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Never run out of the essentials with the Staples App. Shop from anywhere for office supplies, ink & toner, school supplies and more. Need it tomorrow? Qualifying online orders receive free next day shipping — or get it even faster by buying online & picking up at your local store or choosing Instacart for same day delivery.

– Get instant access to our daily deals right from the home screen.

– Buy Online and Pick Up In-Store. Order and pay in the App and pick up in store within an hour. Same day pick up is available on all your favorite home/office supplies and school supplies.

– Use the barcode scanner to check prices and use our easy reorder features.

– Use the Orders Screen to get updates on recently placed orders and stay informed on order status and delivery times. Track your shipment every step of the way. View past orders with the Order History screen for quick reordering.

– Our new Lists Screen is an easy way to stay organized and make re-ordering a snap. Log in and create a new list or view a previous list.

– Personalize your shopping experience and store multiple payment methods, address profiles, and more. Look for special in-app offers and use enhanced search to quickly find and order everything you need.

– Sign up for the Staples Rewards Program for exclusive offers, free delivery, and support. Already a member? Link your existing account and get notifications when your Staples Rewards become available. Track rewards earned from spending and ink recycling and view your rewards balance. Redeem rewards for more discounts.

The Staples App has you covered whether you are returning to work in the office, working from home, or gearing up for back to school. Shop anywhere, any time for the latest deals on paper, ink cartridges, office supplies, and technology products from printers to computers, monitors, keyboards, and mice. Get everything your student needs for back to school from notebooks to binders, to pens and pencils and graphing calculators. Browse office furniture from desks and bookcases to office chairs and gaming chairs. Enjoy fast and free delivery with minimum purchase.

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40 comentarios en "Staples® – Shopping App MODDED 2022"

  1. John Kiss dice:

    I put something in my cart and the removed it and bought it at a store next town over, and ever since, for weeks now, I get messages reminding me I have something in my cart. I checked again, I don’t. Finally I shut off their notifications. After that, I’m having second thoughts about keeping the app at all. No notifications, very little value remaining.

  2. It’s 2022 & this is one of the worst apps I’ve ever used. It’s seriously, unusable… It’s been an awful mess for well over 10 months now. Hitting the back button on any page closes the entire app. There’s no way to go back from a product page or your cart without being forced to start all over again & the closing the app Search filters, sorting & terms don’t work 85% of the time. The app is even worse than the Staples website, which is terrible. How staples manages to make sales, is a wonder.

  3. Updated Review: I tried this app again 8 months after my last review. The problems with frequent logins continue. It’s odd that they got rid of fingerprint authentication. I deleted the app again. I’ll stick to the website. Original Review: New app no longer uses fingerprint authentication. App requires frequent sign in. App crashes frequently. Also, it seems like it’s really a link to the Staples website instead of being a phone app. I uninstalled it.

  4. The app is extremely glitchy. Navigating the app does not flow smoothly. Trying to scroll is very sluggish. Also, when I add something to my cart, it automatically takes me to my cart without an easy option to get back to my shopping. Ultimately I need to go back into the search bar and re-enter the page I was on. But mostly, the bugs… they need to get rid of the bugs & glitches it makes the entire experience very choppy.

  5. Can’t sign in since update. Just get a message “oops. There seems to be a problem.” yep, there is. on your end. I can sign in on my computer so I know I have user name & password correct. used to be able to use the app but now it won’t work. bummer. it used to be convenient but no more. 8/26 – updated again and still the same problem. Can’t sign in. And can’t send app feedback report from sign in screen cuz it wants you to sign in first.

  6. I never write reviews, but staples is my favorite store and the fact that I cannot use the app, without it bugging and saying “something went wrong” every other minute is so sad. Every time I select a filter it literally takes a whole 10 seconds to place a check mark next to my selection. This is impossible. My last experience with the older version was smoother, and I can’t believe I’d say I’d rather put up with the fact that I can barely see the blurry product than this laggy update 🙁

  7. It’s almost 2022, c’mon staples! The website response and layout is atrocious, so I downloaded the app thinking it might be a little faster and easier to navigate, nope it’s just the website in an app. So slow and unresponsive it’s impossible to use, and freezes up every second or third time I touch something. Really something as simple as a functional website should be cake for an office supply chain!

  8. Search is terrible, can’t filter by items that are in stock only at your store. So you end up with 100s of listing with 90% of it out of stock. Also, sorting by price won’t work, despite being told to do so. During checkout, it errors out “Something went wrong” with no further explanation or a way around it. Useless app.

  9. This app is awful and frustrating! If I hit my back button, it closes the app. OK, so where is the app’s back button… teeny tiny “back” text near top of item description. Easy to miss / hard to find quickly. When I do go back, it returns me to top of search results. Now I have to scroll way down to continue. Search results are not relevant. Wont let me set local store.

  10. Several issues with this app. The worst is it closes when you tap the back button. The search engine is poor, results are way too wide. A specific search for oil based paint marker yielded Crayola markers as the first result. Set store link in the search filter drawer does not work. No other way to set your store that I could find. No toggle for viewing items available in store. A very common feature in retail apps.

  11. Update: Weekly ads work again. But still can’t send any type of feedback from within the app because you can’t see what you are typing. You have to type some random text into the invisible box so the “Mail” button becomes enabled, click on that and then type your message in from your email program.

  12. First let me say that I love Staples. It was the first place I found disinfecting wipes when I was almost out, at the beginning of the pandemic. And then free fast shipping, I was sold! But this app is pretty worthless to me. I can’t enlarge the product pictures. My eyesight is getting worse and worse. I’ve tried everything to zoom or make them larger. I have to go to the website to be able to view items. Granted that isn’t the end of the world, but apps are just so much more convenient.

  13. The layout and stuff on this is pretty good, the actual function is pretty bad. Issue #1: when you click on things to filter to the preference the whole list shifts to put that new preference at the top often leading to clicking the next thing only to find it moved and now you click something else, And it goes back to the top of the list so you gotta scroll down again. Issue #2: YOU CAN’T USE THE BUILT IN BACK BUTTON ON YOUR PHONE! IT. JUST BACKS OUT OF THE APP NO MATTER WHAT!!! THIS IS AWFUL!!

  14. First of all, I’ve been shopping with them a lot recently, but it’s my 1st day using their app. App seems pretty easy to navigate. Recent orders are right there in main page after you log in. Search function seems good so far. Results are relevant to my searches (this is so important for me as a shopper)! Plus, they have great deals every once and they allow coupons to be used on sale items too! Also, they have spring waters and they deliver for FREE. I really LOVE STAPLES. THANK YOU, STAPLES‼❤

  15. I wanted to use the app hoping it would be easier than the website to use on my phone, but for some reason will not let me click on my phone to upload a file for printing? I can only do Google drive/Dropbox, etc.? Don’t understand that. Way more of a hassle to transfer the file than to just upload it as is from my device files. Uninstalled.

  16. Awful app: keeps rejecting password and fingerprint login and you have to reset every time you log on. Makes me want to shop elsewhere. 11/26/20: uninstalled and reinstalled app after reply to my first review…still the same issue! Sign in, I’m asked if I want to use my fingerprint , tells me it was successful then error pop up that my sign in failed! STILL have to reset password every time I visit! So frustrating. Time waster. Whatever update was done didn’t help.

  17. What a POS app. Hangs, lags, lags, hangs, then freezes. Get with the times Staples. Your app is a total piece of garbage. Unusable on every occasion I’ve tried it. Garbage. 0 stars for total lack of functionality/any iota of useability. It has literally never worked for me, on three separate occasions, months apart. Trash. Feed it to the racoons.

  18. Keith K. dice:

    This is the most frustrating app ever!!! It wants to continually set my location 200 miles from where I am at. Trying to search the simpliest thing brings up the dumbest results!! Went to Amazon’s app, found what I needed in 10 seconds or less. I can wait a few days!

  19. Savage dice:

    Installed the app hoping to get better price info compared to the website and in-store experience. The scan function is great. The problem is the app doesn’t have an updated database of product availability. I scanned 8 barcodes, app had info on 3.

  20. Why does the back button close the app? While searching for things, even if I’m on a products page, I press the phone’s back button and it just closes the app. Also most of the pictures used, are terrible. Blocky, pixelated, obviously fake settings, come on. Are you trying to push people to shop elsewhere.

  21. App does not work. I’ve reinstalled it 3 times now. Opens with the red Staples splash screen, then the icons on the bottom (home, visualize, orders, etc). No matter which one I tap, the screen is blank. Time to uninstall again. What a waste of time.

  22. This is the worst app I’ve ever used in my life. It is impossible to set your home store. It keeps canceling out. It toggles between 2 different staple websites. 1 website I can find what I’m looking for & then when it toggles itself to the second website I type in the same search and it can’t find what I’m looking for. We are in the modern days of 2022 & Staples can’t even have a proper website and user-friendly. This website should removed completely offline & replace with a proper website!!

  23. wolvesone dice:

    Uninstalling app cant even filter by items in store when you try to set your store it just kicks you back to the search results pure garbage

  24. Hap Yak dice:

    Crazy app behavior: After latest update, if you use your phone’s Back button from a product page, it closes the app instead of returning you to your search results page!

  25. Ed Kerr dice:

    I tried to set up the app but because I didn’t remember my rewards number (God forbid) it wouldn’t let me. I guess I’ll do all my shopping at Office Max.

  26. No point in getting this app. Just use website. Very clunky for shopping store of your choice without enabling location. Can’t see if product is available at your store without an account. Been trying to shop for over 30 min. Very heavy-handed in trying to get personal info to just browse. If I didn’t like the store at all I’d stop shopping there because of the app experience. Uninstallling now. Fix your UI UX!

  27. Navigation in this app is a dumpster fire. Update: new back button helps a lot!

  28. Latest update changed it to just be the same as the website. Barcode scanning is gone and the ink lookup tool is harder to access. Edit: The IPhone app never changed only the android version did. The Developers are now falsely claiming an available update is available which it is not.

  29. Absolutely Terrible. It says no locations are near me, even though there is a store a few miles away. Most of the time pages do not load. If a page does load, the filters do not work. And V. is NOT available in the Google Store, as some comments have stated.

  30. Change it back! What did you do to the ap? It was great, but now it’s awful. Navigation is confusing, the easy to find menus are gone, barcodes are gone, everything is hard to find and I get errors everywhere. Change is back!!

  31. After spending way to much time setting account up,it WILL NOT let me place an order. I just keep getting a notice that says something went wrong when placing this order. After I kept trying it still said the same thing it will not let you place an order. Worthless App!!!

  32. JR Meade dice:

    If you’re patient, you can find what you’re looking for… e.v.e.n.t.u.a.l.l.y. The app constantly hangs for 10-20 seconds (no exaggeration) as you scroll thru product info pages, doing who knows what in the background. The words frustrating and infuriating come to mind. But…search results are accurate and very precise. Spot on, you’ll find what you need. Just…put on a pot of tea/coffee before you try to use the app. Kind of embarrassing for a company that sells technology.

  33. Mo Foster dice:

    Awful. I was trying to print a simple PDF and the app wouldn’t let me access my device, my Dropbox, or my OneDrive. Apparently you can only access Google associated yeah Google associated programs from a desktop desktop, not the app. Don’t recommend downloading this app.

  34. The update to the staples app is TERRIBLE!!! Why did you have to screw up an app that was working perfectly??? Now it is slow, glitchy, very user unfriendly, lots of error messages to the search engine. HORRIBLE!!! Negative ten stars

  35. This app keeps closing out and won’t stay open. It states that I don’t have an internet connection or data which is not correct. I am able to use other apps on my phone without any problems. I would like for someone on the app developer team contact me.

  36. A slow computer is worse than one that won’t turn on. The same concept applies to this app. It’s so slow it is better to wait for ads to come in the mail, or shop somewhere else. You’d think for an office supply company would put for effort into this. Oh well, on to the next store.

  37. Sis Gina dice:

    Not able to purchase. I have used this app many times in the past to order. I have been trying to place an order for over a week! Once I proceed to checkout it says an error has occurred and I’m not able to proceed with checkout. Normally I’d just swing by the store, but I am recovering from a neck and spinal surgery. I can’t drive.

  38. Installed on my NEW Pixel 4a and get an error message that something went wrong. Had the same issue on my girlfriend’s phone. App use to work and hasn’t in months. Had the issue on my previous phone too. Did a reset, clean install of all apps, and still errors on old phone, so this app just blows.

  39. Terrible! Both the app and website lag and freeze. Too annoying and very frustrating to deal with! Whoever is running your website and app needs to fix the issues asap. It’s impossible to shop.

  40. Having issues logging in. When signing in knowing I’m using correct I’d and passwords continue to receive oops something went wrong. Uninstall and reinstall app, same thing continues to happen. No choice but to uninstall for good until you rectify the issue.

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