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Las mejores ofertas exclusivas con envío gratis en 24 horas. ¡Descarga la app Mercado Libre y aprovecha para ahorrar en tus compras online con los mejores precios! Encuentra diversas categorías de productos: electrodomésticos, TV, heladera, cocina, ropas, calzados, electrónicos, celulares, PC Gamer y mucho más. Además de comprar, puedes vender tus productos.


¡Comprá todo lo que usted necesita a través de la app Mercado Libre! Es muy fácil buscar precios y comprar online.

¡Conozca diferentes categorías de productos! Electrodomésticos (cocina, heladera), ropa, electrónicos (celulares, pc gamer), alimentos y bebidas para comprar en línea utilizando la aplicación oficial que reúne millones de productos de sus marcas favoritas.

Encuentre la mayor variedad de productos para que usted pueda comparar precios, ver las opiniones de otros compradores y estar preparado para hacer sus compras por Internet.

🔍 En la mayor tienda online encontrará varias categorías y podrá comprar todo tipo de productos y regalos en una sola aplicación, como:
– Supermercado: aperitivos, dulces, chocolates, vinos;
– Moda: camisetas, camisas, pantalones, vaqueros, zapatillas, ropa deportiva;
– Electrodomésticos: heladera, cocina, microondas, lavadora, aspiradora;
– Electrónicos: Pc gamer, notebook, celulares.
– Cuidado personal: perfumes, maquillaje, cremas;
– Automóviles: accesorios para vehículos, neumáticos y muchos otros productos.

📌 Promociones, ofertas y precios bajos para ahorrar en su compra online. Además de disfrutar de las promociones, con nuestros envíos gratuitos en 24 horas* recibirá sus compras online súper rápido.

En la tienda online puede encontrar descuentos exclusivos y miles de marcas: electrónicos (celulares, notebook), coches, motos, electrodomésticos (heladeras y microondas), protector solar, perfumes, productos de maquillaje y belleza, moda (zapatillas, vaqueros, pantalones cortos, vestidos) y ropa deportiva.

Ventajas de comprar online en la aplicación:

– Marque los productos que más le gusten para comprarlos en promoción. 📌
– Facilite sus compras en línea utilizando filtros de precio, ubicación y envío gratuito. 🔍
– Disponemos de una variedad de productos por categorías para comparar precios: electrodomésticos, muebles (cama, colchón, sofá), moda (ropa, vaqueros, shorts, vestidos, zapatos), maquillaje, productos de belleza (protector solar, bronceadores), muebles, alimentos y bebidas.
– Ahorre dinero con descuentos en las tiendas online oficiales. 💸
– 12 cuotas con tarjeta de débito, tarjeta de crédito, efectivo, sin tarjeta de Mercado Crédito o con el dinero disponible en la cuenta de Mercado Pago 💳
– Reciba su pedido sin salir de casa con envío gratuito en 24 horas. 🚚
– Gestione sus compras online y comience a vender online.
– Compre online con ofertas exclusivas y envío gratis: electrónicos (celulares, notebook), juegos, electrodomésticos (cocina, heladera), motos, coches, libros, protector solar, productos de belleza, muebles (sofá, colchón), ropa deportiva, vestidos, pantalones, zapatos, sombreros, productos de supermercado, refrescos, aperitivos y dulces.
– Aproveche los descuentos para comprar sus productos online a bajo precio, con promociones especiales.


¡Con Mercado Libre usted puede vender más rápido!

– Haga sus anuncios gratis en 4 sencillos pasos y empiece a vender online. 🔖
– Gestione sus compras y ventas online desde su cuenta. 📱
– Hable con su comprador o vendedor a través de nuestra herramienta de mensajes instantáneos. 📨

Venda electrodomésticos (heladera, microondas, cocina, lavadora), perfumes, productos de belleza, maquillaje, ropa (zapatos, vaqueros, pantalones, vestidos), deportes, electrónicos (celulares, PC gamer, notebook), coches, motos, accesorios para vehículos, neumáticos, alimentos y bebidas.

La aplicación Mercado Libre es más que una aplicación de compra y venta online.


40 comentarios en "Mercado Libre: Compras Online 2022"

  1. Mercado disaster incompetent service. It’s clearly faster to recive item directly from China in Peru rather than waiting local delivery. Basicy, a buy of 20 gram piece of plastic takes apparently 12+ GD days to deliver . Will close all accounts for good. Never again.

  2. Very cumbersome navigation. They do not respect their own free shipping rules and invent extra fees randomly. It’s very inconvenient to try to purchase mutiple products from a single seller in order to get free shipping and not always possible given the hidden conditions applied to each product. There’s no point in trying to purchase small products, as you will pay always more in shipping thant the product itself.

  3. Excellent customer service for merchants. I sent a Chromecast Ultra. The buyer used it a couple of days and then sent it back because he just “didn’t want it anymore”. This is obviously a planned act to use a product and return it just because. I communicated the situation to ML and they helped me really fast.

  4. I use the app very often and I have no complains. Many not all items ship for free when you buy a certain quantity. If you are a sporadic shopper or you want to buy only 1 item it might not be convenient. The more you use the app the bigger the benefits.

  5. Terrible experience. I bought a major appliance on the app using the Efecty option. Something happened and I never received the fridge, so instead of refunding me, Mercado Libre decided unilaterally, without my permission, to transfer my money to Mercado Pago. Mercado Pago refuses to use Efecty, and since I do not have a bank account in Colombia, then I cannot receive my refund. I’ve placed a formal complaint with the Colombian Government, and will also do so with other US watchdogs.

  6. Stephen L dice:

    App no longer allows sign in for extranjeros. Asks to take pic of ID but stops on the screen loading for the pic and won’t advance. I guess I’ll only buy using the website and delete this app as it’s now useless.

  7. this sucks I want to buy big items an many tools but there no way to change it to english to no what your buying so fup now After 2 weeks waiting for items ordered I find out they not going to deliver them. I am told they git the money for order an to bad I have to pay again if I want them. An they do not take a custmers visa. but there competetors have taken thousands of $ an no problem such low life that play games .an rob you. you should avoid these kind of people at all cost.

  8. 1st purchase was a success came quick and everything went smoth definitely recommend.Found something on here that was hard for me to find.5 Stars.

  9. At this moment the app works great, I bought a lot of things and every single transaction was fantastic, even the refund and devolutions.

  10. Shoppers have little or no support. They allow their vendors to verbally abuse and threaten with stealing the shoppers money. Any assistance you seek in mercado libre’s page they absolutely nothing , and they forward it to the vendor who is the problem to begin with.

  11. I love the app,but what I would really like is an option to search for products based on an image, like aliexpress has. Sometimes I see something that I don’t know the name or I’m looking for something very specific that just by words I’m not getting what I want, so search by image would be great.

  12. Awesome experience. The app have a good performance overall and the UI is very friendly. Buy something it’s too easy. Excelent shopping app.

  13. Functions consistently well for my requirements. 👍👌 I was unexpectedly surprised 😳 by one purchase which was delivered direct to my home about 2-1/2 hours after placing my on-line purchase. Basically speechless. Very impressed with that vendor.

  14. It’s impossible to even login to my account. It asks to scan my face, I do it in my room with the illumination pitch black and it says “find a place with less light”.

  15. Mercado libre has been great. Searches in English, though the app is presented in Spanish for Mexico. If I search for a computer monitor, it’ll come up with pantellas just as if I’d searched in Spanish.

  16. I have been shopping at ML for years and enjoyed it. It was easy to be reimbursed for an item returned. When I was given a credit, I used it to pay my next order and it was easy, the system automatically applied the credit. Now, the system requires me to take a photo of my passport then tells me it can’t access my photo because of a permission issue. I was not able to correct this permission issue. I never managed to use the credit so it looks like I lost it. 🙁

  17. Good app, great buying platform, excellent service. App sends too many notifications and get annoying.

  18. Alocaria nota máxima, mas infelizmente com a vinda dos anúncios repetitivos de oferta de cartão de crédito do mercado pago sem opção de out-put desse tipo de notificação via APP passa a incomodar os usuários, fica a sugestão para os desenvolvedores conceder a opção ao usuário. / I would rate 5 star, but unfortunately, with the repetitive ads of credit card offer without the option to out-put this type of notification via APP it bothers too much, good suggestion to the developers.

  19. Very good app, Always a lot of options from where to choose from and it delivers to your home so that’s nice too.

  20. Horrible experience. The payment system symply doesn’t work, same cards that work with all other online stores all get declined. Guess you guys don’t like money, oh well.

  21. KP Paul dice:

    Very good and easy app to use for buyers or sellers. I will recommend this Mercado Libre to my friends and family. It’s safe to purchase products and gets delivered to you in time!

  22. Very bad, no matter, what I do, ask and them for terminate my account, they don’t do it, now I just “sold” a fridge which I never announced!!!! I don’t fell safe nor have confidence on using Mercado Livre.

  23. I made several purchases initially with no issues whatsoever but after that my account was suspended with no customer service available to resolve the issue. They keep asking for ID but the system does not recognize it. Hence, I can no longer use the service. I was using this as well as Amazon. Sometimes the prices are better here and sometimes on Amazon. It depends on the outrageous import fees. I found an alternate means to make my last purchase with the vendor.

  24. Horrible. I had to hire a translator to deal with them, I got over 20 messages in one day, its basically like signing up for spam. I ordered one thing and they denied my credit card after billing it successfully, then wanted a photo of me and my Id, and sent over a dozen messages, there is no language option… delivered it to the wrong address, opened it and then retrieved it and delivered after 9pm. It’s just insanity.

  25. jam man dice:

    The app is ,ok, at best . If it could be opened in “chrome” many issues would be resolved for those who use google translate. I find just going to ML in chrome makes buying fast and easy. I am not a programmer but it should be an easy “fix” to give the option to open the app in chrome.

  26. Great app and service, returns are quick and you get your money back, most of the purchases are flawless, just be careful with the seller reputation and everything will go smoothly.

  27. The app’s language is in a weird mix of spanish and portuguese, and I couldn’t find a way to change its language to only portuguese. Besides that, it works fine but it’s a not so good store to buy retro video games, considering the prices and the fact that they are unable to eliminate the selling of pirate software/copies, or at least give a good way to filter this kind of results. The bad pricing is on the sellers fault though, not the website or app.

  28. Works fine, some minor bugs with the notification system though, needs a dark mode asap.

  29. Mercado libre is good and getting better. they are replicating what amazon does in the US. The creation of a marketplace is even more needed in Arg, where buyers and sellers struggle to find eachother, and do it with confidence. They need to make it even easier to buy by making the arrival clear, then deliver on time. The uncertainty alone I am sure prevents some sales. I had to return an item once, the refund was fast and easy. I was surprised, and it gave me the confidence to keep using ML.

  30. Mercado Libre keeps their loyal customers HAPPY! I had a bad experience with a vendor from china, they wanted to make me pay for the items shipping in order to return it. The item did not fit me! It says “You can return the item for free” Well the vendor did not help me! As soon as I reported this To MERCADO LIBRE they HELPED ME RIGHT AWAY! I was actually surprised how quickly they solve the issue! I Really like this app! I Recommend this application and the services to EVERYONE!

  31. It asked for a photo of my ID, it keep saying it is from another country even though it’s right there in upper cases, I tried to do it in the web site, same result… document from another country, tried to search for some support channel on the website and found none, so just imagine to resolve a more delicate issue like a missing package or something like that

  32. What can I say? I love to buy in this app. You can talk with the store if you have any problem and all the time you have suport os the app. I only love !!!

  33. No problems yet, everything works fine.

  34. too many bugs, exclusive discounts page doesn’t show up. emptied the cache; latest version…issue persists. Also the checkout page where you see all your items in the list doesn’t scroll up or down. And lastly no way to get support throught the mobile app, the help section is useless, can’t get in touch with anybody.

  35. The app could’ve been better. Everytime a customer or a possible buyer sends me a message and I try to get in touch with this person the app itself deletes my message and says that my message contains personal information that couldn’t be sent. THAT IS PREPOSTEROUS! I’m the one who should sai IF I’m giving personal information. Not the app. I’ve been losing many proposals on account of that. Really bureaucratic. I strongly don’t recommend it!

  36. Dany dice:

    This is a really great application, you can buy with high security levels and fast. You can buy with confidence, because they don’t release the money to the seller until you send the product calcification. Once I had a trouble with a product and they refunded me the money in a few time, so grateful!

  37. Birthday for dinnerware sets for me and take the best time off for a few minutes now but I’ll have to check it looks good to come

  38. ML is an excellent company, everything has gone well, it does it’s best to satisfy both their sellers and customers. I’ve had such excellent experiences, and this app just makes everything easier, I can shop on a road trip (on the to), or just simply when I don’t have anything to do.

  39. Sold a product, the date for my payment is up and all I can get is error messages. When I try to contact them via app I get redirected to the home page. Now I don’t have my product, didn’t get my money and have no way to get in contact with anyone, because not only is their app completely useless, but their website is even worse. Don’t download if you like your money.

  40. App allows you to search for products, but when you try to open results only the photo is available and no details. “Something went wrong” appears on screen. Been happening since i downloaded app months ago.

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