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Harbor Freight Coupons - Generators, Air Compressors, Tool Storage, and More.
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Harbor Freight Coupons – Get 20% off deals, instant savings, and more with our Harbor Freight Tools app.
Harbor Freight Tools is America’s leading retailer of quality tools at the lowest prices. Harbor Freight carries over 4,000 products, specializing in air compressors, generators, wrenches, drills, saws, hand tools, tool storage, welding supplies, and automotive tools. Most Harbor Freight products are sourced directly from manufacturers and are all tested in our own quality assurance facility. Harbor Freight is known for our ridiculously low prices on quality tools, all of which meet or beat the quality of the brand name competitors. The prices at Harbor Freight will beat any of the big box competitors!
Harbor Freight has over 1300 stores nationwide. Our Harbor Freight Tools stores stock a full selection of hardware, tools, and accessories in categories including automotive, air and power tools, storage, outdoor power equipment, generators, welding supplies, shop equipment, hand tools, and more. Harbor Freight’s hand tools come with a lifetime warranty.
Visit https://coupons.harborfreight.com/ for the newest Harbor Freight Tools coupons.


The latest version contains bug fixes and performance improvements.


40 comentarios en "Harbor Freight Tools MODDED 2022"

  1. Roy Orbin dice:

    This isn’t a good app. It’s very inefficient for the user. Take just the add that they send. You click on it and see a sad, spread out list of items unlike the packed adds that used to come in the mail. Scrolling down, you quickly run into multiple stops that you have to click past and wait for more to load instead of dynamic continual loading based on your scrolling. Then, if you look at an item and then hit ‘back,’ it sends you to the beginning to start your trek again. You can do better HB.

  2. ITS BEEN A YEAR SINCE YOUR RESPONSE…………. I STILL cant log into the app…why? This is mind blowing. Such a simple solution that is taking YEARS to get right. I want to be able to save items to my favorites based on my profile… I also want to buy something in the app. Such basic functionality. 1 star until I can actually use the app for more than browsing….. ?! Beyond that, the app functionality CURRENTLY is awful. Pictures intermittently load. Unreal.

  3. Great for managing coupons and sales. Only complaints are when scrolling through different lists, if you click an item to see details or are trying to add to list and accidentally click item, it will put you back to top of list when you go back to it. Minor inconvenience. Still grateful for the organizational ability the app enables.

  4. App is an easy way to find items and coupons in one place. My only gripe is you can’t log into your account like the website nor can you order from the app. Also the app crashes if your screen locks, you need to close the app and reopen each time after unlocking the screen.

  5. It’s easy to save the coupons and it’s well organized, but there is room for improvement. I noticed that if I lock my phone and unlock it to the app it says “no connection”. If I switch to a different app and come back, “no connection”. I have to close this app and start it up again, losing my place. You can’t buy on this app aparently, but that’s ok because I have a HF closeby. You only get one picture per product and can’t switch through different colors without going back to the product list.

  6. Pretty good app, I usually have no issues when using it and like that Harbor Freight seems to have the right number of notifications on sale items, sales, new tools, etc. for me – not too many and not to where I miss finding out about items that I am interested in (at least as far as I know). There are minor things that could be made, more in the line of personal preference “tweaks” such as when going back to what I am looking at after clicking on a tool, it often starts all over.

  7. This app is very helpful when I’m trying to find the right tool that fits my personal preferences. I can check the options HF has and save both the selected tool and any available coupons. But there is one BIG feature missing, and with no option to provide direct feedback I have to do it with this review. The issue: You cannot sign into the app. You can login on their website and save a wishlist and such, but there’s no way to synchronize that with the app. Please add this basic convenience.

  8. It’s an unfortunate situation when a Corporate Big-Box discount chain drifts away from their roots! What used to be an affordable tool store for the one-time do-it-yourselfer changes the product line and no longer offers tools at an affordable price! LOL, As far as the app goes? First off, the app is not even maintained by HFT! It’s a 3rd party app! It’s terrible, to say the least. I tried it 2 years ago, and it’s still garbage. A retailer app that you can’t order from? Just take it down!

  9. Derek Ess dice:

    I’ll change it to 5 stars when the ITC browsing/scrolling is fixed. While scrolling down the ITC deals, if I tap on an item to learn more, when I go back to the list, it starts all the way at the top, meaning if I’ve scrolled down several pages worth, dutifully tapping the “load more” button several times, I have to figure out where I was when I left the list to look at an individual item. Also the ITC items should be searchable. Other than that it’s fantastic!

  10. Very poorly designed app. I used recieve a 20% off coupon that worked on most items I purchased and even in some cases covered the cost of their extended service protection. Now if I want to save a few dollars I have to Google that coupon. None of that information is in the app on top of ads for the Inside Track Club which I do not need. Really wish they would allow customers to use more of the original coupons. Love shopping at Harbor Freight but wish that would change.

  11. M. S dice:

    The app is good, but could be better. The most frustrating aspect is to receive a notification about a specific sale item, tab the notice, then can’t find it once the app opens. So what’s the point of having a notification?! This has happened too many times, and especially on items I was actually interested in purchasing. That leads to countless numbers of lost sales, as the consumer won’t want to perform an extension search for the item sent in the notice.

  12. Fairly complete app, decent search engine. App does stutter and freeze on occasion. Searches aren’t as smooth and nuanced as others. HD is the best home improvement store app for features and performance. Lowe’s is almost as good. Harbor Freight’s app has made consistent improvement but still feels crude and can be quite slow. Would be nice to have ability to create multiple shopping lists too, as this is a retail store app after all. Otherwise works well, just suffers a lack of refinement.

  13. I like the app. Nice that I’m notified of current ads. Difference between ITC and standard ad search, in that when perusing the list, if I inadvertently open an item, ITC list goes back to where I left off but the standard ad browsing, if I open an item, and return to browse, it goes back to the beginning of the list. Also, when an item is shown to be in stock, an aisle number or location on a store map would be great, especially on busy store days with minimal help to be found.

  14. One of the most important ways I like to use websites & apps is to create “shopping lists” for those times when I am going to the store. It’s so much easier to create the list using the website & access it via the app in the store. However, since the app doesn’t give you the option to log in, you can’t access the list without recreating it using the app. Why would you expect customers to do twice the work?!? Really dumb!

  15. It’s a great app, allowing you to browse their inventory and deals. The only drawback I can find is the lack of a filter while browsing. Once you get into a category, like drills and drivers for example, you get everything from the tool to the accessories. A filter would allow me to narrow down my selection without having to scroll through everything else.

  16. Harbor Freight has abandoned the business model that it was known for, which was the coupons. And more specifically the 20 to 25% off coupons, because these are what generally I as a consumer looked forward to as they allowed me to choose most anything from the store with a few exceptions and walk out the door paying 20 – 25% less. I only go a few times a year, but when I did these coupons allowed some savings at the time I needed it. Not so much anymore. Now pay 25-45$ to save money ? NO ! 😂😂

  17. OK app. Let’s you see stock & prices, add favs, look at specs, just some manuals. If browse by category, no control over order. Can’t sort unless U search, get 1 chance then it’s gone, but then doesn’t work anymore. Should be able to change filters ANY time, filter by store can’t. CAN’T order from App!, so pointless for now. App has a long ways to go. Will probably delete, as it’s a pointless waste of time & memory. Menards app is 7% size, does it all, duh

  18. Nothing Doing that can’t be done better and more quickly on the Web. MOST anticipated feature was: allowing & enabling pre-search & locate, then pre-purchase for quick & E/Z pickup (y’know — like, EVERYone else does these days) .. .. just NOT Harbor Freight. Incredibly inefficient and soooo behind the times. Just wasted a lot of time assembling a pre- order that there’s no point in placing …. But, thoroughly annoyed, having PAID for my Education, now I know I should definitely UN-install it.

  19. Tony B dice:

    The app is almost completely worthless. When you search for an item, it doesn’t show if the item is in stock at your local store or nearby stores like the website does. It is missing the button to see warranty info, and the button to see the product manual, when the website has them. It also doesn’t show other items that are often purchased together, that the website has. It also doesn’t show any accessories or anything else that might be needed. The website is Good, the app is Not.

  20. Scott Von dice:

    I can say this app is way overdue. I see where they are still working on it since it is still new and getting updates, that is great. In my opinion the home button shouldn’t be coupons since you have a coupon button. Try to feature new products or sales on home page. I have used this app multiple times and it makes shopping HFT easier.

  21. For the most part app works well for looking up items and keeping track of sales & coupons. However, if you want to order something or check account have to go to website. If you add items to list on website they don’t transfer to app. My biggest problem with Harbor Freight is if you want to order something not in stock they won’t ship to store for pickup like most retailers. Instead they want to charge outrageous shipping for items that should be available locally.

  22. N H dice:

    What is the point of this app? First, it takes 30 seconds to open, then it freezes with “Oops! IO-Exeption occurred in httpstack”. And if you get it to open, you can’t make purchases through the app, and it just directs you to the website if you click on anything. This app is not designed for user benefit. All it does is allow Harbor Freight to do push notifications to your phone.

  23. “Some features could not be loaded” – this was the first and only error I got once the app was installed. Clicked OK, then saw only a white screen with the red HARBOR FREIGHT name smack in the middle. This does not change, no matter what. The app won’t let me search for anything. And it won’t close normally, even after “killing” it the hard way and relaunching the app. Uninstalling two minutes after the installation. Highly not recommended. 🤨

  24. Can’t ever look at anything without getting the “Oops! esockettimedout” popping up every 2 seconds. Too annoying to bother with. But going to the website directly on my laptop works fine, but I don’t spend much time on that anymore. A few things that could make the site better (and the app, if it ever gets debugged enough) Seeing stock available at local store locations. Buy online/pick up in store (same day in store pick up if items are in stock) Ability to create/ name separate wish lists

  25. Patrick G dice:

    They FINALLY got it right and added any discounts to the search results. So for example, if you search for a hammer, it’ll pull all hammers up and display what specific hammers get the ITC discount or any other promotions. It used to be that you had to look at EVERY item rather than have the ability to search for a specific item or category. Now it makes sense.

  26. APP VERSION 5.46.23 Great app, love it…except for one really annoying problem: the SEARCH feature does NOT work! After typing in an item to search, a ‘spinning wheel’ icon displays, and just spins continuously. No results ever appear. I’ve closed and reopened the app…cleared the app storage and data…even uninstalled and reinstalled the app – to no avail!!! It’s really annoying, and out of my control. Emailed customer service 4/25/2021 to request an update/fix. Will update as applicable

  27. Weird. When I perform a search, the option to filter appears. If I’m fast enough, I can even open the menu and select filters (priced low to high). Then the filtered results show up, but only for about 30 seconds. Then they disappear, and the regular unfiltered results appear. Sounds like the app needs some work.

  28. Billy dice:

    I was lured to the app with talk and visuals of a 20% off coupon, there is even one shown in the app store preview photos. After install there is not one to be found. The deals are mostly for ITC members & oddly the ITC button and the Deals button are both mostly ITC deals. It would also be nice to be able to sign in and access my list from my account on the harbor freight web site. For a shopping app it feels a little unfinished.

  29. Update #2: The search feature worked for a short period but now it seems to be down again. I searched for “torque wrench” and got the spinning wheel of doom. Searched “earthquake xt ” and no results popped up. However I searched “Portland water pressure” and it popped up along with a coupon. Cleared app cache and data with no changes. Need help again developers!

  30. Better but still needs work. App is still separate from the HFT website in that you can’t buy online. Searches have very limited filters. New items and clearance doesn’t appear, eg, I looked for the new Bauer miter saw which appears on the website, but it’s not found on the app. Also, there are better 3rd party apps for finding and using HFT coupons.

  31. Basically just an electronic catalog and sale flyer. Good for searching for what they have and whether it’s available in given stores. You can’t order online for store pickup — and some items you can only buy in a store. It will keep a list of your favorites; that’s handy. Would be nice if it would store ITC number. Some of the product specs could be more complete, too, to aid in online buying decisions.

  32. I searched for several minutes to find how to log into the app so I could access my saved wishlist. You can’t. Not a function the app has. So I’ll be uninstalling it. Being unable to log into my Harbor Freight account makes the app useless to me. I prefer to shop on my PC and was hoping the app would streamline things when I was at the store. It doesn’t. I ended up just using chrome to log into my account so I could access my wishlist.

  33. Pat B dice:

    I like the app but one thing that gets me is that there isn’t any aisle number/ location for where stuff is at. Ended up running around in circles for 30 minutes looking for a scribe set that was supposedly in store. Asked one of the associates where it was. They offered to go look themselves but when they came back not only were they not able to find it in the front of the store, but they couldn’t find it in the back either.

  34. A L dice:

    The app is great, would like to be able to order from the app and log in like previous people have stated. The only problem with the app is the pictures load and then disappear. That’s frustrating

  35. Michael M dice:

    Really need to add the ability to log in and purchase via the app. When will this be made available? Also, really miss the hardcopy mailed catalogs to do random browsing at home. The app is just not as convenient as flipping pages to get ideas of what you might like to purchase

  36. This app is the same quality as their tools: just barely good enough. Tool categories show images of tools that aren’t in that category, images won’t load when clicked to zoom in. They’ve aparently eliminated the mail order process, so if something is out of stock locally, you can go pound sand. I only use this to check pricing and occasionally to find coupons, when they pop up.

  37. Great but needs work. I love being able to look everything up, but you cannot filter anything after you select the category. If you click on sockets and ratchets, there is no way to filter it by separate products or by price.

  38. I enjoy using the app. Very helpful for coupons, to see what’s in special. I do also look up tools but feel the filters are better for that in the webpage. I would also like to see my purchase history/receipts tracked in app vs my email in box.

  39. Jun Yang dice:

    App is only useful for looking up items and that’s it. It does not sync with your computer browser. For example, if you’re logged in on your PC browser and add items to your cart, it should reflect that on your app cart but this is not the case

  40. Have to use the website to order? Some items I would just like delivered, and there is a larger selection compared to driving to several stores, cheaper too! Can’t even log in!? What’s the point? And I have driven 20 miles to a store just to find out the item is actually out of stock. Why bother with an app if you have to use the website anyhow and wasted $20 in gas?

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