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iHerb is a United States-based retailer that sells more than 30,000 natural products across 1,200 popular brands. Since 1996, iHerb has been the global leader in health and wellness, with products that range from vitamins and supplements to grocery, beauty, and self-care. The iHerb App is your one-stop shop for all of your daily essentials to live well and stay healthy.

With shipping to over 185 countries, iHerb offers 34 localized payment options in 74 currencies, more than 40 shipping carriers, and 24/7 virtual customer support chat.

Orders ship fast and at low rates, with free shipping to 50+ countries. If you are unsatisfied, submit your request within 60 days of purchase for hassle-free returns.

Save 10%-50% off on well-known brands each week and get competitive prices compared to other retailers. Opt in to receive push notifications to receive exclusive app-only offers!

All orders are shipped by iHerb from our climate-controlled fulfillment centers to guarantee product quality.

Shop by Supplements, Sports Nutrition, Bath, Beauty, Grocery, Baby, and Pets.
• Supplements: Add popular vitamins and natural products to your daily routine.
• Sports Nutrition: Find protein powder, BCAAs, and more for fitness, workout, and health
• Bath: Pamper yourself with body and hair care, aromatherapy, and more.
• Grocery: Stock your pantry with healthy favorites.
• Baby: Everything you need for a happy and healthy little one.
• Pets: Must-have items for your furry friends — from treats to grooming supplies.

Share iHerb with others and offer them great discounts while getting rewarded.

Explore thousands of reviews on popular products. We allow reviews only from customers who have ordered the specific product from iHerb — so you can make smarter buying choices.

Enjoy the app in your language (English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Portuguese, Arabic, French, German, Spanish, Hebrew, Ukrainian, Thai, and Indonesian).


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40 comentarios en "iHerb MODDED 2022"

  1. RLS dice:

    There’s a bug starting a couple months ago where the filter cannot be applied because the Apply button gets disabled when you select a filter. So you can’t narrow down the thousands of results of the fuzzy logic search to what you are actually trying to find. That’s basic functionality that needs to be fixed immediately to make the app usable.

  2. Great alternative to other shopping sites. Prices are reasonable, standard shipping is fast (2-4 days within California). There is an eclectic selection of products loosely geared toward sustainable/organic/healthy. But filtering the products and getting a targeted search result are not intuitive. You need to know exactly what you are looking for or be willing to try something new.

  3. Extremely user friendly! Loaded with information to help one make an informed product choice. A 360 view of the labels ensures you are getting accurate info. Being able to rank products based on different criteria is also helpful. It is also possible to set up multiple lists to help organize future shopping. Past orders are easy to view, and tracking and arrivals have always been spot on. Live customer service chats are timely and helpful. As I live overseas, this app has been a game changer.

  4. This app is extremely buggy. The many issues include: when you add something to your wishlist, it says it was added, but then disappears later. Whenever you open the app, it spawns multiple windows for some reason. If you go to another app (like checking something on a web browser real quick) it usually clears what you were looking at. It’s just a big pain to use. Realizing that several hours of research and adding things to my list was gone, was the final straw for me.

  5. Impressive! I’ve been using Amazon prime for years until I came accross iHerb over a couple of months ago. I was a bit skeptical at first because I was unsure of the kind of service I would get but they delivered quite efficiently. Items are at great price, There’s a lot to choose from, I get notified when the item I need is back in stock, they arrive on time, delivered in hands and I have not experienced damaged items. I’m happy with the app so far.

  6. App super buggy. Can’t login to complete an order. Just requests login over and over. Also, after a search, if you click on an item and then go back, it takes you back to the homepage and NOT the list created by your search. You have to perform the search multiple times to check out multiple items. Annoying all around.

  7. Horrible and inconvenient android app. iOS version is perfect and runs smoothly without any hiccups, whereas using the android app is a tiresome chore to search for products. Full of errors and problems loading, especially if you briefly switch to another app and come back, you get error messages and pages stop loading altogether. Must restart the app frequently to get through a single product search. iHerb needs to hire android developers to create an app that’s on par with their ios app.

  8. There’s a great selection of products, but actually placing an order is awful. First, the shipping has a value cap, so I couldn’t place my order for $119. I got an error message stating that my total was about $38 over what the carrier would allow. So that meant 2 orders. Then I tried to pay using PayPal but it wouldn’t let me. I could only place my orders if I put in my credit card info directly. There’s no point in even browsing this app when actually placing an order is so difficult.

  9. Prepare for everything to always be out of stock. Iherb is really wonderful when it works but 75% of the time I go to buy something it’s out of stock. Also the filter and search features don’t work very so you see the same products over and over while missing lots of great products that are buried in the site. The free shipping is awesome, especially for overseas which I why I constantly check back to see if my items are in stock

  10. Blinded by the Light! App needs a Dark mode (Black preferred). Updat: App does not return to the search results when going back from viewing an item in it. Not intuitive for the user, and not too smart for the platform. Also, app does not seem to support landscape mode, so details like size are not shown in listing views

  11. Functionally, the app works fine. I give the app only 3 stars for 2 reasons. Several months ago, iherb totally lost my past account information, even though I had been a loyal customer for several years. This meant my loyalty credit was lost too. Their customer service rep treated me like l must have been out of mind as they had no record of my past purchases or membership. So, I had to start over as a new customer and load a new app. The 2nd reason I don’t score the app all that high is it loses my items in the shopping cart if I don’t make an immediate purchase. Sometimes, it is a 2 or 3 day process of filling my cart and shopping/researching before I make my purchase, but their app will delete everything and I must then start over..Otherwise, it is a decent app except for these flaws.

  12. I’ve been ordering from iherb for 2 years and always receive quick shipping. I order enough products for free shipping. I take advantage of sales and stock up on favorite products. I enjoy trying new products with lower prices and trial sizes. I found some of my favorites this way. More information is available on this site than if you went to a store to buy the product. Its easy to buy regular products from your list of prior purchases and you can also create a list for maybe next time.

  13. Their server keeps losing my cart. I’m trying to buy from you iherb, but apparently you dont want me to. This has been an ongoing issue, and I dont want to shop elsewhere, but I get partway through an order only to lose it so I have to go back through and enter everything. It’s just a waste of time. please fix server issue so you can be my favorite supplier again.

  14. I like the product range and the service but the app is very glitchy. This time I had to restart my phone 3 times to complete the order. It won’t save anything to lists and throws errors about my address, logs me out, won’t dosplay the cart and constantly has “network issues”, even when everything else on my phone and network is fine.

  15. Saa Iii dice:

    Useful & convenient. I don’t like that I can’t open tabs of several items at the same time; I can only see one at a time & that bothers me because I always look at several items together to compare them. It’d be nice if I could change the order of items in my lists & the order of the lists themselves in the drop-down menu.

  16. Good service good products and my delivery hasn’t gone wrong at any point for now but I do have 2 problems, the products increases in price after buying it and sometimes I get the option of free shipping but now it’s gone, I put a four star because for the first time using this I would have put a five star but since it’s been difficult with the shipping prices and the free option is gone I would have given it a 3 but I met it in the middle

  17. updated the app to the latest version and can’t pay by credit card that I paid before without problems, and with which I pay without problems in any other store like Amazon, etc. you have a problem with payment systems.

  18. EVa dice:

    Paypal fails to complete payment even though i’ve tried many times. I had to cancel the order and input it again in order to use other payment types (e.g. credit card). And it’s also impossible to change credit card expiry info on the checkout screen. Had to delete the old credit card under profile and add it at the checkout screen (because it’s got the same card number).

  19. Very excited to find out iHERB INDONESIA. But very disappointed that the app does not work, try many times to set up an account but fail; but there is no workable answer. The Customer Service section also badly design, no real person or staff answer potential customers inquiries, the robot just keep repeating the same answers instead of giving constructive reply. Please review and reconstruct the app, otherwise will loose all the good reputation claim by iHERB herself.

  20. Doesn’t accept mastercard (which apparently is all I have). Does accept PayPal, but PayPal won’t let me log in. So I can’t bug anything from the app. Update: the response below is not true. When adding a payment card, at the top are the accepted cards, which are: Visa, American Express, JCB, UnionPay, and Maestro.

  21. I find it very easy to navigate and I like the way we can load the basket and continue a day or two later with a purchase. Also the convenience of looking back at past orders so easily. The checkout process is simple too. All round the app is great. The simplicity and efficiency is what I appreciate.

  22. It’s a scam. I placed an order and my account was subsequently deactivated. Then when I contacted the customer service, not only did they not address the issue, they replied by saying that they were unable to process my order and cancelled it, without mentioning anything about a refund. I’m still trying to find a live person that I can speak to instead of chatbots.

  23. Have been used this apps in samsung A52 almost a year no issue from Indonesia, but now error alreay 2 month said Website certificate error and suggested to contact customer service, but no respond from such menu (blank page). After did the 2nd update my account was signed out automatically, though tried to sign in, apps not responding (blank page). Also by reinstall apps still does not works. Please help with solution and fix it.

  24. F T dice:

    Have been using it for more than a year. Was okay no problem. But since a week ago, I can’t open it. It says server error or sth. My connection okay. I tried restart my phones, uninstall reinstall, even tried on 2 diff phones. Still doesn’t work. Can you pls help?? Thx

  25. I have been using iHerb on and off for the past 6 years , it was a go-to place for all supplement and health needs. It was going good till recently where prices have gone up noticeably by a lot whereby it isn’t as competitively priced as it used to be. Now, its prices are the relatively the same shopping domestically. I could understand if it’s inflation, but sorry, not when the prices went up could define that as inflation. It has been a good experience, but I’ll look elsewhere from now.

  26. Ken dice:

    App is easy to use, good rewards and products arrived lightning quick. I will continue to use at this stage. My only complaint is that my email address/data has been likely on sold. Immediately after signing up to this app I have received never ending spam emails. Not cool.

  27. App is easy to use, get service and products, pretty fast delivery times. Great sales and promotions. Tho been having bit issues when comes to purchasing, been having to go off the app and onto the Brower to get payment to go through otherwise seems to not work through app other then that, it been great.

  28. alunarx dice:

    Can you please remove the gesture when i swipe to the right it goes back to the previous page sometimes exits the app too by accidental swiping, or at least give us an option to turn it on or off. Thank you

  29. Love iHerb as it’s my one stop online shop for all the vitamins for both me and my pet. Checkout is easy – card only. In this country there is a limitation on certain products ordered. I think it falls under control of substance. I’m not too sure about that. Anyways, I add more of the items in my next order after the first order gets processed. All the products come neatly packaged individually following hygiene standards. Glass is bubble wrapped. Delivery is fast. Thank you iHerb and your team

  30. Incredible company to deal with…best prices and discounts as well as an amazing selection of companies and their products. Delivery to Australia is quicker and easier than getting products from Sydney. After using this company now for many years, I can say if there is ever a problem with an order, they are prompt to respond and resolve any issues, so you can always buy with confidence.

  31. maynaz1 dice:

    I hv been using this app more than a years with no issue. Suddenly since a week ago it always prompt network error everytime I want to use the app but in actual there is no issue on the network connection. Please fix the issue immediately.

  32. It’s basically amazon for vitamins and supplements…. Except there’s no annual fee. And better prices than amazon. Free shipping for all orders over $25. Fast shipping too! I can’t enough good about this app.

  33. PRICES CANNOT BE BEAT AND SHIPPING IS REASONABLE I assume they are able to sell at this price point buying overstock as I am yet to purchase anything past due. They carry all the top brands that I’m interested in and even though they’re situated in China, they tend to deliver faster than most Canadian companies I deal with so that it saying a lot! I highly recommend!

  34. Always lightening fast shipping. Fantastic assortment of products. I’ve been shopping here for years for all of my natural, personal care product needs. Highly trusted site!

  35. Fast and Easy to Purchase. Residing in Australia my 1st time use of this site through the App was smooth, easy and hassle free. I received free tracked shipping and my purchase arrived within the time frame given. I found the products to work and to contain good quality ingredients. of.note is the effectiveness of the melatonin products available as well as the high potency women’s multivitamins 😄😄 Would recommend to Australians and other countries alike.

  36. Very easy to use. Easy to find anything you need. Checkout is fast. Only $20 for free shipping. Flat rate is only $4. Prices rival other all natural stores, with 1000s of products listed.

  37. Quite frequently after choosing items, I received a message regarding out-of-stock for particular goods. Then have to search for other suitable and required items to meet the required amount to avoid shipping charges. Often received out of stock for new items also. The amount entitled for free shipment should be lowered hopefully by say, $5.

  38. I love iherb and the app is great. There’s often a slight glitch with shipping rates being displayed. Itll say $35 or something for free shipping ..then switch in the cart to $70 for free shipping. I think it starts with US and then switches to AU even though I’m logged into my acct.

  39. Morine KC dice:

    Have been experiencing problem in opening the app since last week, the pages were unable to be reloaded. It says “error with the connection or server…”, I’ve checked my internet connection and it’s working fine. Hoping iHerb will fix this issue as soon as possible.

  40. Nikki Pam dice:

    please update your system when connecting with paypal. i am having trouble completing the order and i processed it with paypal 3 times, which charged me 3 times as well! now i have to cancel everything. i have ordered with iherb before multiple times with no hassle but currently ordering and processing payment through paypal is troubling!

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