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Save with Ralphs! Coupons, ads, rewards, find stores & shopping list in one app!
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Looking for a faster, easier, more rewarding shopping experience? Save time and money with the Ralphs app! It puts convenience, savings and rewards at your fingertips. Simply download the app, create an account and register your Ralphs Shopper’s Card to access all these great benefits:

– Shop Pickup or Delivery right from the app!

– Easily build your online shopping list, and use it to shop in-store or to place your online order.

– View your Weekly Ads and quickly add sale items or specials to your shopping list.

– Load digital coupons directly to your Shopper’s Card and use them to save on items from your shopping list.

– Get even more savings when you choose items from our Smart Suggest feature.

– Refill your Ralphs Pharmacy prescriptions directly from your phone or tablet. Just type in your prescription number, select your Pharmacy and schedule a convenient pickup time.

– Check your fuel points.

– Use our locator to find the closest Ralphs store or fuel center.

– View your purchase history. Use it to create standard orders that will save you time.

– Save BIG with exclusive promotions, personalized offers and bonus rewards.

To use the Ralphs app, you’ll need a Ralphs digital account. You can register for your account and link your Shopper’s Card through the app. If you don’t have a Shopper’s Card, you can create one when you register to access all of these savings and rewards!


Thanks for shopping with us. In this update, we’ve fixed a few bugs and made some general improvements. We value your feedback, so if you need help or have a suggestion, please contact our Customer Service Center at 1-800-576-4377


40 comentarios en "Ralphs MODDED 2022"

  1. Carl dice:

    Solid interface, great indicators when an item is low in stock at a particular store or where it is within that store, love the integration with your calendar if you schedule a pickup. I also really appreciate the ability to pick specific substitutions if an item is out of stock for pickup, because I am somewhat picky. Great app all around.

  2. dan q dice:

    Latest update keeps scrolling up to the top of the shopping list everytime you check or uncheck an item. Makes it a pain to add or remove things quickly because every time you uncheck an item to add it to your shopping list it scrolls to the top so you have to scroll all the way back down to where you were to uncheck another item, very time consuming and just stupid.

  3. Poorly designed app. Navigation is awkward–the menu doesn’t exist on many pages, so I have to use my back button repeatedly to get to a page with the menu–and it’s simply hard to find my way around. Opens very slowly, and many pages take a long time to load…very annoying when im trying to add a digital coupon or pull up my rewards card.

  4. This appus great. I like the digital coupons and rebates. I would like to have a search feature in the rebates though so that I can search for specific items. Also, a customer mentioned to me that this should not be named cash back as we are not physically getting cash back. Instead rebates would be better to have it named rather than cash back. This caused uneccesarry confusion and was a distraction in the long line of people waiting.

  5. I like that this app has coupons and helps with savings, but other than that it’s not user friendly at all. Searching for specific coupons for specific items is nearly impossible. And using the grocery list option is also glitchy and bad. Every time I would check off an item something else would check off instead or as well, so I would have to uncheck things and eventually I just gave up.

  6. If you want to search for products by name that seems to work. But searching through digital coupons takes forever because you can’t sort by category. Also the barcode scanner is the worst! I can’t get it to focus on any barcode. I know it’s not a problem with my phone’s camera because all of my other apps that have barcode scanners work just fine.

  7. Infuriating. Demands far too much time and effort to build a shopping list, is unclear if the list carries over from store to store or not, and the secondary “cart” list is just redundant. Most products don’t have images, and there’s no filter for coupon-only items. In store pickup option is really nice but be prepared for zero effort with substitutions.

  8. BE VOCAL dice:

    Really, only viable for (in-store) Kroger Pay — which is super-handy, btw. The weekly ads, as well as the product images are NOT high resolution (i. e., you can’t zoom in), so they’re essentially worthless. The product descriptions are also truncated, so the only way (for example) to clip coupons is to tap each and every item to see/read the full details. A time sink, indeed. This app was not well thought out (and I’m betting it wasn’t tested, either).

  9. This app is surprisingly nice. Load a rewards card, you can pick coupons and then use them at checkout with your phone number. It saves all of your purchases so you can see later what you bought, when and how much you got, and reorder. It shows most items available with prices so even in store if you have trouble finding something you can check to see if it even exists. When building a pickup list, tells you coupons exist. Gas rewards can go up to 30c/gal. Aisle listing is not accurate.

  10. I’m not sure what happened in the last update, but now clicking to obtain details on a coupon and back takes you to the top of the list. The app used to return you to the place in the list you clicked for details. The app as a whole is ok, but this last change makes me not want to use the app. I go to ralphs for convenience and not because they’re wholly better than other stores around me

  11. This app pales in comparison to the old app. Can you order and search fro groceries, yes. Can you easily speak to the shopper and view their shopping like the old app, no. Do they have specials where you can get free delivery, no. The old app wasnt broken, but they messed with it anyways and it is an inferior version to say the least. 2 stars since you can technically still order groceries, but -3 stars since the functionality took major steps backwards.

  12. Used to be a nice app. More difficult to use now. Also, the look and feel don’t align with what I need it for: looking up sales and coupons. The lovely “Pay Now” button on the new home screen isn’t something I feel should be on the home screen of a grocery store’s coupon app. If they’re trying to sell delivery or online shopping services that should be in a tab, not the home screen. I’m looking forward to the update that makes this app more useable.

  13. Great delivery experience. Most items are available for purchase and delivery. The Instacart shoppers/drivers are friendly. They text when an item is unavailable, so I can give an alternate item. I’ve had several shoppers who took photos of what was on the shelves so I could see what was available and see the selection. Overall, it had been a great experience. I highly recommend this app and delivery service.

  14. Horrible app compared to Vons. Ralphs app is slow and usually freezes on me. It was a great app when I first used it 4 yrs ago, but they keep changing it for the last two years and keeps getting worse. I have provided feedback on the app several times, but no one cares about customer experience. App developers just want to keep their jobs by constantly changing the app and overloading it causing performance issues.

  15. Miserable UX interface: the actual shopping stuff begins below the fold. Infinite scrolling “deals” have no sorting options. Couponed/deal items don’t go into your cart, they go into a “list”. No ability to filter or sort your results when shopping by aisle. Small, low res pictures of the food items so you don’t have a great idea what you’re getting.

  16. The only thing good about the app is that if you can find and clip a coupon it will apply it at checkout. Otherwise…It doesn’t tell you if items are in stock (like vitamins, that it should be able to track). It doesn’t automatically search for coupons for items on your shopping list. You have to specifically search coupons. It’s nothing remotely resembling intuitive. Ralphs is my favorite big box grocer. But this app isn’t and I rarely use it.

  17. installed this for the “digital coupons”. The reason for putting this in an app and how the app works eludes me. Took me 10 min to figure out how to add a single coupon. The second one got stuck. The easiest way to deal with these digital coupons is just to ask the person at the checkout to give you the amount off. What an ill thought through app.

  18. The app is pretty convenient to build shopping lists and to order groceries. I like the way that coupons are used and how you can see all the coupons or they show up on the actual item to clip as well. Being able to substitute items if they are out is nice, it would be great to choose a backup item in that case though instead of notes.

  19. I use the app everytime I grocery shop. It is time consuming loading the coupons but in the long run it’s worth it!kinda hard to figure out how to shop for pickup. Very confusing. Checking boxes, adding to list, ect. I thought that’s what was happening! Now when I think I’m almost done it needs to update app in the middle of my shopping! I hope it doesn’t clear my cart or wherever the items went! Please have the local Ralph’s in Fullerton(harbor Blvd) stop spraying water on the heads of lettuce!

  20. 4 Stars for two reasons. 1) produce picked out is just this side of unusable. while my intention was to use it fresh, I need to cook it right away and use it later. 2) and this is completely an Instacart issue, because I ordered a rotisserie chicken which is not available until after 11 am and the order was processed and delivered by 10 am, the chicken was canceled. Guess I have to change my dinner menu.

  21. Good app that could be great. I’ve invested a lot of time learning this app because I’m a regular Ralph’s shopper. This will definitely help you save money but plan on this being a time suck. If you click on a digital coupon for more info you will lose your place and be taken to the beginning of the list. I’ve also found some items aren’t available in my store that were in the app. Scanner function doesn’t always work. Would love to see the possibility of a “rain check” feature!

  22. Application is great and robust. I totally recommend it and would give it 4.9 stars. The only issue I have with the app is that shoppers ignore the substitution flag. When we need something specific, we toggle the checkbox off. This feature may have some conflict with the Instacart side. The Instacart shoppers tend to be good and the substitutions tend to work out but sometimes the product is something we don’t use and end up donating it or giving it to my Suegra which isn’t altogether bad.

  23. The app decided to tell me that my current version was no longer supported while I was at the self-service register at Ralphs. When I tried to install the update, the installation stalled the first two times until it finally worked. Upon opening the app, it took a few minutes to find my Rewards Card info. Even after that, the app is slower than it was before (and it was never fast) and requested my login info *not 15 minutes after I just used it*. So it’s slower & doesn’t work as well.

  24. Very buggy app. We made two large-ish orders ($400+), so maybe we were straining it’s abilities?…lol. Ex., uncheck “substitutions allowed” box, but then start (but do not complete) the check-out process (to see if they are going to tell you they are out of an item (s), for instance) and decide to add or change any item(s) – you will probably not notice that every new item will be marked as “OK to substitute”, even though the top box is still unchecked. [Out of room here, can’t finish….bad.]

  25. Use another service for delivery. I was charged for items I did not receive. When I contacted customer service they only offered credit. No refund or redelivery of missing items. I have not been able to access this credit and I have been charged twice for my groceries and also the $10 delivery fee. I was home sick with a 3 year old today and needed help. This service was the exact opposite. Shop somewhere else.

  26. the “shopping list” vs “cart” feature is confusing, and some items are misspelled thus don’t come up in a search but otherwise it’s a good app. I’ve been using it for a year several times a wk and I’ll continue using it after covid. The curbside option is efficient- my order is out quickly with very few errors. The app allows you to specificy item preferences in after you’ve selected your delivery time — it would be better to have that option right when you put the item in the cart.

  27. I hate the last update. I can no longer search coupons by categories. Everytime I select a category it’ll give me every available coupon in every category. So now I have to search by specific brands or item types to see what is on sale. This also makes it difficult when there are coupons that are for a special deal, like use 5X, because it’s all mixed up and I really dont want to have to search 300+ coupons for the special savings.

  28. Bishop dice:

    Hands down the worst experience of the kind ever. It malfunctioned constantly and was impossible to find anything as it has no filters and gives you hundreds or thousands of items in a category in random order. Direct searches cause items to vanish and it mixes pick up, order, and delivery in the same search. It also randomly removes items from the cart or adds values to others meaning I had to reveiw and fix my cart 8 times in checkout alone. Promised 2 hour delivery then offered 25 hour.

  29. The app is great to see stuff in store and maybe it helps find some deals too. If you’re ordering grocery delivery this app is way too clunky. Since food is actually picked out by an instacart person instead of Ralphs personnel your experience can wildly differ. sometimes you’ll get everything as expected and others items will be replaced seemingly at random and with no input on your part. There is no recourse when this happens so your wallet is basically in the hands of someone else. Good luck!

  30. Accurate in store delivery is trash. When looking for stuff that’s in store and in stock it’s been accurate in my experience, delivery on the other hand? I really should’ve went after a refund but not wanting to go through the process kept me from it. I only set a few items as replaceable, meaning if they can’t be found or are out of stock the delivery person could pick up another similar item. They replaced so much stuff i didn’t want replaced. I 100% regret ordering from them online.

  31. I know this is a temporary issue and I’ll remove/change this once fixed, but the app is glitching badly. Items added are randomly removed after selecting them. Some items are randomly added while shopping, as well. I was careful to not scroll near the add or remove buttons and still had this issue, so I’m certain it’s not user error. You can literally watch the grocery item count change without even interacting with the app.

  32. This app has serious problem with log-in and finger print. I have uninstalled and reinstalled several times just to access my shopping list. I guess Kroger has hired some very incompetent people to create this app. It’s a shame it could have been a great tool for groceries shopping. I will reinstall one last time, hopefully it works, if not, it will end up in trash folder

  33. Katie M dice:

    Was a great 5 star app until the latest update. The list function is now broken and unusable. It no longer tells you aisles your items are on, now groups items incorrectly and is stuck on the less functional list style. It also now freezes and loads everytime the phone is unlocked. Really disappointing, I don’t know why developers feel the need to create updates to well functioning apps 😓

  34. Coupons are not well organized/arranged. You either have to have them all selected at once, which makes it difficult to find what you want. Or, you have to keep going back and forth to click on the different categories. Wish it was arranged more like target or vons app when it came to the coupons.

  35. We signed up for the rewards years ago and it worked. Since then we had to clip coupons and use our phone numbers or scan our rewards cards. Now we have an app????? Not only is it difficult to use and navigate, it’s an added stress on my shopping experience. Now I need to scan each one of my items for YOU? That’s your job. Not mine. I’m really disappointed with Kroger for this. Just leave what’s not broken alone.

  36. Literally the worst. Please head other 1 star reviews. If I could give it no stars, I would. This has to be the MOST inefficient app I have ever downloaded. I spent the last 30 minutes, in store, trying to create an account. I am unable to get past ‘step 2’ of choosing a location as the app can’t function nor am I able to bypass this step to complete registration. So… uninstall.

  37. Chris C dice:

    I’ve had since problems navigating through it. What was most frustrating for me was constantly having to put my location in and it not saving it and when I try to put it in the zip code for the store it doesn’t show up. But it did mange it easy to find products better than other grocery store apps.

  38. The option to add notes on items (weight, ripeness, etc.) got removed. Fortunately I have an old version on another device, but if this isn’t going to be supported, I’ll be looking to a competitor.

  39. Margie G dice:

    it’s been pretty good. only thing more is the latest update has turned off the ability to put notes on items. So if I’m asking for cabbage or something, I can’t make a note that I just need a small one or anything like that. or if I want less ripe bananas or something.

  40. Kory c dice:

    No longer works. Opened the app to get an “invalid credentials” error message. Than get taken to a login page for one second before the error message pops up again, and this process repeats endlessly.

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