery, yet they don’t deliver in your intended window.

  8. New app removes features. You can no longer type items into your list. Often I would simply add a generic item (bread, milk, beef, etc) and find the best price for it in store. Now I have to manually search for the item and add it that way. Unintuitive. Also, you can no longer tap the weekly ad to automatically add things to your shopping list. Harder for me to save money now. Maybe that’s intentional…

  9. The update, as loads of others have stated, is really pushing you to use the Peapod service. The usability for anything other than that is terrible, and given current situation it’s nearly impossible to use the PeaPod service for delivery due to high demand. My biggest issue among many is that to add an item to a shopping list (NOT the cart) now takes a minimum of 6 clicks (including getting back to the weekly ad) where it used to take 1. There needs to be an easier way to do this. I understand that it’s an ‘updated feature’ to have more than one shopping list, but how about being able to set a default? Or if you only have one, don’t prompt which list to add to? That would at least make it go from 6 to 3 clicks. Now it’s click details, choose variety (not really needed if you’re doing your own shopping), click list icon, choose the list, X out of that list screen, X out of detail screen. Used to be one button – done. I might use this to show my card when checking out, but other than that it’s currently not worth the effort if I’m doing my own shopping.

  10. Chan dice:

    The update is horrible. Upon opening, the app takes me to the Peapod page to sign in and refuses to take me back to the app. I don’t even use Peapod. I have to repeatedly close and reopen the app no less than 6 times–and often more–to get it to properly open to the Giant app so that I can view my points, coupons, etc. If I could roll it back to the previous version, I would.

  11. The app used to be really good. Could easily clip coupons and go through check out without any problem and cash in rewards and everything worked great! Then a couple months or so ago it stopped working. I would clip coupons and then they wouldn’t deduct on check out. I also cashed in $10 of grocery rewards and that disappeared never to be seen again. I don’t like standing in a CS line after a grocery line. Today and it says it’s down for maintenance. I hope they fix it and it works.

  12. This app has gone from good to bad!!! When I hit the browse isles icon, it shows nothing, just blank screen. I have even Uninstalled and re-installed, and still the same thing. I tried using the scan it feature twice now, and both times it kept kicking me off and going back to the home screen of the app!!! It really is becoming useless at this point!!!

  13. Mo Shimer dice:

    When it changed from the Peapod app to the Giant app, it became terrible. It only works half the time when I open it. I never get an invoice so I never know how much I paid until I look at my credit card statement. This past time, I got an order, they never gave me a shorter time frame of when the driver was coming. I just got a text 5 minutes before. I definitely enjoyed the Peapod app more. Never had a problem with that.

  14. This app is horrible. It was so much better a few months ago before the “updates”. It’s not as user friendly and is simply an unreliable app. The coupons and shopping lists are not as easily accessible – I miss when they were paired together and you could “check” them off. Also, the sign into the app keeps glitching and sending me to peapod sign in and there is no way around it.

  15. Ann Grove dice:

    It used to work more consistently. I recently placed an order, updated the order / payment, and when I went to pick it up, it hadn’t gone through. Also, the points and specials aren’t always applied correctly. Last week there was a double point coupon in the paper flyer that wasn’t applied which would be worth $6 in gas savings. I do call but then have the same problems. Please fix the app.

  16. I used to love this app. It was quick and easy to make a good/organized store list. Since the upgrade with Peapod, it lags so much that I better have at least 3 hours of my day available just to make a store list. I have used the delivery option once and now it won’t let me look at the weekly flyer because “I am a delivery customer”. Not to mention that half of the items that I know they have in the store, aren’t listed. Looks like I’ll have to go back to good ol pen and paper.

  17. Need to work on performance issues. App is almost unusable 1/3 of the time. Freezes, 15 second long response delays. This is on fast wifi or good cellular connections. Need to do more frequent updates to address these issues. When they add more features, usability decreases greatly. Sign of no performance testing being done. Otherwise, app features are very good, but if unusable, what’s the point.

  18. Was forced to download the update and now I can’t even see the weekly ad. It prompts me to find my store, I select it, and it brings me back to the find my store. Update: Tried logging out/in again. Tried uninstalling/reinstalling. Still can’t get the print ad to load, but it doesn’t matter because you can’t create a shopping list from the ad. That was the best feature in the old app. Can’t do it through the website anymore either.

  19. Edit: Giant seems to have fixed the issue! I have noticed the app is much easier to use now. Thank you for taking the feedback and fixing the problems! This app is so full of glitches. I have to force close it on average 3-5 times because it wants me to sign into Peapod when all I want is to go directly to the Giant app. Once I finally get there, it might or might not load. It is not very convenient, and it’s starting to become more trouble than it’s worth.

  20. The new app update is awful. It is far less easy to navigate. Every time I want to open my loaded coupons, I have to go through the screen of how I want it sorted. You should be able to set a default or something. Also, I can no longer search my loaded coupons and have to go through all of them to look and see if there is one I want is there. Every time I go back in the app, it closes the app instead of going back to the previous screen. The old app was kind of slow, but a lot easier to use.

  21. Every few weeks this app has new issues. About two months ago, I couldn’t login because of the Peapod login screen. I uninstalled then reinstalled the app several times. Then, that issue was fixed. Then, about one month ago, my personalized information was not showing up on the app. Again I uninstalled then reinstalled the app several times. Issue fixed. Now, I have been trying to login to the app since yesterday but keep getting the error message that my page is unable to load. Horrible!

  22. In the latest installation whenever I open the Giant app, it opens to PeaPod with no way to exit. When I close the app, I have exit at least four more times before the Giant app actually appears. If I want PeaPod then I’ll put it on my phone, but I don’t. Please fix this. Once I’m in there’s no problem. I could rate it higher if that didn’t keep happening.

  23. As noted by many others the redesign is terrible. It seems like the designers and UI testers have never gone grocery shopping. Extra clicks required to find coupons, takes longer to clip coupons, and can’t easily search coupons. Interface is too busy with lots of extra stuff I dont need. Tweaks won’t help. Needs to be completely scrapped and built new.

  24. Old Version Was Better. Ever since I installed the update i find the app extremely complex to navigate. Its clunky to use and almost impossible to browse the ad. The old version allowed you to see the weekly ad ad create a list of items you were interested in. In this version I am adding things to a cart. Sure it’s not all bad and there are things that are improved but I can’t get past the difficult navigation. Go back to the old version and include a link to Pea Pod as an option.

  25. If I could give zero stars I would! The new app and website are useless! 1. The store I shop at isn’t listed. 2. There are no longer any useful coupons. 3. I used peapod as a shopping list. Now a lot of items are listed as unavailable and you can’t add them. 4. When clicking items in the Weekly Ad, half the time the app can’t find it. Make shopping easier and not more of a pain in the ass!

  26. Horrible update and app! Every time I try to go to my Giant App it takes me straight to Peapod. I don’t know what happened to my stuff. I have to go through website and bypass it. I tried uninstalling and installing again, but the same issues. Very frustrating. Having to log in all the time is very time consuming. There was nothing wrong with the previous version. Why fix something that wasn’t broken???

  27. This app rarely functions correctly, especially with the most recent update. I have not been able to use it at all for the past week, it keeps saying check back later. Terrible. Update 5/19: Deleted app and reinstalled per their recommendation a few weeks ago, and that fixed the “down for maintenance” issue. Now, like many others, it asks me to sign in to peapod when I open the Giant app. I do not have a peapod account nor do I want one. Still very glitchy and the worst app on my phone.

  28. What happened??? Everytime I open the app it goes to Peapod. I have unistalled the app, cycled my phone and reinstalled and it still goes to Peapod. It was working when the initial update rolled out, but it was extremely difficult to navigate things are too complex now. But that no longer matters because I can’t even get to the app now. Very frustrating.

  29. This new app is terrible. Obviously it is made for those ordering online only. I can’t make a shopping list from the print ad or the list without tons of clicks in and out. Ridiculous navigation to make a simple list and can’t type anything in either. Used to be one click and also could add coupons to list. Now have to go back to making paper lists. Almost no relevant coupons now either. NOT user friendly for in-store shoppers AT ALL.

  30. Updates are horrible. My old shopping list got deleted. You can’t manually type items into your shopping list anymore, can’t automatically add items from the weekly ad just by tapping on them, and everything requires a ridiculous number of clicks (open ad, click sale, click more specific item, click add to list, click specific list). There’s no indication that it’s actually been saved to that list, but navigating back to your shopping list is another nightmare so just cross your fingers.

  31. The old version was simple and intuitive. The new one doesn’t let you do anything unless you have a Peapod account, which I don’t and do not want. I live in an area with many grocery stores to chose from — I will be chosing one with an app that works and a loyalty program I can actually use.

  32. Mike L dice:

    Wasn’t so bad prior to whatever happened with the latest update. Upon loading up the app, it takes me directly to Peapod. Like, I got the app for Giant. Not to be forced sign up for Peapod (or any other service for that matter that isn’t Giant). I actually cannot understand why they did this. It’s almost downright comical. As to say, is this real?! Ha. This is all messed up. It most certainly needs to be fixed. (EDIT). Works fine and functioning well! Changing my rating!

  33. I do not recommend ordering produce. I have gotten over-ripe produce by that’s not a reflection on the app. It is frustrating when you order “but 2 get $1 off” items and they only have 1 item so they give you the 1 item and coupon is not applied. But the app is easy to navigate and I like that it tracks my past purchases, even my in store purchases, so that I may order again.

  34. I hate this app. I go to Giant because I like all the coupons and sales that they have. Recently though, they haven’t had many good coupons on the app, and they don’t have the monthly “free-day” anymore. The past few times that I have been there, the app hasn’t scanned and I miss out on ALL coupons and sales and pay full price for everything. This makes me really irritated. I will be shopping at Weis instead because they at least have an app that works.

  35. Checkout is particularly annoying. At first, the checkout button doesn’t appear, requiring the app to be closed and reopened, risking loss of $200 worth of scanning. After the button finally appears, and after activating bluetooth download, you are instructed to walk to a bluetooth station. Download didn’t happen, and I was instructed to walk away from the station and back toward it, when, after a long pause, download finally occured.

  36. If you are on a metered data plan WATCH OUT! The app will use over 300MB of mobile data just doing a simple deli order ahead (which is almost all I use it for). That is a ridiculous amount for a simple talk, and often triggers my high usage warnings. Could really use a way to limit what it is downloading. Also recently it will frequently jump back to the home screen in the middle of ordering making me navigate back which is annoying.

  37. The app frequently can’t load products for specials and this is the 2nd time I have gone in and added things that have deals on them and the deals don’t reflect at all. This is absolutely ridiculous. I also discovered that even when using the circular, Walmart is often cheaper. I’ve been loyal to giant for years but it has gone downhill.

  38. App update is horrible. You can’t put things from the weekly add on your shopping list easily, and if the app feels there is no invetory at your given store, you can’t add the item to your list at all – it just says the item can’t be found. You also cannot just type in an item you want (like milk) to the list. You have to search for it and then pick the exact item before you can add to your list. This update took away all of the features that I loved about the Giant app.

  39. Just bring back the old app. It was much better. Stop asking if I want to sign into Peapod. Why do I need to add things to a cart now? I used to able to just add sale items to a list. Not anymore. Have to add it to the cart. The last app was simple, easy to use. The new app had buttons everywhere and basically forces you to go the Peapod route as opposed to shopping yourself. Add the option to put sale items on my shopping list and stop asking me to sign into Peapod and you’d earn a 3 star.

  40. I think it’s really easy, I “ck off,” if I want the item that is being featured being on sale, if I change my mind I un ck it! I Haven’t had any issues…other than trying to access the list of items I want to buy, when Im in the store > But it might just be my phone’s own settings that I need to change for when I’m shopping. I don’t need to make lists or shop by memory! One thing for sure…I no longer need to read the wkly flyers to see what’s on sale or miss, the”buy one get one sales.”

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